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  1. Well the major indexes are made up of the hig businesses that will swallow up the little businesses right? Even when nobody has any money, a few million are dead, and we cant leave our houses till 2021 Market on FIRE!!!!!!
  2. Be fearful when people are greedy and all that jazz
  3. Was about to pull the trigger on 1000 shares of TLRD. Opened down 3-4%. Kid wakes up, we play for 5 minutes, I come back and it is UP like 5% now about 10%. I am sad
  4. Yeah then maybe we wouldnt see an instant 10% drop
  5. Stupid interview. Nothing new and 1 minute long
  6. And now a big selloff? Every time there is news the stock goes down. Weird
  7. Good thought, but he did this after noticing the smell to see if it was coming from the water or the drain.
  8. Maybe his post about the coverage is a tell. Tells me to BUY!! Ha, I have no idea. I have some shares. I hope they have good results and the stock pops. Good for everyone
  9. I would think you would know what he is going to tell us. Good or bad news??? Buy or sell????? Cure?????
  10. So this CYDY doctor moved up the interview from tomorrow to today, in a few hours. Wouldnt the smart money already be reacting to the news? Seems like a flatline in price
  11. Yeah because everything is closed. If it were to open........
  12. Excellent question. Seems like once we peak that will last months
  13. Define "much". Sure some stuff may open and some more people will be back at work. But what will be open, like 10% of things?
  14. I will be completely shocked if things open up in a month. I see zero chance of that.
  15. Wish I knew the Saudis buying a few % of Carnival would shoot it up 75% in a day. Sheesh
  16. Water supply?? So the other units would also have smelly water?
  17. If they have been running the water consistently for 2-3 months and then start smelling this, is running the water more going to get rid of it?
  18. Well, they have been living there this whole time with no smell, and they have run the water for a couple months with no smells. Now a smell
  19. The guy mentioned he ran the hot water into a towel, towel smelled like eggs. If that is the case then it's the water, not the drain
  20. So how common would that be for a new hot water tank? Maybe 2-3 months old
  21. I just need to figure out why it's only hot water and only 2 out of 4 faucets. Granted, this is what they tell me. I havent been there yet. He is generally reliable with these sort of observations though.