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  1. two other T got drafted ahead of Taylor too. teams must all be a bit lower on him for some reason. heard some medical issues with his knee? redskins did well.
  2. I have a feeling on a different team Agholor puts up big numbers. Just feels like we never use him right
  3. I could see them trading up - no clue for who or what though. Just wouldn't surprise me to See Howie trading around. Could even trade down!
  4. Unless you know for sure, I'd keep that kinda stuff quiet. Not really anything good can come of blasting a dude on hearsay like that.
  5. Man, if he wasn't so bitter and sensitive, the guy would be a fixture in this city. He brought us some great football years - but all people think about now is how he trash talks us. He ruined his legacy.
  6. I'd be fine with Jacobs in the 2nd, but not spending a 1st on him. There's a few other decent options in the 2nd too. Yea, you're not getting an Ezekiel Elliot caliber talent, but you can get an above average starter, and that in itself is a huge upgrade.
  7. yea a db rookie is the last thing we need. DL, OL, and RB. LB I'm ok with as well if there is value. Bradham isnt gonna get any younger. Really thought Hicks was gonna man the middle for a long time, but not meant to be.
  8. I'd be shocked if we dont go DL in the 1st. Can see a RB in the 2nd though. Even that would be higher then normal, but I'd be ok with one of our 2nds there. What is the deadline for FA signings to not count against the comp pick formula? I think Howie is working that, so expect to see some cheap vet signings then.
  9. Nah. If they're the same price I'd stick with Agholor. That said, we don't use him enough to justify 9 mil - maybe with DJax we will though. But with Ertz, Jeffrey, DJax, Agholor, Goedert - a lot of mouths to feed. Outside of Ertz, this is a spread it around, no one hits 1k yards kinda offense. With all that cash in Jeffrey and now Djax - don't see the $$ justification in big money in a slot guy.
  10. Obv not near as big as Bell - but we can see what Ronald Darby and Jay Ajayi get this year. Both FA's coming off knee injuries.