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  1. Treason is still punishable by death. Guess they're both serious.
  2. Solidify Brexit I'm sure. Sucks we live in this world, but it's the only one we have.
  3. Who gets married on a Friday?
  4. Fletch Jr? Mine is either Gibson's walkoff or Norwood wide right. I'm not sure if I actually watched Gibson's dinger.
  5. Not to Ham up the thread with conspiracy theories, but... I think it's more likely that this was domestic terrorists trying to discredit the BLM movement and foment a greater "us v. them" feeling in the population at large than Islamic terrorism. I can't think of a single example where Islamic terrorism has been as targeted and as subtle. I think the most likely culprit is still a BLM sympathizer though.
  6. Feels like it's Asia that's really spurring the runup. Silver got smacked down today, but has gained it back in Asia trading. Gold is starting to flirt with 1400. The sub 1100 days of January seem a distant memory.
  7. I didn't realize Andre Brown had signed somewhere.
  8. This is the first year I wouldn't really care if the league I've been in since 1997 folded. Turned 37 in June and had my first kid in April. Priorities change.
  9. September 8, 2012. Got married on the north shore that day. The sea was angry that day my friends.
  10. I don't think we saw this happen. Mintage too great. First strike MS-70 coins seem to be going for 500+. Big ones now are mintage of standing liberty and walking liberty reissues. I too am kicking my self for not going double fisted back in November 2015 and early this year.
  11. He.s currently leading amongst 1998 Atlanta Falcons.
  12. Kids do have a mind of their own. Part of being in your 20s is learning for yourself financially. Most people learn by screwing up.
  13. Last thing I read stated that you should have your kids set up with their own online brokerage account by 13. As crazy as it sounds, it's probably not that bad an idea to teach them a little about the market. I remember those fake money lessons in the market when I was in school. It's probably a little different if the kid has some sort of actual stake.
  14. Unlike Donald Trump, Sinead has no issue with "the difficult Brown."