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  1. Hey have not posted here in a while but pillars of eternity and war of the overworld are pretty awesome.
  2. I think I've made it on the escape ship like 5 times total.
  3. Yeah they give you a false sense of awesomeness Sort of like when a stripper smiles at me when doing her grind? yesexactly
  4. Yes. By the way, redeeming cards and codes by sticking the card in front of the camera instead of typing in a 15 digit code is a small thing but very cool nonetheless. indeed, that was my first wow moment
  5. it was a lot easier to take in than BF4....after being away from gaming Yeah, you can just "run around and shoot stuff" without too much trouble. But there's a lot to figure out if you want to be good. I am terrible in a Titan. This is exactly how I play, and I usually manage to be in the upper half of my team (mostly play attrition). Level 41 now. I use a shotgun (extended mag), cloak, faster power regen, and never stop moving. It's really fun, and this style of play is very viable with the right equipment (if you are going to stay mostly on the ground, you need cloak). I do end up getting creamed when playing against a coordinated team of rooftop snipers, but those guys are few and far between (in attrition, anyway) In Hardpoint the x-ray see through walls sensor is much more useful than cloak to nail those guys defending/camping in a corner before going to take an area
  6. it was a lot easier to take in than BF4....after being away from gaming Yeah, you can just "run around and shoot stuff" without too much trouble. But there's a lot to figure out if you want to be good. I am terrible in a Titan. I tried to play some Titanfall last night when I saw both you and dude on but for some reason the game wasn't able to find a server. Ended up playing some BF4 with some buddies instead. Anyone else have that issue? That happened to me last night
  7. I love it too, except when I am playing a game and my wife will walk in the room and yell "XBox Watch TV"
  8. I'll play with you two. I might be able to dominate if you are still newish so can't pass on that opportunity.
  9. I've been playing the last couple days. I'm terrible, but am still enjoying it. It's like the combined the best features of COD and Halo with a few original twists.Indeed. I seem to have my most success in hardpoint mode.
  10. Just got the titanfall bundle, the game kicks ###
  11. but but, they edited it to make Rousey look bad! And even in stills, Tate is way hotter. So happy Rousey's awesome plan to pit #1's backfired. Even better when her girl was so disrespectful. Even in defeat. And Julianna is nice to look at. Ronda's making the show good though, i like how emotionally involved she is. The first 15 minutes of the show almost had me checking out when they were kicking around the romances in the house, and was glad they moved past that quick. that got annoying real fast Yeah was mostly just the women saying no thanks, which hopefully means that is done with.
  12. Been Watching TUF for a long time, and that was an excellent episode. I have no idea why I am so in to these women fights, they all just seem badass. I was bored by the men, should have made it all female.
  13. Yeah as soon as it gets back or close to my original investment I'll be getting out
  14. LULU f'ed my world up. Got in at 79. Stupid CEO deciding to bail CRUSHED it down to 64 in two days. Probably good time to buy more but I think it is going to fall more.
  15. I don't get the perma death on this. Aren't there "saves" in the game that you can go back to or something, or does the game just really move forward with no way to save it? There are saves in the game, but once you die there isn't a checkpoint to go back to before your death. There is no way to save the game during gameplay. Everything is auto-saves. And, truthfully, at first you don't like it....but it's really exactly how a zombie survival game should be. They absolutely nailed it.ThisI lost Mya real early by driving my car into a gas storage and exploding. I almost wanted to restart from scratch because it auto saved after it happened. Everyone at home was sad and I had to get someone to try an find her belongings to booste morale back at home. Then I started to get attached to other players instead of her and it just added to the overall experience. Deaths are going to happen.
  16. Mentioned before but state of decay is well worth it. I have sunk hours into the game. It is kind of like the dream zombie game for me. Very GTAish I love the no load points aspect. You get a character killed and they are gone, time to get attached to someone else. Also when you are not playing your game is still going on. You load back up and someone may have died on a mission, you are down some supples and up other supplies. Sure there are some bugs but it is fun as hell