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  1. .5 PPR League QB: Andre Luck or Deshaun Watson WR Pick 1: AJ Green or Tyler Locket RB Pick 2: James Connor, Lamar Miller, Austin Eekler Thanks!
  2. Just won the Championship on the last defensive fumble recovery/defensive td by the eagles d. Was down by 5 going into the last play. Won by 3. Insane sequence of events but I will take it.
  3. This would be me. Down 5 on that last play. Won by 3
  4. Non-ppr: Down by 9 points, I have Foles, Hopkins, Eagles D/ST. He has Lynch and Ertz. Projections say I should win but I don't feel good about it.
  5. Non-PPR QB: Keenum or Foles RB: Gurley / Kamara / McKinnon WR: Hopkins / Gordon or D Thomas TE: Olsen K: Tucker D/ST: Streaming and probably going with Chicago
  6. If looking for a high floor I would keep what you have. Would definitely keep Hopkins in since he will get tons of targets. Think Jeffrey will have a nice game also.
  7. xtreme11

    TE Help

    Non-PPR Have been struggling with TE all year. Olsen: Like the name but zero production this year. Hate the matchup vs GB Clay: Tyrod starting. Finally healthy? Love the matchup vs Miami James: High scoring game. Will get all snaps at TE. Average matchup with NE HELP!!!!
  8. Non-PPR, need 1 McKinnon vs Kerwynn Williams vs. Mixon
  9. I think I'm gonna start him over Demaryius Thomas and Sammy Watkins
  10. Non-PPR OBJ question. Would you do option 1 or 2? Option 1 (don't wait for the official word from NYG) Sit OBJ and start Derrick Henry or Joe Mixon? or Option 2 Wait for the official word and if OBJ is out, then start Tyrell Williams. TIA
  11. Looks like Green has been taken off the injury report. Nice. Where did you see the injury report? Just saw this blurb on rotowire
  12. Looks like Green has been taken off the injury report.
  13. 10:20 AM Chris Mortensen@mortreport Yes, there's optimism forJulio Jones for Falcons vs. Saints but his specific injury has been a painful oblique strain. Tough injury.
  14. Just moved him to a team that just lost Julio for Moreno (redraft league)
  15. Well not an exact amount but their profit rose from $1.1 Billion to $1.3 Billion from 3rd to 4th quarter last year. So I guess a TON of people do pay full price for it.