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  1. Considering what we already know about Adams says a great deal. His talent level is through the roof. Money well spent all things considered.
  2. You have your opinion. i have mine. Those picks will be in the 20s. That's an absolute steal.
  3. Don't waste your time with that one.
  4. Quite the over-generalization. Righties tend to throw out "fake news" a lot, then they are the most prone to actually believe fake news. We can both play this game.
  5. Meh....I'm more prone to not want players who rape and assault others.
  6. I just took him at 1.11 in redraft. Followed up with Miles Sanders at 2.02. Leaving the likes of Mixon and Jacobs on board as well as Hopkins and Julio with the WR depth this year. Back to Drake.......I gave this a great deal of thought before pulling the trigger, and I feel really good about it. Thoughts on Drake as a RB1?
  7. That's a wrong way to look at it. Ideology is blinding. Seriously though, coaching is everything. Greg Roman had him playing amazing until he left and the defense went to crap due to retirements and FAs leaving. Look at Lamar Jackson right now. Very similar situations as QBs coming into the league.
  8. I'm not a Cowboys fan FTR.......this post is far from accurate. Jimmy has never had to carry that offense. He's had a few good games, but the niners success has everything to do with that D and an outstanding running game.
  9. Agreed. Doesn't take away from the fact he was one of the more annoying posters I've encountered here. More than half the threads on page 1 would be his threads about stuff no one else would care about discussing. When I get older and can retire I hope I can find better hobbies than spending 75% of my time on the internet.
  10. Mack isn't that great, nor is he an exciting player like Taylor.