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  1. Scored him at 2.01 as well on Monday
  2. Thanks. Had to move up a couple spots once I saw the 1.08 pick but worth it as a Gurley owner. And yea AJ Brown I couldn't pass on but really wanted Murray. Deep QB class next year...I will get mine.
  3. .5 ppr 1.01 Josh Jacobs RB Raiders 1.02 DK Metcalf WR Seahawks 1.03 David Montgomery RB Bears 1.04 N'Keal Harry WR Patriots 1.05 Miles Sanders RB Eagles 1.06 Parris Campbell WR Colts 1.07 TJ Hockensen TE Lions 1.08 Marquise Brown WR Ravens 1.09 Darrell Henderson RB Rams 1.10 Noah Fant TE Broncos 1.11 Deebo Samuel WR 49ers 1.12 Kyler Murray QB Cardinals 2.01 AJ Brown WR Titans 2.02 Kelvin Harmon WR Redskins 2.03 JJ Arcega-Whiteside WR Eagles 2.04 Mecole Hardman WR Chiefs 2.05 Damien Harris RB Patriots 2.06 Alexander Mattison RB Vikings 2.07 Devin Singletary RB Bills 2.08 Hakeem Butler WR Cardinals
  4. 12 team PPR 1.01 Yetirat Jacobs, Josh OAK RB 1.02 Yetirat Montgomery, David CHI RB 1.03 Yetirat Sanders, Miles PHI RB 1.04 shaDynasty Harry, N'Keal NEP WR 1.05 Yetirat Metcalf, DK SEA WR 1.06 Yetirat Brown, A.J. TEN WR 1.07 Yetirat Henderson, Darrell LAR RB 1.08 Yetirat Hockenson, T.J. DET TE 1.09 Open for Business Campbell, Parris IND WR 1.10 Sunday Sandman Hardman, Mecole KCC WR 1.11 shaDynasty Fant, Noah DEN TE 1.12 Junkyard Dogs Singletary, Devin BUF RB 2.01 Open for Business Butler, Hakeem ARI WR 2.02 Yetirat Samuel, Deebo SFO WR 2.03 Chaidog Arcega-Whiteside, JJ PHI WR 2.04 Yetirat Isabella, Andy ARI WR 2.05 Open for Business Boykin, Miles BAL WR 2.06 EXTREME FANTASY Thompson, Darwin KCC RB 2.07 EXTREME FANTASY Hurd, Jalen SFO WR 2.08 Junkyard Dogs Sternberger, Jace GBP TE 2.09 Open for Business Smith Jr., Irv MIN TE 2.10 Sunday Sandman Harris, Damien NEP RB 2.11 Fighting Leprechauns Brown, Marquise BAL WR 2.12 shaDynasty Murray, Kyler ARI QB 3.0125.Open for Business Mattison, Alexander MIN RB 3.02 Sunday Sandman Hill, Justice BAL RB 3.03 Fighting Leprechauns Harmon, Kelvin WAS WR 3.04 shaDynasty Love, Bryce WAS RB 3.05 EXTREME FANTASY Anderson, Rodney CIN RB 3.06 Overkill Oliver, Josh JAC TE 3.07 Turf Wars Haskins, Dwayne WAS QB 3.08 Junkyard Dogs Ozigbo, Devine NOS RB 3.09 Junkyard Dogs Snell, Benny PIT RB 3.10 Sunday Sandman Johnson, Diontae PIT WR 3.11 Fighting Leprechauns McLaurin, Terry WAS WR 3.12 EXTREME FANTASY Gaskin, Myles MIA RB Feel like I got outstanding value on both Harry and Murray but didn't exactly need either position. Needed Fant to fall but not doing backflips over my only RB.
  5. I will take the chance in best ball at the price right now
  6. Price check on this guy. What would you hope get or what would you give in terms of 2019 or 2020 pick?
  7. Vacationing in Turks and Caicos there were 4 1pm games on TV and 3 4pm games to go along with Sunday night. It was raining that day so I got a pass from the wife. While i am on abroad subject we lived in mexico for a couple years, during commercial breaks instead of geico commercials they run swimsuit shoots for team cheerleaders. Sometimes I think we have it all wrong here in the states.
  8. It's definitely not backwards, if anything it is lateral but imagine if it were a last ditch play with zero time left and an exchange already would be at minimum reviewable to see if it were a forward pass. Grasping at straws here I know but again in no way backwards
  9. Anybody consider these a forward pitch to Samuels that should count as a reception? Sweating a trophy...
  10. I figure I can't be the only one to lose by a tenth of a point. Anything obvious out there at moment? I just want it to be over but now the knife keeps twisting