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  1. What do you think war is? Civil war means killing people.
  2. What do you think war is? Civil war means killing people.
  3. In some ways, i think when democrats make fun of the way their guy talks or says dumb things, its a badge of honor for republicans, it gives him street cred, it elevates him. If democrats showed trump respect, republicans would actually begin to view trump with suspiscion.
  4. Trumps base doesnt care about intelligence, their concern is they view the democrats as a group that hates cops, hates white people, and want to flood the nation with immigrants. They dont see value in an educated elite that hates them. Theyd rather have someone who says dumb thiings but is more likely on their side.
  5. America has radically changed since 2008. In 2008, around 30% of republicans trusted the press. Thats gone. The tactics used then dont work.
  6. The idea the left is not coming to grips with is it is not 1968 anymore. Back then something like 70% of republicans trusted the mainstream press. So tactics being employed today would work back then. But today that number is 0% so those same tactics only make the left look increasingly out of touch and make things worse. They need a massive change in strategy. Adapt or die.
  7. If the right wins, history will say the global left hated whites and tried to flood europe and america with nonwhites out of racism masked as diversity. Its more a global issue. The left just fails to recognize how effective that narrative is. Middle class whites look at the lefts agenda and platform and see no place for them. Even worse, when they go online and read what democrats post on forums, theres plenty of derision for people in the south or not college educated which reinforces the narrative that democrats are racist against whites. When they complain about it, they get banned which further reinforces it. Its a disaster.
  8. Where this is heading, if the alt right ultimately wins, they will write history. And that history will be that the democrat party was a racist party. It was racist against white people. Obama will be written as a racist. The people who supported Obama will be written as racists. Unless the left makes a major course correction, it will happen because they are really losing this thing.
  9. Increasingly, everyone on the right believes the democrat party is full of people who are racist against whites. And that is driving the right to become increasingly racist themselves. Its a mess.
  10. Politics 2017 has regressed to the Biff Tannen defense. What are ya? Yella? Coward!
  11. Politics 2017 has regressed to the Biff Tannen defense. What are ya? Yella? Coward!
  12. Even if this country holds together until 2020 for another election, there will likely be 15-20 states with outright nazis running for major posts.
  13. Communication has broken down. Both sides calling each other racist. Screaming and crying. Wild accusations all over the place. No one listening. Its a mess.
  14. Whats amazing is the left is actually making its argument worse. Before, they were just trying to call people racist. Now theyve doubled down and also call people cowards.
  15. On the far right, you have people filing a grievance that middle america has been forgotten by the super rich, the elites, and the powerful. On the far left, they are filing a grievance that middle america is filled with racists and cowards. The far right is not only winning this confrontation, but it is a rout. And i cannot see how it could end any other way given these positions.