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  1. Yup. The left believe the right is racist against nonwhites and must be stopped at all costs. The growing consensus on the right is the left is racist against whites and must be stopped at all costs. They both have completely different world views now. Both think they are fighting racism of the other side. Both dismiss the charges of the other side.
  2. You don't sit as a public official and make a plea for the public to openly confront other public officials. That is completely undefendable.
  3. Republicans for decades have felt that mainstream culture does not respect them or allow them into the conversation. At the same time, they still trusted the system and thought there was a path to compromise. The election of Donald Trump reflects a NEW belief among republicans. They no longer trust the system and want Trump to make changes to the system so they can trust it again. If the Trump presidency ends and this has not occurred, there will be war. Again, this isn't about Trump. Getting rid of Trump doesn't make republicans trust the system again. Blaming Trump doesn't make republicans trust the system again. Your arguments against Trump just show you do not understand what is going on. Trump being president has been staving off a republican revolt in this country. Those who want to revolt are on pause while they wait to see if Trump can deliver. This is a very precious chance for peace. One final chance. But maybe you don't want peace. Maybe you want this fight, I don't know.
  4. Their economy hasn't grown. If you aren't growing, you are falling behind. That affects everything. Other nations that grow wildly will eventually dominate you.
  5. I'm just telling you, if democrats don't try to get along by giving in on their agenda at this point, then it will be war. And its a war the republicans are overwhelming favorites to win. Rebellions split the nation and make it impossible to defend itself. When rebellions receive backing by multiple foreign powers, they almost always win. This rebellion will get backing from Russia and China. They are gonna win. If they choose to revolt, republicans will take everything and sit at the top of the food chain and I don't think you want them to figure that out.
  6. Oh they don't care if he is corrupt or if he lies. This isn't a question of ethics. For the Trump base it is a question of fighting to survive. They feel like they are under assault from the system. That base is looking to him to do what it takes to win. If he fails to do so, they will turn to much more extreme leaders that will.
  7. Just think about this. During the 2000 election, about half of republicans trusted the system. Today its basically zero. Its a complete collapse. That is the CORE of the problem. Had trust been zero among republicans in 2000, Pat Buchanan probably wins. If trust had been zero in 1992, Ross Perot probably wins. Trump is not source of our problems. He came along at the correct moment in our history for a guy like him to win. He is simply reflecting how his voters feel, that they are disenfranchised.
  8. Their economy can't grow due to low birth rates. It could be fixed with immigrants but they are not diverse.
  9. To know how to proceed, you must know the lay of the land. Republicans have given up on the system. They feel disenfranchised and excluded from media, TV, corporate culture, and are unable to discuss issues in everyday life. It has slowly worn them down and now they are at the breaking point. Effectively 0% of republicans trust the system today. They are currently offering TWO options. Either get along with Trump, or they will revolt. Trump represents their FINAL attempt to work a peaceful solution. Then Maxine Waters throws gas on this fire and wishes for republicans to get confronted in everyday life. A majority of democrats trust the system. If you want the nation to continue, democrats will have to largely surrender their entire platform. Let the republicans have what they want. Before Maxine Waters, I felt building the wall was enough. But to fix things after Waters, I think we'll need the wall built, abortions made illegal, gay marriage banned, major restrictions on immigration, ending sanctuary cities, ending diversity programs, etc. Its going to take a LOT to fix this. If the democrats decide to fight Trump going forward, I swear to you, there will be war. If this nation has ANY chance of going on, it begins with making republicans trust their own nation. That trust will not return if your idea of a discussion is "make the republicans compromise even more on their beliefs." You go there and they revolt.
  10. Japan is not diverse and it went wrong because they suffer from low birth rates and an elderly population. Ukraine was VERY diverse and it went wrong because the Crimea was filled with Russians to the point they revolted and joined Russia. yes/no
  11. In the Super Bowl, between these 3, it is the Cowboys. The 49ers were good for around 15 years straight, and had a brief run with Harbaugh, but outside of that they were pretty bad. The Patriots were absolutely terrible for the first 20 years of the super bowl era. The Cowboys have gone 23 years since winning the super bowl but have been pretty good and I think they have a winning record in the last 23 years. 11/23 years they had a winning record, 4 years at 8-8 and 8 years with a losing record. The Cowboys have always been in the running to some degree.
  12. I do believe there are good and bad systems. Bad systems de-emphasize skill in favor of luck. This is done to try to keep the casual from quitting. In reality, the casual was always going to quit and by taking away the skill component you actually start driving away the hardcore players too. As a result, you might get a temporary boom in the industry from the change at best but then you get a permanent bust as people who want a skill game look elsewhere.
  13. Im very happy to see someone looking for solutions instead of pouring gas on the fire. This is what its all about.
  14. In order to try to make fantasy football more popular, skill was removed. For example, the values of passing yards and passing TDs were lowered so that theres really so significant difference between QBs and its better to just draft them late. Workhorse RBs are harder to predict and most teams dont play ball control anymore so taking an RB first isnt the guarantee of success it once was. More people take WRs early but their TDs can be very random from year to year. So most skill is now removed and its based on luck in order to try to keep the marginally interested people playing If you wanted to add skill then a place to start is to make passing TDs 6 points and interceptions worth -6. If you backtest those rules then there is a very clear delineation between elite QBs and so-so QBs. The draft would be more interesting too because going RB early, WR early, and QB early would all be viable. But usually when i make this suggestion, people say its too much and lets make ints -3 and tds 5 and pretty soon were back to where we are with skillless leagues.