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  1. I've said elsewhere that WFT seems perfect, as it seems like they can't even get WTF right. Thanks for the info!
  2. Anyone watching the WFT games? Jonathan Allen with 56% week 1 then 65% week 2 while Ja'Ron Payne was 76% then 61%. Curious about the situation, as I had Allen pegged to be a decent weekly start at DT with the switch to 4-3 this season.
  3. I've cycled through a few CHI offensive pieces in the Nagy era and it just seems like players get time at the coach's whim and go back and forth too quickly to be reliable. Added Mooney in one deep dynasty league and going for him in another but it'll be tough to start him without seeing another game or two of stats to show some reliability. Also not sure if/when Trubisky will turn back into a pumpkin.
  4. Unless you have a team that is scoring well but losing to teams with bigger weeks, I'd say it's time to shop the old guys. Vaccaro just had a huge game. Any big game by Brockers, Kerrigan, Houston, Clowney should be an instant shop for any return that yields you a potential dart at a young player.
  5. Holmes, Jalyn MIN DT Listed as DT in MFL but the nfl game sheet for week 2 and Vikings website depth chart list him as DE. Week 1 game sheet has him as DT. His snap count jumped from 38% in week 1 to 59% in week 2. Odi's snap percentage dropped... not sure if there was injury, though. Anything to see here? Getting a guy that actually plays in a DE alignment in your lineup at DT can be a nice bonus in DT required leagues. Only info I find is this SI breakdown of snap counts:
  6. Exactly. And Mack is back at practice so the countdown is on.
  7. Will there be a single guy that fills his role? Recently added Connelly when NYG cut him last minute but my knowledge of MIN LBs is weak since I've never had shares of their long time studs.
  8. lmao... LAC LBs for me, at this point, are best when they can go on IR so they don't waste a roster spot but you can hold on to that sliver of hope. I'll make a claim for White, though. He's been pretty decent at compiling stats with a full time (ish) role... until he gets injured again.
  9. The post below was in the Green Dot thread at the end of August and it seems to still be the case. Unless Mack comes back and/or Takitaki blows up, Goodson is the guy to play there and should be starting unless you have some studly options ahead of him.
  10. He had good press through the (very odd) preseason. With Uzomah's injury already noted as season ending, there's definitely value in grabbing Sample. Burrow looks very impressive. I had him on 2 rosters but he didn't make final cuts... dang I hate having to pay for a guy I grabbed free.
  11. Edelman or Miller would have won me the game. Dropping this bum asap. On to next week, and will have the same discussion in my head: swing for the fences with Gibson, or go for the reliable floor of Edelman?
  12. Rashaan Evans ejected... is it still an automatic disqualification from the next game?
  13. B Mayowa DE 71 90% L Collier DE 30 38% R Green DE 30 38% This was fairly clear prior to week 1. Green had bad press. Collier seemed to have fluff press that was more hopeful than anything else. Mayowa was consistently best in camp press. I may not have mentioned it and don't expect Mayowa to be a league winner but top start percentage in SEA has been a solid place to be for a DE.
  14. Thanks largely to the info 'round these parts last year, I am carrying CGJ (aka Ceedy Duce) in 3 of 4 leagues. Crazy start percentage of the week... M Jenkins SS 70 100% M Williams FS 70 100% C Gardner-Johnson SS 61 87% 9T 1A 1PD... the 3rd Safety has quickly become a pretty hot commodity in IDP. My leagues are deep, he's showing as 4% owned on MFL.
  15. PHI Sweat 70, Graham 54, Curry 31 Makes sense. I finally dumped him from several rosters this year after holding him for a year or two. 😕 Looks like the Iggles had a bunch of DL get banged up, though. No idea what the timing of any of them were, or how they may have impacted Sweat's playing time.