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  1. Seems like gurley by a lot in standard
  2. Oh, we know what you said, it just made no sense to quote him and post what you did. Then your follow ups were even worse. Carry on and keep us laughing as usual.
  3. You are ranting about what a guy said about a trade in another league as though he is in the league, which he clearly wasn't. keep going, please. And what was I wrong about in the other thread? The Cavs got more didn't they?
  4. Thanks for proving ours, that you have no idea what you are talking about, and that you are just on some weird tangent for some odd reason.
  5. Explain your logic here
  6. 12 team PPR with large rosters Demaryius Thomas for 2019 1st (very likely late), Paul Richardson, Jeremy Hill
  7. It would make less than zero sense to NOT play Kizer as much as possible. So yeah, he should be starting 16 games as long as he is healthy.
  8. Each QB is different also. Its impossible to know if kizer is a guy who will crumble or thrive by being thrown to the wolves. We have evidence of both with QBs from the past.
  9. I cant say anything bad about our defense. This offense has been so bad the 85 Bears would be giving up points trotting out there after all the three and outs and turnovers. I think the D has been pretty good.
  10. Right, one for each loss then one right after they win. Probably also for a close win against an average team then the following blowout win.
  11. How many times will the tone of this thread change during the season? O/U 10
  12. We are bad. Kizer is bad, but at least he looks like he has potential to be good. He just isn't ready to play right now. The basic knowledge isn't there, through no fault of his own really. He makes a ton of dumb decisions that he will not be making after some experience and/or time on an NFL team. 0-16, get the #1. 2018 can't come soon enough.
  13. So let's say you lost Arob and Edelman (hintity hint, I did), but are still a top end team, and your 2018 1st should pretty easily be later 1st..............what WRs would make sense to go after in terms of value and also being able to actually get them from an owner for a future pick? Basically, who would you think would be a decent WR to go after (that you can realistically get) straight up for a projected later 2018 1st?
  14. Why on Earth are people trading AR15 for a future 1st? I don't get the logic behind that at all
  15. They almost lost him to a major knee injury last year in week 17 when he played a meaningless game. I tend to think they would IR him for the rest of the year if they are out of it when he returns.