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  1. I would also pay good money to be able to play people online. Say one night I wanna play super tecmo bowl against some online competition. MONEY!!
  2. 12 team PPR. Gio Bernard and Duke Johnson or rookie picks 3 and 4? Elliott and Coleman are going 1 and 2
  3. Right. I would never leave someone hanging who just cracked a homerun and make them pay for a window. You would. Glad i wasnt brought up that way.
  4. Yes we are. You apparently jump at the chance to pay for things that you could easily have the course/league pay for. I do not. I would much rather pitch in with everyone if someone hits a dinger and busts a windshield. Or play in a league that covers this crap.
  5. If it is during a league game, hellllllll no I wouldn't pay for that. LEAGUE pays
  6. So now an errant shot on the course subjects you to potential criminal lawsuits? I guess us normies have more pressure then the pros after all.
  7. Actually the Frying Pan Tower is the one I looked at a while back. Would be fun. Would also PROBABLY be dangerous
  8. I saw this several years ago, was actually a fairly cheap rental for a few nights considering it's setup. Would he sweet for a few days. To own??? No
  9. yeah, 20 yards between putting and vehicular manslaughter..............................not enough
  10. You dont golf, do you. It is absoluty NOT reasonable for a net to not exist when a passing road is 10-15 yards past a green, or 10-15 yards from ANY part of the normal playing area. You are being totally unreasonable. A net is not only reasonable but is a necessity in that situation, and I have not played on a course in quite a while where a net did not exist in a situation where a road is so close to the playing area. Pay off the lady without claiming guilt, then tell the course you need to be reimbursed for their lack of proper safety equipment. Or even approach the golf cours first. Most of the blame here goes to the course. Your kid just isnt very good at golf. Most people arent.
  11. So why didnt you guys go look for the ball again? Seems taking a minute to go look by the road would have cleared this up as to whether it hit the car or not. And yes. Never admit guilt. You can make it right if you wish, but as others have said do not admit guilt. For one, you would be admittjng something you dont even know to be a fact. Also if grandma tries to sue, you never admitted guilt.
  12. Did you guys not go see where the ball went after the shot??
  13. Also, this "muffled" sound doesn't sound like a windshield being hit by a golf ball. Maybe she saw the ball hit something as she was driving by and took this as her opportunity to have someone pay for her windshield. If it were me, I woulda never given them my info whether I knew it was my ball or not that actually broke a windshield in that manner.
  14. Lady will sue course. A week from now people will be talking about how stupid the net looks that was put up behind that hole. So lets take this way way wayyyyy further. Say the ball hit her car, and she swerved out of control leading to some kind of serious injury. Barring your son teeing up shots like a total idiot from 100 yards out, I can't imagine he would be liable for any of that. The course certainly could be. I am also no lawyer, but golf courses most certainly HAVE to have insurance for that kinda thing, right? I am actually surprised they even told you it was your responsibility, whether it is or not. I would have told them thanks and that I am never playing there again. Total crap on their part. It's a windshield, your hole is too close to the road, fix it.