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  1. Boys.... If we had $1000000 what kind of car would you like to drive? 13 year old. " A red lambo" 11 year old. " A white van w no windows and a free candy sign" 😲
  2. I just reopened my Myspace page. #makemyspacegreatagain
  3. Memphis was a blast again. Love how Football guys brought me into y'all's world. @icon @sbonomo have become good buds. I'm going to miss the team, but I have to take off for a bit.
  4. No idea...I've just been buying boxes of Popeye's lately and selling that as my own 😂
  5. Lol...yeah.... Mcclure works. Or Neil. I have been gone for a bit. Ran the place with as few staff as I dare too from last August until recently. Like me and 5 employees. I was stretched thin for sure. Why so lean you ask? Because not having drink sales on the bottom line and a vicious debt loop to boot is difficult to balance. I have been able to hire a couple of part timers, including two returning staff, recently so that has helped. Had a busy spring... hopefully the summer weather will be kinder than last year. Because of the overload though I am stepping back from any competition stuff for a bit. Cooking bbq on the days off just isn't very fun wedged in between 80+ hour weeks. Brighter notes:. My process w the meat has been yielding better bbq. I love that I'm still learning. And the brewery changed ownership percentages around leaving a new guy at the top who has done good things so far imho. They are still feeling the pinch though of nine other breweries opening in the last few years making it a somewhat crowded market all of the sudden after they were the only one here (not including Abita...I mean inside Nola itself)
  6. Omg...just saw this....yes...would love a real copy if possible!!! (If you kept it for some reason. (
  7. Btw...some other bbq guy fed them week of Cowboys game. Worst offensive performance under Peyton and Brees. Coincidence? F##ing doubt it. 😀
  8. It was intense for us....indeed our line was tremendous vthe whole time. Yet only managed 2nd place fan votes. Aka 1st loser 😀
  9. Updated version with all smoked veg plus brisket, sausage, pulled pork, bacon, and rib meat.
  10. Was just going to feed the coaches again it's the entire team!! Food order for 140 placed 22 hours before service...hold my beer. Who Dat?! PS... Everytime I've taken food to the Saints or staff they have won. Coincidence? :Shrug:
  11. Fried chicken went full time last week. It is exactly 10% of sales so far. Not bad.
  12. No. Actually struggling a bit. Sales have been really bad all summer and I'm really feeling sting of not having beverage profits on the bottom line.
  13. Fried Chicken just went 7 days a week. Original Buttermilk. Pepper Jelly. Alabama White Sauce. or Hot AF Chicken. Check out my facebook or instagram for photos. Stuff is good.
  14. Wow....I've got catching up to do.... been absent in this thread.. my free time for FBG surfing has been non existent since opening my place.