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  1. I just have a feeling this isn't a Ty Johnson situation. There is zero incentive to throw Freeman out the rest of the year, this should be Hill's show and last time I checked this is still a dynamic offense. Blow it up this week and his wheels are greased the rest of the way. He shouldnt be, but if he is sitting on the wire you drop him for your kicker then make the decision of who to put in there at 4pm.
  2. Yes drop Waller. He is a wasted roster spot even if he is a top 3 TE with a positional scarcity of a wasteland. Trading does you no good.
  3. I dropped him for that TE for Seattle who's name I can't remember. That's what I think of Eifert at this point.
  4. Could he be set up this week? Who will Fitzpatrick be lined up on? If Kupp that Steelers D can be passed on and Woods could have a monster game. Anyone know if Fitz will be shadowing Kupp this week?
  5. Siggy smalls! Standard but 8 rec=1pt Jalen samuels keenan allen austin ekeler
  6. Will Chris Harris be shadowing him this weekend?
  7. I don't buy it either. Married to an Eastern Band Cherokee and she despises it, most of her family doesn't care for it either and honestly never came across an enrolled member that is impartial but I never pushed the subject. There is a big fair in Charleston, SC every year and the sons of the confederacy have a stand where they hand out confederate flags. An old black man is dressed up in confederate garb and walks around with a large flag, been doing it for's clearly done to garner attention but I liken that guy to natives that say it's okay. The Seminoles gave FSU permission, NA as a whole have not given Snyder anything like that.
  8. Steelers could use a RB right about now. Too soon? Seriously though I have been waiting all year for him to go up against Miami and he will probably go to the Patriots or something.
  9. His foot was jacked the first two games. Living in SC I have the privilege (?) Of watching all their games and Allen is a game manager. In the NFC no way they make the wildcard under Allen. A healthy Cam I would say it's possible but not sure we are if that plays out.