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  1. WHich is fine, but when looking for a new house, get one with an existing pool. SAme price, and saves you the thousands upon thousands it would cost to get a pool
  2. Not one of the 50 microbreweries, 100 bars, 20 concert venues, pro/college sporting events, or casino?
  3. I would bet my life they did not view pick 17 as a 2nd rounder, mainly because of the astronomically small chance that one of their top 15 would not be available at 17, not to mention the relative ease to move up a couple spots at that point in the draft.
  4. If he gets released, heck yeah I want the Browns to sign him
  5. Have the lines on the Chiefs changed yet for wins/losses and superbowl?
  6. Are you the one who broke the rumor of Calvin retiring?
  7. So they decide to release, they tell your bookie, but they are waiting to make it public.......makes sense
  8. You could always ask him where he saw it
  9. Did he follow it up with a trade offer?
  10. For fantasy magic football purposes?? Absolutely
  11. I would take Hill over pick 12 even if Hill had to go to jail for a year.