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  1. 1. There has been a loss of faith in all institutions across the board in ways none of us have ever seen in our lifetimes. When this happens, you get a rebellion. 2. All institutions have lined up politically on the left, so that rebellion will form on the right. 3. The standard practice of having leadership in various fields stand up and give speeches and make statements to persuade the masses will not just fail, they will backfire because of loss of trust. 4. A show of force to threaten or scare the masses into line by making examples of rebels will backfire even harder. Our leadership is clueless about all of this which means were headed for a revolution. I dont have any answers for you. No one can fix this because the solutions will be ignored. All i can tell you is buy a gun to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  2. Playing semantics is a great way for democrats to never achieve what they want in health care. This is how democrats fail in their policy goals. They are more concerned about getting the definition of a word correct over actually achieving a policy goal. Most people call the UK system single payer even though there is a private system. So, just live with it. All you've got to do is not be anal about the term single payer and you can get everything you want in term of health care. But that its just too difficult for eggheads on the left.
  3. I could probably achieve single payer in the US if I was a politician. I think the proponents of single payer are making a very huge error when they campaign for it. I've been successful at sales in my life, and the biggest single secret of my success in sales is to make sure as early in the conversation as possible to make absolutely clear that there is no obligation. if people think they are obligated to do something, they end it right there. So here's my sales pitch. Single payer does NOT mean you are obligated to get health care from the government. The UK has single payer but it also has systems of private hospitals you can pay for if you want. You can still shop for health care. We just want to set up a single payer option for those who want it. Done. If I campaigned like that, I would get the American people to adopt single payer. The fear is that if they go along with it, they will be forced to take government health care. Untrue. You kill that fear, and you win the votes. When I hear debates on health care, the left is not making this clear. People think single payer means no other option. Bernie needs to just come out and say "my plan is for single payer to replace all this bureaucracy over here with government health care. And for those of you who want to opt out, here is this nice private system that you can enjoy. So its a great plan and something for everyone." But he doesn't do that. He's kinda a knucklehead if you ask me. The republicans win the argument because they cast the issue as if you get single payer, then its either you get the single payer government system or no health care at all. You are forced into the system. People who are afraid of government will vote against that. If you show make it completely clear that there are options, then that doesn't happen. The democrats have NEVER made it clear what the options are with single payer. If I come out and say "I want single payer!" I will lose the argument. If I come out and say "I want a single payer option with no obligation that cuts government bureaucracy and a private health care system side by side".I win the argument.
  4. The way to cut costs is to eliminate patents on drugs. Yeah, we've all heard the critics say it will kill research on new drugs. Just do it. End it immediately. I would eliminate patents on drugs and medical equipment today, and then down the road we can look for some system to protect drug and medical equipment manufacturers. The current patent system is wrong when it comes to health care.
  5. Wrong. The best way to deal with the Nazis was to destroy the punitive punishments on the Germans after WWI and instead increase economic opportunity for the German people to prevent them from losing all hope and throwing in with Hitler. This is the same mistake we are making today. People in the rust belt and the south and the Great Lakes feel forgotten by Washington. They feel a lack of economic opportunity. They think their children will be worse off. They think they can push to create a community and have their kids graduate from school and then their job will be given to an immigrant. These people have felt this pressure since the steel mills and factories shuttered in the late 70s. They've spent 40 years trying to pressure Washington to act on their behalf. They've spent 40 years trying to elect the right people. They are now pushed to the brink. They are buying guns and have elected Donald Trump. Electing Trump is their FINAL attempt to get government to listen to them before they give up. And more and more of them are now joining the nazis. I would be shocked if the democrats win any of these states back ever again. These voters FULLY understand politics as a world where democrats will give jobs to immigrants and let the rust belt fall apart. The ONLY reason we don't have civil unrest today is that Trump soothed their emotions a little bit by focusing on jobs for these people. And democrats are making it crystal clear they oppose jobs for them by blocking every attempt to stop the flow of immigrants (from sanctuary cities to the wall). I get what Trump is thinking. His re-election plan in 2020 is to say he fought for jobs for them by trying to end sanctuary cities, deport illegals, and build the wall, and the democrats stood in the way of all of it. Its a slam dunk re-election message imo.
