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  1. Top 10 is asking a lot unless they ramp up his usage in the passing game IMO. Week six last year is when SD really started leaning on Matthews, and from that point on he was RB10 in standard and RB12 in PPR. He's got the talent to be a top 10 RB IMO, but Woodhead's presence dominating the passing down snaps probably caps his upside in 2014. RB10 - RB15 seems like a more reasonable range to me personally. Not that it matters much, but using week 6 on allows some players who had early byes to get an extra game on him, since the Chargers' bye was after week 6. He was #9 in ppg from week 6 to week 17 in my non-PPR dynasty league. I expect he will see more snaps and will get more targets this season, so I think he could crack the top 10 if he stays healthy enough. Agree that he could finish higher -- I was mainly responding to the "don't see any way he's not top 10." I think he's still undervalued, but I'd be careful with projecting a top 10 season as a most likely case. I don't see the Chargers using Matthews the way they did between weeks 6-17 last year. It works out to 21.5 touches/per game. I think they brought Donald Brown in so they could take some of the weight off Matthews shoulders. And if the Chargers do decide to let Matthews handle the rock that many times, I don't think he'll stay healthy for the entire season.