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  1. Those LB deals looked insane then and even worse now. Hicks was a stud and the only one that looks like it was decent money for what they got. Obviously Kwon and CJ getting hurt makes the eval tougher but it's still pretty clear that the 14+ per season was stupid. I'd guess that Hicks contract is the one teams will look at when making offers. I expect the LB signings to be ice cold to start FA b/c agents will be looking at Kwon & CJ and no team will pay that again. Just my guess... should be an interesting one to watch.
  2. I grabbed him for free when the preseason rumors of 2017 had him vying for the starting gig and have had zero success trying to move him since, despite a top 10 finish in 2 of 3 seasons. I can't imagine he's going to gain value if he goes to a new situation, though maybe a big payday (should a team choose to do so) plus the top 10 finish this year will be enough to get a nibble.
  3. I agree. However, if we shouldn't blindly accept one version of spin (the hot take headline), why should we accept the Saints version of spin as you have in the post below? Just playing Devil's Advocate, here. But there are clearly several different PR spins going on and I'm not willing to accept any of them as truth. I'll decide what to accept when there's something tangible to use to form an opinion.
  4. Hot Take Headline. We won't know the truth until the records are made public. If this is the truth: "The advice was simple and never wavering. Be direct, open and fully transparent, while making sure that all law enforcement agencies were alerted." - it's PR advice being given. If this is the truth: "court filings ... show that the NFL team ... aided the Archdiocese of New Orleans in its “pattern and practice of concealing its crimes.” - it's a completely different story. Somebody @ me in a year or so when we actually know.
  5. The article ranks Brown as #1 among Rookie WRs with McLaurin #2. It's just the PFF grade that has McLaurin higher rated, which makes sense given the relative stink coming off the entire WAS franchise, which is surely factored into to PFF's metrics.
  6. That's one lucky, 70 year old, 5 foot security-cop-guard-deputy. Gon' git paid! And OBJ continues to make it damn near impossible to move him in my salary cap league.
  7. I googled it to see what the race looks like and found odds for it. lol... gotta love vegas. Nick Bosa SF EDGE 2nd Overall -450 Devin Bush PIT ILB 10th Overall +600 Josh Allen JAX EDGE 7th Overall +800 Brian Burns CAR EDGE16th Overall +1400 Darnell Savage Jr GBS 21st Overall +2500 Why would you even bet on that?
  8. Easy mode answer is still Devin. Bush... led rookies in tackles and had a few splash plays. But he sure looks like he started strong and finished weak (stats based, as I didn't see much of his actual game play). Devin White missed time early but finished strong. Probably not getting the nod over Bush simply based on stats. Greenlaw should be in the conversation as a guy that blew up and really ran away with his opportunity but only 8 weeks as a sample size for starting snaps makes him an unlikely choice. Probably going to a DE this year. Bosa should warrant consideration as a disruptive player and he put up great stats. Probably between him and Bush, if I were to guess. I'd choose Bosa if I were voting. Allen was good for the Jags but I can't see any way he gets it over Bosa.
  9. Thanks Tom. It's been terrific. Tough to imagine him in another uniform but it sure seems like a few other teams will have a much more appealing roster than NE for 2020-2023.
  10. Titans based on the line. I think they pull off the upset. Still, GOAT coach and GOAT QB... pretty solid chance they gameplan Henry out of it and, with no play action to lean on, Tannehill turns back into a pumpkin. DST turnovers/scores will be the difference b/c it's pretty clear the Pats O is terrible right now.
  11. In a vacuum, Tannehill. He's playing well. He also has a better supporting cast, though. Brady is not looking good and the numbers bear that out. But, if you asked me "Which QB would you rather have lead the Titans in the playoffs?" I would say Brady. Give him time and weapons and it's a different story. If you asked me "Would you rather have Tannehill leading the Patriots into the playoffs?" I would likely say no. With the cast around the QB in NE, I would rather take my chances on the GOAT putting together an incredible run. FWIW, I see lots of things in Brady's game that indicate his insanely long career is coming to an end. I'd still bank on him over Tannehill given equal conditions for a playoff run. Their conditions aren't close to equal, though. (Was typing while you posted your caveat, but I think I've covered that, anyway.)