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  1. sooooooo, trading him for what??
  2. Not when the team is THAT bad, old, and has less value than probably any team I have ever seen. We are talking about THIS team. In a vacuum I think everyone agrees that pick 1 and DJ are very close in value. He even gave up pick 13 along with pick 1. We have a bad owner here.
  3. And your future 1st. Go for it
  4. I don't assume anything. Did you assume DJ would be a stud in 2017? Do you assume DJ will be a stud the next 3 years? You don't need to be 100% certain Barkely will be a top 5 RB. If you are 100% sold DJ will be great for a few years, then you only need to be 50% that Barkley will be since he is so much younger. I am pretty sure most people are more than 50-50 on Barkley being a stud RB, and nobody should be 100% that DJ will be. Nothing is 100% in FF. Ever.
  5. I suggest finding a team who needs a RB and look to pick up future assets. He might be able to trade DJ for more than pick 1 if he finds the right team who thinks a top flight RB puts them over the top. The trade itself was not bad, but makes no sense for his situation UNLESS he can get more in trade for DJ than he could have for pick 1, though he probably won't especially considering he also gave up pick 13 in the deal.
  6. ouch that would be one horrible strategy. When he inevitably sucks this year, his rebuild will take 5 years because all his tradeable assets will be worth less, made worse by trading for "win now" types. Yikes And remember, this is a TERRIBLE owner, likely by far the worst owner in that league, yet we expect him to take his team with by far less value than all the other teams and turn it into a contender for one year, then perform a successful rebuild afterwards?
  7. DJ and pick 1 are basically the same value when you have a great team. DJ and pick 1 are pretty close in value (with pick 1 being more valuable) when you have an average team. Pick 1 is much more valuable than DJ when you have the worst dynasty team ever assembled. That team is 3 years away from a chance at competing even if a GOOD owner took control and that good owner had experience with major rebuilds in the past. That team might only have a chance to ever compete if future picks two years away are allowed to be traded so that he can get some value for his QBs at least.
  8. I would be rather skeptical of a guy who all of a sudden became a really good pass rusher in the senior bowl practices and game. Did he really truly just "figure it out", or did he spend a month or two working his ### off to try and get drafted high for a contract when he normally isnt a hard worker? Just seems weird. I am never a fan of the late risers who seem to shoot up out of nowhere. I can't come up with any specific examples offhand, but it seems those kinds of guys tend to not pan out at a high rate.
  9. JG has to be at least double, maybe triple, Landry in a superflex. JG probably outscores Landry by 100 points. Unless this is some sort of really weird scoring system.
  10. It's a super flex. JG by a lot
  11. The trade is fine for you, or would have been fine for you to just keep DJ. On the other hand, it was a bad trade for the other guy. If I ever happen to have a horrific roster like his I am spending 2-3 years doing nothing but trading all my picks for more/better future picks and not winning a single game until 2020 at the earliest.
  12. And why the heck hasnt he rushed to sign it yet? They prollly plan to resfind it as soon as he tries
  13. Geeze, you know you signed a guy to a bad deal when you want to cut him even though he is playing the way you hoped he would play.
  14. Uh oh, the jig is up Anyone ever see "Project X"? That is the kind of party I am gonna throw when we win a playoff game. I don't care how old I am. Who knows, maybe my son can throw the party for us if it takes longer than I hope. If it is ever a super bowl party??? I just don't even know. Can't fathom.