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  1. It's always cool to hear how others approach it, especially others with knowledge and experience. I have neither of those things. As I mentioned before I have been investing for 16 years but never once bought an individual stock until recently. My money in my brokerage is the money I got from my cash out refi on my house. I plannned to use it to buy another rental but now is not the right time for that IMO. Instead I plan to follow along here and make a little money and then maybe buy another rental. For the most part I am keeping the majority of the money on the side for a potential retraction in the market. I am 100% stock index funds in my 403b, so I dont need to be 100% deployed in my brokerage. If I knew ANYTHING about stocks or had been following this thread more back in March I would have easily doubled that 50 grand I have in there, but instead i have to settle for a measly few grand gain so far. So for now just gonna sit back and watch a few stocks and wait for a good time to make some gains off some dips. If that never happens then so be it, that just means my 403b is rockin.
  2. When you guys say you are opening a position and start with a quarter or half......... Please explain. What is "a position"? Do you invest the same amount of money in each stonk when you invest in a "full" position? Say you dont own DFS and wanted to start a position today when it was down 3%. Explain your process. How much do you start with? How much do you add if it goes down? What if it goes up right away?
  3. It will be just like when I was at the store the other day, the first place i have been that required masks. Once inside the doors, nobody wore them approrpriately
  4. Guess not. S&P just went green. Stonks go up
  5. Love the CNN caption "trump speaks after he suggests shooting looters" Was all cash in my brokerage heading into today. Bought several things down 3-4%. Hoping Trump doesnt declare war or something.
  6. Channel for trump? All I see is riot news
  7. Random question. Is there some way to look at a live updated list of stonks in order of current performance, such as an ordered list of stonks that are down the highest percentage on the day at that time?
  8. So I was basically all cash in my brokerage heading into today. Opened up a few small positions on some things that fell 3-5% today. Is this trump china news going to be a killer? Non issue? Did it even happen yet?
  9. So is this NERV a "buy" if/when it opens up in the 2s?
  10. I await the bat signal. I actually bought some BLMN early today and sold it when I saw it go green. Its already back down below where I originally bought it? Wow. Bad news? Glitch in the algorithm matrix?
  11. So is CYDY closing the day under 3 a big deal or no?
  12. So people still really trying to keep CYDY over 3.00? I bought some more on the little dip at 2.84. F it.
  13. More BLMN? 🤑 Maybe TVIX time 😱 Nah, just gonna sit back and wait for a couple of you to tell me what to buy😁😁😁