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  1. Not sure if you guys heard Sal Pal, but basically this was all driven by Sam Bradford. Right after they made the trade, the power trio had a meeting with Sam - he got pissed off and walked out and said "he wasn't coming back." He then told Condon and ol Tom was stuck with the situation. Sam - you are cooked buddy.
  2. So are Randle's knees shot? I have a hard time seeing how a guy like Mo Sanu got 5/32M and we get Randle at 1/1M if there weren't serious medical flags.
  3. Saw on the twitters that we signed N Carroll to a 1 year deal. Truth?
  4. Carroll is still in play and we already have McKelvin and Rowe.
  5. Ced is a solid defender. Much better vs the run than as a pass rusher. Seems out of place as a 4-3 DE tho. Was an UDFA, so I'm happy for him.
  6. If we trade Bradford for 32, I have to believe we would use that + 8 to move into the top 3 to get our QB of choice.
  7. That was a lot of reading. Love everything that has happened and if we can add a veteran G and a safety - Weddle or Iloka work for me - if we don't bring Walt back. Get a T/G in the first and go BPA. The rest of the way. Our D line will definitely be our strength - can't wait to see Cox & Logan as penetrating pass rush DTs. Very excited.
  8. Outsider looking in here: I'm not too familiar with this guy but why such the hefty contract for this guy?
  9. I'm not gonna cry over a Cowboys injury. Bummer for him, but he already got paid. I saw some Cowboys fans "praying for him." He's gonna live. We will face the Cowboys week 2 now down 3 defensive starters.
  10. Yeah it usually happens when the lose their star QB to age and retirement.