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  1. Maybe some version, but picture a team 6-3. They get put in the playoffs?
  2. Here is where the problem lies. Even if you have Covid and are contagious, you may still test negative for several days. At some point there will be a huge outbreak and a couple teams will be cancelled for 3-4 weeks. I dont know what the NFL plan could be if that happens. Any team missing 4 games cant make the playoffs unless they win basically all their games
  3. Chances are the NFL is set to drastically overreact to any Covid situations that come up. Hopefully that keeps anything drastic from actually happening.
  4. So much for thinking maybe a positive day Stonks keep going down
  5. DHT under 5 Boy am I tempted to sell everything I have in my non 403B accounts. That means hold and buy more.........right?
  6. The end was very meh. However, what was wrong with every episode leading up to it?
  7. About to watch the series finale. So far so great. The final season has been awesome. Is the finale so awful it ruins the entire 8 seasons or something?
  8. After an initial 6-7% pullback I started buying, and buying down to the point right now where I am like 15% cash after a couple small purchases this morning. I haven't lost a TON (yet) but enough to make me sad and uncomfortable.
  9. So is everything else apparently. Again
  10. Just watched the battle where the dead stormed the castle. Thought it was an awesome episode. Not entirely sure where Arya came from to jump 5 feet and land on the Night King, but all in all a damn good episode. Are the 20 main characters the only people still left alive?
  11. I am starting to hate stonks. I want to sell everything I have (mostly amazon, apple, google, etsy). Guess that means I should hold and maybe buy more?
  12. Are amazon and apple a buy right now? Go