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  1. starks

    Aaron Jones - Green Bay RB

    Leaning Lamar Miller over him. I can deal with a tough d or questions playcalling but not both.
  2. There could be better plays this week. I am considering benching him for Cooper or ware, really think there is a better than average chance of both players scoring more but yea the potential blow up game is there
  3. How confident are we rolling him out at home week 15? Dolphins got torched by Brady (who hasn't exactly been light it up either lately) and their top corner is questionable.
  4. starks

    Official Odell Beckham, Jr.

    Out Sunday. Ugh, was afraid of this with the season they are having.
  5. Yesterday he hit waivers in my public league, that person has to be feeling it right about now.
  6. starks

    Week 14 Questions For Bloom

    Siggy Smalls! .5ppr Allen Robinson v Rams or Spencer Ware v Balt? Rivers v Cincy or Lamar v KC
  7. Anyone think that if they were playing the pats or ravens this week Conner would be a go? But because it's the raiders they will likely drop Ben back 50 times if need be and beat them by calling back Jerome Bettis if that were an option? I just have the feeling this a "bye week" for Conner to save him for the stretch run and it isn't as serious as most think. *full disclosure I spent the remainder 34% of my faab with a week 14 bye on Samuels and a Conner owner
  8. Conner owner, I did have him handcuffed but I dropped him for Ware. I have a bye for 14 but I am still contemplating blowing all my faab (36%) on Samuels to play defense against the other owners in my league. Might come back to bite me with that hot WW grab after week 14 or 15 but it's a deep league and I would never forgive myself if Samuels is the reason I lost.
  9. starks

    The Keenan Allen Hype Train

    Where have i seen this before?
  10. Chances we get a diagnosis by late Tuesday on Conner before waivers run?
  11. Rest up young man and come back strong for week 15.
  12. starks

    Cardinals vs Packers - Week 13

    Johnson will not be seeing my lineup the rest of the year.
  13. starks

    Week 13 Injury Thread

    Bloody out there today.
  14. starks

    Greg Olsen traded to CAR for 3rd RD pick

    Out for the game. Was this the same fractured foot anyone know? If so that is probably the last time we see him in a uni, should make a great TV host. (Please replace Witten)