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  1. I think listening to him continue to try and defend the value of the trade lets us know why the other guys actions are defensible.
  2. But, we're in the trust tree, in the nest, are we not?
  3. If redraft it doesnt count.
  4. Still a better offer than Hoffmans
  5. Ahhhhh thought we had a new winner
  6. That was me. And this is worse.
  7. Yeah but did someone do something really stupid to cause them to talk about that player?
  8. Hell, maybe a league where EVERY trade offer is automatically public might be fun.
  9. And yeah, I like any and all trade offers also. However, just because I like getting an offer doesn't mean the person shouldn't be shamed for it.............PUBLICY. The gift that keeps on giving.
  10. I would rather just not be asked to the prom. That way I don't have to hurt their feelings after I tell people about it, and those people make fun of him.
  11. So we have teams swap 7ths? Its value for value. Just like the Osweiller deal. Granted they did include something but it was clear what happened.
  12. HAHA, there was a thread where people were against being able to trade "nothing" to get a pick/player along with a salary dump. Stiff baffles me to this day that people are against that.
  13. Both are poor form and lack of etiquette. However, one of them was a REaction and funny. We all know which one that was.
  14. Pick 3 but in best ball with deep rosters i can see taking the other side