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  1. It just stupidly provokes a very large group of people who feel completely disenfranchised. They already think corporations are out to get them. Now corporations gang up to shun a right that has deep meaning for them. We need less of this and more adults to focus on finding common ground right now.
  2. if i know america, this will result in a republican state supreme court somewhere redrawing a state with a democrat legislature to favor republicans, everyone complaining about the courts, nothing getting solved, and the only thing that happens is trust in the courts drops a lot.
  3. Nothing good will come out of this. We desperately need to come together as a nation but we continue to tear apart in new ways. Boycotts, bans, and shunnings need to end.
  4. Tim said we had a draft after Pearl Harbor. He's incorrect in inferring the draft began after Pearl Harbor. We actually had conscription starting in 1940. The Selective Training and Service Act of 1940, also known as the Burke-Wadsworth Act, Pub.L. 76–783, 54 Stat. 885, enacted September 16, 1940,[1] was the first peacetime conscription in United States history. The act required all American men between the ages of 21 and 35 to register for the draft. Draftees were selected by national lottery. If drafted, a man served on active duty for 12 months, and then in a reserve component for 10 years or until he reached the age of 45, whichever came first. Inductees had to remain in the Western Hemisphere or in United States possessions or territories located in other parts of the world. The act provided that not more than 900,000 men were to be in training at any one time. Many of the soldiers drafted in October 1940 threatened to desert once the original twelve months of their service was up. Many of these men painted the letters "O H I O" on the walls of their barracks in protest.[6] These letters were an acronym for "Over the hill in October," which meant that the men intended to desert upon the end of their twelve months of duty. Desertions did occur, but they were not widespread. Following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941 millions of American men entered the United States' military's ranks both by volunteering and by conscription. After the United States entered World War II, amendments to the Selective Training and Service Act on December 20, 1941 made all men between the ages of 20 and 44 liable for military service, and required all men between the ages of 18 and 64 to register. Imagine having to register for the military at age 64.
  5. Trying to silence the nazis is how they plan to win. I bet they literally have pamphlets and emails ready to go out the moment that is tried telling people it proves we are already fascist. The way to stop this is to take away their issue by building the wall together as republican and democrats. Do that, and you destroy their narrative and destroy them.
  6. The nazis first goal this election cycle is probably to shock authority figures into cracking down on nazi discussion everywhere which will then backfire and be used to as a recruitment tool by telling people that they already live in a fascist nation so join up. And they will swell their ranks that way. To this point they believe were stupid enough to give them that ammo.
  7. Dems are entering the 2018 thinking its going to be about gun control and stopping trump and the issue will instead be the nazi conversion of the US.
  8. Oh im sure there will be riots and violence and unrest at nazi political rallies this summer.
  9. There were plenty of opportunites to prevent this, we did nothing. And now everything is about to go to hell.
  10. As expected, there are about 10-12 candidates running for various state-wide or national offices in 2018 with some pretty steong ties to nazis or are outright nazis. Wether they win or lose badly is beside the point. Its a sign of their growing political strength. They are growing very rapidly and while they may be borderline joke candidates today by the summer i imagine they will be making major headlines and define this election.
  11. Elections? Im skeptcal. What we have today is a disenfranchised GOP base and a democrat party furiously working overtime to enhance their feelings of disenfranchisement, plus siren songs on the far right pulling the GOP into the nazi fold. If the republic survives to election day, the results will probably suffer from large protests no matter who wins.
  12. Oh and theres a time factor as well. You have to strip the radical faction of their winning issue EARLY becofe they convert too many people to get established. I suspect it is already too late and were locked into a civil war cycle now. Should have been done in 2017.
  13. Was perots radical faction defeated by both parties taking away his issue? Yes it was. That does not mean perot won. Same thing here. This is actually politics 101. To defeat your opponent, take away their issue. Happens all the time in politics. Bot parties agreeing to build a wall doesnt turn the US Into nazis. It destroys their campaign issue and them. We could put up some partial wall that is barely effective after a few years when tempers cool off. The key is not to actually build a wall but to take the issue away from dangerous groups.
  14. Is it because i said killing democrats? Ive been worrying about civil war for a while. War involes killing. Seemed pretty much assumed whatis going to happen if it breaks out.
  15. Ive got a sinking feeling that the reason no one is stopping the nazi threat is that everyone is scared to talk about it. So rational plans arent developed which just feeds the threat.