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  1. Correct. Whether Lebron leaves or not it makes sense to try and use that pick to acquire a nice solid player who has maybe 2 years left on their deal. I do not know which available players fit this description. And last I checked, a deal does not have to make the Cavs better than the Warriors in order for it to be a good deal. The best team does not always win for one reason or another (see Warriors winning in 2015, see Cavs winning in 2016).
  2. Not sure who is available, so I do not know. As for the future, without the Lebron there is no future anyway. Not sure you understand how things work in Cleveland sports. The most we can hope to "build" is a 5th seed type of team.
  3. To try to win a title. Once Lebron leaves (if he leaves) it's over anyway, no matter who they draft with that pick. It makes all the sense in the world to "go for it" right now.
  4. No idea. Any teams out there who suck who have a good player with 1-2 years left on their deals?
  5. Assuming this deal is actually happening, as a Cavs fan, I am not even sure what to think. If they HAD to trade him then this is a great return, and I imagine the Cavs aren't done looking into deals using that 1st round pick
  6. I lived in one of these for three years, one of the 3 bedrooms. It was me, my wife, and our daughter. 1,200 square feet with a garage. It had running water and everything. In all seriousness, chances are you just haven't been to places where cost of living is lower. These condos are actually located directly across from one of the higher rated public schools in Ohio, and are perfectly suitable in every possible way. The teaching jobs are next to impossible to get here unless you know someone because the area is nice. If this condo was in NYC is would probably cost millions.
  7. Ok, so negotiations are over with this 2nd rental property. Condo, 3 bedroom. Price plus closing costs for me will be right about $70,000. At most I have to put about $1,000 into it before renting it out, and this is if I need a new hot water tank. Otherwise doesnt need much. Maintenance fees 135 per month, taxes about 120 per month. Rent will be between 900-950 (I may just list right away at 900). Similar condos in the same complex range from 900-975. There is another one in that complex, 2 bedroom, that is a foreclosure that has been sitting there for a year. Currently listed at $41,000 but needs at least 10 grand to get it rented out. The have lowered the price every month for the past 5 months. If it goes down near 35 I was very much considering an offer of 30k and using my home equity on my other property for that one so could come in with a quick cash offer. My realtor knows the realtor for that property personally, and she just wants to get rid of it. Maybe wait and make her good and ready to unload it for dirt cheap maybe in a couple months. It would be a tough project to tackle. It needs a LOT, and I am just too damn busy for a project like that, so who knows.
  8. The wife. She was bringing home money Then he used the money to boink hookers. Its a financial argument, and she clearly wins.
  9. I do this quite a bit because I don't trust other drivers to know that I have the right of way. Way too many times I have had to slam on my breaks because I clearly had the ROW, so I go, and so do they. It happens so frequently I was beginning to think the law changed.
  10. I like to use the handicapped stalls in bathrooms. I figure if I don't see any handicapped people on my way to the bathroom, I will be done by the time they would get there anyway.
  11. What i want the team to do and what they are going to do are probably two different things. If they were going to tank, then dont go for Sammy. Obviously.
  12. I honestly 100% no shtick want them to tank again this year. Do it right. Play Kizer all year. Get the #1 and either draft a QB or trade it for a king's ransom. Now, the ONLY way I would want them to trade it is if Kizer looks good. It will be very hard for him to look good AND get us the #1 pick, but it is possible. The right combination of dropped passes, fumbles, bad D, bad luck, injuries......................and it is possible. I think we can get away with two years of ranking without the NFL looking to relocate us.
  13. A nightmare to own? I owned him and championship. He was not a nightmare to own. How often does ANY RB go through a season all perfect without any low scores? Almost never. Maybe one guy per year, maybe. I am not saying he is the slam dunk #3 RB off the board. Nobody is. But a 300 point guy isn't a nightmare to own
  14. What's with all your neighbors who walk into your yard and let their dog #### and not clean it up?? This isn't even acceptable if they DO clean it up. Why are they walking their dog on your lawn? Why are they on your lawn at all? I say legalize shooting people who do that.