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  1. My home inspector didnt even know that my heating/cooling unit was a heat pump, and didnt even check the air filter which looked like carpet because it hadnt been changed in so long. Yeah, he was real helpful and well worth the money. My previous guy was no better. What qualifications are needed to be a home inspector anyway? A business card and a phone number?
  2. When you people say "a good realtor" or "a good home inspector", do you not realize that everyone KNOWS that a good realtor and a good home inspector are extremely valuable? That isn't the problem. The problem is actually knowing how to find one, and getting lucky to be able to find one. 99.99999% of people do not know how to find good ones, and you telling us what questions to ask does nothing for this process. How do we interpret those answers? 99.99999% of people will never have the experience needed to actually be able to choose wisely.
  3. Home inspectors are scum also. Only terrible experiences with them, and also people I know only have terrible experience.
  4. They had a realtor. And realtors DO suck and are scum. Sure, there are probably 9 good ones out there across the country though.
  5. About 2 years ago someone I trust with this kind of stuff told me never to use these builders cause their work was downright dreadful. Turns out she seems to be pretty spot on.
  6. That was also something I mentioned to them. Go around and talk to people. It definitely looks like ALL the houses (maybe 15 were built in the development) have problems with the siding. As for the "missing part" of the AC, maybe I said it wrong. Nothing was missing, just a malfunction and the part replacement was like 200 bucks or something like that. Not sure if they were on the hook for the part or the labor or both. Who knows.
  7. The home warranty I was using mentioned that it covered roof leaks. Not sure to what extent though. Oh yeah, and that's another thing, their roof is leaking in several spots.
  8. There is a home warranty, but home warranties still leave room for extra expenses past the deductible for HVAC. I am not sure if the home warranty covers the siding, but even if it does what would be the point in replacing crappy siding with the same crappy siding.
  9. This is all stuff I told them myself. Call a lawyer, have everything photographed and all communication with builder documented.
  10. A couple of my friends bought and moved into a newly built home this past September (Northeast Ohio, house was built fairly quick and finished in September). Since then there have been a plethera of problems, and they have gotten quite the run around on trying to figure out who is responsible. Here is a list of the ones I know of: - A/C conked out. They said there was a part needed that cost about $200. They were told they were responsible for the cost. - The countertops were pulling away from the wall - Some of the flooring was peeling up - The siding was bubbling on the whole side of the house and just looks terrible - several roof leaks - Several cracks in the pavement driveway Apparently the builder told them that the "house needed to settle through all the seasons", and that this was all normal. Supposedly they are going to work with my friends to get things fixed (will believe it when I see it), but would they have any sort of case for buying a lemon of a home? This is a pretty popular building company that has built a lot of houses in the area (though not a great reputation at all).
  11. Belongs in worst offer thread
  12. Its probably not fair at all to say that, but you love the guy so I understand your delusions.
  13. None of this makes any sense
  14. I have bought a few (maybe 5) total in the past 5 years because they were movies that I would like to have around, and I know they would be very hard to find free or even on sites like netflix. Plus they were about 2 bucks each. Not sure I have ever bought a DVD new in the store unless it was a present for someone a long time ago.
  15. The people who consistently devalue future picks are the people who consistently finish at the bottom.