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  1. Flying Elvis

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    Kwon is hitting FA (coming off IR) in 2019 so the coaching change may not matter for him.
  2. Flying Elvis

    Allegiance to lifelong team

    Born a Pats fan, will die a Pats fan. 42 years and counting... (though the first 3-4 are not part of my memory lol) My allegiance won't change but I've been watching much less over the last 2 years and only watched about 1 quarter of the last 3 NE games.
  3. Flying Elvis

    IDP Asst coach forum question...

    Looking at the dates on the AC threads and it sure does seem unnecessary to have a sub for that. I'll try to watch that more closely next season.
  4. Flying Elvis

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    Dominant for 1 year. The other seasons are, as you point out, marred by injury and inconsistency. Even this year he's missing time (though that may be designation games?).... to me, he's got to prove it next year and there are pitfalls like you mention.
  5. Flying Elvis

    Dynasty: Rashaad Penny, Seattle Seahawks

    That can add up fine... He gets his finger mashed between a facemask, cutting it and dislocating it. You could be right and there could be something they're keeping off the report so it bears watching. He did, however, outsnap Davis this week. Not exactly a startable asset now that bye weeks are behind us, but it bodes well for his future. Carson is made of glass...
  6. Flying Elvis

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    IDK if he's lost a step (or was simply a 1 year wonder) or he's just that bad a fit for the new system, but I don't consider Buc a threat to anyone's snaps on that DST, at this point. I'm holding Buc in 2 leagues with the hope that he finds greener pastures as an FA next season but have zero hope for this season. At the same time, that output by Hodges is likely his ceiling and not something he does regularly.
  7. Flying Elvis

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    12 T, 1 A 😮 He and Reddick each received 100% of snaps with only 1 snap for other LBs
  8. Flying Elvis

    Leighton Vander Esch

    #1 LB across all my leagues since he came off his week 9 bye. Too bad I only own him in 1. Now if only he could show Rashaan Evans how it's done...
  9. Both? In drafts and FA I will generally trust my research which will lead to a double down. When trading I will be a bit more willing to move a player I like when I still have him on another team. Ultimately, I'd say I agree with the good Dr. in that EDIT: I will say that one of my favorite aspects of a large roster IDP is the reduced concern for overlaps where you play guys in one league and versus them in another. 20+ starters each week generally means you don't have to worry that it's always a win/lose. You can still win both sides pretty handily if you've built a solid roster.
  10. Flying Elvis

    Reuben Foster arrested 11/24 for domestic violence. Career in peril?

    Or you wait until the facts play out and sign him to your team if he beats the charges. Hmm... maybe "beats the charges" is the wrong way to say this...
  11. Flying Elvis

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    IDK... I didn't get to watch much football this weekend but I'm curious, too. I plugged him in last minute when TB Evans was out again and was quite pleased.
  12. Flying Elvis

    Sleepers who ya got?

    Sadly, Buc's looking like a hold for FA (if you have room and haven't already dumped him). I actually added him when someone dumped him this week. Free stash... but it's a 55 man roster (12 teams) so there's always a spot for a potential return to (his one year of) greatness. lol
  13. Flying Elvis

    Sleepers who ya got?

    Solid add for the stretch run. Offense isn't lighting anyone up with Mullens. Lee had 67% vs. Smith 36% and Watson 29%.
  14. Flying Elvis

    Wha? Nick Mullens? Who in the.....

    Haven't quite decided on Mullens vs Josh Adams as superflex.... leaning Mullens with that matchup and Philly's rbbc headache.
  15. Flying Elvis

    If Peterson gets suspended...

    Byron Marshall. He was recently activated and got 1 more snap than Kapri Bibbs last game. He had some preseason hype last year, too.