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  1. MIA is listed as a bad MU for TE and a great MU for RB. I have to think the Bills come out of the bye week with a game plan that tries to take advantage of the poor rush D. With Bills DST looking so good, I can't imagine we see lots of passing from the Bills O. A little luck with a play-action pass.... otherwise, I think his zero point floor is too big a concern to start unless really desperate.
  2. This is how I see it, as well. Those looking to acquire Nuk are looking at this season and thinking "buy low" but it's only 6 games and his target numbers are solid still so owners aren't selling cheap.
  3. Mahomes QB McCaffrey RB Edelman WR Jones, Julio WR *Hill, Tyreek WR McLaurin WR *Henry TE Zuerlein PK Campbell DE Jarrett DT Ogunjobi DT Hewitt LB Schobert LB Walker LB Warner LB Kirkpatrick CB Ward, Charvarius CB Adams, Jamal S Peppers S Technically 8-0 due to 2 double header weeks. Honestly quite impressed at getting there despite losing Guice, Tyreek, & Hunter after week 1.
  4. Shark move was to not discuss him until waivers run. Waiver position 12 of 12 in both leagues that haven't run so I'm not getting him, anyway. Definitely top priority with the WR core injured and, frankly, rather unimpressive behind Adams.
  5. OBJ is especially easy to discount when looking at his value. Top 5 talent that hasn't finished back to back seasons and things look dicey for this year and possibly next, all while he hits 27 in a few weeks. For me, there's also some fallout from AB going cuckoo-bananas, too, and OBJ has had some of that diva drama surrounding him. (I don't expect that level of crazy but also won't ignore the possibility.) Compared to someone like Nuk having a down year in a still-good offense, who would command a deal more inline with a perceived top WR asset.
  6. You're really overcrowding this thread. Can't pass on Kelce & Kupp for that price. Some solid upside going to the other team but holy hell your starting lineup just got way scarier.
  7. Snap counts and news blurbs sure look like Goode, Mayo, and Gerry are target worthy LBs on this week's wire. Edit: Drue Tranquil seeing his snaps climb over the last 3 games, too. 19% 33% 52%
  8. Deep rosters but TEs behind Hunter were Knox (bye) Moreau (bye) Doyle (bye) and Kyle Rudolph. As soon as Hunter was expected to play he went into my lineup.
  9. Jewell was limited Wed then full practice Thursday and Friday. Nothing in news about him aggravating it in warm ups so I'd say it looks like AJ won the spot. Still holding Jewell knowing Todd Davis has never been amazing and is only under contract through 2020, with spotrac showing an "out" next year. Denver has a few contracts to deal with and Davis could be a big cap savings.
  10. ^ He's fun to watch but NE is not a great place to look for front 7 IDPs. They rotate too much up front and rarely have any player from the front 7 as a 100% snap count guy. Collins is killing it but is still generally at a 75% snap count (69% 72% 76% 100% 77% 88%), though Van Noy looks like he'll be close to 100 now that he's back in the rotation.
  11. To be clear, when you say "shag rug" you mean "massage table," right?
  12. Why is there a rule that calls for a 10 second run off on a scoring review?