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  1. Well in case you havent noticed the officiating, flopping draws a call about 50% more often than not flopping.
  2. well, he did get fouled. He also flopped. He kinda has to sometimes when a 125 pound guy fouls him in order to get the call.
  3. How is that not a foul? If Lebron did that Rozier he would just die on impact.
  4. He is doing it with a bunch of average players. It's not like the team has a bunch of crappy players. They are all average, but some of them have a nice fit with Bron, like Korver and Nance.
  5. It is sad that we are in game 6, Cavs bout to win, and it's going to game 7................against the Celtics without Hayward and Irving. Can't wait to get swept by GS.
  6. Dude, kicking the leg sideways towards the defender is a foul, regardless of whatever contact was made. If you wanna argue that Korver made contact with 1/10th of an ince of his hip, fine. There is no argument Brown kicked his leg way out, which is an offensive foul.
  7. there is a reason why they started calling those offensive fouls rather than no calls. WOWOOWOWOWOW lebron, jesus. no no no no YES!!!
  8. now that was a total horse#### call on that Brown 3. Come the #### on
  9. Joking???? He is a huge whiny baby almost every game all year. This game he SHOULD be whining, but really not much since early in the game
  10. Damn it. I posted my response first, but my umm, internet it slower.
  11. lol, the ref might just change the call and say "you passed the test son, good for you"
  12. Lebron should actually be complaining way more than he is. Lord.