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  1. "How could you punish me for crimes I admitted to committing! I TRUSTED YOU!"
  2. phandango

    ***Howard Stern***

    "I was just gonna say that!"
  3. phandango

    2018 Elections Thread

    Republicans: "Lax regulations are allowing for millions of illegal votes!" Same Republicans: "The strict verification of every ballot it taking too long!"
  4. phandango

    Changing The Name Of My Random Shots Column

    Random Bullet Points?
  5. phandango

    2018 Elections Thread

    I found this:
  6. phandango

    2018 Elections Thread

    My cousin is on a local school board in San Mateo County, home to Facebook and in the heart of Silicon Valley. I just read a post of hers about the voting there. The county was one of two in California to try all-mail voting, with no precincts, the goal being to keep costs down since there would be no precincts to run. In short, it is a complete cluster-eff. They don't have the manpower necessary to count votes, and you can't exactly just bring people in off the street at this point. So they're still counting, and they're releasing updated vote tallies today, then next Tuesday, next Friday, and then the following Monday. It's like the 1800s. And this is in the backyard of some of the most technologically advanced companies in the world. You're telling me no one can come up with a better way?
  7. phandango

    Sessions ......he gone

    Just what the talking heads were saying last night. Do we know what the effect of impeachment is? Clinton was already into his second term when he was impeached. He wasn't running for reelection anyway.
  8. phandango

    Sessions ......he gone

    Last night they said Dems can basically say, "Either you let Mueller finish the job or we vote to impeach."
  9. phandango

    2018 Elections Thread

    I live just west of Duncan Hunter's district but got to see his disgusting ads attacking Campa-Najjar. Hunter makes me sick and I hope he goes to jail.
  10. phandango

    Tyler Boyd without AJ Green

    John Ross is obviously no AJ Green, but if he's playing then his outside speed will have to be accounted for and could keep the middle open for Boyd. I'd feel more confident about Boyd with Ross playing.
  11. I think everyone's missing the big picture. Next time a credible accuser says a prominent Republican sexually assaulted her, the GOP can say, "It's known that women get paid to make false accusations for political gain," and then just use this as an example.
  12. phandango

    Eric Ebron Thread

    I have Ebron on two dynasties (as a backup to Kelce) and one redraft (along with Trey Burton). I couldn't give him away. No one wanted him. All three leagues have different scoring formats, and he's the TE3 in all three of them, but when I offer him, the comments I get are along the lines of "I don't want a guy who's the backup TE on his own team." I get that, with Doyle in there, Ebron is heavily dependent on scoring a touchdown, but tight end is an incredibly thin position this year. It's just odd that a guy who's been this productive has a perceived value this low.
  13. phandango


    I'm sure that even though large swaths of the populace hate Jews so much that they wish them dead, at least Jewish people can take solace that others think they're really good at running businesses.
  14. phandango


    Not all Jews are bankers, doctors and lawyers. This is like saying, "I'm looking for a math tutor for my kid, and I prefer the tutor to be Asian." It's assuming that one person is a certain way based on a stereotype of an entire class of people. Your statement makes it seem like Jews shouldn't really fear anti-semitism because, hey, what's so bad about someone assuming you're a really successful businessperson based on your religion? Anti-semitism is prejudicial hate, pure and simple. It isn't any different from hating someone based on skin color or sexual preference. They're all forms of ignorance.