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  1. Best QB at highest salary. In 3-4 years they'll 10-15th highest and the cap will be significantly higher too.
  2. Donald is overrated because the alt-right media wants to see a ginger QB succeed.
  3. Stafford ended year #8, #7, #6 ranked in 2015-2017. Top 10 in 7 of 8 years between 2011-2017. But ends at #20 in 2018 and somehow doesn't even exist in rankings anymore. He's not just cheap. He's basically free.
  4. I have asked that the Packers trade me which is why I'm skipping OTAs. I realize I'm not on the team, but that's besides the point since I've proven about as much as Josh Jones has on the field. I believe a fresh start is best for both parties.
  5. The Jets must have been so envious of all the press the Giants have been getting since draft time that they had to go out and create a s-storm of drama to get some attention.
  6. Any Devy Tua owners shopping him hard? He could have like 10 kids by next year and that might make NFL teams a bit nervous.
  7. I'm looking for investors to start a heifer farm in Alabama with me. Making contraception illegal and punishable with jail time is next. Then after all the women are in jail the white men will need something to F. #BordelloBeef
  8. Absolutely. Not worth the risk losing out and this WR class is full of dime a dozen guys.
  9. Nope. All those vets will be gone in 2 years.
  10. Out of the 40 trades made during the weekend, CBS's RJ White ranked the Rams trade to get Henderson 39th (or the 2nd worse in value). Another confirmation just how bad the Rams wanted Henderson.
  11. BPA that the Rams traded two late 3rds to go and get in the early 3rd. I gotta think they graded him at least a solid 2nd round talent or really liked him a lot better than the rest, everyone but Jacobs and Sanders at the time. Either way, I think there are a lot of reasons for why McVay wanted him and they all makes sense.
  12. poor man's marshawn lynch. busting, bruiser, that gets low and has great leg drive. waldman did an awesome breakdown of him. if you're looking for sexy turn away, unless your sexy is a back that will grind hard on a defense and then grind some more.
  13. an injury to a raiders rb was the only thing that would get dougie a job again.