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  1. These forums have sure taught me a lot when it comes to legal processes, terms, etc. Probably the two biggest: 1. When it comes to legal discussions, don't argue with Tremblay. Just sit back, read and learn. 2. When it comes to legal discussions, don't argue with Tremblay. Seriously STOP, really read it, understand it and accept the truth.
  2. My thoughts... Because it was an 8-3 vote, I think they refuse to hear it and go along with the decision since it was such a large majority.
  3. He is, and it cost him the (R) to go against the trump party. I've found it interesting that Democrats can disagree, pretty strongly at times, but they all keep the (D). Those that didn't vote in favor of starting the impeachment aren't (I)'s.
  4. For me being a non-lawyer, Goldman is making this very easy to follow. That 45 minutes was far better than 45 hours of TV talking heads.
  5. I think Graham's argument was dead in the water before he even said it. He was just following the ordered dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge talking points.
  6. Rally just getting started and stocks could gain more than 20% from here, chart analysis shows The S&P 500 could surge in a powerful rally to 3,850, if stocks stage the same type of breakout they had after the last two similar downturns, according to technical research strategists at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. The strategists said there should be a sustained breakout of about 25%, if the market's move from 2018 to earlier this month was a cyclical consolidation, or bear market, like the ones in 2015 to 2016 and 2011 to 2012. Am I understanding this right, that BoA/ML is saying 2018 thru Oct was the downturn? With an "IF". I'm not sure I'm seeing a sustained downturn other than what happened last December. Markets recouped that prior to the November surge. Curious what others get from this or any future moves to consider.
  7. If I were the Republicans, I wouldn't attempt to challenge the characters of Kent or Taylor. Their honor and integrity is stronger than valyrian steel.
  8. I could see many of these sound bites used in campaign ads against trump's senators needing reelection in 2020..
  9. Probably checking to see what his cow is saying about all this. Or getting new talking points from trump or Hannity. Ha, you beat me zoobird!
  10. haha... I would have guessed the last time it happened would have been much longer ago.
  11. I'd never tell anyone their vote is a waste. It's their's, not mine. And if that person casting the 3rd party vote doesn't feel it's a waste, then it's not a waste.