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  1. They signed a bunch of guys to high dollar amounts the last 2 years, plus gotta remember a lot of good young guys will need to be resigned in a year or two.
  2. So at what depth of topsoil is "too much" topsoil for a yard?
  3. My neighbor does have a roller I can use once the dirt is laid out so that should compact it
  4. Got a dirty question for you guys. I had a patio in my backyard that was about 150 square feet. It was all bricks. I dug them up and want to just plant grass. It is going to be about 5-6 inches deep of dirt that will be needed because the patio was originally set below the ground around it. Do I just want to use topsoil??? Or should I use several inches of something else, and if so, what? I have a few places around here that do dirt/ shouldnt be hard to get whatever I need, just wondering what I should use.
  5. It was? After I initially thinking TW was his father, I thought it was made pretty clear that was not the case with all the delusional mommy stuff? I mean, wasnt he also adopted? Unless TW went to great lengths to make a bigtime cover up.
  6. I think they have set a new record for both the fewest episodes before going completely off the rails, and also for going further off the rails than any other season.
  7. My wife happened to catch a few glimpses of the show, then she watched a few episodes on her own, now she is hooked and wants to watch the whole series with me. Wives have made husbands do worse things throughout history. I will endure.
  8. He is due 11 million this year and 12 next year and is holding out? Didnt realize that. Maybe a 3rd. He is gonna want a lot obviously
  9. Trent William's? Tough call. Probably 1st rounder and a huge deal
  10. It will all end when some kid gets his head blown off. And no, never heard of this
  11. Just watched episode 1 again yesterday. Great. Just great.