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  1. Monster day from Winston and this guy is not part of it
  2. Wonder if that guy will still take a high first for Cooper?
  3. starks

    Chargers vs Browns - Week 6

    4 carries for k allen?
  4. starks

    [Dynasty] Todd Gurley

    7 posts on this guy since week 1. People are like "meh, he is a thurobred"
  5. Or have the commish set waivers game time to Wednesday like in our leagues
  6. starks

    Week 6 Questions For Bloom

    Siggy Smalls! I am an environmentalist. I like to pee in the back yard to save water along the privacy fence so nobody sees me or walks on it. My wife shares my values but does not condone this practice. Who is right? You are the deciding vote (not really but I tell her you are great at giving advice). This is my life.
  7. starks

    Bench OBJ for Mixon?

    Hey man so long as he gets me 5 rec for 60 and a tugger I'm cool!
  8. starks

    Official Odell Beckham, Jr.

    This guys is going to blow the ATL secondary apart.
  9. starks

    Bench OBJ for Mixon?

    Went with my gut and sat OBJ
  10. starks

    O. J Howard TE Alabama

    Been adding him in every league I can. Like Charlie Kelly says "cream always rises to the top and you're about to see that hot white cream of an eighth grade boy"
  11. starks

    Week 6 Weather

    Doesn't look bad till after game
  12. starks

    Eagles vs Giants - Week 6 TNF

    Glazer looks like a munchkin standing next to all those football players. Rain doesn't look bad for next few hours
  13. starks

    Week 6 Weather

    I am considering it but I have a great option behind him
  14. starks

    Bench OBJ for Mixon?

    Good point but with bye next week it's a variable to consider
  15. starks

    Should I start Corey Clement

    Yes the two above is what I do