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  1. Winner takes most/all on the R side keeps their primaries a bit less convoluted. The D's proportional idea works when there are two main candidates, but when there are up to 6 that have at least a shot at 15% the process gets muddled. The push to get Biden into the race has caused this mess. Biden was weak enough to keep two other moderates in the race and then Bloomberg swooped in. Meanwhile Steyer easily could pick up a delegate or two in Nevada or SC and then he's on the stage for the rest of the process. With the thought of the convention lurking in their minds, there's no incentive to drop out. A cabinet position could be up for 10 delegates if they are enough to give someone 50% +1
  2. Honestly, with Tim's record, this declaration probably guarantees a Reagan in 84 like romp for Sanders.
  3. Bernie had a very good debate, but Warren might siphon a few folks with her performance. Biden held serve. Pete up, Amy down. Bloomberg better spend two billion.
  4. Not to someone who doesn't know where the money to keep the lights on is going to come from.
  5. That's kind of an awesome stat that Bloomberg has more wealth than 1/3 of all Americans. ETA or up to 6 average FBG
  6. Debate Jeopardy: Answer: They are both foxes
  7. More people are watching Bloomberg commercials during Criminal Minds than are actually watching the debate. Let's not pretend a lot of people are actually watching this.
  8. Nice to see Mayor Pete pick the "Split the Party" lane.
  9. Probably about the same, but it's 24/5 responsibility so going into the night is uncommon, but not rare.
  10. Yeah, though there's a reason my boss and his boss are both on their second marriages (long hours). I'd prefer to avoid that.
  11. Traveling is a pain, but probably at least outweighed by the fact that I'd be WFH three weeks out of the month. Currently I'm out the door at 6 AM and home between 5-7 PM. With job B, I'd be around to help the kids get up and get breakfast and then help with lunch. My current position doesn't have much in the way of socialization, as it's either my boss or people I manage on site. I've been thinking that the salary bump would go towards funding an MBA over the next two years. If so, I'd anticipate being at least as employable in 24 months. As I laid it out, this is the best I could do (reason I'm in operations and not sourcing)
  12. I wouldn't want to be friends with Trump, but my family is a heck of a lot better off now than four years ago. I'll likely vote Democrat unless the convention is a screw job. Then all bets are off.