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  1. Ithaca, NY Carmel, CA Bar Harbor, ME Greenport, NY Saratoga, NY
  2. Marsha Blackburn's the TN junior senator, isn't she? Non-event
  3. Our justice system is predicated on the notion that it's better for 100 guilty people to go free than to jail one innocent person. Seems like you don't think the same standard should apply to people facing an even worse outcome than prison. Better for one person to suffer terrible pain than to trust others, eh?
  4. @You Buy Wadded Up Paper Now! for all your origami needs.
  5. I agree with this. Quick read says you'd take the manufactured home position, but have trouble saying no to the safety of a company you already know.
  6. If she's not working and doesn't have wage income, need a spousal IRA.
  7. I didn't get to be a fat chobot by not eating my share of garbage plates. A ton of places now offer their take, but the original is Tahou's. Needs to have meat hot sauce. Best around 2:30 AM after a night of drinking.
  8. Rochester's Finest Perhaps the sickest I've ever been off of beer (20+ years ago now) was after a spirited night drinking a case of Genny Cream.
  9. I'm actually going the other way here, but hot damn if I don't want a couple of Red Dogs now.
  10. What kind of hot dogs do you want on your garbage plate, red or white?
  11. I have an entry level at 45K in Operations if he's getting desperate. Definite opportunity to grow on the supply analytics. ETA 39th and 8th
  12. I think art is whatever the viewer wants it to be