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  1. In order to give a 3 I would only need to know that he wouldnt be a total outcast in our system. It's impossible to ever know if someone is going to give "max effort". I can't imagine a high percentage of players don't give a high effort.
  2. Do we want to trade for Sheldon Richardson if his price tag is a 3rd? How does he fit with a Greg Williams system?
  3. Well, nelson did score a LOT more than Olsen (even with 1.5 ppr for TEs), but like I mentioned before, I think at least half this forum would side with a random future 1st over Nelson straight up. Adding Olsen probably puts it at 95% I would imagine.
  4. Eh, no way i could go Olsen straight up here. Not even in 1.5 ppr
  5. I suspect this board would probably side with a random future 1st over nelson even without olsen. And in the FFPC it truly is a random first. If you miss the playoffs you can win the losers bracket for the #1
  6. Why do you suspect you will be in the minority?
  7. FFPC dynasty (1.5 ppr for te) Greg Olsen and a 2018 1st(could truly be anywhere) For Jordy Nelson and a 2018 3rd
  8. Makes sense since the teams at the middle/end of the first didnt need qbs. They woulda gone higher. Jg was passed over twice by qb needy teams.
  9. Insta accept for Hoppy and pick 1. Surprised you even asked
  10. FFPC (1.5 PPR for TE) Keenan Allen, Greg Olsen, and a 2018 1st (really could be anywhere) for AJ Green and a 2018 2nd (late)
  11. What have you read from people saying he isn't "capable"?? Lot of unproven guys have the ability to be good, but that doesn't mean they will be obviously. Simply put, JG hasn't done anything to prove he is worth much more than what he was when he was drafted. Not really his fault. He just hasn't had the opportunity. If you want to say he did ok in a few quarters this year fine, but when you are on the best organization in football for a couple years it wouldn't be very surprising that a QB would do fairly well at the beginning of the season when the teams he is facing are nowhere near as prepared as your team. Even below average talent at QB could fair well in that situation. Hence, JG hasn't showed much of anything. Again, not his fault, but those are the facts. edit.................I quoted the wrong thing, mean to quote where you talked about JG being capable
  12. People getting all crazy here over the way these trash people talk, yet we just had a few episodes of a medieval king with a tiger talking like he just got out of a time machine. Ok nevermind, yeah, it was stupid. Up up up????? What the F F F? It wasn't even that she said up three times, but the way she said it was creepy.