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  1. I think if you take a tea party patriot and destroy his faith in the system, in the constitution, in the rule of law and convince him he is fighting a group that is racist against white people, you get a nazi. And i think this process has already begun and gets massively accelerated if trump is removed.
  2. It appears that republicans are already starting to give up on the system and the Constitution even without Trump being removed from office. So, its happening faster than I thought. The tea party republicans are getting usurped by a fascist strain. Stormfront is becoming the trending site for republicans now. I predict that if Trump is removed from office, the republican party will run to David Duke as its next leader. To rank and file republicans, the removal of Trump from office would equate to "David Duke was right" and would confirm to them that the democrat party is simply racist against white people. You'll see a mass conversion wave of republicans into nazis. David Duke right now has the eye of the tiger here. He probably thinks its going to happen and is getting ready for leadership. He's been training his entire life for this scenario and won't screw around. He won't be just one guy like Trump is - Duke will organize brown shirts and secret police. Duke will probably immediately push for open borders with Russia to get the Russian military in here to overwhelm the left. All David Duke needs is for the democrats to remove Trump.
  3. I wouldn't spend 1.01 on a kid that displays immaturity on twitter. But that's me.
  4. This browns front office was incapable of correctly evaluating wentz. People look at his work in his rookie year and are flummoxed at what the browns could possibly have seen to scare them off. Wentz is really talented. So its confirmed the browns brass are not smart. This trade makes sense for that reason. I wouldnt do that trade, id take kizer first overall. And the browns are dumb for not taking kiser first overall.
  5. How long do they get to practice? I bet a baseball team can learn to get around on skates a lot more quickly than hockey players learn how to hit
  6. Protests don't mean anything. Voters view protests as the advertisement. Voters hear there is a protest and then go on the internet to find out what people REALLY think.
  7. A lot of the disparaging things Europeans might have said about Germans after World War I probably would fit with what democrats say about rural and middle class americans in middle america in modern times.
  8. A majority of democrats want abortion legal. A majority of republicans are against it. A majority of democrats want socialized medicine. A majority of republicans want a free market solution and want Obamacare repeal. But the BIG issue at the moment is that republicans are coming to believe that democrats think they are morally and intellectually superior to the republicans, and that this gives him the right to disenfranchise republicans. This could come to a head if democrats (and even some republicans) try to remove Trump from office. That would tell republicans their vote doesn't count for anything. That tells them the system doesn't work. So that should bring revolt. This might be similar to post WWI Germany,. Germany was treated like second class citizens in Europe after WWI. They were effectively disenfranchised from the system, they were severely punished economically and no one even cared. So they turned to extremism. In a way this is playing out again, but its not a country this time, its a region of people and a political party. Its Southern America, rural America, and the midwest that is getting a message that the world is passing them by, no one cares about them, and they are stupid too. So like the Germans after WWI, they might draw the same conclusions and turn to a very extreme right wing guy.
  9. No because even then, both democrats and republicans trusted the media. They trusted Cronkite. Trust in the media is at historical lows. Trust in the government OVERALL was in the 60%-70% range in the 1960s. Even when Vietnam was going bad, a majority of all Americans trusted the government. It was nothing like this. I think there is a very good chance we are headed for civil unrest and its going to come from the right. The right is on the verge of giving up on the system. This is the American Revolution or French Revolution scenario.
  10. They really don't. Trump fans think the democrats are actively trying to make America worse. If its a choice between a group of intelligent people that actively are trying to make America fail, and a guy like Trump who says dumb things but actively tries to make their lives better, its Trump in a landslide. So Trump is immune to everything, at least until the democrats can convince the middle class they want to help them.
  11. BREITBART TRAFFIC: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/breitbart.com Web traffic to breitbart was on a general climb through last summer then it spiked and plateaued after the election. CNN TRAFFIC: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/cnn.com They've slumped badly since the election. And now for something REALLY disturbing. STORMFRONT TRAFFIC: http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/stormfront.org Visits to the Nazis have exploded. I'm just speechless. I mean, if things are so bad to people that they are running to Stormfront, I just don't know what to do.
  12. The jets probably need a starter but i hear they like hackenberg. Could be wrong tho. I thought about giving kapernick to the jets but i thought he might be more likely to stay in familiar territory so i assigned him to the cardinals as a backup.
  13. Only 14% of republican voters trust the press. Thats the real problem. Trump is just a symptom.
  14. This might be a situation where trump goes down hard and someone equally hateful of the press get the next nomination before people start to rethink this and say "hey this isnt about trump, this is systemic. There is a fundamental loss of trust that may not be fixable"
  15. Even in a post-trump GOP, you still have a republican voter base where only 10% trust the mainstream press. So if you field 17 candidates and only 1 rants about the biased liberal media, that one will probably be the nominee because hed be the only one shares their values. I doubt someone like mccain can win the nom in todays gop.