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  1. I can definitely see that, I don't see him being on roster after next year either but unless you are a super stud it's year to year anyways
  2. Plenty of losers like every year but wanted to see who came out smelling good. James Conner : steelers didn't draft an RB until 4th round. Many thought this was a higher need Todd Gurley: 4 picks in and no Rb, looks like they are fine to run him into ground on a one year deal. Who else?
  3. I honestly don’t think 45 cares if urban areas get decimated while rural areas take a small loss.
  4. You may have talked me into cheering for Hou today, man that’s hard though. Thinking about it however, if we can go on the road and take out a dynasty, payback the best team in the NFL for the gut wrenching losses they have given us in past playoffs and beat our division rival after they rested their starters week 17 to let us slide in...well that would be the most enjoyable run to the Super Bowl I could ever dream of
  5. Is it that much of a slam dunk on who Titans would rather go on the road and face? I have been going back and forth, care to elaborate?
  6. I am curious who you would rather face next week between kc and Houston and why. I think the fact that we know Houston so well cuts both ways, the KC defense can be run on though which obviously plays into our strength. Dome vs elements...etc.
  7. Alright boys who are we cheering for today?
  8. Love titans jawing with him. Balt is great but he is 22 and we can rattle him
  9. Best home field advantage in the NFL. Other teams spending Saturday night at the bunny ranch or on the Vegas strip hitting the craps. Davis is a genius
  10. No way Steelers don’t draft a RB in first 4 rounds.
  11. James Conner shouldn’t sniff this list. even if they don’t draft an RB he won’t be lead dog
  12. When will tn v pats be announced? Saturday or sunday?
  13. I get that, I do. And I get BPA it has got me Mike Thomas and AJ Brown on the cheap but this is a major need and trading down won’t work because the 1.10 and 1.12 need qb