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  1. I also think it's pretty low risk to accept the kind of package top 3 overall dynasty players receive in trade, not to mention more upside. I have always traded a top pick if I have ever had one, and would especially do so rather than draft a rookie. If I had the #1 this year in any of my rookie drafts I guarantee I would have traded it for some of the crazy deals I have seen Barkley fetch.
  2. 12 team PPR (large rosters), 1.25 ppr for TE pick 3 and Chris Thompson for Jerick Mckinnon and pick 12
  3. Because I dont overvalue rookies. Never have, never will. It has served me quite well.
  4. Hearing on the radio today the reason he is away is due to a custody/child support batte. Gotta figure 100 other players have the same thing going on, no?
  5. Update on peoples thoughts here? Camp news?
  6. Pick 3 in a draft that starts in 10 days. I have absolutely no ####### clue on these RBs. I got 7 guys that I can make a case they should be ranked #2, and I can also make a case they should be ranked #8.
  7. I would trade the pick before using the #3 overall dynasty pick on a rookie
  8. I dont get the hype on any of the RBs other than Barkley.
  9. Animals pee in public all the time with no punishment. Where is PETA for THAT?!????!?!??!
  10. I dont know how he could go at 9 or 10 right now. Every other RB except Barkely looks terribly flawed. I did not expect this to be the case a few months ago. He has talent, opportunity, and 3 down skill set. Obviously he could bust, but to me, every RB in this class not named Barkley has a greater than 50% chance to bust. I think picks 2-10 will be wildly different from league to league from now until drafts are over.
  11. The draft starts in 2 weeks. Hoping two guys not named barkley stand out by then
  12. Where is KJ in rookie drafts at this point?
  13. So how long do you give for trades between the time the order is announced and the time when the 1st pick starts? How much time do you give per pick?
  14. 12 team PPR, large rosters and large taxi squad (players drafted in rounds 2-7 can be kept on taxi up to 3 years). 1.25 ppr for TE Gave: picks 8,15 Got: pick 3 The team getting picks 8 and 15 is in a rebuild, has the #1 pick this year, and has a lot of good picks this year with a few decent young guys on the roster The team getting pick 3 (me) won the title last year, but could use RB depth I was torn on this one because at 8 there will guys like Guice/Chubb or even the top WR or TE, then pick 15 probably still a good WR or TE prospect. Not even really sure pick 3 is all that more likely to be a good player than pick 8. But since RB was my biggest need, I made the move. Before the NFL draft this would have looked like a landslide for pick 3, but right now I certainly can't say that.
  15. So no trades allowed or..........