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  1. I got shut out. Mint site hung on payment and they were gone in 3 minutes.
  2. Mountain House is the best, but you pay for it. Best will be doing it yourself. Don't we have some LDS folks on the board. They'd likely be the experts on this subject.
  3. The prevailing wisdom is that Manhattan is 72 hours away from running out of food when everything operates normally. An EMP or solar flare that knocks out transportation turns the island into a Kurt Russell movie in less than a week. My only hope is that the hordes would head west into the interior of the country.
  4. You're 20 min away from me as well. Anything you need, just ask.
  5. When Mexico's greatest export meets Columbia's greatest export.
  6. Just going to leave this here.
  7. Love this board. Kind of an odd ball one, but on August 23, 2016, the US silver medals based on the 2015 UHR gold Liberty go on sale at $35 a pop. What makes these interesting is that the given product limit for the West Point and San Fran mints are 12.5K. More than 49K of the UHR coins were minted. There is no mintage limit on the medals, so there's a thought that the mint could revisit these for a set, but there's nothing on the product schedule. A mintage of 12.5K is attractive. I can think of worse ways to spend $140. The SLQ is a no go for anything other than completing the set. 100K mintage HH of 1.
  8. The Literary Digest would be proud.
  9. Can't they figure out a better safety system for teenagers flying around ten feet in the air than middle-aged man with big bald spot?
  10. That's understandable too. I think the concept of not coddling is valid as well. I do wonder if this is a generational difference. I think your outlook is right in line with Gen X parents and my view is much more in line with Millennials. That being said, with college costs and Millennials in a fair amount of debt themselves, finding the money could be tough.
  11. I think there's a lot of folks between 30-40 who came out with major loan debt and see how it delayed their major life achievements (marriage, house, children) and want to do what they can to have their kids not be burdened with the Sisyphean load of accrued interest. I can understand how debt load is motivating, but it's also demoralizing. I understand that you don't want to forego saving for retirement to pay for college (I think that's where you're going with the financial pros statement), but I'd gladly give up retirement luxury to help my kid with college.
  12. OK, mebbe this Phelps guy isn't half bad... Tremendous to still be winning individual medals over a 12 year period. The life of a Weissmuller contrarian just got a lot harder.
  13. Pretty sure Weissmuller never finished second in an Olympic semifinal. You guys that think # of medals matter more than dominance are the same guys who think Bradshaw was better than Unitas.