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  1. Round 16.13 Aerosmith - Pump (1989) Going Down/Love in an Elevator Dulcimer Stomp/The Other Side I do love this album. Hope your noggin is feeling better, SImey. At least Mr Krista isn't laying pipe.
  2. That has nothing to do with ghosting. If there is a next time, end it at once. Entities such as that deserve no consideration. But ghosting is just juvenile.
  3. SInce I'm more than five years old, no.
  4. Mr R got the kreplach soup. I had the fried kreplach. I always feel like a Klingon when I order it. I think it was Ziggy who took my order (over the phone). He called me "My Dear". The coconut macaroons are great, too. We got some. The menu also mentions a "henway". You should ask your waiter for details.
  5. It's all made in house. They are over by the Houston Galleria. It's one of the highest rent areas in town. They were on Triple D a few years back. It's delicious and worth the pampering. They deliver. God only knows how much that costs.
  6. That's how I feel about my album. (Love "Leave It".) We got a bonus with our dinner. Hot, fresh challah had just come out of the oven. Along with the tasty egg salad, we have more stuff to make sandwiches with. And a menu for Krista to peruse. The kreplach are soooo good.