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  1. Yes. Hill is looking like a top tier player. Howard is not. Do it.
  2. Do we kick the tires on Benson Mayowa? 72% of snaps in week 1 then 78% in week 2 with a huge game. 5 first downs for ARI offense... so, so very bad and that really skews the opportunities for any IDP. Marcus Golden has been a "when he's finally ready" target as a decent DE with the benefit of Jones on the other side. Can the same be said for Mayowa? 6 solo, 1 ast, 4 TFL and 2 sacks is hard to ignore but also looks like a classic case of point chasing.
  3. The sky isn't falling and, as long as BB & Brady are in NE, they have a decent shot at the Super Bowl and a victory there. But the D is just as bad as it was last year. The only high profile signing was Clayborn and he's not even earning PT. In any game they play this defense will be a liability and, in games against competent offenses, could easily cost NE a game. Gordon.... I'm ok with the price and hope that maybe the Browns supportive approach was the opposite of what he needed and the Pats take the hardass approach and it works. I'd guess the odds of Gordon making a change here in NE are pretty low and he's gone within 3 weeks.
  4. I hope Gordon can get his head right but I hope the "legit compensation" is at least a conditional deal if NE is actually involved. Anything more than a 4th is just pissing in the wind. Gordon has proven he can't get right.
  5. I've often wondered if they have a second depth chart behind their pay wall. Seattle's chart is wrong on the DLine... bad enough that it still has a guy they cut and then signed to their PS as the 3rd DE with a red "O" designating him as Out of Football when you mouse-over.
  6. Sorry. I forgot to mention I acquired him prior to week 1, thus torpedoing his value.
  7. I know it doesn't help, but I laughed in a very "know the feels bro" kind of way.
  8. Evans was not on the injury report but didn't play. Presumably, Vrabel gave some BS non-answers when questioned about their first round pick not playing despite being off the injury report.
  9. Ogunjobi is on both of my rosters without claim/cost b/c nobody else was interested after last week. I've had him on and off my rosters since last year based on the brief (very brief, really) discussions here. Looking like another brilliant call by the regulars here. Thanks! The really scary part is I have one roster where I start Garrett, Schobert, Ward, and have Ogun (starting going forward) and Peppers. Time for a #BrownieMovementTM... lmao
  10. Right? It hasn't been easy digging up any useful IDP info on SF. The big question is less about who he is, but where he goes now that Foster's suspension is up. Coyle was a disaster last week and Malcom Smith is still unable to play. The safe guess is that he got the nod over the rest of the roster fodder b/c Coyle stunk in week 1. Still, Warner @ 100% and Lee at 94% and the next LB was Mark Nzeocha at 21%
  11. And now the double teams begin.... haha... pretty nice, though, since doubling him makes it tough to double Garrett.
  12. More work defining the rule is needed. I watched this live and didn't like it but also understood that landing on the QB is what earned the flag. It's kind of lame but it's nowhere near as lame as watching garbage QBs try to play NFL football b/c the far more rare good/great QB is injured. Make it clear that players need to work extremely hard to not land on the QB at all and calls like this go away. The players will adjust. The Packers still had opportunities to close out the game. As always with any questionable call, it's rare that the team has zero chance to overcome the disadvantage. /.02
  13. Steady Eddy.... it's funny b/c I had a really itchy finger this weekend and talked myself out of benching Williams in favor of Kyzir White in 2 leagues. It's tough to pull the more pedestrian guy that you know gets reliable points for the big upside. It goes the other way more often, I think. By keeping in Steady Eddy in one league, I didn't start Rashaan Evans.
  14. And Kyzir White with an INT to boost an already decent score. Some youngsters doing well...
  15. Jimmy G instead. Injury and the matchup difference make it a fairly easy call for me, though I could see Jimmy G derailing the hype train completely just b/c that's how RNGesus generally treats me. lol