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  1. There was a time when we called it journalism. Then the professionalism, integrity, and accountability evaporated. Now it's just "media" which is quite accurate. It's outlets of mass dissemination of information without any intention of accuracy.
  2. I think he's an ascending player (gotta love a 3rd year DE!) that's a solid starter in the DE2 range. Playing on a team with an offense projected as one of the worst in the league should provide plenty of opportunity. He's a good low-cost/undervalued target with upside. As a 3-4 DE that upside is likely capped, especially if they are doing a lot of run-stopping in late game scripts. (no idea what his qb hits total looked like, though)
  3. When all the riffraff at WR fails they can bring him back to lineup wide.
  4. ^^ Sure looks like the Dude failed to achieve. Why take a kicker that's on his couch in a different city, seemingly set to retire rather than report? 3.0428.Little Lebowski's Urban AchieversGould, Robbie SFO PKTue Jun 25 12:40:37 p.m. ET 2019[Pick made based on Pre-Draft List]
  5. Tough situation last season but I still like the upside of a TE with a QB like Jackson. Grow together... Andrews is a problem but it's not out of the question that the 2 TEs becomes the top targets (for whatever that's worth) going forward.
  6. I have a few prizes that are intended to be exactly that. Copied from my bylaws so you'd need tweaks to money, season length language, etc. If it's not auction you can just toss out the whole Dollar Dandy idea. Beatdown Bonus: $30 - Largest Winning Margin - Regular Season (13 weeks) Champion's Bane: $30 - Largest Winning Margin vs. League Champion - Regular Season (13 weeks - determined after week 16 when the Champion is crowned) Legal Tender: $30 - First Offensive Player Making Legal News *1* *1* Legal Tender award is determined if/when an article about a new incident that occurs during the 16 week fantasy season is published online during the regular season. Dollar Dandy: $30 - Highest Scoring $1 Player Drafted *2* - Regular Season (13 weeks) *2* Dollar Dandy will be paid to the owner that originally drafted the player, regardless of current team status. Players must be on the team to which they were drafted for a minimum of 3 weeks (i.e. locked onto roster Sunday - Tuesday) to be eligible for this award. (This is to prevent roster spamming on draft day with positions more likely to score the most points.) Waiver Wire Warrior: $30 - Highest Total Starting Lineup Points Scored by an Undrafted Player *3* - Regular Season (13 weeks) *3* This will require some assistance from each owner, as they can submit a player to the commissioner for review regarding this award. Only players that are not listed on the league Draft Results page are eligible, and only points they scored while in the starting lineup for the team that submits them for review will count. Kickers and DSTs are not eligible.
  7. I dropped Kelvin Benjamin for him. Figure I'm better off with a guy that at least wants to play...
  8. Yeah the 3rd string job is meaningless in the current year but a player with this much positive buzz who happens to be third string behind TWO players in their final contract year AND plays for a QB that peppers his TE definitely warrants some attention. I cut him in one league and will certainly try to add him later in the season. Tough to carry behind Kittle, Rudolph, Hurst and now Knox. Seriously considering punting on Hayden Hurst to bring Mo back.
  9. He's listed as LB on roto, too. MFL uses Fsharks now and they have him as DE so it will stay that way for now on MFL. Other host sites may vary.... still a solid hold as a DE.
  10. I was happy to get him there. His value really is all over the place. Even a few posts up @DawnBTVS has 4 rounds posted and he's not taken, despite some very good press recently with both TEs ahead of him on the depth chart busted.
  11. With Wentz getting his extension it now seems very unlikely Alshon stays on the roster next season. If I'm reading it right, shows 2020 as: Team Cap Space: $1,016,030 and Alshon has less than 3M in dead money and a cap savings of 13M. JJAW looks like the "plan-ahead" replacement that good football teams draft a year or two in advance so they can have a fairly seamless transition when needed. The good camp noise is exciting but I'm still expecting a crap-shoot, boom/bust style rookie year with TD dependency for his rookie year. 2020 looks really promising, though.
  12. Hitchens at 132 and Tyrann at 93 then two more DBs before Ragland with 67... seems reasonable for a team that is likely to be paying with a lead more often than not. The depth charts are crap shoots right now so O'Daniel is a huge question mark. I have shares and am holding but it's anyone's guess how the new 4-3 front will look for KC. As far as Bentley, I'd advise caution. Owning NE IDPs is generally not worth the headaches. So I guess the answer is yes, you are overestimating their value. Not necessarily because they won't get the opportunity to produce, but simply because right now we just don't know how either will be used.
  13. Carson being down (again) is exactly what Penny needed. Showing up in better shape and playing well so far is exactly what Penny's FF owners needed.
  14. Seems pretty volatile but the change to his opportunity and good press will likely make him a fast riser. 4th is about right but he went 3rd in a contract league mid-May then went in the six in a SF PPR draft also done in mid-May.