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  1. What is Arians going to say, that newly acquired veteran CJ sucks and a rookie who has done nothing is going to eat his lunch? That'd go over great in the lockerroom.
  2. Is this guy a player who'll be better in real life than fantasy? I'm high on his prospects to contribute to the team, not sure I want to rely on a seahawks receiver in fantasy. If you think he's good in fantasy, what WR tier do you put him in? What group of people?
  3. Same here I don't see that at all. Have you not seen the eagles offense and the falcons defense? Have you seen the packers offense and the bears defense? the packers scored 55 on the bears last time. i can't believe anyone would bench rodgers for bradford.
  4. He's worth nothing in redraft unless your league is extremely deep. Drop him and hope someone picks him up.
  5. Seattle D isn't that scary. If people weren't valuing them based on last year's performance and this year's ADP, I don't think there'd be half as much concern. Why wouldn't the Giants do what the Packers did? Send your worst WR at Sherman all day and throw elsewhere? In that game all Boykin did was occupy Sherman. 0 targets for Boykin. Cobb had a good game, Nelson had an OK game. Giants passing offense is nowhere near the Packers but they're going to score some fantasy points and they'll probably go to Beckham.
  6. Winston better have a tough shell. He's standing on the carapace of a full media onslaught. They're about to sink their claws in.
  7. The Vikings can cut Peterson because they don't like his haircut. What are you talking about suing? NFL players get cut all the time. If they cut him and pay him whatever guaranteed money he has left there is nothing to sue about. This isn't France. The only room for litigation is if they attempt to void any guaranteed portions of his contract. If they treat him like that other player they had who was abused of domestic violence they would deactivate him in which case he doesn't even lose paychecks.
  8. Yes. We're also waiting to see the Vikings' next step. Their first step was to stand in front of a sponsor logo and give a nonsensical defense a child abuser, which caused the sponsor to withdraw support the same day.
  9. I need to know his starting and backup kicker to fully process this tale.
  10. 4.7 points in standard so far. Already above this week's Maginot Shonn Greene line.
  11. Reality is going to set in Monday. AP owners need to trade him now while beliefs like this still exist.
  12. That's all true but doesn't mean anything in terms of whether the Vikings ownership will take action for PR reasons. Minnesotans generally don't really have a high view of the Texas criminal justice system anyway.
  13. I dont think the issue is if Peterson is locked up. The issue is the NFL doesnt want to appear soft on crime (especially against children). So if this story gets picked up and goes viral...He may be gone for awhile. I don't think anything either of you mentions really matters. If those texts and pictures are verified by Vikings or NFL security he's getting cut . This is a whole season thing and I'm taking Mckinnon. Asiata is not BJGE or Shonn Greene. He is not a proven player. He has more experience than Mckinnon and is the better play right now, but has nothing in common with those guys.
  14. He was around RB15 doing that with the Jets despite his talent level. That's what I can't get over. 2011 10.2 PPG 2012 10.6 PPG