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  1. I get the impression from this forum that people here actually think the way the world works is you debate the issues, form a majority opinion and then act according to the majority. The world has never worked like that. What actually happens is a passionate minority of the population demands action on their items without debate and if they dont they what they require, they go accumuate foreign allies and overthrow you and rewrite history. Thats happened countless times in history.
  2. The rebels in civil wars are always a minority of the population. This one will be anywhere from 25%-35% of the population. What determines the winner is foreign backing. In the revolutionary war, france backed the revolt and it succeeded. In the civil war in the 1800s, the confederacy failed to find foreign backing. They tried to get france but failed. Had france assisted, the confederacy wins or its a draw. In the upcoming civil war, its very clear that russia and china will back the alt right rebels. The revolt has an extremely high chance of winning. Id say its going to win. It just needs the establish ment to oust trump to light the fire which i expect happens this year. It will be extremely difficult for liberals to withstand this because the nation is divided against itself while an outside unified front dedicated to wiping out liberalism activates its sleeper cells and enters the fray.
  3. The hallmark of bad GMs are those that suffer from “generals fighting last war”. Because x happened in the last 1-2 years, they apply it to this year even though situations are unrelated. I think with Baker Mayfield, he is suffering in public opinion because of what happened to Johnny Manziel. This is a GREAT way to find value. Everyone becomes scared of drafting another Manziel, so they avoid a a super taleneted QB. I certainly have not heard critiques of his game, they just stamp him avoid and move on.
  4. In the end, China will seek to usurp the US as world superpower by financing and backing a civil war inside the US. But we did it to ourselves. We failed to listen to each other. We got intolerant of each each other. Banning those we disagree with and calling each other racist until we can no longer get along. Like little children, we tore everything apart. China is just being an opportunist.
  5. I detailed the Browns problems before. But the issue is that if you select a QB in the top 5, hes got about a 50% chance of panning out as a quality NFL starter. If you take a QB outside the top 5, the odds drop to about 1 in 30. If you break it down, the ones that make it outside the top 5 and become franchise guys: drew brees and russell wilson fell because they were too short. tom brady fell because he was too small, and lacked arm strength, Bret Favre fell because he suffered a terrible injury shortly before the draft and had several inches of his intestine removed and people weren't sure if he'd ever be the same, Aaron Rodgers was kinda a mess when he was selected, Ben Roethlisberger came from a small school. I think that's it. The Browns have only selected 1 QB in the top 5 in 19 drafts and he didn't pan out.. Then they took a bunch of QBs in the 1/30 group. Then they had a second chance at a guy in the top 5 in Wentz and traded down. And the numbers actually worked out. 1 of the 2 guys in the top 5 they had a shot at DID pan out in Wentz. They simply did not select him. The most common reason stud QBs fall is because they are too short/small, and we might see that happen again this year with Baker Mayfield. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mayfield's game. He is just a little bit short. If he was 6'4", he be the universal overall #1 pick.
  6. The real problem with our institutions is corruption. When you say the problem is corporations, you just invite some other entity to control education and health care instead, and they could be just as corrupt or worse, and you actually are not fixing anything.
  7. Sounds like you want economic safety nets not social safety nets.
  8. No we are not going to war with Syria.
  9. I never heard him or his guests ever get anything correct. You can discredit the concept of time travel, ghosts and space aliens on his body of work alone, because all of his guests were very clearly liars. But I give him credit for being an incredible salesman. He loved to use hooks like saying "tonight's show will be perhaps the biggest event in the history of this program because...." or "What you are going to hear tonight will be so scary that I am going to suggest you turn me off right now if you frighten easily." Meanwhile he would frame everything in the context of trying to scare his audience. So good. Noory has no talent at all.
  10. LOL. This sounds just like derivatives / mortgage backed securities. You take 10 sketchy loans that people think are high risk by themselves, roll them all into 1 security and suddenly people trust it. News aggregators take 10 sketchy news sites, roll them all into 1 feed, and suddenly people think they can trust it. Same shell game. Interesting how the mind follows the same patterns.
  11. I saw a poll that said nearly 70% believe trump should not fire mueller. But turn that poll on its head. It means around 30-35% think he should. Thats Probably the same percentage that would support a revolt. I think the revolt needs 25% to win so the revolt has more than enough to overthrow this government right now.
  12. Trust has collapsed in government among Trumps base. Trump was hired to drain the swamp. Trump was hired to BE the special counsel to investigate Washington and determine how they can screw things up so badly that there is such loss of trust and then fix it. Its not the other way around. The LAST thing thst should be happening is the swamp acting like its better than Trump and investigating him. Sure, they COULD do that. They could turn the tables on Trump. They could investigate him and remove him. But itll probably be the last thing they do before causing civil unrest.
  13. If the congress had any credibility and people trusted their leaders, moving to try to protect the special counsel via legislation would be effective. But they still dont get it. They have a 9% approval rating and they are hated by trumps base. Pushng such legislation only provokes a response from the base. Our leadership in america have worked tirelessly for decades to destroy their own credibility and now they will have to suck it up and get along with a guy they hate to try to fix it. Otherwise they face revolt.
  14. Let's take stock of a list of enemies for liberals in a potential civil war: 1. 25-35% of the United States population and a disproportionate number of the people who love guns, own guns, and know how to use them and organize a rebellion. 2. Russia 3. China, as they are buddy biddy with Russia and will side with them. Let's take stock of a list of allies for liberals in a potential civil war. 1. A majority of the US population, but most of those are not fighters. 2. Europe, which will be just as dysfunctional as the US and probably embroiled in their own civil unrest at the same time making them unable to help. This isn't even close. Outgunned, outorganized and outnumbered. This is a total victory for right wing rebels. The best path is to give Trump what he wants, work to make sure whites feel enfranchised again, and not even go down this road to hell.