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  1. It's way more likely to have an impact in our lifetimes than the other technologies being discussed in this thread.(3d printing and fusion power) They are testing cars right now in silicon valley. Cars are being tested, but, the more I read on them, the less ready-for-prime-time they are. We're still a long, long, long way away from having a driverless car that can see an empty plastic bag floating across the street and know it's OK to drive over it, rather than brake hard or swerve violently to avoid as if it's a cat or small child. How long do you think? April 2016 probably
  2. I think the question comes up because they are wanting to know what happens IF (or when) Iran starts misbehaving. It's an interesting topic to discuss, but would certainly be putting the cart before the horse.Obama addressed that today and wdcrop's interview also addressed it. The amazing thing is that if we determine they have violated it we can snap back the sanctions in place without China and Russia's subsequent permission- those nations have already agreed that if there are violations the decision will be taken out of their hands. It's an unheard of concession in an international agreement.Yes that was quite powerful. But if they violate the deal to the extent they have a known operational nuclear missile...the sanctions will be on but it may not matter after the dust settles from the amount of destruction they will bring upon their country from Israel and the United States. At present they can barely hit Israel. Possibly Russia, definitely Saudi and Afganistan. So, where is the threat to the US? Plastics. I agree. They are choking our rivers, streams and oceans.
  3. Obummer supports terrorists. How is this still news.
  4. I am getting my first one next week. Do I need to shave "down there"? I was to emabarased to ask.
  5. I like the crazy bread at Little Ceasars. That stuff is nuts! That's good too.
  6. Why would the government want to harm us? Everthing will be fine.