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  1. Looks like some were upset I picked the Warriors and ignored a Cavaliers comparison. So have at it. Which is the better team? Which would win the finals?
  2. Which is the better team? Who would win if they met in the Finals?
  3. If we do get civil unrest, i think journalists could be military targets. The approval rating of the press zeroed out with this people. This bodyslamming event could be a preview of future violence against journalists to come.
  4. If trump is removed, there wont be another nominee. The next leader of whats left of the gop will start a revolt.
  5. Politics 2017: punching nazis vs bodyslamming reporters.
  6. Ideally, you'd have a storyline about long suffering oakland raider fans finally having a good team and trying to get past new england and that would drive interest in the entire nfl. unfortuntely they moved to vegas and a story about long suffering vegas fans is laughable. the nfl needed the raiders to stay in oakland.
  7. The NFL seems to reach a peak appeal when there are multiple good to great teams but not all of them have won a title. For example, Patriots vs Colts was really epic before the Colts won a title or beat the Patriots in the playoffs. It was must-watch TV to see if the Colts could get past the Patriots. Once the Colts actually beat the Patriots in the 2006 AFC title game, the luster was gone. The same problem exists for the Steelers vs Patriots. It was must-watch TV before the Steelers won a title with Big Ben. Once they got a ring too, it was boring. Seahawks vs 49ers had the potential for being the next great rivalry, especially when Seattle won a title, but then the 49ers blew it all up. It would have been must-watch TV to see if the 49res could get past the Seahawks to win a ring. Most of the consistently good teams have a ring now. Patriots, Steelers, Broncos, Seahawks, Packers, Giants, Saints. So there's no story. The NFL needs a legit contender that hasn't won a ring yet. The best candidate might be the Raiders, but moving to Vegas might hurt the appeal of the team at the wrong time. If we got several Raiders-Patriots matchups in the playoffs, I think the NFL will be must-watch TV again.
  8. I follow baseball the most, but I listen to games on the radio so technically I'm not WATCHING it. But baseball is far and away the best sport to LISTEN to.
  9. That is a mens bathing suit circa 1900. Just wear a handlebar moustache and one of those straw boaters hats and youve nailed the look. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/MzIyWDUwMA==/z/as4AAOxyBjBTVlpD/$_3.JPG?set_id=2 https://www.historicalemporium.com/store/media/002391/002391_01.jpg http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/236x/b1/49/73/b149731378d3b6da6e4f5eb6a7b7c25a.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/d2/1e/26/d21e26d286276ccb576664ac79d3709d.jpg
  10. I dont know how you can agree with current us race policy. The end result of decades of work on fixing race relations has resulted in reviving the nazis. Its complete failure. We obviously should have tried something else.
  11. I read an article talking about how coverage in the new york times and the networks was like 93% negative towards Trump since he took office and that maybe they should dial that back a little bit to gain some trust with republicans. But that misses the point. The mainstream press is the equivalent of Myspace. The republicans have moved on. They could go 100% positive on Trump and the republicans won't come back. If Myspace resigned their website and offered a product 100x better than Facebook, they would not get their users back. The brand is damaged.
  12. Is this supposed to mean something? Do you think Trump supporters are going to say "oh the wording is inaccurate. Ok, I'm not going to burn #### down if Trump is removed from office". The memo you're not getting is half the freaking country now gets its facts from an alternative press. That side really doesn't care about how you define the word illegal.
  13. Nation on the verge of tearing itself apart.
  14. I see a lawmaker got threatened with lynching if Trump is impeached.
  15. Imagine if alex jones and a bunch of alt right media applied enormous pressure on obama when he was president and actually got him to resign or be removed despite the mainstream press saying the reasons are illegitimate. Alex jones is trusted by like 0% of dems so there would be civil unrest. Now imagine if the mainstream press (which is trusted by like 0% of right wingers) placed enormous pressure on trump and got him to either resign or be removed while alex jones and alt right news sources said it was illegitimate. Obviously, you will get civil unrest. It gos back to the problem that the media, like it or not, is now split. If you wish to get trump out of office, it must be done legitimately, which means the media that backs the president must sign off on it. Otherwise, the nation will probably go to civil war. The alt right will never endorse removing trump nor his resignation under pressure. It if happens, it is an act of war. I mean how do the alt-right go to vote in 2020 if trump is removed? They will feel that their vote does not matter. Even if their guy wins, he will be removed. So the right to vote doesnt exist for them. When they realize that, they understand the republic is lost and they will pick up arms