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  1. Speaking of Pappy, it hits distributors first week of November and will ship out shortly after that if you have an in at a big liquor store...
  2. Bought 200 n95 masks for my DC and my safety guy won't tell anyone or even let me hand them out to a few managers because HR would freak out. China can act just a bit more decisively.
  3. Except only one of the ten was confirmed. It has been politics since Jefferson split from Adams.
  4. There was a stat thrown that there had been 29 SC nominees during an election year. 19 of those were when Senate and President were same party and 17 were confirmed. 10 were when the parties differed and only 1 of 10 were confirmed.
  5. She did and stated sexual orientation was an immutable characteristic
  6. What I don’t get is that the Senate makes the law. Pass a GD law that passes constitutional muster. Harris actually asks a question, a loaded one for sure. The ACA sucks. Get M4A and push it through.
  7. I am sitting Henry for McLaurin at my flex spot.
  8. We had contingent players last week, but our commish said this week was too much of a hassle, so no contingent guys for the rest of the season. Can't pick and choose weeks.
  9. In for 250 AMD on the mini dip.
  10. Fidelity gave me the Mutumbo finger on this one.
  11. You could have the bills and the titans playing for the 2 seed while every other playoff team gets a free bye week.
  12. Hunt, Adams looks on track to play.
  13. McLaurin is active, so he starts.