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  1. I once came out of the convenience store and got in a car next to a stranger. The friend I was with laughed her *** off. I was in my twenties. I'm doomed.
  2. It's New Orleans. People may want to sin a little.
  3. What a doofus. Why do people have kids, or even pets, if they don't want to take proper care of them?
  4. Was the kid by himself? If so, I would have called the cops. Every year, a couple of kids here get taken by someone stealing a running car with kids in it.
  5. I used to go to a lot of science fiction conventions. Ran into Majel Barrett, James Doohan, Spider Robinson, Bob Aspirin, Kelly Freas, Gordon Dickson, Katherine Kurtz, and Ted Sturgeon among others. And Isaac Asimov.
  6. You beat me to it. Is the quality of applicants really that bad these days?
  7. That doesn't just happen in Florida. Here in Houston, it was pig parts. (I do appreciate their use of the word "plethora".)
  8. Did you go to the levee to drink it? I like to think you did.
  9. I didn't think you had. I just can't figure out why people do that.
  10. He pardons rapists. I hardly see any length of sentence as having a bearing.
  11. This sums a lot of it up, but you could have just watched a real newscast for that. The fact that Stone committed several felonies that could have resulted in a sentence of fifty years and the prosecutors did not go for that should indicate that there was no political motivation on their part. SOmetimes, it's just about the felony.
  12. It's not that the chart is colored. It's the vibrancy of the colors. That chart is unusable for me. Some reasonable pastels would fix that.
  13. Wow. That chart is in eye-cramping color. Why do people do that?