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  1. i want to add OF depth for my bench. michael brantley or hunter pence?
  2. Tribusky probably gets picked high and busts. Kizer likely falls to the chiefs and andy reid will just fix his footwork and win a super bowl.
  3. I think one of the ways people make flawed analysis is that they rank prospects by flaws when they should rank them by flaws most likely to be fixed. Footwork is a rather easy fix. Fumbling and lack of pocket awareness isnt. So when people drop kizer for some inaccurate throws i think that poor analysis. When they gloss over tribuskys issues again i think that bad analysis
  4. I really dont like tribusky. People like his accuracy and ability to go thru his progressions but there are serious problems. He is absolutely terrible at reading defenses. He has no pocket presence. He will stand there looking downfield and get buried by some edge guy HARD. Cant see the blitz if his life depended on it. Also, he fumbles a LOT. He even fumbled once by accidently running into a referee!!!! That makes him sound like a cleveland brown right there. Id rather have kizer. Some may knock kizers accuracy but that can improve. Kizer has bad footwork but that is something coaches can fix and then his accuracy jumps. Lack of pocket awareness and fumbling usually never improve.
  5. http://time.com/4569129/racist-anti-semitic-incidents-donald-trump/ n the days since the presidential election, states across the country have seen increased incidents of racist or anti-Semitic vandalism and violence, many of which have drawn directly on the rhetoric and proposals of President-elect Donald Trump. When the rector at the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour in Silver Spring, Maryland opened the church on Sunday morning, he found that a sign advertising Spanish services had been ripped and vandalized with the words, "TRUMP NATION WHITES ONLY." The same message was written on a brick wall near the church's memorial garden. Swastikas were drawn on several doors in a residence hall at the New School in New York City on Saturday. Three Jewish women live in the suite where one of the swastikas was drawn, according to a tweet from one of the students who lives there. Anti-Semitic graffiti—including a swastika and the words "Heil Trump"—appeared at a bus stop at the University of California at San Diego on Thursday. In a statement, Hillel of San Diego said it worked with the office of Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Campus Police, and the Anti-Defamation League to ensure the graffiti was removed. A residence hall at SUNY Geneseo was also vandalized with a swastika and the word "Trump" on Friday, the Genesee Sun reported. Black students at the University of Pennsylvania were added to a racist GroupMe message on Friday that included violent threats toward them. The messages were sent by someone using the name "Daddy Trump," and the group was named "MudMen," Philly.com reported. Screenshots of the account shared on social media showed messages with racial slurs, a calendar invite for a “daily lynching” and old images of African-American lynchings.
  6. The republican party is spinning up into a sort of French Revolution alignment. They distrust their elites (who tell them to eat cake). They feel they are threatened as an ignored class. They are getting increasingly militant. They've dropped OUT of the national conversation. All the signs are there.
  7. Also, a majority if the military is republican. So its quite possible that when civil war breaks out, a majority of the army will side with the republican revolution.
  8. I don't care if Trump drops to 25% approval in some poll. If he gets impeached and removed from office, you WILL get civil unrest. The republicans as a whole currently believe democrats are racist against white people. I'll repeat: The republicans as a whole currently believe democrats are racist against white people. The republicans as a whole currently believe democrats are racist against white people. The republicans as a whole currently believe democrats are racist against white people. Do you understand that? You remove Trump, and you are gonna start a civil war. Republicans are gonna start going out and shooting democrats in the head. We're this close.
  9. That theory is the only way to explain what happened on election day.
  10. This is just assumptions. Its also possible they like Trump a lot but they feel the media is fascist organization ready to personally destroy anyone who supports Trump, so they say they don't, they say they voted for Hillary, and meanwhile fully support him in private. As far as ignorance, the entire republican party has abandoned the mainstream press. They aren't going to even read or hear what the press says anymore. So the republicans from this point forward are going to receive an entirely different set of facts then the democrats. And nothing can change that.
  11. Traffic to all the nazi websites is still growing like crazy. Its really ominous.
  12. I'm certain David Duke got on his knees every night and prayed that some liberal judge would strike down that travel ban. That move helps him a ton.
  13. Hmm. So i guy could get a vasectomy for $2000, then go to mexico and get it undone for $50. Over and over!
  14. If fdr ignored the publics demand for bigger government as pushed by huey p long, long probably overthrows fdr and establishes a dictatorship. If everyone ignored ross perots call for debt reduction that resonated with the middle class, the public abandons both parties, elects perot and we get some kind of radical govt. in 2016, the middle class demanded an end to identity politics, biased media, and political correctness. Only person offering any solutions was trump who got elected. But the problem persists and now its too late. The middle class has tuned out of the mainstream press. Theyre going to alt right sites for news. The nazi party is seeing explosive growth. Even if democrat leaders demanded an end to identity politics today, it would not work because the middle class has stopped listening. Weve crossed the rubicon. No turning back.
  15. The way to keep a republic going is for the centrists to constantly co-opt the message of the extremists. Fdr co-opted huey p longs message to keep america centrist. Clinton co-opted ross perots message to keep america centrist. This time, its not happening. America is being pulled toward the nazi party and no one is co-opting the message. The way to co-opt it is to scrap identity politics. And now its too late because the republicans have abandoned the mainstream press. So the next move is nazi america.