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  1. The amusing thing is seeing how Astros fans are as clueless as the team itself, and how the backlash they’re creating with their obstinance will lead to further consequences.
  2. There are others that are married and have kids, including from Bachelor in Paradise.
  3. Apparently she’s been trying to get word to him since she found out Victoria is on the show. She’s the one who reached out to producers, and they sent her an invite to this event but never spoke with her or mic’d her up. She sought out Peter on her own to warn him.
  4. Really? Correa came off horribly. If he came out and said I understand the vitriol against us but I want to make some corrections to the narrative, then maybe his points would be taken seriously. But to express indignation toward other players because they don’t know what players in the organization have refused to say just made things worse. There was a way to correct the narrative while being contrite and understanding of why people would think that way given the mistrust the Astros have earned. Now he just seems like a liar on the defensive, lashing out.
  5. Can we change the title to “U Mad Bro - Sherman has your Twitter on block”?
  6. He’s 28 and still lives with his parents In his childhood home is my understanding.
  7. My problem with this setup is I am particular with the seats I get and have money to be where I want (which isn’t the front). I’d rather pay 3x face value to know I have seats I will like.
  8. You know they’ve sunk to a new low when the Bachelor lives with his parents.
  9. I think Jeopardy should transition to a new format with Ken as host, taking a page from Win Ben Stein’s Money. Each champ faces off against Ken in a 10-question lightning round for a progressive jackpot that starts at $10k and grows with each failed attempt. Add some excitement and intrigue to get people watching post-Trebek.
  10. What’s Godwin’s value in picks now?
  11. Yeah, I took a class just on Fritz Lang films in college. Really like The Big Heat and The Woman in the Window as well. Mabuse the Gambler feels more dated to me. Shout out to another crime movie of his, Clash by Night with Barbara Stanwyck and a very young Marilyn Monroe. My favorite Lang film is Destiny.
  12. Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith two more seem out of place.