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  1. It’s not really an invention but it is a law in every state to wear a seat belt, it is still not required to wear a motorcycle helmet. Never understoood the idea of we require the seat belt for safety in a car but on a motorcycle going 80 mph couple feet from me we don’t require any means of safety.
  2. This one may not be well liked by some, but GPS devices can tell us how fast a car is driving. Why doesn’t it give you warning when speeding to slow down and if you maintain that speed a a couple minutes later a ticket is kicked out. It seems so dated technology that police have to pull you over and write a ticket. And just all the time wasted with law enforcement slowing down vehicles. Why are NFL referees still throwing a flag on penalties? They can’t just push a button and the game clock boarder lights up yellow or some other light on the field?
  3. For me personally I don’t have to go through each week to determine who influenced me positively but I am a Tim Ferriss fan. I have his book Tribe of Mentors on my desk right now.
  4. That is something I would have done in college if I was asking to crash on someone’s couch. As adults, especially knowing you have children and they are already in town, yes that’s rude. How do they know you want to stay up and converse into early AM hours? Just not the thing you do when someone is doing you a favor allowing you to stay at their house. Whats wrong with people, just do a Priceline name your price for $50 in MPLS. Probably land a 2.5 to 3 star hotel.
  5. Gruden must be friends with a lot of the NFL QB's parents. He's doing a lot of favors lately.
  6. Any thoughts between a 2017 Maxima 3.5 SV or a 2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0T Prem? I know they are the same manufacturer, but as far as go goes spec to spec any preference? I do like the 300hp both of these offer when I test drove them. I think I need to get used to little tighter fit than the truck.
  7. I'd probably bring the Honda Accord into the consideration. I had one back in the day and they were a decent overall ride. It was an EX-L so the V6 package. The Camry/Avalon is on the list to go test drive this week likely. I know the Camry and Accord are the most popular mid-size sedans.
  8. It looks like they stopped in 2015 for some reason, but there are 2018 on the lots and images of the 2019 model.
  9. I know there have been a couple threads on this but I don’t see one recently. Looking at trading in my 2015 Silverado for a mid size. Recently moved to larger city and the garages are so small to fit the SUV and my truck. Also don’t have a big need for 4 wheel drive anymore as we moved warmer weather, and it isn't practical to have that vehicle. I work from home, therefore it’s just a vehicle for me to drive when I need to get out of the house. Typically take the SUV if the family is going somewhere. Budget is in that $20K +/- couple thousand. Don’t want to be over 50K miles. We do have two small children, so I’ll have car seats in the back on the rare time we'd take my car somewhere. I’d prefer something a little sporty so I don’t feel like a soccer dad rolling around in my Honda or Hyundai. Test drove a 2017 Maxima today and a 2015 Infiniti Q50 and just didn’t fall in love with it. Used to a roomy crew cab, so it might just be something I need to get over. Seems like I can get a newer 2017 Maxima in that range and the Q50 is little older. Looked at a 3 series BMW but worried if I ever need a sensor it is going to cost me $2K. Prefer to go a used route and just pay it off, but some of the new cars are very close to the same price. Appreciate any help or recommendations.
  10. Tony Finau on fire this weekend. Too bad Jimmy didn’t play him more. Looks really sharp.