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  1. RB's need to get paid early. I don't fault any of them for holding out of one year deal if they can get a multi year deal. the shelf life is so much shorter then other positions.
  2. Perhaps, but unless they do something to actively suppress competitors, that's not a 'great' argument.
  3. like none of this rant has much bearing in reality. I mean I think the draft is fine and needed and should stay, but wtf dude. Go relax or something.
  4. Right, pretty much this. The mistake is thinking of the NFL as all these different independent franchises, and you pick where to go. In reality is like's applying at, say Google. And they have an entry level program that says you can be assigned to any of their divisions around the US. You don't HAVE to go to google. But if you do, and they hire you, you can be assigned anywhere.
  5. 100 %. I think Groh is probably a fine WR coach, but it remains to be seen if he can devise an effective offense at the NFL level. We absolutely lost a lot when Reich left (still bitter at McDaniels). Last year was his first ever though - maybe he makes a jump? Sean McVay's first year as an OC was not good either. I'm curious what the average production is for coach's first ever year after getting promoted to full on OC. It's a concern - but we should remember coaches need to get experience and learn from mistakes as well. Let's see his 2019 season and if he can improve.
  6. well, in starter yea. Technically losing Foles as a SuperBowl MVP caliber backup is a big hit. All the other areas I say yes. Need Carson to stay healthy.
  7. Prescott is hampered in negotiations because of Elliot though. I think he's a starting QB, but there's always that "well he is what he is because of Elliot". The QB rating thing only works because of the rookie years when Wentz was average and Prescott was amazing. 2017-18, Wentz is higher in both QB rating and QBR. But - the Prescott camp is certainly going to point to the Wentz contract and the respective n umbers to argue for Dak to get close to that. I'd be surprised if he gets more - but would also be surprised if he gets much less. Possible Cowboys franchise him ala Cousins for a year if need be.
  8. I'm not sure it would have gone up *that* much. I think they'd have been better served waiting a year to see how it plays out. I don't dislike the deal - but not sure it was the best time.
  9. He finished with 33 receptions, 334 yds and 4 TD's I'd expect this to improve this year, but still we aren't looking at #1 TE numbers. 500-600 yds maybe? Probably closer to 500. 5 TD's or so prob still the expectation. I imagine he'll me more involved, but still only so many balls to go around.
  10. Yea normally hate seeing injuries, but he's one I'm not too sad about - karma has a way sometimes.
  11. And even if not, he'll still count as a FA lost (assuming SOMEONE picks him up) and might cancel out a lower tier FA we sign
  12. right, I mean regardless of testing, McCoy was exceptional in his heyday. Like top 3 RB in the NFL good. That's not gonna be Sanders, but he "should" be worlds better then Smallwood and Clement.
  13. will be interesting to see how much Prescott makes. He'll have to get paid before Wentz or Goff, and that'll be a better comp then the Aaron Rodgers of the world.
  14. Were the other T graded as high by the Eagles staff? Is a 4th rounder adequate value for settling on a lesser T if not? Trading a 3rd for Golden Tate for 1/2 a season is far worse imo then trading a 4th to get the top OT on your board.
  15. so - if one writer at one point early in the process thinks someone is a 2nd rounder, that should take him off teams 1st round boards?