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  1. the only thing I'd argue here is that TE's usually take longer so usually worth more in year 2 or 3 then as a rookie. Fant flashed enough that we are pretty positive he'll be good. I didn't think it was that far off but I sold him as I like the top half of rd1 in this draft. In several of my FFPC league he went 1.4-1.7 last year
  2. I don't disagree, the age difference is what pushed it to an accept for me, I like both players
  3. FFPC, Rebuilding, think I sold light but wasn't getting much interest at all Gave Thielen, Watkins, Stafford Got Kyler Murray, Arcega Whiteside, 2020 1st
  4. FFPC, I have a team that has dominated season to date, FFPC is Victory points and I'll have maximum possible of 24 after 6 weeks. Yet my team is weak at rb in that my 2 main guys have been Josh Jacobs and Ekeler to date. I gave Jason Witten and my 2020 1st (late) got Chris Carson
  5. I like both deals for you, when you have an open window you have to go for it. Thomas is young and Julio should remain elite for couple more years
  6. FFPC After signing in New England but before rape story Gave Antonio Brown, 3rd rd pick Got Brandin Cooks
  7. when you say major value, I question that going forward, saw about 5 footballguys players championship drafts this weekend he went between 4.2 and 5.4