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  1. I think 1% TD chance you gave them there might be a tad generous. They didnt even give the ball to someone who could outrun the lineman.
  2. The fake field goal that the Seahawks just tried at the end of the first half made no sense. If they got the first down they would have just had to kick a FG anyway cause there woulda been like 3 seconds left.
  3. I see no downside to firing THESE front office people. Basically anyone can do what they have done to this point. I do see downside to changing up the coaches/schemes. If i had to choose one i choose to keep the coaches.
  4. I want cousins. Trade pick 1. Draft with several high quality picks. Sign a few quality free agents. We make the playoffs next year. Yes, next year. I do not buy that cousins ceiling is 8-8. Blake Bortles is currently 7-3 for god sake. Our D will be very good after we add a couple more players to it. Offense will be probably 50 times better with a real QB and drafting/signing a few skill guys. We have plenty of picks/cap for this.
  5. I guess I tried to specify this but I can see why it might be confusing. The team who just traded FOR Zeke is the team that is rebuilding.
  6. 12 team PPR dynasty (FFPC) Zeke (new Zeke owner is rebuilding) for Mccaffrey, Crowell, Funchess (new owner is a current playoff team)
  7. Not a fan. Doesn't even seem like I could get used to it. I am gonna predict that no, it is NOT here to stay other than for occasional usage or optional usage if that were to ever happen.
  8. The Tyrod Taylor analogy would make more sense if you were talking about benching an underperforming player, like some did with Amari Cooper earlier in the year. The original analogy is not very good.
  9. So people have to make roster decisions based on the luck of the draw of who they play week 13. Seems reasonable
  10. For me, it was rodgers being out for the year. Sorry I didnt own two stud QBs
  11. Exactly. "Not trying to win" is very different than "trying to lose".
  12. I don't get it. You are fine with tanking except for week 13?
  13. If you are referring to my posts in some way, then the bolded makes no sense. I didn't break any rules.
  14. You are going to have to provide me some specific examples of what you mean otherwise you are just spouting off assumptions and generalizations that probably are not the reality of what I am describing. As for week 4 in a rebuild, if i have enough players on IR and do not see anyone on waivers that I prefer to who I already have, then yeah, its possible i would have to start a player on a bye week. In the rebuild I did i had so many players get hurt and traded for so many other injured players that it wasnt even possible for me to field a full lineup unless I dropped guys that were obviously not players who should be dropped
  15. There are a lot of different circumstances and different types of leagues also. If I am in a league with friends for low money, I am going to probably run things different. However, in the FFPC where I was in a $750 league with people I have never met, I am doing whatever is best for my team within the rules. Total cut throat in that league. Not a care in the world what any of the other owners think. However, it's a delicate balance since I still had to stay in their good graces for trading purposes. It all worked out. Big difference between a "fun" league and a "competitive" league. Not a lot of leagues out there that are both.