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  1. I used to think that also. But now it sucks for all sorts of reasons.
  2. Messing with fantasy would royally screw them. A lot of fantasy players have been put off by the thursday games. It forces too much work for the average fantasy player. If the average fantasy players quits FF, the NFL loses half of its interested viewers. A short term loss getting rid of TNF would be a long term gain IMO. Then again the guys running probably dont care about the long term.
  3. Maybe? It's a guarantee Mccoy won't be healthy all year if they keep rushing him back in there. That is the nature of a hammy injury on a speed player. Can't run from the facts no matter how hard you try.
  4. Previously recorded "Wrong Turn"
  5. I do not like baseball or the Indians enough to pay that much to go to a game, ANY game. I don't even really like seeing sporting events live as it is, let alone having to pay a house payment so me and my wife could go. I wouldnt even be able to enjoy it knowing that I spent so much. If it was the Browns in the Super Bowl then maybe I swing it.
  6. read the last few pages again if you want to know
  7. Would be weird that game 2 of a 7 game series would be a clincher.....................................(i didnt mean game 2 in chicago).
  8. Yeah, and why bother to regroup with the rest of the crew and devise a plan when you can just go try and punch the guy to death when he has 100 guns pointed at you and your friends? Pansy
  9. Game 2 I saw standing room for $670. Woohooo, drop a few more hundred and I might go. I can afford to go, but really I am cool watching on TV and throwing a party for 500 less.
  10. Wait wait wait, some of you actually think Rick wussed out? The whole "taking him for a ride" thing was to lay it out pretty clear to Rick that he will kill all of his people, and in a brutal way, if Rick doesn't follow his command. Sure, Rick could have made a move and maybe even killed him, which would lead to about a 99.999999% probability that all his pals woulda been killed immediately, and then he would have been killed himself. Yep, great plan folks. Daryl was a prime example of "when keeping it real goes wrong".
  11. I don't care about any speculation or what I think will actually happen. As a Mccoy owner I WANT him out for a few weeks. I would rather have him for weeks 11-16 than not at all, which is where this is heading, and heading there fast.
  12. We are talking about trading our still great HOF LT even though we get a QB injured every week...........and for some reason I am ok with it. Just not for a 2nd. And if we got a 2nd it would have to be a late 2nd cause no crappy team is trading for him you would think.
  13. Stubhub has SRO at about 800
  14. Agreed. I don't see the point in trading for a mediocre QB