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  1. You mean you are watching your porch 24/7 to see who is leaving the candy? Or do you just hate porch pirates?
  2. Excellent. Somehow, I just knew Wooster would be the first place mentioned.
  3. The fireworks show at Epcot was great. Have fun.
  4. I live in Houston. The non-random murders happened right after I moved here. But aside from that sort of stuff, if you are teaching your kids not to take candy from strangers, letting them eat random crap left on your porch just seems careless. It's a bit like eating things you find on the floor.
  5. It would have made it less piercingly annoying; but we'll never know, will we?
  6. So you're saying that some random stranger leaves candy at your door, and YOU LET YOUR KIDS EAT THAT? Are you nuts?
  7. Olives are nasty, which sucks because they seem like they should be great. Mint is just awful.
  8. It doesn't taste like soap to me, either. To me, it has a spiky sort of feeling that I just can't stand. Cooking it seems to fix that problem.
  9. Yep, that was a classic. He obviously got the Na but couldn't figure out something to do with cheese from that? Doofus.
  10. Do you mean the American Playwrights one? I had no idea what the heck that was.
  11. Absolutely do not give in here. The answer is "no". Keep saying it. Explanations are not necessary. You do not owe them. If your wife is "just giving in eventually", leave before that point comes. Keep doing it. Let your daughter go elsewhere. If other kids have figured this out, you too can hold the line.
  12. Cracked the code on the cable box, didn't you?
  13. How about a bad movie improved by a bad accent? The Vikings is made much better by Tony Curtis' Bronx accent.