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  1. Flying Elvis

    Le'Veon Bell

    Exactly. This looks like a rare occasional where an absolute can be assumed. There's zero chance the Steelers would even consider giving him big money in any fashion. Let him walk, collect a 3rd, both sides look a little silly (less so for PIT but only b/c Conner beasted out and they saved 14M+ in personnel costs) but at least it's over.
  2. Flying Elvis

    Dynasty & Redraft: Josh Adams RB, PHI

    I would always go with the draft pedigree. The Eagles can say whatever they want, they're still a tough place to look for RBs b/c they run RBBC. Rah-Rah Pete will play the guy that earns it and Carson is oft-injured, while Penny can certainly be seen as earning it with a strong game. With all the bashing SEA has taken for selecting RB instead of filling a need, you have to figure ego will dictate Penny gets the chance going forward.
  3. Flying Elvis

    Le'Veon Bell

    Baltimore is the favorite, imo, since I can totally see Bell wanting to stick it to the Steelers twice a year. Texans would make my fantasy shares happiest, though. Yes, please! See you next year Le'Veon. Don't get fat.
  4. Stone hands... not on that TD catch. Nobody is buying this kid from me in my leagues and I still think they're ultimately doing me a favor. SF's offense is legit.
  5. Flying Elvis

    Dynasty & Redraft: Josh Adams RB, PHI

    He was an obvious add for me a few weeks ago since I already had Clement and Smallwood. All I ask is that one becomes the obvious front runner.
  6. Flying Elvis

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    I have that egg in my lineup, as well. I would say proceed with caution. The press on his play wasn't positive for most of the season, despite his excellent FF scores. The article you linked states he wasn't seen in warmups, which could mean they decided to rest him. I don't know how O'Daniel looked but it's entirely possible he takes the spot if he's doing better on the field than Hitchens did. My guess would be they'll give Hitchens another shot, though. They signed him to a pretty solid deal this year and the out they have in the contract is 2020. Dee Ford 89% and O'Daniel 59% were the top to LBs yesterday.
  7. Flying Elvis

    Anyone playing Maurice Harris today?

    WR is a weak spot on one team. I chose Harris out of a group of ureliables as my WR3 today. Other options are Humphries, Gabriel, Higgins, Jakeem Grant (return production counts)
  8. Flying Elvis

    Official Christian McCaffrey Thread

    TD3 was a thing of [garbage time] beauty, for sure... loving it.
  9. Flying Elvis

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    Thanks. The one I own... They are not great options, but it does matter. If Sorensen takes one spot and the other is a 100% (ish) snap count for someone else, that someone else is still relevant, whereas the guy that goes to 0% (ish) is no longer worth a roster spot. Parker & Justin Evans are the starters on one of my teams (obviously my weakest position lol) and are ranked at 17 & 19 respectively. Nothing to write home about, but Parker goes into free fall if he's losing snaps.
  10. Flying Elvis

    Leighton Vander Esch

    Tough call. I like LVE better ROS but the playoff schedule heavily favors Kuechly (Saints Falcons - while LVE has Colts Bucs). Too great a concern for LVE not really needing to do much, while the Panthers games are both very likely to have playoff seeding implications. Do you need help getting the the playoffs, or winning them?
  11. Flying Elvis

    Question about WW on Yahoo

    Exactly as Daemon put it. This has existed in Yahoo's system for a long time.
  12. Flying Elvis

    Changing The Name Of My Random Shots Column

    Random Roundup
  13. Flying Elvis

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    Sorenson is definitely interesting. Likely on waivers even in deep leagues (the other 3 are less likely to be available)... where does he fit? Replacing Parker or Lucas?
  14. Flying Elvis

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    Yeah that's nuts. Kirksey out so Collins & Avery or will Vallejo take the 3 down role? Avery was at 63% and Vallejo at 62% last week... time share?
  15. Flying Elvis

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    In more surprising news, the sky is blue. Bruce Irvin signed with ATL... probably worth a speculative add as a guy that, like Amari Cooper, suddenly doesn't completely suck anymore.