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  1. Well, lets say the unthinkable happens and one of our QBs plays great this year. I can see people trading for one of our picks next year for a QB. Time to root for whoever is playing Houston
  2. Good pick. Good risk/reward.
  3. what did we trade for pick 126? edit....147/175 for 126/252 Dang, almost got Mr Irrelevant
  4. As someone who recently gave a couple 2nd round picks for Ingram, I hope so. He will probably still average double digit points in PPR, but he is more of a top 20-25 kinda guy now.
  5. Not happy about Kizer. Dumb
  6. Very true, not to mention the QB we get will be better than the guys we could have drafted this year. Now just think if we get Cousins for "free" and are able to use our multiple 1sts and 2nds along with that? Or trade for Jimmy G after he is franchised and not really have to pay nearly as much as we would have if we dealt for him now? Or hell, just draft a QB from the better QB crop.
  7. Am I the only one hoping Cam Robinson magically slides to 52? Should be good secondary players available at both 52 and 65. I expect us to trade up a little from 65 to get into the late 2nd. I could easily be wrong here, but isn't there a contract cutoff between the 2nd and 3rd round sort of like between the 1st and 2nd? As in, they would have control over a 2nd rounder for an extra year over a 3rd? I thought that was the case but again, could be wrong.
  8. I like what they did, a LOT, and I badly wanted another 2018 1st. They got the obvious choice with Garrett. I really like paying a 4th to move back into the 1st round to get a guy who MIGHT not have been there at 33, plus it's nice to have control of him for that extra year. I wasn't too happy with the Peppers pick, wanted Foster, but obviously something going on there. Yeah, they drafted some freaks. As for QB, as some have said, there is no point in taking some marginal QB just cause you need a QB. That's just bad. I know things can change, but there are a handful of QBs in next years draft that are better than probably ALL of the QBs from this draft, and now we have a million picks. Not to mention guys like Kirk Cousins and Jimmy G being available in one form or another. People hate to hear "next year next year next year".................but guys, NEXT YEAR is when we WILL get our QB. And hell, we might be able to get that QB and still have multiple high picks. I think the Texans pick has a CHANCE to be in the 10-15 range with the QB situation, but yeah it will probably be in the 20s again. Kinda funny, they traded us their starting QB and GAVE us a 2nd rounder to do it, then they didn't get Romo, then they give us their 2018 1st to move up to take a rookie QB. Sounds like potential for a good pick to me, and just sounds kinda funny also
  9. It's weird that some people mentioned not liking the trade back from 12 saying "at some point you need to draft players and not acquire draft picks"................dudes, we just had the #1 pick and then made two more picks in the 1st round, still have a 2nd this year and plenty more after that, and now two 1sts and three 2nds next year. Sheesh. When is the last time a team made three picks in the 1st? but we need to start drafting,
  10. We moved back from 12, they moved from 10. We moved down to 25, they moved to 27 It would make sense they would get a 3rd and we wouldn't since 10 is better than 12 and 25 is better than 27. Both the Texans and Chiefs are good teams (chiefs better probably this year) so both 2018 1st will be mid-late.
  11. Seems like picks by a lot here.
  12. Sorry if i forgot to use quotations
  13. Why are so many ideas and opinions being called "rumors"?
  14. Sign me up for Conley in the 3rd if that rumor is true.
  15. Mocks dont take into account trades. Just sayin.