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  1. FFPC After signing in New England but before rape story Gave Antonio Brown, 3rd rd pick Got Brandin Cooks
  2. when you say major value, I question that going forward, saw about 5 footballguys players championship drafts this weekend he went between 4.2 and 5.4
  3. so I was looking back at this one and probably my favorite of my early drafts, on the 'weaker rbs' I got Kerryon mid 4, David Montgomery mid 5, and Carson mid 7. All their ADP's have decreased significantly since then. That it allowed me to start Kelce, JuJu, and Cooper (ok Cooper not great but rd3 isn't end of world given it was pre injury) seems to make this one solid all around
  4. 3 hole today QB: Cam Newton, Kyler Murray RB: Christian McCaffrey, Marlon Mack, Royce Freeman, Jalen Richard, Tony Pollard, Chase Edmonds, Malcolm Brown WR: Tyreek Hill, Antonio Brown, Robert Woods, Sammy Watkins, Will Fuller, Deebo Samuel, Marquise Goodwin TE: Vance McDonald, Tyler Eifert PK: Jake Elliott TD: Houston Texans
  5. as one that reviews resumes the only impact it has ever had is for me to eliminate some people if it didn't look like something that was possible. I say just put your skills and experience, deal with the rest in the interview
  6. i got my email with breakdown of my credits 5 minutes after i hung up
  7. 4 spot this afternoon QB: Andrew Luck, Jameis Winston RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Todd Gurley, Latavius Murray, Jordan Howard, Giovani Bernard, Malcolm Brown WR: Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin, Robert Woods, Sterling Shepard, Devin Funchess, Adam Humphries, Terry McLaurin TE: Vance McDonald, Mark Andrews, Jason Witten PK: Harrison Butker TD: Dallas Cowboys
  8. seems like people disagree with you
  9. little under $80 I have 3 dvrs hbo showtime
  10. I called back today to move up my cancel date, finally got a decent rep (Sabrina Reyes with loyalty) and instead of changing my date, she cancelled my cancellation, she asked why I was leaving and we discussed the ticket. While it isn't the super deal of the past she basically is going to charge me the $395 for sunday ticket and give me $60 credit per month for 12 months for $720 in credits. No contract or anything. I don't have to deal with the cancelling hassle, took it and ran. I'm happy enough
  11. i like this team except again not sure it has a very good chance week 12