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  1. Myles Garrett will probably be a bust in Cleveland because he doesn't even want to be there. He's mouthed off about wanting to play for Dallas. Mouthed off again by threatening the Browns will regret it if they pass on him. There's a lot of immaturity there. The QB bust in this draft is Trubisky. Browns are targeting both. Sorry Browns fans, this is another disasterous draft.
  2. Lease hawaii to the japanese for 8 trillion over 8 years. Lease alaska to the ruskies for $10 trillion over 8 years. After 8 years, we get the land back and are up $18 trillion. Perfect real estate move for T.
  3. The us could buy a bunch of stuff atvbest buy and then return it within a month after they are done using it and get their money back.
  4. I think the loss of religion also has made it a hell of a lot easier to embrace nazi beliefs.
  5. In the end, most people think its pretty much all schtick on both sides. Everyone in the media is twisting facts to make a buck. This wasn't the case until recent years when trust the mainstream press collapsed. But in this new world, where you assume they all lie, it comes down to loyalty. Which side is most likely to represent you and your interests? This is why the great lakes flipped from democrat to republican. The people living there simply think the democrats do not care about them. It doesn't matter if the democrats "have more credibility". A credible and smart person that works against the interests of the public doesn't win elections. A credible and smart democrat that looks the other way on illegal immigration and terrorism will find America choosing a guy that says stupid things but strongly argues against both. That causes the great lakes to vote Trump. They may not agree with him on several issues, but they believed he and his party and more likely to fight for things they care about. Democrats that think they can score points on Trump by portraying him as an idiot will be ineffective. What is effective is connecting with voters on issues they care about. I often see democrats fall into this trap where they think if they look smarter than the other side, it is a winning strategy. It is not. It ignores the primal need to defend your clan against others.
  6. People tend to say really stupid or crazy things when they are motivated to protect their allies or peer group. Deep down they themselves may not agree with what they are saying but it doesn't matter because their group is under attack so it becomes about showing unity. Let's take a fairly intelligent person who has gotten into doing commentary. Perhaps they discover that if they talk about some conspiracy, they get a big audience. That translates into money and a successful career. They go deeper, inviting guests to join them in commentary about the conspiracy. Now they are part of the group, and eventually something pushes them to defend that group in order to protect their revenue streams and advance their career. Suddenly a pretty smart guy is advocating some pretty crazy things.
  7. Still havent traded travis shaw. But i cant just sit on him for too long. I doubt he can stay this good.
  8. Dwmocrats just seem to be less saavy. They didnt make this error 25 years ago. And theres a huge price well all pay for it
  9. The people that need help are the ones running to all the nazi websites. The explosive growth of nazis is just death to everything. I have no solutions. I think the fix was for democrats to shift to the right and co opt the message enuf to stop it like was done to perot. Too late now and the dems are going left
  10. I dont think the democrats are in any way equipped to handle the political shift that has occured so they just ignore it.
  11. I think this is the typical response from the left and its extremely ineffective. In fact, this response probably encourages it.
  12. Thing ive heard i can remember: "well as soon as obama kills all us white people things will be great" "my kid will probably be the last white person left in this country thanks to immigration"
  13. When i talk to republicans about politics, usually the first thing out of the mouths is some joke insinuating that democrats are racist against white people. And they keep circling back to that theme in any discussion.
  14. I think what drives conspiracy theorists is when they read about massive corruption that went on 50-100 years ago at all levels of government, and they take the next step and assume the current group and embroiled in it as well. Theres plenty of conspiracy between govt and the mob in the past for example.
  15. Probably just hang out with bill clinton and david letterman.