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  1. Are you saying a gusty wind isn't a huge factor when blowing right at you? Cause it is. Just sayin. So in that case he didn't particularly elect to kick first, he elected to defend with a huge wind at his back, and then gave the other team the choice to kick or receive. Not really a shocker that coach chose to receive.
  2. Probably not in this case with this team, no. Although, it wouldn't change my mind anyway regarding this topic. It may not be QUITE as stupid as it seems to elect to kickoff in many cases, however, I view this case as pretty unique.
  3. Yeah, why take a week or two off whem we can get hurt this coming week and be out for the year.........he isnt playing this week
  4. Cool stats. Now show me the stats for this scenario with a horrible third string third round QB in his first start along with one of the worst defenses ever on a team with about 17 rookies. Its a stupid decion to kick even with a good team, let alone one of the worst teams ever. Not to mention a kicker who cant make a kick so you probably need a TD anyway.
  5. Do you have stats on this stuff from ONLY overtime possession?? That would be much more relevant than possession from the first 3 quarters of games. Also, stats from team like the Browns with an atrocious defense and a 3rd round crappy QB in his 1st game ever?
  6. Ok, now factor in that the 3rd possession is now sudden death. I think I would rather have the ball there. Not a very close decision for me.
  7. ??? Um, yeah. The scoring part of it is a rather good reason to elect to receive. Maybe read the post again
  8. Forget the scoring part of it. If you kick off the other team likely gets the ball around the 25. "IF" you stuff them on a 3 and out then they punt and likely net about 40 yards. So you give up the first possession so that you can HOPEFULLY get the ball pretty close to the same place you would have gotten it if you simply elect to receive the kick. Then of course you have to consider that the team might just score a TD and win on the first possession, or they kick a FG and now you have to score a TD to win or they get the ball back where a FG would win. So, so stupid. However, it might have just been strategy since they are tanking...................
  9. So nobody else thinks it is stupid to win the coin toss in overtime and elect to kick? Even worse considering your team has the worst D in the league.
  10. Wait, did the Browns win the coin toss in OT and elect to kick?
  11. That was the obvious anticipated response, to which I have to reply................"Does Wentz play defense?"
  12. So when did Philly become some dominant team exactly?? Sorta irritating me.
  13. Close loss. Rooting for 13 more just like it.
  14. Close loss. Absolutely perfect outcome. Looking for 13 more