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  1. Well, if anyone still cares, I ended up making two trades to try to get the best of both worlds. I traded a 7th rounder for Moncrief. He was a waiver pickup last year, so he will only cost me a 12th rounder this year, a 10th next year, then 8th, 6th, and so on. So basically I get Moncreif and a 15th rounder this year for my 7th round pick and my 12th round pick, plus Moncreif represents nice keeper value next year if he does anything this year. The next trade, I traded an 8th rounders for Sammy Watkins and Kevin White. Sammy will cost me a 4th round pick this year. Kevin White will cost me an 11th round pick. Sammy is good value as a 4th round pick, especially since there are going to be a heck of a lot of top end guys who are not even in the draft cause they are keepers for other teams. White might be a really nice keeper if he puts together a decent year, and would only cost me a 9th next year. So I think I did ok considering I had jack squat for keepers, now I have Watkins, Moncreif, and Kevin White for what will cost me basically a 4th, 7th, and 8th round pick in a draft with about 25 players being kept that would have been picks in those top 8 rounds. Plus the added benefit of MOncreif and White potentially being really valuable keepers moving forward
  2. Talking with a much older coworker of mine last night. She tells me that her social security that she receives is decreased because she is working and making over a certain amount. Say it ain't so? That would be a new wrinkle to retirement I wasn't aware of.
  3. My biggest fear would have to be that I end up doing things right by contributing the max to my 403b and also a roth IRA, retire, and within a few years somehow end up in the same financial boat as people who never saved a dime.
  4. Might be a good strategy in a dynasty league.
  5. I am not sure you were aware of the level of genius this was when posting it. This is gold.
  6. The 2nd part of this is false IMO, and I have had quite a bit of success in dynasty leagues by throwing away one year when I know I can not compete in that year. By scrapping that one year on a couple different occasions I have won several titles in the years to follow in high stakes dynasty leagues. Since I have never done a keeper league like this, I was asking if anyone had any ideas on how to best go about playing for 2017. Yes, if I traded my top 4 picks for Johnson (something I would NEVER do, no way I would give that much) and he crapped the bed, then yeah, it wouldnt help me for 2017. It would be a risk obviously. Sure, ANYTHING can happen this year, but there are going to be about 30 really good players that are out of the draft pool. Many of which would be guys picked in the top 3 rounds, some even 1st round picks. I am at a huge disadvatage. However, I may have found one or two teams who have 5 or 6 quality keeper guys, and I might be able to work a deal for the guys they can not keep. That is a route I can go if I want to try and win this year. It is likely the route I decide to take will be based on the trade options with these guys in the league. If I can't get one or two of my late round keeper targets then I will look to make a deal or two with the teams who have quality keepers that they can't keep
  7. Anyone else get all warm and fuzzy inside reading that? Shark move to start stockpiling guns and ammo?
  8. I appreciate your opinion on what you think I should do, however i am looking for ideas on the best way to play for 2017 if i choose to go that route.
  9. I guess I will try and spell this out a bit more clearly. I do not think I have much of a chance in hell to win the league this season. I have ZERO keepers while a few other teams have studs as keepers and will also have all their picks in rounds 1-7. I was thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea to give myself a 10x greater chance at having quality keepers in 2017 (and beyond for another year or two) and give myself a nice advantage next year. Has anyone done this and have any tips on the best way to go about it?
  10. In the NFL, the other side. In a league where you get to keep Walker next year while the other team has to give back everything they got when trading him, the Walker side.
  11. I would be doing that with double the chances plus pretty much guaranteeing myself a couple good keepers for next year.
  12. That is what I would do, and I would have double the chances at getting those late round guys who would be great keepers next year. Yes, a lot of the early picks will be the best rookies and young players, but you can't keep anyone taken in rounds 1-3, and players taken in rounds 4-6 don't represent much keeper value for the following year unless they blow up like a Julio or Gurley or something
  13. I was duped into taking an orphaned team in my friend's keeper league. The team sucks and has no keepers. It is a keep-3. Players drafted in rounds 1,2,3 last year can NOT be kept, and if you want to keep a guy you have to surrender a draft pick 2 rounds earlier. The league started 2 years ago, and some of the other teams have huge advantages. Guys like Beckham, David Johnson, Hopkins, and several others are on teams where they have to give up picks in like the 10th round to keep them. Hell one of the teams is keeping three guys who would be taken in the top 2 rounds, yet the highest pick he will have to surrender is an 8th rounder. I have never done a keeper league like this and am wondering what the best way to play for 2017 would be. I could target a guy like David Johnson who in 2017 would cost me a 10th round pick. Thing is, what would I have to give up to get him? My 1st and 2nd round pick? It would make sense for both of us, but the league would probably go ape #### with that guy getting two really high picks for one player like that. I was thinking of maybe targeting two players, say for example David Johnson (I would surrender 10th rounder in 2017) and Beckham (I would surrender 8th rounder in 2017). Would I even be able to get them even if I gave away my first 7 or 8 rounds worth of picks? If I did something like this I would have Johnson and Beckham, then not pick again till round 9, but with multiple picks in each of rounds 9-15 I would have more chances at guys who turn into excellent value keepers. It would obviously hurt my chances for 2016 very badly, even more than they are now, but I would not be COMPLETELY dead. Thoughts anyone?
  14. Saw it a couple days ago. Not very good.
  15. wow. This one is as lopsided as it gets