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  1. Can anyone quantify the return on dance class? We have the same thing in Nassau county. My niece and nephew are in some dance class where the teacher is an institution. Have to buy tickets to see your own kids perform and all that jazz (no pun intended). What's the payoff? Seems that that time, energy and money would have a possibility of a return if put into a sport, or any other activity that may result in a scholarship somewhere down the line. Are there schools giving out money to folks who took dance? My kid's 1 and I have another on the way, so am still trying to figure where time may be best spent.
  2. Yeah, but when my wife and I went, it was nearly that much, so I can't imagine the offspring make up the bulk of that figure. Have fun, one of my favorite vacations.
  3. What are you guys dropping on summer activities for the kids? What's the normal out of pocket expense?
  4. Big is an understatement.
  5. Probably the one person providing support for retail link.
  6. Pueblo no bueno...Pueblo es muy Mal.
  7. This is a good article about a guy who determined how to beat certain games: IIRC, there's a prof of maths in Texas that has hit scratchers for at least a million three or four times. Apparently they are still making flawed games.
  8. Wife works on 42nd and 7th. She's OK. Very scary. ETA: Not as a far as I know.
  9. I've got one word...Plastics. You're on your own for the other 499.
  10. Nah, guy has 1.01, 1.03. 3.01 and then 6.12 on. Sounds like he's locked into 2 of Elliot/DJ/Bell with the two first rounders and wants 3.01 advice. I think I'd rather go WR here and play QBBC, because while you might be able to hit 1 WR WW darling, you're not going to be able to fill all the WR slots.
  11. NYC:In December company realized I was interviewing and gave me a bump and new title with 12 month agreement. Not much in writing besides the agreement and a message from my VP saying not to talk about our agreement. Today I was let go due to "budget" concerns. Severance package, if any, will come on Monday. Any reason to think about talking to an employment attorney? My fault for not getting anything concrete in writing.
  12. If I'm sitting on my rump playing with T bills for two hours a week and calling it work, she's not going to go into the city to listen to some millennial claim the lack of BBQ chips is a microaggression.
  13. The real problem is the wife. If I'm living the good life, she sure as heck isnt going to schlep herself to work. I'd go for 2.25, but need to cover her as well, so all in at 4.5M
  14. First they came for the Splenda, and I did not speak out Because I don't drink Coke Zero