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  1. Did you ever hire them (him?) I don't see the commercials anymore. I'm contemplating taking a job where 50% or so is BD. More money. Shoot me now. I was told by a salesman that he wants me to stick a 30K chargeback on a factory we've bought 20K worth of product from. Glllll peas. I had a direct report start screaming at me after I told her she couldn't be insubordinate in public. I'd love to get rid of her. She's superfluous. We pay a different office to do what she does. She taught our owner EDI 25 years ago and was foisted on me 18 months ago. An institution. She's a moldy Filipina that will die alone. Her insubordination remarkably doesn't bother me too much. We spent 30K on air freight to bring in 3500 faucets to Mexico because the salesman neglected to let us know they had been put on ad. Our warehouse delivered 1200 of them to the customer sans invoice or valid order. Our Mexico office was apparently complacent or complicit. Stereotyping never once crossed my mind. I really like supply chain, managing people is just something I've fallen into. I'm actually passionate about supply chain, which sounds dorky. Just in time, having goods arrive the day the inventory is needed is the small satisfaction that I go into work for. The owner is increasing inventory carry by millions of dollars so I can spend more time managing. Our warehousing will increase by more than my annual salary. Thanx for the motivation guy. I'm pretty sure that asking me for four hours of work at 5:00 pm when there's 90 minutes of daylight until Yom Kippur violates some tenet. Oh, and I realize that your brother owns the company, but you never could tell. That hard work you do between the hours of 11:38 and 11:45 is a constant reminder that nepotism is the best -ism. Shabbat Shalom, Gawain
  2. This was independently confirmed by Dexys Midnight Runners.
  3. See some Florida chatter that the hurricane was a bust. They should look at Haiti and count their blessings the storm stayed off shore. Ts & Ps to the SC FBG.
  4. If you live anywhere that might see storm surge, I implore you to get out. As someone who saw water coming through the walls, there's no amount of stuff worth taking that risk. Stay safe and good luck.
  5. Have their been reports on how Haiti is doing? What I can find on twitter doesn't look too bad, but I imagine that the Haitians with cell phones and internet access aren't the ones most likely affected by the storm.
  6. Lot of chatter about the Clintons stealing Haitian earthquake relief funds in the wake of the hurricane. Any truth to the accusations?
  7. Matthew in Haiti What gets me is all the videos are when the sun was still up, so there's been at least 4 hours of deteriorating conditions since these videos have been filmed.
  8. Does anyone know of a link to a webcam on Haiti? A lot of resorts have one that runs 24/7.
  9. The last few models had a move out to the east starting to prevail (after blasting the Caribbean, hope they come through with the least amount of harm possible), but tracks moved back west a little on the 11:00pm run. NHC now stating a 20% chance NC/SC coast sees tropical storm conditions. Haiti really needs some luck at the moment. Was reading that a lot of the buildings in Haiti are still structurally unsound and may not be able to stand up to the rain and surge that the country may see. ETA: The vast majority of the models are putting continental landfall (if it happens) to central Maine or further east. However, more than 4 or 5 days out, the models have major, major margin of error. Land fall in Florida would be surprising at this point, but anywhere from South Carolina to Bermuda should be monitoring.
  10. Well, we know that Westwood's good for it.
  11. My only issue with this is that the Republicans and Democrats take federal funds to hold their primaries, but do not allow for a level playing field.. By taking federal funding, the parties should be mandated to have an impartial nominating process.
  12. I wish Rory wasn't so robotic, show some emotion or something. Fun pairing.
  13. What if you leave the 529 under someone else's SSN until it's time to pay, but after the FAFSA is submitted?
  14. I don't understand why Powell has any role in this offense outside of Forte being gassed.
  15. I always feel a little guilty when I post in here, After Sandy, I have a bit of an obsession over tropical (or post-tropical) storms, but it's not like I know what the heck I'm talking about. Meanwhile a buddy of mine was a meteorologist in the air force for 10 years and now forecasts for an airport and he couldn't care less.