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  1. beef

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    Gutekunst is the GM
  2. beef

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    Ball seems to be the hot name I keep hearing too. I like the Ball & Gute combo. Solid contract/cap management and player eval duo. Wolf is 35, he'll get his chance eventually. Even if he left, I'm sure he'd be willing to come back for Packers GM job. I wouldn't trade for Schneider either. Really like the guy and would love to see him come back, but the Packers need their draft picks for players. Next 5 years I'd just like to see the Packers focus on Super Bowl runs while Rodgers is still at his best. Like hearing that Philbin is coming back. Offense will be fine. Of all the GM and coach turnover, I'm really the most concerned about the DC since the Packers won't go anywhere if they can't improve that defense.
  3. beef

    Late Round Rookie Prospects

    Same here. Grabbed Mays late in every draft. He's a lot more athletic than given credit for, and is arguably the greatest bruiser in this draft class. I'm very anxious to see him in preseason games.
  4. beef

    O. J Howard TE Alabama

    I would be too, and if Howard is gone, the pick got even better.
  5. beef

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    Twitverse saying Packers will release Christine Michael. Makes sense...
  6. beef

    RB/WR Curtis Samuel

    Listed as a wr on the team website.
  7. beef

    Late Round Rookie Prospects

    Mack seems like a guy whose ADP will be higher than his ranking. A few rankings I've seen have him closer to the 3.01 range, but I too fully expect his ADP to be mid 2nd. This will be a rookie draft with a lot of flucuation between late 1sts to early 3rds. As is often the case in my leagues as tendencies vary quite a bit.
  8. beef

    Le'Veon Bell

    lol, me too. plenty of times. i had to settle on bell as he fell to me so i'm fine with not liking him predraft.
  9. I'm going with 16-0 including the playoffs. Some of their wins will be so dominate that Goodell will say they cheated and not count a few games to prevent them from replacing the Dolphins in the record book.
  10. He's been better than the wr taken at 2.12 and is much cheaper
  11. beef

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    bennett deal being reported for 3 years, 18.5 mil. thats cheaper than what cook was rumored to want. edit: per Rob Demovsky - 3 years, $18.45 mil that's less than what Rob says the deal offered to Cook was for.
  12. beef

    2017 Green Bay Packers Thread

    butler is under contract for 2017. Current Contract Malcolm Butler signed a 1 year, $3,910,000 contract with the New England Patriots, including an average annual salary of $3,910,000. In 2017, Butler will earn a base salary of $3,910,000. Butler has a cap hit of $3,910,000. 2018/UFA