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  1. This has always been my beef with Yahoo and why only play on ESPN. People can argue about which interface is better and easier to navigate but that doesn’t matter if Yahoo has these stupid loopholes. I remember I played in a league 3 years ago where I traded 2 players for 1. The league had a 24 hour review period but I got an email the next morning saying the trade was cancelled because the guy dropped the player he was already going to drop and added a new player to his roster. how does Yahoo not lock that player who’s involved in a pending trade in the first place? That combined with the add/drop loophole mentioned in the OP is enough to keep me at ESPN.
  2. Still a RBBC but whoever gets the most redzone snaps has decent value Edit: I agree that the pass game sees a boost
  3. The Seahawks neutering Wilson’s running ability is insane to me. Especially now that they have a good run game going, they could have a really good offense if they opened things up
  4. I assume this means he’s landing in a juicy spot?
  5. Looks like it, I expect a random good game from Hogan and Gordon sprinkled in here and there.
  6. To be fair, some of the appeal in drafting Michel was that Burkhead's durability was a concern. Not that Michel didn't have his own red flags either. I drafted both he and Burkhead in a few leagues, hoping to squeeze out RB2 numbers once some dust settled or during weeks when one of them was out with an injury. I'm not really sure if this is a great sell high opportunity or a strong hold situation now. The while Gillislee/Burkhead situation last year scares the hell outta me, especially if NE signs. Anyone receiving or sending out offers for Michel in redraft leagues? Just trying to gauge his value right now since I'm tempted to sell high.
  7. He should catch on quick as long as he really is healthy. A really good complementary receiver. Not surprised the Pats were interested.
  8. Any rumblings about them possibly making a trade for a QB?
  9. Impressed me during the pre-season and his physical profile is pretty solid. Doubt he gets more than 5 carries tomorrow though.
  10. I think being too patient is just as dangerous as being overly aggressive with roster moves. The end of season rankings end up looking very different from pre-season draft rankings so you have to adjust. There's also the owners who make panic drops/trades early in the season that you can take advantage of. Peyton Barber was dropped this week in a redraft league and I gladly scooped him up.
  11. Still starting him in the 2 leagues I own him in im going down with the ship baby!
  12. Yeah, I scoffed at this idea at first but I really think it’s going to be the standard format in 3 or 4 years. Teams are using the short passing game instead of standard rushes. The NFL is rapidly evolving, so should FF.
  13. I know Bradford isn’t anything special, but this is as bad as I’ve seen him look. I’m high on Rosen so as a DJ owner, I really hope they give Rosen a chance next week if Bradford sucks again in the first half. The play calling deserves plenty of blame too, how do you not run this offense through DJ and get creative with his skill set? I still believe DJ’s talent will overcome this ugly situation, but man it sucks knowing that his upside is limited due to the team’s issues.