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  1. I have to say that Battlebots >>>>>Robot Wars by a ton. House bots and too many silly ways to lose like the pit ruin the show for me.
  2. Time to go get a free TV. Where is that Circuit City again?
  3. Yes I get that, but there is a difference between beating up a guy and killing him.
  4. Yours asked me to mention that you are out of milk and to stop at the store and get some 1%.
  5. Women yank and adjust themselves all day long, so I do not see the big deal with an exterior adjustment. Just don't make eye contact and lick your lips while doing it and you will be fine.
  6. I don't watch it, but are you not the least bit entertained by the physical actions that they perform? They are literally throwing themselves all over the place for our entertainment, so I can appreciate that aspect of it. Not like I would throw money on the outcome.
  7. I wonder if they just suck. I think they have bypassed a lot of useless battles in the past of bots that just fail or battles that are uneventful at best to keep things entertaining.
  8. I hadn't really thought about that before, but let me hit that from a different angle. I can take a 10mg edible and be good for hours, or feel it for hours, much longer than I ever had when I smoked many years ago.
  9. 4 whole minutes? With the size of Disney and how many people they would have to maneuver around, when would you expect them to show? I am not expecting the random 18 year old from it's a small world to come charging over, real security.
  10. Why people suddenly think that it is amusing or entertaining to film and post themselves doing stupid and illegal things is beyond me. The new trend of people opening products and licking,spitting etc and then returning the packaging for sale just angers me.
  11. Joe Rogan talks a lot about how edibles metabolize differently than smoke does. Not sure how true that is and I have not tried flower since rediscovering edibles, but I have found dosage and potency definitely vary.
  12. And they threw in a random hint to the future movie concepts in the middle too, which I now look for since they easter egged the last batch of films like that.
  13. Sure thing, but without knowing how concentrated the treat is, you can't tell what the proper amount to eat is. I learned this little ditty the "hard" way as well as the take some more, I feel nothing one too.
  14. 1- agree if they can undo the modification that they seemingly made this year that makes them less awesome. 2- disagree. Don't ever have high hopes for this bot. 3- with the right matchups can do well 4- pretty sure will be exposed and weakness revealed soon enough 5-- unsure 6- Duck is a real wildcard. Literally throws themselves at other bots and breaks them before being destroyed. If only they could add just a tiny bit of offense to their mix, could be great