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  1. Construct a more coherent question and views may become votes. Does a NO vote mean I disagree with all, or just the last part? Since I support the right to kneel during the NA even if I don't necessarily "like" it, should my vote be yes? There's also a problem with any question that makes assumptions straight away. What if someone truly believed no changes need to be made? What would their vote be? Even terrible people are allowed to vote.
  2. This is what was so infuriating for me. It was so very clear that the media intentionally diverted the discussion away from what Kaep et al were trying to bring attention to in the first place. Infuriating... and disgusting.
  3. I traded for Gallup about 2 weeks ago at the tail end of my rookie draft. My team needed WRs and had RB depth and I made the choice to move older players and refresh my roster b/c the team has been just good enough to stay in the 1.6-1.9 range but not good enough to truly content with the top teams. Gallup, Michael DAL WR; Howard, O.J. TBB TE; Ferrell, Clelin LVR DE for Bell, Le'Veon NYJ RB
  4. I've been a freeloader on your email list for years. The format is always clear, and the qualifier of "Please forgive me but I'm going to get a little bit personal. I "stick to football" 99.9% of the time" is always enough for me to know I can skip down if I choose. FWIW, I did not read this in the email, I scrolled past. I read it now, feel like I made the right choice at the time the email was sent, as I read those for the FF content only. Like others, I will get my info and opinions on all news where I choose, but I have no issue with you including your opinion in those emails.
  5. That last part is what really hurts Bell, I think. Every time Gase opens his mouth it seems like Bell's usage & value go down. I have a team that looked like it had a great RB core a few years ago. Too bad that centered on Bell & Gordon who decided to torpedo my lineup with back-to-back holdouts. Brilliant. My team has now placed between 6th-8th in 3 seasons so I decided to go with a big shakeup. I was offered Gallup / OJ Howard / Clelin Ferrel for Bell and accepted immediately.
  6. I flipped through my 4 leagues and the only one I'm looking to add him is a contract league. So, yeah, I guess I don't really value him all that highly, in general. One league is an orphan from 2 months ago that I'm viewing as a rebuild. One where I drafted Chase Young and have Hubbard to pair in a start 2 DE (and Ferrell / Odenigbo are backing up, both valued much more highly than a flier on Smith). The 3rd is one that hasn't even restarted for 2020 but I may add him with guys like Donald Payne & Taylor Gabriel waiting to be replaced on my roster.
  7. Definitely format dependent. I wouldn't be spending any resources, either. My leagues are free waivers right now and 50+ roster size. There's a churn spot available and no cost to use it on Smith.
  8. Still a good add as a end of roster stash, though. It isn't easy to find a potential stud DE on the wire.
  9. Williams is ranked 5th among safeties on Fsharks (Bell @ 23 and Bates @ 28) and 14 on DLF (Bell @ 11 and Bates @ 31) which seems very odd considering ARZ is the only team I've ever seen finish a season with 3 S ranked that highly for one team in a season. That lasted 1 season while the Cards LB situation was terrible. Sure, the game is changing, but I see (and read about) Williams being the odd man out. From what I could glean, Williams benefited from work as a LB last year so maybe he can still produce if he's a nickle/dime LB. Seems like a situation where the incumbents get the nod early with the lack of off/pre season work due to covid. Still, I'm getting rid of Williams fast where possible and even dropped him in a league where I picked up an orphan and traded/purged older players. He was picked up right away... guess I missed that trade opportunity.
  10. I have chronically bad DE groups and decided this was the year to change that, at least in one league. It's superflex so he can be a had a few picks later and I acquired 2 extra 1st round picks so I got Jeudy & Jefferson to fill my WR need so I could make the 1.12 a "luxury" pick.
  11. I traded Rodgers in 2 superflex leagues this month. Sent Rodgers + 4.08 to a contender for their 1.11 in one league on Monday. A few weeks ago I was offered McLaurin straight up for him which I didn't think was enough so I ended up sending Rodgers + Gurley + Calais Campbell for N'Keal Harry + 2.04 (Ruggs) + Trubisky on an orphan I picked up that needs a rebuild. Most league-mates felt it was a lopsided deal but it was only the one other owner that made offers on him. Market is not great. You need a contender that has hope Rodgers will play with a chip on his shoulder. I don't like his situation at all and was happy to ship him off in both cases.
  12. Patriots extended Pat Chung. 2 extra years, and Likely not great news for Dugger's playing time early in his career. Convoluted BB schemes / packages generally prevent me from even rostering NE IDPs.
  13. 40ish seems reasonable but I play mostly 50+ IDP rosters where you can stash players for 2-3 years if you really, really like the taste of that kool-aid. I had him penciled in as "reasonable chance" with my 53rd overall pick in a 28 team salary dynasty but only because I own Wentz as my only rostered QB. I did get him there. I'll take the upside in my 50+ roster leagues but mostly because the upside is pretty massive and the injury history of Wentz makes him more likely to overcome an absolutely terrible landing spot.
  14. Donkeys really is so much more amusing than calling them "name drafters" My issue with an unannounced change is the waiver order. There's a reason I prefer FAAB. #lowkeybrag Suddenly the next waiver run features some serious scoring potential and the lucky winner is the top claimant(s).