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  1. I was just glad he didn’t say it a month and a half ago. I’m just one of those 60 lb chubbers now
  2. I think the issue us that if we had just mirrored China's approach to the USA, the trade war would have been even worse. It's stolen from Tom Clancy's ideas towards Japan in the 80s, but I would have phrased the trade issues as reciprocity, not as punitive. China requires native the States do as well, that type of thing.
  3. It may work for you, but you are presenting your information as if it's settled. IF and insulin resistance is pretty well sourced now. Here's a highlight that links back to a number of NIH studies. ETA: Specific to IF and the thyroid:
  4. What is it about most fast food that just doesn't make it filling? The carbs are probably all highly refined I guess (the pics of six month old cheeseburgers are always interesting), but you'd think the protein and fat would do something. I haven't had fast food in three months and don't particularly miss it. What I do miss is I only have two more days working in NYC and there's a whole bunch of garbage that I'd like to eat that I won't. Bonchon fried chicken might be the best I've ever had. Upside Pizza is killing it. Hell, a Lenwich is probably a better sandwich than I'll be able to find. There's a lot I won't miss about NYC (the walk up 8th ave every morning is an argument in favor of eugenics), but the food is always on point.
  5. I remember when NYC made the push to show calories and I rolled my eyes at it. Grabbed lunch at Carraghers. Had the charred asparagus salad with grilled chicken and a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. No clue if I had 500 calories or 1500.
  6. The draft picks were so uninspired, I kept waiting for someone to take Head...and not to want Al Snow.
  7. I hate the student loan talk. It's why I'm not supporting Bernie. You're preaching to the choir here.
  8. Both CNBC and Bloomberg have IP protection as part of this first deal. Here's Reuters take: I think this won't get done, but it's being reported that IP and currency controls are in the first phase.
  9. I just wanted to point out how much the Post sucks. I'm supposed to be outraged about what she spent for a haircut?
  10. That's the opposite of what CNBC is reporting: Probably need to wait before spinning this one way or the other. ETA: Or, you're severely misinformed. From Bloomberg
  11. Hard hitting journalism from the NY Post: AOC’s $250 hair salon trip stirs controversy