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  1. So is JJaw getting some time this week? The "He plays the Alshon role" excuse wont fly - so we'll see.
  2. Extending Jeffrey and DeSean before the season just has backfired so much. I get banking on the older guy this year (even though it backfired), but doubling down for next year before you've even seen them in game?
  3. Yea I dont think they can since we decided to guarantee his contract. No clue why we did that before the season.
  4. Yea, not ideal if we go into gameday with just Sanders and Boston Scott... Think Howard missing hurts us a lot more then missing Alshon this game. Running him through their defense was our best chance at a win.
  5. although serious question. Does Dak have the freedom to audible out of a run if it looks bad?
  6. that was my speculation all along. Not a ton of difference in valuation of player importance between salary and draft pedigree. If you value a guy enough too draft him #4 overall - are he performs like that - you gotta pay him. If he isn't worth the cash, he probably wasn't worth the pick. If you weren't able to get lucky and draft Dak in the 4th round, where teams almost never find starters - you'd be picking top 10 imo.
  7. lots of teams were nervous of him. Hindsight 20/20 of course. Granted, he's exactly what we're missing in this offense
  8. yea those stats probably are right in line with his average w/l regardless. 77% win rate after bye, 78% after a loss 74% for his NE career. He's merely at 67% in away games though.....
  9. barely beat Cleveland at home... Ben might actually be worse then his rookie year. This team is getting booted in the 1st or 2nd round again, Brett Brown probably gets fired.
  10. think you have a better chance going for it on 4th and 6 then a 57 yard FG tho
  11. nah on Dez. Is he any different then jeffrey? We already have 25 slow, tall, "big wingspan" guys.
  12. I think they view JJ as backing up Jeffrey? And maybe the problem is that your outside WR at the Z spot is the 7th read? Defenses aren't every going to respect that position in the slightest if its not even part of the read. I get it, he's not as good as the other options - but occasionally ya gotta throw a play where whoever is lined up there is the 1st or 2nd option.
  13. Nah, I think it was a good move. 6 weeks is enough time for it to have healed. He didn't reinjure it, he just needed the surgery all along. At least now there's a chance he could come back if needed in the playoffs, You wait till after the bye - guarantee the same damn thing happens, except now its two weeks later he's getting the surgery..