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  1. I wonder if Trump changed it back to "yourefired".
  2. Lol. Without the suit on, the dude who plays Homelander has about the same physique as Hughie.
  3. One of the guys shown in the crowd at the protest in that video was wearing a Rorschach mask from "Watchmen."
  4. Butcher to Ryan: "Now, remember what I told you." 😂
  5. Two of the armed protesters in that linked tweet above were charged in the Whitmer kidnapping plot.
  6. To sum up the president's message: DON'T: Be afraid of Covid DO: Be afraid of migrant caravans, Antifa, the fake news media, radical Democrats, BLM
  7. Man, I have absolutely no recollection of ever writing any of that. Like, at all. Moreover, I pretty much have no recollection of anything in season 3, so the post you quoted may as well have been written by someone I've never met, analyzing something I've never seen.
  8. Sounds like another case where those who proclaim "fake news!" the loudest are also avid practitioners.
  9. I'm fairly immune when it comes to screen violence, and I really enjoy this show, but, I gotta say, my biggest complaint is that it seems in each episode they try to outdo the gore of the previous one. Two recent scenes stick out to me: In the flashback to the '50s when I didn't need to see the closeup of his face, and when Kimiko goes into that bar to take out those three guys, I actually turned away when she Just seems over the top and unnecessary to me. There's only so many head explosions I can take.
  10. I wouldn't sell it for profit. I'll likely just cancel the order, but I also might ask friends if any of them were looking to order one for Christmas and then just sell it to that person at cost.
  11. I preordered both from Amazon. I had Xbox 360 but never owned Xbox One, and none of the launch titles really thrill me, so I told myself I wasn't going to preorder an Xbox. But Amazon makes it too easy, and I won't get charged until it ships, so I figured I could cancel anytime with nothing to lose.
  12. My guess is RBG didn't retire because she was hoping her replacement would be nominated by the first female president.
  13. I was walking the dog with my wife last night when I got the Best Buy email that PS5 was available for preorder. By the time I got home, the site was overloaded. I ended up following @IGNDeals on Twitter and changed the settings so I'd get an alert every time they tweeted. They were tweeting out links whenever a PS5-related preorder went live. They tweeted out the Amazon link at around 9 pm Pacific while I was watching TV and I snagged one. (I ordered the disc drive version. I rarely get titles on Day 1, so I like hitting Gamestop to see what's used, although if they go out of business, that might not be a possibility much longer.)