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  1. I dont "like" any of our options
  2. You are sorta making it sound like there is no such thing as a bad trade. It was a bad trade. A VERY bad trade.
  3. Impossible to say without knowing what we pay/trade for Tyrod or Jimmy G.
  4. Yeah, pick 3 at this point wouldn't even be a consideration. Not for a while. Passing on proven guys in their primes with a good 5 years left?? Fort he 3rd rookie? I just can't see it.
  5. This show has far and away surpassed my expectations. I was a big zombie movie fan before this show and have probably seen somewhere between 50-100 zombie movies. When I heard about TWD I thought it was going to either suck or not have a big following. I think the huge following has hurt the show the longer it has gone on. It's a shame the producers have seemingly paid attention to the fans. And the Talking Dead is just the worst thing ever. Wow.
  6. If it means they can't bring back a key guy, then sure, it wouldnt make sense for them to do that. But will it? Sounds like they are pretty well under the cap. How much cap room did they have when last season started?
  7. Yeah, I think average corners can he had pretty easily in free agency, especially if you have a good team. I could be wrong about that, but it just seems like a halfway decent corner should be readily available every year to plug and play, and an average corner looks like a good corner when the front 7 is really good.
  8. I havent never seen GOT yet (i know i know, I will), but I have never talked to anyone who doesnt love it. BB was amazing. TWD overall in a great show, started even better, but I never saw a reason to be comparing it to the best shows ever.
  9. Umm, ok. No idea why people would say that. I mean, sure, they might not, but wow.
  10. Probably not, but wouldnt surprise me in the slightest if they try working a deal with him. If they actually think he has a great shot to be a good QB, they certainly will inquire with his agent.
  11. Which is probably what they will do, I know. But.............if they decided to want to keep him for two years, I think JG should take the 2 years and 20 million. That's all I am saying.
  12. You mean that is just how they have DONE things with NON QBs when Brady was not 40. Also very much depends how BB feels about JG.
  13. so competitive and confident = stupid I would agree a lot of players think like this, and I rarely say someone is "wrong" for feeling this way, but when you have made NO MONEY and risk making NO MONEY, take the 20 million for the one extra year if you can. It would pretty much be the same money as if he was franchised next year, except he gets it a year earlier without the risk of things going wrong this year, like having to play and sucking, or getting injured. Hell, Bridgewater's career ended in practice without getting hit. #### happens, and it is compoundedly ###tty when it happens and you have not earned any real money.
  14. And it would not be 3 years for 21 million like you said, it would be 2 years. That 3rd year would either be a franchise tag or the first year of a new deal.