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  1. This summer I've done Judas Priest and free concert of REO Speedwagon so far in Los Angeles. This coming weekend going to free concert for Blues Traveler. At the end of the month, going to festival with The Cure, Pixies and Deftones, and the following week to 80s night with Flock of Seagulls, Dramarama, Wang Chung, Missing Persons, The Tubes and others. I'm tempted to see Bryan Ferry and there's another coming up with Brian Wilson and the Zombies, but it feels like too many concerts.
  2. I'm not a country guy but came across some Stapleton songs and became a fan of his. He's got a hell of a voice.
  3. I want to see John Paul Jones hanging with Canadian Dan.
  4. I wonder what she counts as four times. Jed apparently told the other woman he loved her the day before leaving for the show. More questionable is on Paradise, Blake is getting raked over the coals for banging two of them on consecutive nights when he wasn’t in a relationship. Hannah G seems like she would go for any guy who gives her a compliment. First the gay guy, then Welles, then Blake. Blake says he came there for her and she swoons even though all evidence points to the contrary (choosing other woman for date, ignoring her until it’s near the rose ceremony and he realizes the other women have blackballed him).
  5. Antonio Brown is 31 now. How old will he be in five years?
  6. Apparently not because he added 6 years to Guice’s age rather than 5.
  7. So, the guy who pulled her aside to tell her Luke wasn’t there for the right reasons wasn’t there for the right reasons. He came on just to promote his music career and told a woman he loved her the day before leaving to do the show. When she chose him and pledged her love, his reaction was like that’s nice, here’s a song. 🤣 I can’t believe the guy who was her second choice is going to date her rather than be the Bachelor. That guy needs to get to his senses quick. Almost paradise!
  8. Luke wouldn't have done anything differently. Chris not telling Hannah that Luke was down there and then, after he leaves, telling her he came with a ring to propose, was amazing. Seemed like something out of Unreal.
  9. I'll record. I'm on the West Coast. Seems like this dud of a season is going to have a good ending.
  10. Then he won’t get in the limo after she tells him to leave, so she tells him that she did have sex, not just in the fantasy suite but in a windmill, and Jesus still loves her. Hannah may suck, but this was a top-10 Bachelor series moment.
  11. I hadn’t watched all season but fast-forwarded through fantasy suites and after she just went to the fantasy suite with three guys, getting it on with at least two of them, the last one tells her that he’s abstained from sex for 3.5-4 years now and is saving himself for marriage, and he’s confident they are on the same page with their morals. Then he says “If you told me you had sex with one or multiple of these guys, then I’d be wanting to go home 100%. But if that’s something you’re not going through then I’m just going to continue the relationship and move on.” I’m like this ... is ... awesome.
  12. Not in my league. In my league, the inactive owners who didn’t respond to my offers of Tyreek are definitely the losers here.
  13. Don't know what gives you the impression that Lakers fans are bandwagon. You obviously don't live in LA. All you need to know about Lakers fans and Los Angeles is that Kawhi and George will be booed profusely on Clippers night at Dodger Stadium next year.