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  1. Flint, where the police laid down their weapons and joined in the march seemed to have almost no property damage. There are numerous ways that law enforcement can try to protect public safety.
  2. Regardless of where personal beliefs lie, I hope everyone on FBG and all Americans stay safe.
  3. On Tuesday, I'm supposed to put 8 drivers in Rochester, three in "hood" stops to deliver half a million bucks in alcohol. Tomorrow's going to be a fun day at work.
  4. For Rochester: An incomplete list of some of the businesses that were looted/lit on fire last night by the peaceful protesters 1-The Villa in downtown 2-Rainbow on lake 3-Rent a center(which they burn down) on lake 4-Dollar General on lake 5-Liquor store on N Goodman 6-CVS on Portland and Clifford 7-Valero on west main 8-Kick and caps on west main 9-Pawn shop on west main 10-Clothes store on Clinton 11-His and hers on Clinton 12-The mall 13-Hair stores 14-Chase bank 15-Price rite on Dewey 16-Jean Factory in East ridge way 17-Walgreens on Lyell 18-Key bank 19-Walmart in Henrietta 20-Broadway on Goodman 21- East High School got caught on fire 22-Family Dollar On Dewey 23-Corner stores 24-Aaron’s on Lyell 25-Liquor store on Dewey 26-Walmart on Chili 27-Both liquor store on Hudson 28-Rite Aid on Clinton 29-Pawn Shop on Clinton 30-Liquor store on Portland 31-Rent A Center on Monroe 32-Wegmans on Ridgemont plaza 33-Pawn shop on stone rd 34-Walmart on Greece 34-Rite Aid On Portland 35-Metro Pcs on lake 36-Liquor store on ridgeway 37-Cricket on St Paul 38-The ENTIRE Goodman plaza 39-Walgreens in Monroe 40-7 11 on Monroe 41-Liqour Store on west ridge rd 42-Jump off on Lyell 43-Melville got torched 44-Smoke shop on Lyell 45-Jewlery store on Lyell 46-Daycare center on Lyell 47-Family Dollar On Portland
  5. This was the NYT report of the Harvard study I quoted here and there: Might require a subscription. I think you're talking about two issues, policing and societal norms. To me, policing is both the easier issue addressed and the issue that is much easier to bring black/white and left/right together on. White people are killed just like black people are. There is a policing issue. This is a problem of the Us v. Them mentality. This is a problem that needs to be solved.
  6. Tradition? Unions? European cops don't generally carry in public. NYPD transit cops don't carry. I think limiting the scope of officers that carry as part of their everyday duties is probably a great way to go. ETA: especially as officers carry non-lethal/less-lethal weapons as well. When was the kid shot when the officer thought he had reached for a Taser? A body cam on every cop, tasers and pepper spray standard compliance carry.
  7. The Harvard study does show racial bias in minor use of force. That's the policing issue. The militarization and overuse of force is where there is common ground across the political spectrum. It's why there needs to be robust internal affairs groups. It's a major issue with the "thin blue line" mentality and the use of minor force as an every day solution to issues that police officers face is what needs to change.
  8. The definition of "very well" is nebulous, Just pointing out that in Houston over the years studied, at least 99.97% of arrests were made without a shot being fired.
  9. Left, Right and Middle all agree there are too many people killed by the police. A movement based on changing the nature of policing has legs. Whatever we see on CNN/MSNBC/FOX is just a travesty.
  10. These were business owners who attempted to deescalate and were beaten for their trouble. You stated the idea that business owners can defend their property is disgusting. So what else is there for a business owner to do?
  11. Do you tell small business owners to just step aside?
  12. My in-laws live in one of the unincorporated Hempstead towns. Worried for them. Upstate, Rochester and surrounding county is on an 8 PM curfew. I remember hearing stories of Garden City home invasions from Hempstead when the lights were out in 2012. Not sure if this was confirmed. Lot of poorer areas back upto mighty wealthy areas on the Island.
  13. Rochester NY and the surrounding county on an 8 PM curfew. Rochester had a couple bad riots back in the 60s. Some light damage today. I wonder if there's any China money involved. Xi Jinping has to love what's going on. Dropping HK issues below the fold for international papers. Causing the USA to look tremendously hypocritical after the Friday presser. Between Covid and the HK kerfluffle, the protesting-looting couldn't have come at a worse time. Ironically, I don't think there's been a better time to be black in America.
  14. What a win for Elon Musk, NASA and America. Awesome coverage. Watched with the family, got chills.