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  1. I thought the same, and really figured Magic_Man's post could have ended as just one sentence. lol "Joe Flacco got together with his receivers and tight ends for outside workouts this summer for the first time since 2011." Honestly, the fact that he hasn't bothered to do this in years speaks volumes. Turd, all the way. Still, I bought him in my superflex as my 3rd QB. Hopefully he blows up in a pseudo-contract year and I can profit. Seems like the right atmosphere for exactly that.
  2. It's completely unsurprising to me that so many of these players crash and burn financially (if not worse) after they stop collecting the big pay checks. Most players are pushed through the education system without actually being educated (unless they really want it for themselves) and have little concept of financial management (or life management for many).
  3. Antonio Callaway - draft day slides b/c of off-field issues cause draft day slides in early rookie drafts, too. A few flashy plays and it's a quick jump from 4th to 2nd. Looking at MFL ADP and he's already up to 36.
  4. Thanks, I certainly wouldn't ever have known what local radio thinks of him in Dallas. The bigger take for me on this, now, is that Irving is facing yet another 4 game ban. Woods is looking like an attractive stash to start the season since he could very well be starting as a DT until (maybe even after?) Irving returns from suspension.
  5. Waiver wire in both my leagues including one team where I cut him from my IR despite having plenty of dead weight on my roster. The dream is dead at least until he can get on the field again. Safety isn't so tough to fill that he's worth the roster spot now.
  6. So the Saints LB core is a bigger mess than it was last year at this point in the season. I'll be throwing my darts elsewhere.
  7. Ahmad Thomas is so deep he's gone through the bottom of the pool and doesn't appear on MFL......... 0.o
  8. Really odd to see Woods listed on Roto as NT 1 ..... the Cowboys run a 4-3 with Irvin & Collins as the top 2 DTs. It's like they created a spot to list Woods as a starter but he's not really a starter since they don't technically use a NT, anyway. Still worth keeping an eye on but it seems like a coach speak type move by Dallas. Collins wasn't worth a roster spot and Irvin now has several years worth of injury time so it's entirely possible Woods becomes a viable DT.
  9. The first step to recovery is admitting it, right?
  10. It looks like the Saints LB core from last year. No idea how it would shake out until late into camp/pre-season and no guarantee it wouldn't change through the season, anyway. Best guess right now is Kendricks is depth, especially given the young age of Schobert & Kirksey. Personally, I had added and stashed Kendricks last season and just dropped him to trim my roster to where it needs to be. Too much guessing and too many other targets for my waiver wire darts. I am deep at LB, though, which makes it easier.
  11. ^ Saw that after digging more. Just weird. Way to make your new club feel special.
  12. WTF..... yesterday Kendricks said he didn't sign with Cleveland.
  13. Ultimately, with a draft stock of "final round rookie draft" or even UDFA, Edmunds appears to be a great upside addition to any IDP team.
  14. Sold for a top DE and it was a rush of relief. Just painful to own the guy and wonder which weeks he'll torpedo your lineup with a "1 catch then off to the tub" performance.
  15. Underestimated? No. Deserving of more attention? Probably. Perhaps he should be a bit more dapper and get a supermodel wife then build a mansion with a moat.