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  1. We had the same On Demand problem. A nice lady at ATT fixed it for me. I really need to start taking notes on these things, since I can't remember exactly what she said she reset. However, one of the ATT communities has this suggestion: If you can find this, it might fix the problem. It does seem very similar to what the tech support person did fro her end.
  2. Ooo. I like this. Sort of like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, but with music.
  3. Nope. Mr R and I are top-notch navigators. We have a really smart friend who just has no clue where anything is when he gets out of the small area he knows. He has no idea where he is and has no coping skills to deal with it.
  4. To be fair, she may not be able to do better than that. Some people lack the part of the brain that processes maps and directions. It's not necessarily a smarts issue.
  5. Of course it should let in some light at the sides. It's a garage door, not an airlock or blackout curtain.
  6. I do this, but I'm 59. I now feel a bit better. Thanks.
  7. As long as it isn't "Baby Shark", I wouldn't complain.
  8. Hey, I'm married, and I don't get it either. Why would anyone put up with some of this crap?
  9. That's my thinking. She likes to be the one in control. "Kids do what she says" type attitude even when her reasoning isn't sound. It's summer. Who the heck cares?
  10. No. It's because science shows us that addiction is very real. Not "believing" in it is like not believing in rain. The evidence is so overwhelming that it would be like trying to prove sunlight exists.