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  1. i'm not much of a commuter. I'd enjoy living up there though if you want to finance both the restaurant relocating and my house I already have my GM living in Covington too.
  2. L I had lunch with a couple of friends today at a place I've been eating at since the early 90s when I was in college. Normally they would have a full dining room on any given weekday during the main lunch hours. Unfortunately today it was my table one other table and two to go orders for the hour and a half I sat there. The city is in for some major changes. 😞
  3. @Politician Spock. Good stuff. The positive outlook I'm portraying here on the interwebs is what I have to do is my public face. I have serious concerns about this going forward and in all honesty if I did not have a business partner I would already be closing and moving on to whatever is next for me. Luckily for me I found a new partner back in February that isn't going to let us fail as quickly as I would now that he is financially and invested and in decent shape to get us to the time when things are picking up. If we can make it till then we will be in a great position for the future of this restaurant. I think it is key that we get out into the suburbs more out of Orleans parish which is so reliant on tourism and focus more on feeding families. I live out in Jefferson parish only 15 minutes from the restaurant but it's a different world out there. I'm not saying those restaurants aren't going to struggle a little bit right now as well but their curve to getting back to normal will be much quicker. They do not rely on tourism whatsoever. But again I'm not Nostradamus so I don't really know what's going to happen. All I do know is I'm going to continue to give it my best until the writing on the wall is clear enough.
  4. I did. It is good that i have it, but it is whipped cream on poop. With zero tourists, no college kids in town, and a f-ton of restaurants opened in last 15 years, the outlook is grim. Not trying to be a fatalist or pessimistic as I believe a positive outlook is the best thing you can do in life. I'm being realistic and knowing that my industry is in serious trouble here in New Orleans. We had eight hundred or so restaurants when Katrina hit and about 400,000 people. Now we have well over 1,500 restaurants and somewhere around 320,000 residents. After Katrina everybody was dying to eat out with their friends for months... Some of that was because people did not have kitchens to cook in anymore houses were being gutted but some of it was because as City with its culture deeply rooted in the food scene it was the only thing we all knew to do. We were as busy as we can handle at dante's back then. But that wore off after a few months in the summer of 06 was one of the slowest I've ever managed. The majority of restaurants had reopened and everybody was getting settled back in but we were still missing the tourists. We definitely had tourism that summer but it was light. And then everybody and their brother wanted to open a restaurant. And that was okay for a while but I think after we passed 1,200 restaurants the bubble had formed and needed to be popped. So many good places have come and gone in the last 10 years that it boggles my mind. Most of them have never been through the ups and downs of the busy seasons here or were kidding themselves about how drastic things can be from the spring to the summer and again in the fall into the winter. I've known since the early nineties that if we didn't put our nut away during March April and May that we would beon the verge of financial collapse. now none of the restaurants in this city have had their spring to fill their coffers to get through what is traditionally a very slow period during the summer. And with at least half of the residents in town having no interest in going back out in public yet, we have 1,600 restaurants fighting over scraps left behind. There will be no conventions. There will be no fall rush. and I'm not Nostradamus but I would imagine the next Mardi gras is very flat as well. I can play small ball better than most. I can run this place with just myself and one other person for the foreseeable future. And I'm going to be forced to run a very cheap food cost menu and make other adjustments on an almost daily basis right now. 35 years of restaurant experience is it going to help much if something drastic doesn't happen. Oy. Sigh. Cry.
  5. Today was the first day we were allowed to seat people again. With a reduced capacity of 25% allowed. It could have been 10% and we still would have had availability all day. Miserable. The death of my restaurant is in full swing. If it was this bad on the first day we were allowed to go out again after 2 months, than HFS I am in trouble as is almost every other restaurant. Go get food from a mom & pop. Unless you only want chain places moving forward. Sigh
  6. Also gathering the labels, containers, and shipping needs so I can send anybody who wants some of our rubs, smoked salts, and sauces.
  7. 4100 meals. We had a great time taking over the University Medical Center kitchen again this past Wednesday. Got to go up to the roof to watch the Blue Angels fly over with all the Doctors & Nurses...that was cool. Being open again seems pointless so far. This is going to be a tough summer. We should have reduced capacity seating starting on the 16th, but we will see. We have a huge place here in the tap room so we can still seat a lot of folks. Hopefully everyone in the city eats out every meal for the next 12 months...even then it won't be enough for how many places we have until we get the tourists back.
  8. Working on that today actually. Gotta figure out shipping costs etc first, bit im definitely bringing rubs and stuff back for online purchase soon. Ty!!
  9. I shouldn't delve any deeper to the sheer panic I'm starting to feel. This city is in trouble on so many levels now. Hang on to your donation for now. We are funded for another 3k meals!
  10. It was me and one employee all weekend. I think that is my crew until next spring. I was small before....but goodness. sigh.
  11. 3500 meals to the front lines because of y'all and others. Thanks so much. We still are feeding people (580 coming this week) but I am also reopening on weekends as well for pick up orders. And no I won't be using a delivery company. I definitely cannotThis was the first full weekend and first time in 7+ weeks that I cooked all of my meats. Business was decent, but honestly below in was only a quarter of the sales from the same weekend last year. This is going to be rough.
  12. Click here to donate if you can. Mention Tipsy so I win the 6 pack of beer!
  13. 2350 meals served. Big project this week is a takeover of the kitchen at University Medical Center. 400 meals for lunch Wednesday. Tipsy's Jambalaya coming right up.
  14. Taking over kitchen at University Medical Center next Wednesday...400 meals at once . That should be fun with my crew of middle aged dads club members w zero restaurant service experience. 🤦🤣
  15. if y'all did donate and didn't leave me a FBG clue, please PM me with your real name. I want to win team fundraising trophy (6 pack of beer). Donate here & feed a nurse!