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  1. I got nervous, I just sold my 1 share on a good team for AJ Green straight up
  2. I'd put Hyde about equal with CJ Anderson on your list, I see him as 4 or 5 there, he wasn't that bad and is an all around back
  3. I think the contract was the issue, he will still land somewhere and be in a time share I would think
  4. yes, to me 1.6 much more valuable, very few QBs would I give a 1st for in 1 qb leagues, in fact for me I think it is only Mahomes. The position is just way too deep
  5. that seems like an easy accept for you, I would've taken that as well
  6. he is a decent prospect for sure but problem is most of his owners think so and aren't selling. If you could buy him with pick somewhere between 2.1 and say 2.6 in FFPC I would but I suspect most of his owners want a later 1st
  7. surprises me a bit, I know he is best wr in the game but this deal seems like 4 starters for 1. Guy who got the 4 didn't have much outside Nuk and now his team looks decent to me
  8. FFPC, not involved Robert Woods, Alshon Jeffrey, Mack, Lindsay and 4.1 for Hopkins, Duke Johnson, Curtis Samuel, Eckler, 2.9