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  1. Not watching the game, but I'd guess TN is focusing on him with those stats.
  2. This isn't true. It's been reported that the majority of team sided with CGJ in their fight. Saying the locker room hates him is quite a stretch of the truth.
  3. My main league only has 4 bench spots, and the guy who drafted him still has him. I'm not being anything but realistic from where I'm sitting.
  4. What leagues actually have Goedert on waivers?
  5. Yeah. I don't think anyone is buying at this point. I'd probably sell high if I could.
  6. He's dominating tonight. He should already have a TD. Terrible penalty that wasn't there is why. I'm not sure why they aren't using him more in the pass game. No way Bell takes over half of carries.
  7. I'd much rather have Clayool redraft or dynasty.
  8. Those days have passed, especially now in a timeshare.
  9. His court date isn't for another month, so whatever suspension he gets won't happen until after.
  10. I have 1 share in my main money league. I drew the #8 pick in the draft that I saw Michael Thomas and AK41 go the two picks before me, and I'm a Saints fan. I went CEH over the likes of Henry, Mixon, Sanders, Adams, and Hopkins. Cook would have been my pick, but he went #4 which was higher than any mock I'd done. I envisioned the likes of Kareem Hunt his rookie year that won me $$$. This league only requires 1 RB and 1WR with 3 flex plays. I had an amazing draft and was able to snag James Robinson before the season. After this week, CEH will be in the mix for my 3rd flex along with Amari Cooper and Mostert. The Bell signing obviously sucks, but I have the luxury of picking between players who have outscored him since week 1. I just see a weekly hot hand in KC as I'm not a Bell believer at this point in his career, and he's won me $$$ in the past. Reid will use both backs. CEH has been serviceable. I've seen every KC game but one. I'm not sure why they aren't using him more in the pass game.
  11. This is pretty much my thought process. It's going to be a coin flip as to who to start on a weekly basis.