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  1. FFPC, in dire need at TE Gave Cooper, Sanders, and a 5th for Engram, Keelan Cole, and a 3rd
  2. FFPC Team A gets Josh gordon Team B gets random 2019 1st and John Ross
  3. what league do you play in where he is available?? I wouldn't think he is on any waiver wires
  4. nobody is doing this, Rams still give up catches to rbs, you never bench DJ unless you are maybe like in a 4 team league
  5. you still owe, likely they would send you to collections. no different than anything else you agree to buy on an installment plan
  6. It would be great if any of the posts in this thread actually had useful info
  7. I agree with what you are saying on Fantasy Pros, been playing a long time. Footballguys ranks are ok and it is a plus they have 3 sets of projections but just my opinion in what has helped me win that they are not the best. That aside I will still use this tool a fair amount. Just requires an additional check for me.
  8. rankings aside, kudos to the developers of this tool, it is really pretty sweet. For someone like me that has 15 footballguys, 3 main event, 7 dynasty, 2 home leagues the 10 second primer is pretty damn awesome. The fact that the analysis tool also populates my opponents lineup is pretty cool. The fact you got this to interface and synch with every site I use is huge. It really is very well designed
  9. I thought the season picked up in the final 2 episodes. Looking forward to where things go in season 3
  10. in this case I'll agree to disagree, your competitors provide them projections to see how they measure up vs the competition. Some of us fantasy consumers use those results to decide which sites we subscribe to, so I understand it is a business decision but you are missing out on potential subscriber revenue. When you say 'we think our projections are the best in the business' what do you have to back it up? Just looks like an opinion to me
  11. I know some of them used to because I see them in some of the past rankings. If they don't participate any longer that is kind of silly, prove your point if you are the best. Otherwise I'll continue to not use them as I have no idea what I'm getting. I just assumed they moved down the list somewhere since I no longer see them near the top.
  12. Yes I figured that lol. It varies from year to year, I'll watch the footballguys performance in the annual fantasy pros rankings and see if they improve. You need to prove they are best in the business with some actual data/results. At the end of the day, as sweet as this toll is, it is only going to be as good as the projections that go in
  13. nice job guys, this a very functional tool. My only nitpick and I may be out on my own here is that I generally don't use the projections of any of the footballguys, I use a different source that is historically more accurate. Probably impossible and not wanted to allow it to import projections from a competitor but if it could this would be a perfect tool. Other than that this thing is pretty awesome and gives you any info you'd like to know
  14. maybe Carl Nasib can talk to Bell to make sure he understands that the $14.5 million this year is very valuable due to compound interest and the time value of money
  15. is he even the backup?? some question about that and if he is suspended does the backup really have any value on this crappy team??