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  1. The trades in the actual trade thread are worse than a lot of what is posted here.
  2. If we had a superstar QB last year we probably win 5 games. Right now? Probably 8 since the whole team is still very young but playoffs wouldnt be surprising.
  3. Take it now. If you really want firsts deal one of the rookie RBs for a couple future firsts or something.
  4. Worst trades you were ever offered eh??
  5. New possibility. Bell and demarco murray Or Picks 2,5,7,10
  6. 12 team PPR with TE premium (1.25ppr) Bell or picks 2,7,10
  7. The "right" move would have really been to trade down from 5 to 8. If you plan is to take all three TEs, it's not a bad consolation prize to MAYBE miss out on one of them if the guy takes one at 5 and get Cook at 8 along with whatever extra you got in the trade. So yeah, I get the appeal of taking all three TEs, but he didn't maximize his draft capital that well.
  8. Who knows. The FFPC drafts are all different. Edit...i guess that wasnt FFPC but the 1.5 ppr for TE is rather significant.
  9. This deal will certainly pan out for the other like 3-4 years
  10. You ARE in several such leagues.
  11. So the WR needy team is now both a RB and WR needy team. Great deal
  12. Might actually look better now after opening up that wasted roster spot.
  13. I wont call it bad, but the rebuilding team should have easily gotten at least another first rounder or first round value young player. The team getting Johnson made the perfect trade and i imagine the rest of the league is ticked.