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  1. Roger that. While I'm not sure what he meant if he truly said "racism is at an all time high" I can say with certainty the documentation of it is at an all time high. Can't say "fake news" to actual video, like the event in Bloomington, IN over the weekend. 20 years ago that would not have even made the local news.
  2. I feel its just poker at this point, and Dak is sitting with the Dealer Button with the best hand waiting on Jerry to make the next move. Dak is an elite contract negotiator.
  3. My guess is Jerry's ego is really the only thing slowing this down, will eventually swallow his pride and sign him to an extension by end of next week. If not, he won't be back in Dallas next year is my take.
  4. It's crazy how people still try to take literal things/quotes such as "We are protesting police brutality" and you press the Propaganda Button and out comes stuff like: So he hates the Troops. That was Kaep, but it's happening in this thread real time.
  5. Until the next NFL player does something dumb. Its an offseason annual tradition. We can keep posting about the same thing, but its pretty clear the Eagles are not cutting him.
  6. LOL you JUST thought he was quoting Hitler.
  7. For a guy trying to keep people factually on point, you seem to not know whats going on.
  8. Oh you meant practice A bombs? Practice A-bombs, not as big of a deal as the real ones. Also, not fun when you are trying to have a convo and some troll tries to re-direct with some silliness right
  9. So to you, this is similar to Nagasaki and Hiroshima?
  10. Not as easy as it sounds. We were considering this possibility with Foles. The rules are, when you apply the franchise tag, that Tag$ + all other players need to be under the year's salary cap at the time the tag is applied. With us, we were about $25M over, so we would have had to cut/restructure quite a few players just to get the tag to work. Then you need to find a team, and compensation for the player and his contract. Will be tough to pull off, and considering Dallas' style of dealing with the salary cap (restructure!), I don't see it happening.
  11. He will not be cut. He would have already been cut if they were going to do so.