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  1. You do realize that nothing was ever proved from that. Just a butthurt former employee being a #####.
  2. Or tried to beat up a high schooler for tackling his brother.
  3. ? I missed where Gordon has been arrested on a felony.
  4. If they both sit, there's no way I cannot put him in over Fitz and EKeler.
  5. Kamara isn't doing much between the tackles. Ingram will get fed and it will open things up altogether for the offense.
  6. Then maybe they should have given him a long term contract before now. I know they've tried, but by now, he deserves it. If not, trade him while you can. And I do get what you're saying BTW. This could have been handled in a better way...... wouldn't you agree?
  7. Considering his usage, they should have paid him. It's pretty simple.
  8. There is some serious emotional investment in here with this guy. With his age and running style, let's see him finish the season and get you to the playoffs before we start with the I told you so's. It's only week one for crying out loud.
  9. It was painful watching McVay dialing up pass plays on 1st and 2nd last night late in the 4th and not giving this guy the ball. Losing by less than 3 points being the second highest scoring team this week.
  10. Why wouldn't they? I took him at 5.1 with no regrets. Just lost week 1 by less than 3. I was the second highest scoring team that got beat by the highest. I definitely would have won this week with him, but had to start Duke Johnson.