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  1. Nope....just going through life without a thought or care in the world
  2. BBQ coming back to the daily menu as well. Starting Ash Wednesday. Some of the healthy stuff the brewery was on me to change to will stay as well. They actually balance off some of the high food cost with the bbq, so cool. It is what I do...stick with it McClure.
  3. Partnership official! The stress release has begun. Thank you rye whiskey stash. 😁
  4. spot he is looking at is very close to where you live btw....I expect your undying loyalty then
  5. Fellow dad at kids school....we are in the mens club together and were watching football with a few other dads when my semi-buzzed emotionally drained self told them all how close I was to pulling the plug. I had no idea he was a potential investor or even had an inkling he was in that kind of financial position...i was just pouring my heart out amongst friends. He said lets talk. We did. He does this investing stuff for a living it turns out. Luck? Providence? Coincidence? I dunno....but I do know if I hadn't have found him or something else by the middle of January I would have called it quits and used the rest of cash I had to pay my staff and any bills I could. Craziness.
  6. legal paperwork for our partnership is done....just need to sign in next day or two. what an unreal journey. this last 2 months has been so hard....cannot believe 1. I'm still open and 2. I have a clear path forward to making my lil biz succeed. meanwhile....manning the pit today for some catering...i'm pretty good at this part.
  7. real good. sold approximately 100 or more a week at Dante's for a decade....all homemade. not so fun when you chug them before going to a saints playoff game....that horsey hurts the nose.
  8. reeling in the years.....really??? you people disappoint me. My old school is current favorite. That changes every so often. Heard it live here at jazzfest a few years ago and it has just kept playing in the head. One of Beckers last shows.
  9. I'd skip my egg salad sandwich pop up night....the farts are overwhelming in here.
  10. definitely. I'll still have some bud & miller lite around...but only in bottles. $2 longnecks all day everyday. Or something like that anyway. Will definitely be hitting as many local guys on the tap list as I can if the space is right. And yes....iced tea 🤣🤣🤣 One thing I won't do....I won't ever be open 7 days again. Ridiculous way to live.
  11. Being bigger should enable me to hire more to cover some of my 80+ hours...that and drink profits.
  12. hope to be back to full time bbq options by then. this current menu is really hard to deal with in this space when we are busy. so at least on the weekends ill have the bbq.
  13. I guess I should have thought more seriously about a kickstarter with y'all.... I'm not too good at asking for help I guess. But.... I have a new silent partner...should become official on Monday. Going to bring BBQ full time soon. He is buying in for a % and looking for a building to buy and get us selling bbq & drinks. And he is thinking bigger than I ever really did. More to follow....phase 4 of journey has begun I guess 😳
  14. that would be funny. a message board funded restaurant.
  15. Difficult to answer without size of space determined... Also I have not very versed in construction costs and whatnot but equipment wise it would be well under 100