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  1. This is just the kind of thing the Pats needed to turn the franchise around and bring winning football back to Boston after not having won a title in six months.
  2. I called today. I called the main number. I got a rep who probably wasn't a US resident. I said, "I've been a Directv subscriber for almost 15 years. In the past, I've gotten deals on Sunday Ticket. It's really the only thing keeping me with Directv but there are a bunch of streaming services that would be a lot cheaper for me and Directv isn't really worth it for me if Sunday Ticket is full price." That guy couldn't really help me, so he said his supervisor would call me back. She called me two hours later. After getting disconnected a couple times, she transferred me to loyalty department. That guy was based here in US, super chatty, talked my ear off, but gave me $300-plus in credits to offset the cost of Sunday Ticket Max. Took me 45 minutes total phone time.
  3. Guys, guys, guys. Has anyone considered the possibility that AB refuses to give up his old helmet because it's magical?
  4. The MyQ doesn't work with Alexa for liability reasons. For example, if you were inside the house and your kid was in the driveway standing under the garage door and you told Alexa to close it, it might close on your kid. (A lot of people have sensors to prevent that, but you know what I mean.)
  5. A black female Bond to own the li-- hey, wait a second.
  6. There's a female supermodel named James King. 🤷‍♂️
  7. As I understand it: The goal of the citizenship question is to discourage non-citizens from filling out the census. Yes, someone could lie or skip the question, but the people who would skip that question would probably just decide it's not worth filling out at all. Since these people are most likely to live in a blue state, if enough people decide not to fill out the census form, then that could adversely affect blue states in terms of congressional representation and federal funding, because blue states would be undercounted.
  8. In late March, in an FFPC dynasty, I offered Damien Williams and Tyler Boyd for Aaron Jones and Chris Godwin. He rejected, but said he would trade Jones for Williams straight up, since he already had Hyde. I took it. I like Jones way more. I was a Hunt owner who put a modest bid on Williams after the suspension, so I don't mind selling someone I got for peanuts. If you're not a big Williams fan, then the Chiefs playoff run -- where Williams essentially looked like a cloned version of Hunt -- was a godsend.
  9. I live just west of that district and it's pretty solidly Republican. Of course, it probably helped that Hunter ran ads that basically said his Democratic opponent, Ammar Campa-Najjar, was a terrorist who wanted to infiltrate Congress. Then again, maybe the way to look at it is that Hunter ran against a guy who, judging by his name, was obviously a terrorist, and Hunter won by only 3 points.
  10. Duncan Hunter's wife will change her plea to guilty that the couple misused campaign funds.
  11. I think this is a great illustration of rookie TEs in FFPC dynasties. Although I like Mark Andrews much, much more than Hurst, at least Hurst was a first-round pick. In my dynasty, he went 2.10 last year, but he was dumped by that team at roster cutdowns and I grabbed him at 5.10 this year. I'm not that optimistic he'll be on my team come Week 1, but he'll at least be in his second season at a position that typically takes a season or two to learn, in an offense with a ton of inexperienced receivers. Back on topic, I like Warring a lot and drafted him in other (non-FFPC) leagues. But it's just so hard to hold on to rookie TEs in FFPC leagues that I typically go for lower-upside vets who can make a more immediate contribution, then hopefully try to grab a TE I like off waivers or the next year's rookie/vet draft.