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  1. Right What exactly is this great opportunity? Doesnt seem legit.
  2. The school district is definitely in the listings here. It's a huge part of the property value, and if the appraiser isnt factoring that in then what's the point of the appraiser? If important things arent being factored in then they are no better than zillow.
  3. Rudolph started it (twice) and Myles overreacted (twice).
  4. Reminds me of a story when my buddy was working at a home for MRDD individuals, and one of the guys had an "episode" because my buddy didnt put the jelly on top and the peanut butter on the bottom. The other worker took the sandwich back in to the kitchen and brought out a new sandwich like 3 minutes later. My buddy asked her why she didnt just take the original sandwich and turn it over. She had a puzzled look on her face.
  5. Guy was here 10 minutes. I dont think he measured anything. He seemed to rely more on what I said about things than what he actually assessed. Why am I paying 480 bucks for this?
  6. Can the appraisal I am about to have in any way affect my current taxes that I pay? This is for a cash out refi. Just wondering if this is somehow reported somewhere that could increase my property taxes.
  7. Dont watch with other people around. Lot of horrific screaming.
  8. Finally saw The Poughkeepsie Tapes. Enjoyed this quite a bit. Just the right amount of disturbing.
  9. I got mine lowered about 20% after I bought my house. So if you appeal an appraisal does it cost you more?
  10. Yeah probably. So how do I help scam a higher value?
  11. Thing is, not many comparable properties have sold around here for a while, and the ones that have are on streets where prices are either obviously higher or obviously lower than if they were on my street. Gonna be interesting . Guessing anywhere from 140k-180k.
  12. It does if it has access to the outside such as a walkout.
  13. No not really. I said I planned to take 80% of the loan to value amount.