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  1. They should have made the trade last year.
  2. I can only hope the Buccs give him 20+ million a year. Not denying his talent, but he's shown since college his lack of character. Complete moron. There's no way I'd want this guy as the starter of my team. I'd rather draft a rookie. Completely surprised at the Buccs fans defending him.
  3. To each his own. But considering who we are talking about........
  5. If you have evidence of that, I'd love to see it. I was just pointing out how much of a turd you are.
  6. Right. I will say this though, he was huge in taking me to a title game with an injury to Kamara, but he's had a series of terrible weeks compared to earlier in the season. I haven't started him in 4 weeks. Thankfully, I've still been winning.
  7. PPR Brees (picked up after dropped) Kamara, Ekeler Cooper, Thielen, McLaurin (benched Kupp and A.J Brown) Olsen Lutz 49ers opponent Jackson Hunt, Jones ODB, Hill, Adams Goedert Koo Patriots
  8. He's been snubbed at least once. Possibly twice.
  9. The fact that you say this, yet you lobby for Rivers to be in is asinine. If Rivers is in, Gore is most definitely in by a wide margin.