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  1. Georgia was smart to pick the only guy likely with experience taping up a captive.
  2. 80,006. He bested the previous single-game record in an off game.
  3. But then you could tell everyone you lost to Ken Jennings.
  4. I think hitting a big all-in DD in a close game, like he did early in DJ when he and his opponent were tied at 10k in Game 3, can just be deflating and throw the opponent off his or her game.
  5. First DD of DJ, shoved $14,600. FJ $38k+. Epic!
  6. I can’t pick. My top tier is The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Shield. Second tier Justified, The Sopranos, Deadwood. GoT had a shot at top tier until the writing became The Walking Dead-level bad the last half season.
  7. Every team has another RB. I’m not worried about a 34 year old.
  8. I just don’t get it. She was expectedly awful in what I watched of last night before fast forwarding. Seemed like the perfect opportunity to pick one of the women in the final three who didn’t even get the opportunity to get down to the final rose, both of which would have been a ton better. Maybe they thought they were boring, but they could have gone black again (too soon?) or I’d be happy to just look at Hannah G be cute. Even Hannah B’s rival would have been better.
  9. Hannah B. Ugh. Won't be watching Bachelorette. They chose the woman who couldn't even talk when on her date with Colton. And she's really annoying. Hannah G, that I would have watched.
  10. He went to one fantasy suite and the woman said it was ... interesting. They didn't do it. Then he was really excited about the next fantasy suite, but she broke up with him rather than go. He then called off the third fantasy suite with the hottest woman there, sent the other two woman home and went after the second woman. They eventually did get a fantasy suite with her, and the way he tried to contain his smile after seemed to indicate that he lost it there, though they wouldn't say for certain.
  11. Loved how the one that did see the fantasy suite was asked how it went, and she’s like it was ... interesting.
  12. I have two local barcades. I started playing their Tapper, which I hadn’t played since high school when they had it at my first place of work, and got the high scores on the games up to over 300k. But then they pulled Tapper from the closer barcade with the better drinks. So it was at the farther one that I went over a million. I’m annoyed they won’t bring Tapper back to closer barcade. Apparently they are using it in new Texas location. But it is a game I can’t play often anyway because it is a multiple hour time commitment that doesn’t even lead to a high score if I play all out. I can pretty much play endlessly, or until I lose focus. I’ve crossed a million, when score resets to zero, with nine lives.
  13. Damn, nobody watching this season. He thought she was coming over to take his virginity in the fantasy suite, and instead she told him that she was leaving the show. 🤣