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  1. Darius Philon signs with Arizona. 3-4 DL... pass. I was hoping to see him go to a good 4-3 situation.
  2. He was top 25 last season and I don't expect his usage to be much different. I've never been a believer in McKinnon, don't see Coleman as a big threat, and think that injury is the only thing that prevents Breida from improving on his numbers from last season. I really like what that SF offense has going on (scheme-wise) so I expect the entire offense to improve on last year's numbers, especially if they can add an impact WR to help balance the offense. SF DST wasn't great and I'm not sure I see a big jump this year so they should continue to have higher scoring games. I'm buying on SF offensive pieces, and think Breida is the guy to get in that backfield. I think players like Breida and Lindsay are bargain adds b/c they don't have the name recognition, draft pedigree, contract size, or clear-cut depth chart status so the "other guy" gets the higher value. Even if I'm wrong, getting an RB with the potential to be the top guy in that offense for a mere 4 slots from mid-second to late-second is a great roster move.
  3. Yeah, that has to be one of the easiest accepts ever. Top 25 RB at the cost of 4 slots is great value.
  4. Definitely worth it if the cost is right. He's sitting on the wire in one league that hasn't opened, yet, and I expect he'll be in the first round of waivers. That Dline is so stacked, the only concern is that they pass the big scores from player to player and all end up as mid-range starters, rather than any mega-studs.
  5. A commish from one of my leagues asked me to take over for an owner that refused to fix his cap over the first 3-4 weeks last season and I have to agree. It's been really interesting. Dude had a good roster, too. Totally inexplicable...
  6. Immediately making him a decent add. It's likely he's not going to be a high snap count guy (or even give you a full 16 games) but even at 70% of snaps he's probably a stud DE. Also immediately caps the production of Turay/Lewis in the process.
  7. I agree that one (or both) are solid dart throws. I have Turay on my roster and Lewis remains on the wire. They'd both be on the wire if I hadn't added Turay as a stash in December. Turay was an add/drop for 2 others teams between August and October. Turay had decent press, while I don't recall even hearing about Lewis until you posted his name. Not the most useful answer, but at least gives an idea on which may be more likely to sit on the wire if you have to choose only 1. EDIT: Turay owned in all my leagues. Lewis only owned in a 28 team contract league (where rookies are far more likely to stick on rosters)
  8. Some big non-changes... JPP & Nassib stay as DE (for now) in Tampa.
  9. Thanks, appreciate the reply. I've got him in a contract league and his 7M per year was a prime cut candidate with his terrible production at DE. That's a hefty cap hit for DE67. 😮 It's a DT league, though, so maybe I'll hold if I can manage the cap. Antwuan Woods is my only DT so there's room for improvement.
  10. I'm curious if you see anything in particular that makes you like Solomon, @Gally. He seems like a round 1 pick that is a rotational guy; probably JAG. JAX: Taven Bryan from DE to DT - Had him stashed as a "draft pedigree" devy DE. Not a DT required league so that frees up a roster space, I guess. KC : Breeland Speaks from LB to DE - Pretty exciting... KC : Tanoh Kpassagnon from LB to DE - He and Alex Okafor warrant at least watch list attention. If one takes a full time role it's a cheap DE. Or it's a committee headache. KC : Chris Jones from DE to DT - Solid option at DT but it sure does suck for anyone that had him as a DE after putting up top 10 FF scores at DE last year.
  11. Correct, ARZ is definitely going back to 3-4. Roto already lists Jones as OLB and that's what his designation was prior to last year's 4-3 DE tag. It's very unlikely he stays a DE. Ourlads has added Dee Ford to the SF depth chart as a DE. Very interesting target if you can catch an owner asleep at the wheel. His highest rank across my leagues was LB34. Even if his production drops there's still some nice upside if he sticks as a DE. Personally, I'd have to get him at a very favorable price since I don't see him producing like he did last year regardless of designation. He's not going to be playing with a lead all game like he did with KC and the sack total is bound to drop. EDIT: Sure enough, Roto currently has Speaks as DE, as well. Add him if you can! Dorian O'Daniel currently listed as starting WLB, too. I own him in all my leagues and would love to see that happen. Chris Jones is listed as DT there, which is concerning but could change.
  12. No. There's no confirmation of anything, at this point. That's my best guess.
  13. Diva do what diva do. As long as he's not depressed and suicidal, this is just another episode of the OBJ show. CLE bought into it knowing he's a full-on whackjob and, a week later, it's showtime!
  14. Arizona switching back to a 3-4 should torpedo the value of Chandler Jones. That was a short trip... glad nobody would sell him to me last year. Looks like Suggs/Jones at OLB with Reddick/Hicks at ILB (I see both as good bargain targets to acquire). In KC, my darts are being thrown at Breeland Speaks as a DE candidate. Not sure where Jones falls so I'm not buying/adding him, though it seems likely he stays as DE rather than kicking in to DT. The Alex Okafor signing makes him one to watch, but only if Jones somehow gets a DT tag. This article mentions Jones getting "inside pressure" but that could be more of a passing down concept and is conjecture, at this point. I'm not sure what to expect in Tampa. I grabbed Vea off the wire in a DT required league after a strong finish to 2018 but am now worried his production will plummet as DL on a 3-4. Probably need to see what they do in the draft before we can really assess player designations there.
  15. Very likely Ben (and plenty other players) would do something this petty. With all the crap that we've seen over the last several years of NFL Drama, the league and it's players just keep looking more and more childish and petty. It's a long road for many of these guys and they don't hear "No" very often along the way. There's s pretty low level of "adulthood" and that's where this kind of nonsense thrives. The quote by Boomer sticks in my head. Frankly, it's been a big part of the declining interest I've had in the NFL over the last few seasons. “You can say whatever you want about DeflateGate, and who said what, but to me this is about how the NFL operates: it’s back stabbing, it’s insecure and it’s childish,” Esiason added. “‘You want to call me out? I’m going to call you out. You want to embarrass me? Guess what I’m going to embarrass you.’ I’m telling you, this is the way the NFL works. - Boomer Esiason