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  1. I've doubled my position on DKNG. If it continues to slide I may triple it. I'm in for the long haul.
  2. Too bad. His show is great if you want to hear news. Probably doing poor because he doesn't talk a lot about trump.
  3. darn markets!!! now I have to postpone my dream of opening up a nude physic readings and tax advice business.
  4. I'm going balls out on some bulls and feel like the smart move may be to do my opposite.
  5. I'm just going to move all those shares into my very very long term hold category. Someday my grandkids may make a buck or two on it.
  6. I keep looking at TQQQ and thinking I should get in. I look away and come back to find it down another buck or two.
  7. I'm on this plan too. But have already gone through a few double downs.
  8. I'm starting to wonder if I can sell now at $15 and buy back later at $1.05
  9. I sell and celebrate while writing the IRS a check.
  10. Dealer promised me a green RIDE. ##### delivered a red one.
  11. That's my biggest concern with all this. Dems gotta suck it up and not act or retaliate by packing the bench. I really don't like pushing through this confirmation. But the GOP won the votes to have control and call the shots.
  12. He's being way to anal about it. Just accept the pounding and move on.
  13. Dang... Joe going right at the wealthy on day one of his market.