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  1. Please send invite
  2. Ground and Pound is in its 4th year so we are established and are not going anywhere. Highlights: - The yearly entry fee is $7. - The Champion gets a trophy at the end of the year. - 16 team league - 47 man roster - 8 player taxi - A 1st and 2nd round tag, two transition tags, and a franchise tag. - One extension can be made as well at any point in league year. - 8 round rookie draft - Contracts - Salary cap - IR Plus every owner has a say in the rules...I just administer them. Plus this team has the first overall pick in rookie draft.
  3. This is a 16 team league dynasty format using contracts. It is a PPR league with IDP and 47 man roser with 8 player taxi league. Cost is $7. Please take a look around E-mail me at matthewh7123@yahoo.comif interested.