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  1. The press has been Myspaced. They've lost credibility and you don't get it back. People move on to other sources. Myspace could execute a perfect turnaround and create a product much better than Facebook and Facebook would still win. The mainstream press could do whatever it takes to win back republicans and republicans will STILL go to Fox News and Breitbart.
  2. The next republican president will openly attack the press. And the one after that. its not Trump. Its 50% of America.
  3. Trump is just reacting to the reality of modern politics. When W was elected, 50% of republicans trusted the press. Today it is zero. In today's climate no republican can come out and trust the press. It would be the end of their career. When you're entire party thinks the media is full of lies, you cannot fight that.
  4. Its too late to solve it. Conservatives have abandoned the mainstream press and formed their own media. You cannot stop it now. There is no way to regain trust. You could put Rush Limbaugh in charge of CNN and it would not stop this process. There have been a tremendous amount of horrible errors committed by the democrats and the mainstream press to get us here. But we are now here. Chief among them was this belief that, somehow, the democrats were actually winning the national conversation. They've been LOSING it for 50 years. The democrats have lost the national conservation so badly that the republicans have all 3 branches of government and are erecting THEIR OWN media to report the news.
  5. I just think you are setting yourself up to make people really hate you and its not necessary.
  6. I think the democrats believe if they put the correct candidate forward, voters are going to ignore all the things they read on the internet coming from the left where they try to control so many aspects of their lives. That's very unlikely. The truth is, the democrats have been slowly losing the voting public for decades. I think its starting to scare them because they've finally lost enough to the point where its starting to have a serious impact. Te truth is, the midwest was going to turn red. Trump just turned it red early. They feel the democrats don't like them, they feel the democrats think they are backwards hicks. And it doesn't come from Obama or Hillary. It comes from message boards and forums.
  7. This is 20th century thinking. In today's world, when people want to know what democrats and republicans think, they ignore the politician and the political ads and campaigns and read what rank-and-file people are saying on the internet. They go to chatrooms, message boards, etc. They directly interact with other people. And its from there that the judgemental lecturing from democrats comes from. It doesn't matter if Hillary or Biden or Obama doesn't do it. That's irrelevant today in the 21st century. A lot of it is the identity politics from the left. Certain words are banned or causes them to get a timeout, and that timeout and ban informs them what democrats think. A religious issue comes up and the topic gets banned by a democrat. That informs them. The topic of race comes up and a democrat bans it. That informs them. The topic of guns comes up and they get assaulted by democrat posters. That informs them. The topic of abortion comes up and democrat go ballistic. That informs them. Look beyond hamburgers. How to democrats treat posters when they discuss religion, abortion, race, guns, etc. Its a pattern and nothing Obama, Hillary, etc can say will alter that. If you want to say democrats are tolerant about issues and aren't pushing their morality,. let's start a religion thread and test that theory. I'm guess more democrats will go ballistic than republicans.
  8. This is absolutely impossible. People genuinely feel some things cross the line and others don't. One person gets extremely upset at one thing that another does not. If this is tried, it will just feel horribly inconsistent and upset everyone. It also encourages everyone to game the system and call each other trolls because it creates a goal to get you to hammer the person they don't like with this clause. It starts killing quality conversation because no-one knows what is in bounds or out of bounds other than "moderator thought it was deliberate". You won't get dissenting opinions of value with this rule. When you use language like "you know what they are and you know what you're' doing". Joe, you are actively generating deep resentment towards yourself for no reason. There's a much better way. if people are posting thoughtful comments, keep them around. If not, get rid of them. Pretty simple.
  9. Gus Bradley was sold on the defense to come here and be DC.
  10. This was harder than we thought. This looks like the winning entry unless manziel, romo and kapernick are all rostered on the correct teams by opening day! He got 5/10 right!
  11. If the republicans finish the job and turn the media around and put it squarely in their camp (which is well on its way to happening), 20th and 21st century liberalism will be defined as racist. The history books will call those who voted for Obama as racist. Obama will be a racist. That can happen. It will be shameful thing to admit you voted democrat. The history books will say the republican fought very hard to unite the people of all colors, and democrats profiteered off of racism to win votes.
  12. Meanwhile, Trump's approval rating with republicans still hovers in the mid 80s, because republicans start from the premise that democrats are racist against white people. Democrats attacking Putin and Trump only serve to reinforce that. Putin's approval rating among republicans is actually RISING. Americans approval of Russia is RISING. The more this goes on, the more its in favor of Putin and Trump.
  13. Beetlejuice will never be forgotten.
  14. I was thinking about percentages and support for impeachment of a President and for revolt against a government that impeached him. Let's say 55% of the public supported removing the president from office. However, another 25% would either revolt or support a revolution if that president was removed. In that scenario, while the people who want impeachment technically have the upper hand, in reality you just have a revolt because if 25% revolt against the government you actually have a revolution on your hands. So surely,it takes less than 50% of public support to start a revolution. That's pretty obvious. But how far below 50% does it take? 25%? 20%? 15%?
  15. The blame is fully on the democrats for this mess. They REALLY need to back the #### off. This isn't worth it.