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  1. Rodgers force fed replacement level richard rodgers 8 TDs (and also got miraculous production out of Tom Crabtree), loved to iso Finley and later in the limited time he was actually healthy Jared Cook in the RZ, so potential for Graham to put up monster numbers this season. If you have game rewind, go check out how filthy GB was doing Chicago in the redzone on SNF in 2011, and replace James Jones with Jimmy Graham and Jordy Nelson with Davante Adams. GB's line is also way better than Seattle (as is their run game), and Philbin is back to orchestrating offensive game-planning which is also a boon.
  2. dropped 170 this week monster games via diggs, howard, rodgers, hyde, cooks, jags defense.
  3. Not sure the whole elite QB decline is necessarily a thing in the post 2004 era. QB's stay healthier longer than ever, Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, Manning, Brady, etc are all playing effectively long into their careers. I don't think that is a coincidence or some statistical aberration, but a reflection of training, medical care, and nutrition being at all-time highs for NFL players. On top of that QB's get afforded a range of rule-based protection to prevent them from getting Troy Aikman-ed into oblivion. ANY/A+ tells you Young's performance viz league average, when the NFL was in a relatively-down passing era in the early-mid 1990s. Young is an easy GOAT contender, but their were also a lot of crappy QB's in the early 1990s. To give a relative picture of the dive there in performance: 1990: 87,249 yards, 575 touchdowns, 480 interceptions 1991: 89,203 yards, 511 touchdowns, 488 interceptions1992: 84,064 yards, 516 touchdowns, 519 interceptions 1993: 89,874 yards, 517 touchdowns, 469 interceptions1994: 95,694 yards, 583 touchdowns, 474 interceptions LIS, Young is a GOAT, and his 1994 season is one of the best ever, but look at those league wide #'s in his first two all-pro seasons. Compare to say, the 1980s, when the league regularly surpassed 600 passing TD's in a season. I also have Young as a top 3 all time QB and Rodgers isn't on that list, for what it's worth. Just playing devil's advocate.
  4. Looked great tonight and got behind the defense repeatedly. Other than the pass that got thrown at his ankles where is route was pretty poor and let CB get position on him was in good position all night. Gets compared a lot to the Charles Johnson infatuation last season but already has made way more plays than he did in a GB uniform pre-injury. Intrigued to see how he shakes out b/c he has some special in his game.
  5. Slight worry as it is a rookie up front now. More worried about that affecting pass protection and having Lacy maybe stay in to block rather than gain the receptions it looked like he might get though. Not sure how long Tretter will be out...but he is pretty untested too. If Linsley plays well, not sure I would put Tretter back in there (for me at least...coaches probably disagree with the whole can't lose a spot to injury kind of thinking). As another poster said...its more dependent on Lang and Sitton for that run blocking than anything it seems. FWIW Linsley looked great tonight against KC. Lacy's ceiling is so high I think he could total 20 TD's this year, even with Rodgers slinging the ball. This preseason they've just walked down the field running over everyone.
  6. Probably not much. Run blocking on interior rushing is much more dependent on play of the Guards, and GB's combo is awesome. GB has survived crappy C player before (Saturday, EDS) without much impact. GB across the board has the best line I can remember them having since 2003 glory days of Clifton-Wahle-Flanagan-Rivera-Tauscher.
  7. When I read this yesterday, I imagine the feeling I got is like when an old guy going through a mid-life crisis must feel like when some hot 20-something girl flirts with him. For a coach to come out and say plainly "RBs Run. They don't run forever. We got a good one. We are going to run him." I just get giddy. Not giddy like when they were saying last year in Buffalo that they were going to run Spiller until he left his lunch on the field. Not like that because I never believed it. I don't think SPiller is that kind of back. But I KNOW Lacy is that kind of back and I trust the Packers to be believable. If you are a Lacy owner, seriously, you have, right now, one of the rarest RB situations to come along in a long time in that you most likely got him cheaper than you should have to start with and he is a legitimate threat to be one of the best backs in the NFL on one of the best teams in the NFL that has been scoring a lot in recent years. Nobody is going to argue Charles, Shady, ADP, and a few others going before him but you might realistically be sitting on the #1 back in ff and not by a little bit. He could be like last year when the storm brewed for Charles. You just knew if he played all year he was going to lap the field. Lacy might do that this year. Im curious what you project his receiving stats to be, what you think his TD total will be, and what you think Rodgers TD total will be. When I think of those three scenarios I have trouble with the idea he can even be in the top 5. I don't. GB is going to put up video game 2011 esque numbers this season on offense IMO. Especially if they "emphasize" defensive holding, as per: Which should open up the passing game even more. I could see easily over 500 points scored, with Rodgers up over 40 passing TD's and Lacy putting together ~1400 rush yards, ~15 TD and catching about 40 passes. Giving how deep they run at WR I'm not sure the extent to which he's going to be a key target in the passing game, but GB should be scoring at least 30 points a week this season. Especially with their RZ problems in 2012 and beginning of last year, I could see Lacy getting even more goaline work than usual as well, if that proves the case knock some of those TD's off the Rodgers tally and push Lacy further up toward 20 on the ground. It's gonna be fun to watch. Remember that McCarthy in his stints as coach has run the *$@& out of his guys if healthy and effective (Lacy to an extent last season, Ryan Grant over 300 carries in 2009, McAllister got 350+ when Mike was OC there). How many catches Lacy has is dependent on how the WR and TE grouping shakes out, if Finley doesn't actually return or usage remains limited on the new guys they brought in this season I'd bump him.
  8. Cobb nearly had 3 touchdowns last week between that trip-up by the last safety back and line step.