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  1. How much you wanna bet?
  2. No. Will still bet you anything.
  3. I just think he is a tool. Rubs me with that sort of vibe. Don't like him.
  4. I will bet you any amount of money that isnt true.
  5. Green side even without Mccoy and the picks.
  6. First thing we need to do is just cut RG3. Please, just get rid of him. Seen enough. Seen more than enough. He sucks AND he is a tool. Horrible combo. If we can get JG for the value of pick 33, I go with that. If not, sign Tyrod. If we can't do any of those things, then roll into week 1 with Kessler as the starter, make sure we have two viable backups, trade for at least one more 2018 1st, and roll with it.
  7. Good one Mr. Conviction
  8. I dont "like" any of our options
  9. You are sorta making it sound like there is no such thing as a bad trade. It was a bad trade. A VERY bad trade.
  10. Impossible to say without knowing what we pay/trade for Tyrod or Jimmy G.
  11. Yeah, pick 3 at this point wouldn't even be a consideration. Not for a while. Passing on proven guys in their primes with a good 5 years left?? Fort he 3rd rookie? I just can't see it.
  12. This show has far and away surpassed my expectations. I was a big zombie movie fan before this show and have probably seen somewhere between 50-100 zombie movies. When I heard about TWD I thought it was going to either suck or not have a big following. I think the huge following has hurt the show the longer it has gone on. It's a shame the producers have seemingly paid attention to the fans. And the Talking Dead is just the worst thing ever. Wow.