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  1. Which is fine, but I think most LT's aren't asked to be versatile and play on the right so it's not really a knock on him. That said, I don't know if there's analysis on how many snaps he took at left vs right, and the sack numbers on each. Did he play on the left much?
  2. Eh, we threw Dillard into service as a RT, when he was interviewed before the game and said he was very uncomfortable with it. Why didn't we put the seasoned vet Peters at RT so the rookie could be more comfortable? I don't put a whole lot of worry into those sack - plus comparing a HOF all time great to a rookie is a bit of a disservice.
  3. Personally - there isn't a huge difference in spending picks or spending salary to get a player. You have a limited amount of both. To get a decent backup QB - you either skimp, spend salary, or spend a pick. Rare to spend a pick - but honestly, that frees us up in the salary dept - which directly translates to FA signings, resigning our players, etc... He was probably the bpa on their board. So instead of spending more cap on a QB, we spent a 2nd. Then there's the fact we're going to a 17 game schedule - so there's just that many more snaps to go around - trying to get Hurts a handful of snaps every game to help keep Carson fresher isn't a bad idea either.
  4. Smart. Loaded draft, I wanted us to take 2 swings at this thing. If we had taken Mims in the 2nd, we'd all be thrilled. Amazing how a different direction with the 2nd round pick deflates us. Let's just pretend we lost our 2nd rounder in a league penalty because Jason Kelce beat up Clowney's cats.
  5. Wow, I was ready to buy in - but that is just bad - or concerning. You use a 2nd round pick on a QB when you feel your starter only has a few years left (ala Kevin Kolb), and you want to get a guy ready to go just in case. I don't think they do this unless there were some long term concerns about Carson.
  6. Yea it sucks, but that's what happens when you're Dallas, have the division in your grasp and yet lose an Eagles team with backups at every spot. You get to pick higher.
  7. it's pretty odd. Like yea, most of us wanted Lamb. I did. But that's not how it landed. Also think it was a ####ty pick for Dallas, but again who knows.
  8. Entirely possible they had Jefferson and Lamb pretty close and not worth trading up for one over the other. We shall see.
  9. meh, trade a 1st next year to move up. We might not even have college football, that draft is gonna be such a crapshoot.
  10. I think that's why Howie was pretty quiet in FA this year. They really do want to use these picks to get younger. Might suck in the short term, but we might have to take a step back to more forward here.