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  1. Agree that Wilson too high. JFK is also too high. Think Polk is too low. I'm a supporter of Pierce for worst Pres of all time, but he, Buchanan and Johnson are surely the bottom 3. I think Tyler, if only because of the way he defined succession of the office can't be in the bottom 5. Amazing how Jackson is being redefined. Still top-5 in my book, but his image is sure taking some shots.
  2. Registering as a foster family with DSS is a valid option (if race isn't an issue). Lot of infants end up in care and you can look to ones that are likely to have parental rights severed. My sister in law had her son brought by DSS (NYC) at three days old. It did take six years for the adoption to be finalized. Good luck.
  3. Still on train. Four commutes in a row now the LIRR has been late.
  4. LIRR is deserted.
  5. They did not want to be called that.
  6. I didn't realize home schooled kids were reading the Theban plays at nine.
  7. Agreed, especially with the part about the handprints from the Obon society. Whether you go through them, or on your own, having the flag returned might be the highlight of someone's life who was too young to remember when their father left for war. Your grandfather and the person he took the flag from were likely two guys, not far removed from being children themselves who were told to go fight with no anger or enmity besides what their respective governments could conjure up.
  8. Does the FHA reduction mean that only more stable buyers will qualify, or that the same number of people will qualify, but just pay more. Because I think the first outcome is likely positive to avoid a 2008 repeat and keep home prices in check, while the second outcome is even worse than the status quo.
  9. She had two weeks at 40% and then 6 or 8 weeks at 100%. Not state STD, but from her company's maternity policy. It's enough to be annoying and probably make us break even at best.
  10. Short term disability policy that her place of employ carries. I imagine there's a section of the form that you fill out when you sign up for Short term disability that asks your withholding in dollars and/or percent. I'd double check just to make sure, I never thought to look.
  11. Just found out my wife had 0 federal or state taxes withheld when she was out on maternity. Never underestimate the power of a woman to throw a wrench into your household finances.
  12. How do you subrogate possible OSHA violations to the client if you are the employer of record?
  13. Can one of you please push Pickles to blog the Bachelor? There's a woman wearing a damn shark costume. Generic blowholejob joke
  14. Hrmmm...