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  1. beef

    Falcons vs Packers - Week 14

    Key block by Williams on the equipment guy on sideline to free up the long snapper to run on the field for the PAT after Jones' TD run.
  2. beef

    Falcons vs Packers - Week 14

    Jones in. Rodgers sacked. FG. Improving... 👍
  3. beef

    Falcons vs Packers - Week 14

    Wasn't an optimal finish.
  4. beef

    Falcons vs Packers - Week 14

    Jones in. Rodgers sacked. Drive over.
  5. beef

    Falcons vs Packers - Week 14

    Bulaga is out and Williams is a lot better at pass protection. Seeing more Williams and less Jones this game isn't a surprise.
  6. You'd think, but it's a macho-man, mine is bigger than yours thread. Might want to stay away. It gets uncomfortable when they all kiss and makeup.
  7. Depends on one's level of greed. Plenty of billionaires that still want more.
  8. beef

    Mike McCarthy fired

    I'd like to see McCarthy go to Cleveland and succeed.
  9. beef

    Mike McCarthy fired

    Packers will rebound quickly. They had a solid 2018 draft and are setup for an even better 2019 draft. There is some good young talent on the team to develope and build with. Gutey has some money to spend to fill larger holes too. I'm not worried that Rodgers won't get another chance at a SB.
  10. beef

    Mike McCarthy fired

    Needs to go back to people thinking he's gay. Won a Super Bowl then.
  11. beef

    Dynasty Kareem Hunt Kansas City

    someone had to have placed some huge bets against KC's playoffs futures before the video release.
  12. beef

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    Gutekunst is the GM