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  1. personal opinion but when was the last time Joe Flacco was a positive for any #1 wr?? and #2 I think the Denver coach will try and run more this year. I also don't see Sutton as an elite talent vs. the defenses #1 cornerback. There are several other guys I prefer in that area of the draft so I never wind up with Sutton.
  2. one of the things I'm trying to be careful of is there are quite a few good players on bye week 12, I don't want to have too many key guys out that week since it is playoffs here. What I'm saying is if you are down David Johnson, Damien Williams, and Tyreek Hill that week you are going to have to get really lucky to win a playoff game. Between Chargers, Vikings, Chiefs, Cardinals there are a lot of strong players out. You may be able to survive it but you are putting yourself at a big disadvantage. I'm just trying to be wary of it, with a mid pick it is easy to wind up with a bunch of these guys
  3. like the start but personally hate the risk of Hill in the 4th Henderson in the 5th. I can live with Watson in 7th but would prefer to wait longer. Earliest I've gone QB is 8 but like my teams better when I wait until 13-15. Also not a believer in Sutton. The other thing you have to watch out for is playoffs, if you get there you won't have DJ, Damien Will, or Hill as they all have week 12 byes so unfortunately this team has no chance unless Tyreek serves no suspension and it winds up highest scoring but even then only chance is in the championship rd. This team cannot win the individual league
  4. posting a couple others for feedback from 4 QB: Baker Mayfield, Lamar Jackson RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Damien Williams, David Montgomery, Latavius Murray, Peyton Barber, Malcolm Brown WR: Antonio Brown, Calvin Ridley, Golden Tate, Mohamed Sanu, Kenny Stills, Albert Wilson, DeSean Jackson, Deebo Samuel TE: Evan Engram, Kyle Rudolph PK: Justin Tucker TD: Denver Broncos from 7 QB: Cam Newton, Jared Goff RB: Kerryon Johnson, Chris Carson, David Montgomery, Dion Lewis, Derrius Guice WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster, Amari Cooper, Sammy Watkins, Marvin Jones, Jamison Crowder, TreQuan Smith, John Brown TE: Travis Kelce, Noah Fant, Greg Olsen PK: Wil Lutz TD: Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys
  5. woods/golladay were already gone and Ingram also went mid 4th so they weren't available to me in 4th or 5th
  6. nobody is trading Murray for a 4th, you have to offer a 2nd if you want consideration
  7. i agree, kinda funny i have done several and so far this one is best according the footballguys rate my team - comes in at 90,99,90,90. I don't love it though, was a tough draft
  8. from the 2 spot tonight QB: Carson Wentz, Cam Newton RB: Christian McCaffrey, Sony Michel, Chris Carson, Rashaad Penny, Jamaal Williams, Elijah McGuire WR: Keenan Allen, Chris Godwin, Larry Fitzgerald, Sterling Shepard, Donte Moncrief, Kenny Stills, DeSean Jackson TE: Zach Ertz, Chris Herndon, Matt LaCosse PK: Jason Myers TD: Los Angeles Rams
  9. To me I follow the info of certain individuals and seem to get more from podcasts and twitter these days. I also used to use Fantasy Guru but more for John Hansen and Graham Barfield who have both moved on. Between using google, youtube, twitter you can track down what you need without paying
  10. Here is one from 7th pick QB: Cam Newton, Mitchell Trubisky RB: David Johnson, Joe Mixon, Tarik Cohen, Peyton Barber, Chris Thompson, Adrian Peterson, Justice Hill WR: T.Y. Hilton, Brandin Cooks, Tyler Boyd, Golden Tate, Marvin Jones, Jamison Crowder TE: Hunter Henry, Jordan Reed, Ian Thomas PK: Wil Lutz TD: New Orleans Saints
  11. I'm not saying what the Chiefs did is wrong football wise and to the other responder, same I'm not saying other 31 teams would have done anything different. All I'm saying is even if he isn't technically guilty of anything and just gets 4 games, the kid had a broken arm, kid got removed from the home, Tyreek has a prior history, there is that audio tape showing he still has anger issues, and that is enough to turn off some fans, including me, I won't draft this guy even though I think he is a great payer, just not going to take the risk of him doing something else at where his ADP will likely wind up
  12. going to disagree with you on this, maybe it can't be proven due to lack of evidence and yes we live in America etc. but the Chiefs had a chance to make a strong moral stance and didn't. I'm not saying which way is correct but a lot of people's thinking will be he did it just like people assume OJ killed Nicole
  13. show up early to the draft, give them a few beers. That seems to be the easiest way to figure out who they will take
  14. FFPC DeDe Westbrook and Malcom Brown for Latavius Murray