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  1. Question for anyone who can answer. My 15 year old step daughter has no interest in seeing her biological father. In fact she is pretty dead set against seeing him and the thought of seeing him makes her cry. He is no criminal or anything, just a big A hole. Anyway, he is threatening to lawyer up and try and get my wife for contempt of court because he hasn't seen her in several months. They have some sort of every other weekend thing that has literally never been followed as written, with both the father and my wife in agreement, until lately that is. The reason my step daughter has not seen him is because she absolutely refuses to see him. If we tried to make her she wouldn't even get in the car. We dont care about the contempt charges cause there is no chance of that, we are just wondering how likely it will be that he is actually able to force her to see him, and what that process would look like. He isnt exactly rolling in the dough, so not like he will have the A squad representing him. My wife is the custodial guardian. In Ohio
  2. That was a very long and detailed original post to do nothing more than ask what people thought. Are you serious? You made a rule change in your league about the word owner, then defended it in your next paragraph. Smh
  3. And sometimes, however, we talk about "owning a player" which sometimes doesnt mean you own that person at all.
  4. Joe can do whatever he wants and call things whatever he wants. He OWNS the business.
  5. How come no replies from the OP? Weak attempt to drum up a debate, especially when there is no debate.
  6. Before I read any responses, I will just say that when I heard about this I thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever. Still do. They own the team, hence they are owners. When you have an asset that you can sell, you own the asset. Owner. You dont own the players, you own the team. For fantasy, you are an owner. You make or lose money based on how the team does. You can sell the team. GMs cant sell a team, hence they are not owners. I own my fantasy teams and am the acting GM. Horrible.
  7. Horrible caveat for quite a few reasons, the two biggest being it is dumb to tell players they cant play. Also, as other have said, it may push a lot of people away from fantasy football. As everyone knows, the NFL makes a lot more money due to the existence of fantasy football. The short gain will end up losing them money in the long run if the fantasy impact is a big one.
  8. Question for those who might know. Let's say I am a stepfather to my daughter, married to her mother for a decade plus. Daughter is 15. The wife, myself, and step daughter want me to adopt her, and the biological father is agreeable to sign over his parental rights, what kind of process are we looking at? How costly? Does a lawyer even really need to be involved? I have no idea, but to me this seems like a rather simple procedure that does not require spending a lot of money to accomplish. Anyone out there able to guide me a bit? In Ohio if that helps.
  9. Land. Get a house on 10-20 acres and spend your time making it into a paradise. If you cant move because you basically just built your house, then look for land to purchase and put a small cabin on it or something. It will take you a few years, and in the end you can turn a profit on it if you want. Best of both worlds.
  10. Good players tend to get more touches than a crappy player. Answer seems pretty obvious, though with many variations depending on that backups strengths and weaknesses compared to the starter.
  11. If the media was this way 20-40 years ago every player in the league would have faced multiple suspensions
  12. I just saw a documentary not too long ago about how the moon landing video was faked. Also part of one about the flat earth society folks. So much crazy out there. However, the doc about the fake moon footage is at least mildly interesting.
  13. He gets more attention sitting in the corner doing nothing than you would if you were a clown suit on stage
  14. Probably the worst season so far, but still good. People talking about wanting them to stop the show are idiots. Probably the same people who hate TWD but watch every week. Striking Vipers was good, interesting techy stuff mixed with the effect it would have on actual relationships. Smithereens was a slow burn but not bad. Interesting to see just how quick and easy they can figure everything out about someone, 100x easier than law enforcement. AShley O episode was ok I guess. MC was good in that one, perfect role for her.