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  1. AB catching a ball from Wilson:
  2. I’d take a chance on Guice over everyone you listed. He’s the only potential home run there. Maybe Dobbins but something would have to happen to Ingram.
  3. That’s an interesting point for consideration. I have a ton of depth at WR now that I’ve been trying to use for upgrades, but maybe it’s better to have the depth this year. But I say if you hate one player and like the other, just make the move and don’t overthink it.
  4. That ship has sailed, huh? Maybe he can hop on a fast motorboat and catch it.
  5. There’s only one guy with my name and he seems to have had a decorated military career and now is a contractor. He probably makes pretty good money. I make pretty good money. I dominate a google search with the first six hits. He has one link on each of the first three pages. So maybe I’m winning, but it’s probably close.
  6. I think you’d like my dynasty team. I have all three of your top tier WRs.
  7. It’s a funny thing out in Los Angeles that Jeff Goldblum is the celebrity who appears most on women’s dating app profiles in pics with them. I tend to dislike pics with celebrities on profiles, but how can you not like a pic of Jeff Goldblum looking slightly pervy with an attractive young woman? The woman I’m seeing now has her Jeff Goldblum photo.
  8. Ha, yeah, at the beginning I was like are they each getting this amount of money? Then when I found out they were splitting, I was like what's the point of caring about these penalties over $5 grand after taxes. Just do whatever you please. They were all pretty awful, but I did find #Bhloe and Francesca sexy, and that guy, David I think, seemed like a really good guy for one of these shows. LoL at the Irish woman who managed to be on the entirety of a reality show with the least amount of air time.
  9. So, no one is admitting to watching Too Hot to Handle, huh?
  10. Tori wanted to go up against a layup, not blindly.
  11. I have both so I’ll take either. But it’s probably neither.