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  1. Citi Simplicity is 21 months 0% interest. I think that’s the best no interest offer on a credit card right now.
  2. - one last thing that will save you in the future. Run a couple 2” PVC pipes from the mechanical room will into the attic if you ever want to run some additional cabeling in the future after the build you have an easy access from mechanical room into the attic to drop the lines where ever you want.
  3. We built a house 3 years ago and building another one currently. We are currently at the drywall stage, so it is winding down another one. I’ve learned quite a bit in the last two builds. Things that were important to me. No particular order, just typed them as they came to me. - Recess the mechanical floor couple inches. Not hard for them to form that and pour it down further, but if you ever burst a water line/hot water heater it won’t flood the basement. It will run down basement drain. Cheap insurance if it would ever happen. - Garage door openers invest the couple $100 into side mount openers. They are much quieter and they don’t have to take up ceiling space with the main room mounts. We did liftmaster and then did the high track. So the door track is higher on the ceiling to give you more space when the doors are open. - Screened in back porch and then extend the deck out so you get best of both worlds. We put fireplace in the screened in porch with TV jacks above it. - Look at Trex new composite deck. They make a lower cost composite that they have deeper grooves on the bottom so the material isn’t as much, but for all the decking I have it was about $1000 more to go from cedar to Trex. No brainer so I don’t have to stain a deck again. - Run CAT 6 to all the TV jacks when they run the coax. - Insulate the interior walls. ALL of them. It will help the house be more soundproof. - Spend the money and sprayfoam. We did a hybrid of 2” spray and then they did a wet blow in insulation to fill the rest of the cavity. Helped keep cost down, but it is solid. - Make sure you have an air exchange system or your furnace system and regulate the interior air. Our first build was so tight the windows would sweat in the winter time because we didn’t put in an air makeup system. - Put stair way lights on the steps - Put dimmers on room lights. - my wife is a night light nut, so we have hallway outlets with the night light built in. Push button light that you can adjust or shut off. $10 or $15 more on the outlet, cheap investment. - Bedrooms wire in recess can lights in the corners and ceiling fan in the center. - put a couple electrical outlets in the soffits for Christmas lights. - walk the framing and think where are you going to have things and make sure you put plug ins in those locations. - If you use pocket doors, make sure they don’t put your return air on the other side otherwise you don’t leave yourself a spot for light switch (learned on the first build) - Drop gas line to deck for grill and to the garage for heater. Even if you can’t swing the heater now, run the gas line. - Walk the outside and make sure you have waterhook ups in the right places. Think where do you want to leave a hose exposed. If you can put it around a bump out that is better to hid the hose reel. - Run water hook up to garage and put drains in the floor. - If you have an open floor plan upstairs put outlet or two in the floor so you don’t have cords running across the walk way. - I learned this on the current build, but make sure your sewer and water dig team is aware where your driveway is running to they pack the back fill. They didn’t do that in a spot and the ground settled but the driveway held. So I need to bring in a mud jacking team and fill the void under the settled area. - Cabinet guy. Look local at the small guys. I saved over $12K by not going with the main guys, and finding a small shop one man band. He offered to tour a couple of his homes to see the work. After the first visit I said we didn’t need to go any further. - If your hiring plumbers or electricians outside of your city, make sure they or you call the city to ask if there are any local codes that they need to be aware of. learned this the hardway on my current build. Put in the wrong sewer and the water line wasn’t type K copper. - Seal the driveway to prevent the pitting from the salt. that is something cheap that you can do. - Spend some time and make the rooms unique. Don’t just build a house with 12 x 12 bedroom, 16 x 14 master and all drywall. Put some materials not he ceiling or walls to make the house have some character. Pinterest if you are struggling. For example this house we are theming off the farmhouse with ship lap vaulted living room with rustic beam. That’s all I can think of that is worth putting down. Good luck in your build.
  4. It’s not really an invention but it is a law in every state to wear a seat belt, it is still not required to wear a motorcycle helmet. Never understoood the idea of we require the seat belt for safety in a car but on a motorcycle going 80 mph couple feet from me we don’t require any means of safety.
  5. This one may not be well liked by some, but GPS devices can tell us how fast a car is driving. Why doesn’t it give you warning when speeding to slow down and if you maintain that speed a a couple minutes later a ticket is kicked out. It seems so dated technology that police have to pull you over and write a ticket. And just all the time wasted with law enforcement slowing down vehicles. Why are NFL referees still throwing a flag on penalties? They can’t just push a button and the game clock boarder lights up yellow or some other light on the field?
  6. For me personally I don’t have to go through each week to determine who influenced me positively but I am a Tim Ferriss fan. I have his book Tribe of Mentors on my desk right now.
  7. That is something I would have done in college if I was asking to crash on someone’s couch. As adults, especially knowing you have children and they are already in town, yes that’s rude. How do they know you want to stay up and converse into early AM hours? Just not the thing you do when someone is doing you a favor allowing you to stay at their house. Whats wrong with people, just do a Priceline name your price for $50 in MPLS. Probably land a 2.5 to 3 star hotel.
  8. Gruden must be friends with a lot of the NFL QB's parents. He's doing a lot of favors lately.
  9. Any thoughts between a 2017 Maxima 3.5 SV or a 2017 Infiniti Q50 3.0T Prem? I know they are the same manufacturer, but as far as go goes spec to spec any preference? I do like the 300hp both of these offer when I test drove them. I think I need to get used to little tighter fit than the truck.
  10. I'd probably bring the Honda Accord into the consideration. I had one back in the day and they were a decent overall ride. It was an EX-L so the V6 package. The Camry/Avalon is on the list to go test drive this week likely. I know the Camry and Accord are the most popular mid-size sedans.
  11. It looks like they stopped in 2015 for some reason, but there are 2018 on the lots and images of the 2019 model.