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  1. Would rather have combined board than Baldwin articke since I have 3 drafts at the moment... Baldwin is done anyway....
  2. I tried getting jones & 2.14 in a 16tm idppr leageu for the 1.12 and the guy wouldnt budge. wanted the first strait up... i am still thinking about it, but w the scoring it may be worth it
  3. doubt Felger likes him, but could see Curran, Price etc liking him.. you reading it or listening too it on eei or the hub?
  4. Lets see how quickly Edelman's speed returns. Even Welker took almost a full season to come back to full speed from his late season ACL injury. So at least Edelman has more time to get in game shape. JMatt is really just a slot guy, but the Pats use multiple guys over the middle with even Gronk in the slot at times. On the outside I see Hogan (if he remains healthy) first and then Britt and/or Dorsett having opportunities. Patriots will miss on trying to move Austin Carr to PS... they loved him and now Carr has a good chance for the slot role in NOS.
  5. Anyone already look ahead for 2016 DEs?
  6. Hi All, In a few leagues it is time to target a few DEs for 2015. Anyone have any ideas who are a few top under the radar 2014 players that could be starters in 2015? thanks for the help, BAMN