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  1. Should have been 95% edibles from retail shops, so will be fully labeled as such. Might have had a couple of prerolls within as a I will discuss the no sign rule with wife to make sure no nonsense happens to us. Thanks all.
  2. So I had a package that was coming to my house intercepted by postal inspectors (edibles within) and wonder what happens next. Tracking had a delivery issue showing and I went to the local post office to collect, was told this and the supervisor just just giving me a heads up...what happens next? Anyone ever have an issue like this happen to them before?
  3. My reading of this is that he read the entire thread, including how you showed the dad the flyers and the prints did not match the kids, adding to it the fact that the prints did not match the kid's prints while the kid has the shoes to deduce that the dad stole your stuff, or he helped his kid steal your stuff.
  4. Yes they did sound album perfect and I get the criticism of it being somewhat robotic in that aspect, but I do not want to hear a reggae version of Roxanne if I am buying a ticket to come see a show either. Some adaptation is good, but some bands are just are so tired of their own songs that they play things that you never heard before and that bites.
  5. I wear my normal glasses, long pants and sneakers to mow, but no gloves. I have taken some ricochet shots in the past and I figure my regular eyeglasses will protect me fine. Also tend to wear bluetooth headphones while mowing, but more for the tunes than noise protection, but imagine it works for that too.
  6. The Saudi attack would hurt Europe and China more than anyone else I think, just based on who they sell to, but I wonder how much this will help our oil companies with the higher prices and no damage to repair for the next qtr.
  7. My wife just refuses to admit she is in error about anything and it drives me batty. I am talking silly, meaningless things like failing to close the shower curtain after a shower so it drains and doesn't get mildew on it. Why is it so difficult to admit any errors in today's world?
  8. Loved the Cars, pure musicians that sounded recording studio crisp live. Too many great songs to mention, I thought they had a perfect intro album.
  9. Jeselnik has this unique ability to twist in directions that you just never see coming, even knowing he is going to do it.
  10. I will admit that it is difficult watching movies from the 80s with a 2019 sensibility in place. Movies like Revenge of the Nerds, Porky's and countless others are tougher to watch these days.
  11. There were no teenage sex comedies from the 50s, or the ones that there were stunk and did not hold up.
  12. I have one too. Too cheap to not protect yourself like this. Anyone that has some means needs to cover themselves because of the litigious nature of the country.
  13. I love the style and delivery of Sebastian Maniscalco. He is not a knockout of a comedian, but the way he tells a story makes it a good show.
  14. Funny thing is I have basically the same list of drinks that I can tolerate in the diet category, except I really just don't like Ginger Ale. Diet Dr Pepper is almost identical to the real thing to me, which really makes me wonder what they use in it.
  15. I have had a bad one or different one like you describe in the past, so I get what you are saying. Diet mt dew is one of the only diet sodas out there that actually tastes close to real, so it is my go to drink these days. Not healthy for certain, but better than drinking tons or regular coke like I used to do.