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  1. It may RI only with free testing since CVS HQ is in-state and they were brought into the fight right away in March. It notes that it's free once I add a RI zip and does the same for that NYC zip, but nothing for Syracuse zip. They still collected my insurance info. IDK... hopefully we'll see a proper response soon and testing will be widely available. Best to you and your family. Scary as hell when it's our parents. Mine are mid-late 70s now, too.
  2. I used 10001 as a zip and there are quite a few. Obviously could be different based on actual NY location, but I'd imagine they are widely available in NY. I did this about a month ago and it was done right at the drive up window. I scheduled then went at the approximate time and used the drive up. They confirmed my info, passed me a paper bag with the kit and gave me the instructions while at the window. Swap, drop in collection box, wipe down box, drive away. Tested on 11/1 and got results on 11/4. Scheduling the test was a nightmare - they are booking only 3 days out so all were booked. I woke up at like 4 am to use the bathroom and refreshed the tab open to their booking page so I could grab the newly added, next day of scheduling.