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  1. The parties do what they think is best for the party. Bernie is doing what he thinks is best for America. ETA: The DNC has to worry that if they kick Bernie supporters to the curb, they get a small, but significant number of people that would vote differently. The Green Party would love to have Bernie and if he bolts, he probably ensures an R president in 2020.
  2. Was there a resolution to the dumb Jason Jordan is my son story line? Feel like that could be a spot for him to defend his father.
  3. I hope that your family enjoyed the day. You and your wife did a tremendous, selfless thing and have made an incalculable impact in a child's life. Your memories will last a lifetime and the impact that you have made will touch so many more lives than just your own. Sending you nothing but the best.
  4. Look at how well the politic forum worked though. The FFA is actually readable again, with a great timewaster and several interesting threads posted. My only real problem with the game threads is when the 1PM games are still pinned and the 4PM games get pinned as well. with 40 possible topics on the front page, half of the page is pinned threads.
  5. This is a pretty good idea. We have a politics forum, can't we have a game thread forum? This would also have the advantage of saving threads from prior weeks if people want to go back and look at thoughts about Corey Coleman from September. That would save valuable front page real estate.
  6. Yeah, immediately after the game needs to be an option. When there are a lot of 1PM games, half the front page is dedicated to pinned threads.
  7. Could wrap with an IF, but there has to be an easier method.
  8. But, that's with all outside agencies funneling support into those regions. The situation in Florida and Puerto Rico is stabilized by groups with power, supplies and technology converging on the disaster areas. In the scenario in the OP, this help doesn't come. No help comes. Imagine PR with no help. If no shipments of supplies and no rescue/support organizations showed up, the island would have descended into a much worse scenario than we have currently. Long Island after Sandy was a nightmare in regard to gas. The only real issue is that 1 shotgun isn't going to amount to much of anything if the population of Brooklyn and Queens decides to go east.
  9. Plug for One Second After With the societal breakdown we see from localized disasters, I think it behooves everyone to keep a minimum amount of subsistence in their home. With just-in-time inventories and specialized workforces, you cannot get goods to feed people if the grid goes down.
  10. The more attractive you are, the more likely that you'll have female children.
  11. I voted Kasich in the R primary and was on a cruise ship for the election. Neglected to get an absentee ballot in a very blue state. Voted Johnson in 2012. Had I read that this was a public poll, I likely wouldn't have voted. Once I did, I figured I owed some explanation. Interest rate is likely going up another 25 in December. At the very least, it gives us some breathing room if we do have hiccups over the next 3 years.
  12. I think I'd parse it a little differently than less regulation and tax reform (looking for lower taxes). I think it is more likely that the market could rely on no additional regulation and no additional taxation. On November 5th, I thought we might see an outcome close to -08, where the Dems had another decent mandate. The economy had picked up, unemployment had dropped and Clinton had moved to the left during the primary. A result of a Dem win would have been an increased likelihood of more regulation and higher tax burden. A Trump win decreased this likelihood substantially. ETA: I still don't think it likely that Trump can make significant changes to business regulations or to the tax code. A couple points in a marginal rate one way or the other isn't going to make a tremendous difference. Moving to a wealth tax, or a consumption tax or a flat tax...those are the major changes which cause uncertainty and hurt in the moment, even if the end results may be better off. As for Obamacare, the whole thing is a mess. I believe we can get to a Medicare for all solution between 21-24 and I think that all the tweaks Trump makes only hastens this result. I'd say that it sucks for people currently, but there aren't good options for folks currently. Trump as a person is loathsome. Trump as a leader seems ineffectual. But the outcome, as we come up on 365 days since the election...I think we are better off than if Trump hadn't been elected.
  13. I like what the market has done. I think a lot of the market is driven by the great likelihood nothing major changes (game theory applied to Washington indicates that no one will work with anyone soon enough) I don't think much will get done. I like Gorsuch. I think the whole NK issue is grandstanding and don't believe much will come. I think the sooner ACA is declared DOA is good for America. Hopefully get a single-payer system in through the next administration. I think the mainland disasters were handled well. I think damage in PR was mitigated, if the photo ops were absolutely horrid. I don't think there will be major screwups to the tax plan. I like that interest rates have risen to the point where we could respond to an economic downturn. I like that QE is ending and the Fed is starting to shed its portfolio. Maybe it's callous, but the headline grabbing actions don't influence the majority of my perception. Rights are continuing to expand. There's always backlash to societal changes and 2017 isn't any different than 1967 or 1867. Pot's gradually spreading. I think most people are in a better position today than ten years ago.