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  1. That she was happy to be on stage with Donald.
  2. He got his clock cleaned. I was/am as anti-Hillary as any sane person on the forum, but I'd vote for her if I wasn't in a solid blue state. I watched to see if there was any way Trump could sway me to voting for him. Put the worst stuff behind him. Yeah, that didn't happen. His performance was so poor that he's not going to be able to move past this. I know that Obama's loss in the first '12 debate wasn't a slam dunk like this one was. IDK about '84, but it would be difficult for me to imagine a worse performance than what we saw.
  3. I was a Bernie Bro and will be voting Johnson. I am not a Hillary supporter. She's going to take the lead off this and never look back. He was such a disaster that I don't think a great performance in the next two will matter. There's no reason to watch.
  4. 8 points up in the polls by Friday?
  5. Hillary could poop in her hand and start eating it and she'd still win the debate.
  6. This thread goes up to 11.
  7. Likely a Bills Super Bowl Champion shirt.
  8. She needs to ensure a fresh supply of souls.
  9. I feel like this is said frequently but never happens. I can't imagine missing jerry springer just to go vote.
  10. Here are some words that rhyme with Corey. gory story allegory montessori sexual predatory
  11. I think that Kasich and HW Bush and other prominent Republicans breaking for Hillary exacerbates the problem (to them) of people supporting and voting for Trump.. They should be breaking for Johnson. Trump's greatest appeal is that he's an outsider. He operates against the powers that be and just like his supporters, he's being held down by the Washington elite. Having Republicans support Hillary just further enhances this narrative. Anyone who isn't that informed or that put off by Trump hears all of these folks coming together, scared to lose power and influence, and reaches the conclusion that there's something to Trump that shakes Washington to the core. Most people have a negative perception of the "Washington Elite." Thus, anything that can scare them enough to support Hillary just may have something going for it. Secondly, hearing that HW Bush or Kasich or McCain is voting for Hillary only pushes those on the left further away. As a Bernie supporter, I don't want to be associated with HW Bush policies. As an environmentalist I don't want to vote for someone that seems to have a ton of pro-fracking support. The center-right openly coming to Hillary pushes those on the left into Stein or stay home, or Johnson if weed's just that important. Whereas a fair number of prominent Republicans endorsing Johnson would draw a lot of mainstream Republicans away from Trump. People who don't realize there's another choice, or pay attention to anything outside the two parties would realize there's another choice that's a lot easier to swallow than Trump and doesn't require folks to vote for someone they've disliked for 24 years.
  12. I'm waiting for the all important tubgirl endorsement. I hope it's for Jill Stein.
  13. People still post there? I'd rather have my daughter spend the night with Bill Clinton and invest my 401K in a Trump casino than go to that board. If you mixed 4Chan and Barney and Friends, you'd have a pretty good facsimile of the Geek Club.
  14. I thought that Gary Johnson could hit 17% of the vote. I was wrong according to current polling (8% or so) I thought the vast majority of that support would come from Republicans disgusted by Trump and/or small government conservatives. I was wrong. On September 4th, the NY Times stated that Johnson pulled evenly from the left and the right. I thought that Gary Johnson would garner even more Republican support once party-line voters realized that Trump had no shot at the Presidency and that voters could vote their conscience free of the fear that their vote would cost the Republicans the election. Donald Trump still has a legitimate shot at the Presidency and any dyed in the wool Republican has a major reason to vote the party line. Their vote may matter. Had my thoughts been accurate, Gary Johnson could have signaled the end of the Republican Party as we know it. Had the election finished Clinton-49%, Trump-30%, Johnson-20%, Stein-1%, I think the Republicans as a National Party could have been done. Or, there would have been a major shift in the Party's fundamentals where a sea change had to occur to bring the 40% of the defecting voters back to the fold. Now, we could see an election that goes Clinton-45%, Trump-43% (or vice versa as impossible that may seem) Johnson-10%, Stein-2%, no one learns anything, there are no changes to the parties that I'd like to see and we get to go through the same manure parade in four more years.
  15. @TobiasFunke I apologize, I got you confused with trey. My thought still stands re tim though. The namby-pamby conservadems are the proximate cause of the possibility of President Trump. The fear of open primaries was always oddball influence from the right. That theory doesn't seem quite so plausible any more. As fewer and fewer people identify with one of the big two parties, there needs to be a movement towards third party candidates. Increasing third party % of votes helps because their messages will get co-opted by one of the two big parties to woo supporters. It also may allow for a viable candidate in a future election, Gary Johnson isn't going to get there, but could a Huntsman or a Kasich or a Bernie or a Warren carve out a path to 270 on an alternate line? Seems more likely than it did a year ago.