  6. I think there's a good possibility. I think the republican party is getting more racist every day. Its getting radicalized. Republicans do not tune into mainstream news outlets anymore. They haven't been for over a year now. They are getting their news from alt right venues. They are simply getting more and more radical as we go along. It a journey that starts with a feeling of hopelessness and disenfranchisement. Of feeling left behind as a culture. And the only way out is to fight. There's been experiments with nazi recruitment tactics in the past in academia and they've shown terrifying results. It seems that, once they hit a fairly low threshold of the population, it catches on like wildfire and you get a conversion wave. The experiments I read about actually had to be stopped because it was working too well and the test subjects were beginning to form groups outside the parameters of the test. There's something very different about the nazi belief system from any other system we know. It taps into something we don't really understand and once it gets going it mass converts people and does it with speed unlike any other belief system in existence. It gets normal average everyday losers to form groups, take initative, and take extreme action. It is HIGHLY HIGHLY dangerous. You absolutely do not err on the side not taking it seriously. You take it extremely seriously. My feeling is once 25% of the population turns nazi, it is surely too late. An entire quarter of the population adopting nazi beliefs is definitely enough for it to snowball. I think the US is somewhere between 16-20% nazi right now which might already be too late. I think we're only 2-3 more major political disasters by the democrats from reaching 25%. At that point, I think the nazis will be able to produce candidates for office from Alabama to Wisconsin AND WIN. However, I don't think any elections are even necessary. They will just overthrow the government.
  7. When I go to the bad parts of town, all the gas station restrooms are trashed and covered in graffiti. The churches in the area have public open restrooms. The things are spotless with no graffiti or trash at all. Its interesting to see the fundamental respect and care the poor and needy have for churches.
  8. Eh, it can also be too much work to google to try to find something I want to see. Sometimes I can't find what I want on google. In the end, just having an on-demand version of Sportscenter playing in the background while I do other stuff might be best.
  9. Ok. I'll say it. Its ridiculous we keep losing close games. Although, if the special teams is going to be this bad, then the offense needs to be a hell of a lot more consistent to make up for it. There is no room for things like Rivers having only 115 yards passing through 3 quarters vs the Broncos last week.
  10. https://www.yahoo.com/news/most-americans-oppose-white-supremacists-195150184.html Summary: 8% of the US population is currently overt nazis, willing to lay claim to nazi views (some larger percentage undoubtedly are nazis but wouldn't respond to a poll this way) 16% say interracial marriage should not be allowed. 31% believe in protect white heritage 39% believe white people are under attack in this country. All of that explains why Trump won 300 electoral votes. Currently I'd guess around 16-20% of the US population is nazi and that number is growing as long as the wall isn't built.
  11. This isnt 1965. If it was 1965, and faith in trust in our institutions was high, 80% of the public trusted the press and congress, trust in businesses was high, etc. then leadership showing unity in the face of this nazi threat would be highly effective. You cant run that play in 2017. The US in a rebellious mood. It hates all leaders. It will cause a revolt.
  12. It feels like the democrats are going thru the 5 stages of grief when it comes to the nazis. They did denial (until charlottesville) currently they are in anger (which is powering up the nazis even more). Inevitably the nazis are going to get powerful enough from that to attain some level of power at which point the dems enter the bargaining stage to try to stop it. When that fails they enter depression and finally acceptance.
  13. It feels like the democrats are going thru the 5 stages of grief when it comes to the nazis. They did denial (until charlottesville) currently they are in anger (which is powering up the nazis even more). Inevitably the nazis are going to get powerful enough from that to attain some level of power at which point the dems enter the bargaining stage to try to stop it. When that fails they enter depression and finally acceptance.
  14. I mean if you take the short term view, condemning white nationalists might shore up congress' approval rating by 5 points. Unfortunately it will probably convert another 3-5% of the population into nazis.
  15. Well looks like the nazis are set to score their biggest victory over the US in history. Trump is ready to sign a document sent to him by congress condemning white nationalists. I think if you asked the nazis what the perfect gift to their cause could be, it would be if the government and civic leaders were hated by everyone and then they all united together to issue a proclamation the condemn the nazis. Thats pretty much what they are beng gifted here. Its like an advertisement to join the nazi cause. We are SO f'ed.