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  1. Assuming it is a 1 qb league, an ffpc example. Goff was not protected last year (12 players each keep 14 position players) so he was in the free agency pool, I was somewhat needy at QB as I only have Derek Carr so I drafted Goff but I got him in the mid 3rd rd of the rookie draft. So best case in FFPC he is worth like a 3rd rd pick.
  2. more of an example of an owner without a clue than it is market value
  3. Is running back pay going to go up - yes, but probably not by as much as you think. Do a lot of teams purposely use rbs on rookie deals due to both the pay scale and the shorter nfl careers of rbs - yes. RB is also probably the easiest position to play instantly as a rb (except for the ones that have no idea about pass protection). I think there is a 95% chance this is Bell's last year in Pittsburgh, you just don't know when the wheels will fall off (see Demarco Murray) and it doesn't help that Bell is one F up away from being suspended for a year. Steelers are smart not to give him the long term deal.
  4. it is usually best to wait until August
  5. who said it is a grey area, he said you call the person, if they are on their way and will be there shortly you wait, if no answer you start.
  6. Personal responsibility man, keep your cell phone on. One person shouldn't ruin the experience of the other 11. I agree with Alex on this one, we all know the rules.
  7. If it is me I franchise him once more and give him a good 450 touches this year. Next year I look elsewhere. I've seen where he wants a deal averaging a minimum of that $14.5 million per season. You can't afford to pay your rb twice as much as everyone else, he may be the best but he isn't worth it.
  8. just saying I haven't done a ton but maybe 6 best ball, 3 footballguys, 3 classics, over at FFPC in early summer and Fitz consistently gets picked in rd 4. Don't know what kind of drafts those are where he is showing 7.04 ADP but I certainly would not bank on that. I think the thing that is off here is their ADP info. Went in and calculated his average ADP in my drafts (10) to date and it is 3.9
  9. It varies but if there is a guy that looks decent he will be expensive so if you want him bid aggressive. I don't see many people looking to save dollars. If they see someone they like they go get him
  10. FFPC Gave Mike Williams, Jimmy Graham, 2019 3rd, 2019 5th Got Devin Funchess, Greg Olsen, 2019 2nd
  11. DJ Moore went 10th in this draft and this is the 2nd time he has been traded already in this league
  12. FFPC, not involved Team A gets DJ Moore, Charles Clay Team B gets Alex Collins, Cameron Brate, 2019 3rd
  13. where were Moore and Michel drafted? In several of my rookie drafts Michel went at 1.3 and Moore went between 7 and 9. Not saying I agree, just commenting because in most of my drafts you couldn't have 'just drafted Michel over Moore'
  14. Barkley on this one, it isn't that close
  15. this is close to me, this in most of my leagues would be DJ Moore or Kerryon Johnson. I think I take the pick and I like Cupp