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  1. There's no way the Cowboys let Cooper hit FA though, is there?
  2. I thought Sweat was developing well. Barnett - probably not developing into a stud, but seems solid enough. DL was a disappointment - but a lot of that, imo, was Cox not playing near his level, and little production next to him from the other DT spot. I don't know enough to say if thats on coaching or not. The personal side of this business sucks when it comes to cuts and firings, hope he gets another opportunity.
  3. Eh, normally yes but Wash signed Rivera - I'd count on him for respectability. Cincinnati is a mess tho.
  4. I think it's pretty well understood they call less penalties in the playoffs. There's more an inclination to let the players impact teh game on the field, and keep it out of the refs hands. We might not like it in cases were we think something SHOULD have been called, but we'd probably be more upset if a ticky-tack PI call gave a team a free 40 yards in the 4th quarter of a close game.
  5. I wouldn't be opposed to Kafka at OC, but who knows. We might need to take the reins away from Pederson if see the same slow starts with a new OC.
  6. I mean, if he had a normal season of playing, it might not have been a bad signing. He's always been somewhat inconsistent, so with the broken collarbone, then benching him after 2 games or so - that's a weird shake. It's a bad signing because he got hurt, Minshew showed potential, and the coaches were scared to commit to Foles. If you'd have given him time, he have sprinked in some great games too. If you were expecting consistent high level play - well I can't help you, he's never done that in his career so...
  7. Rhule is a good hire imo. I woulda been bummed if he went to the Giants.
  8. you can interview people for parallel positions? I mean, I know you can, but usually the team doesnt give permission. Wonder if that means they're moving on.
  9. It was a disappointing season - remains to be seen if we can learn from the mistakes. There were bright spots and dark spots. The main good, is that we saw improvement from Wentz and Pederson as the season went on. I think we tried to double down too much on the Super Bowl roster and methodology - hopefully we learned our lesson. I don't blame Howie and co too much for trying what worked in 2017 - but they need to adjust. Need to draft better at WR without question. Supposed to be some good talent this year, so hopefully we get someone that can step up. JJ such a disappointment.
  10. Pass Interference on the defense is the dumbest penalty name in existence. Interfering with the other guys trying to make a catch is literally the whole point of playing the game
  11. You can extend your arm and "interfere". You can't PUSH. I don't think there was conclusive pushing, I mean you gotta let them play.