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  1. Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Leadership: Whatever happens, you're responsible. If it doesn't happen, you're responsible. 11:01 AM ยท Nov 8, 2013
  2. Why not just pardon Stone already? There's no such thing as "political fallout" from anything Trump does anymore. Anything goes!
  3. I put the patch on Saturday morning and left it on until Monday night. (It says to put it on four hours before you need it.) The only real side effects I felt were when I got up to use the bathroom after going to sleep on Saturday. I felt really heavy, like I was walking through water. It lasted until I got up Sunday morning. But that was it. It didn't completely take away the motion sickness for me, but it reduced it to the point where it didn't bother me.
  4. I agree. If anyone is headed to Disneyland soon, here's our experience: We got in line to get into the park at 7 am for 8 am opening. They started letting people in at about 7:45. We went to the end of Main Street near Jolly Holiday bakery. I'm sure this is explained elsewhere in the thread, but I scanned our park tickets into the Disneyland app. I had my wife set up her own Disney account on the app and scanned tickets into her phone, and I did the same thing on my daughter's phone. As soon as 8 am hit, we all went to the app to claim a boarding group. Mine went through first. We got boarding group 41 and at about 11 am we got the alert that it was time to get on. We were all wondering how difficult it would be, but I was able to research it so we had as few bumps as possible. Turned out to be super easy. As I said to my family, "I know that 'hero' is a strong word, but I can't think of any other way for you to describe me." As for Rise, it's definitely more of an experience than a ride. We all loved it. Without spoiling anything, when you exit the shuttle and emerge onto the platform and see what's waiting there, man, that was so awesome. In fact, all of Star Wars land was cool. We were walking around and a Stormtrooper came up to my wife, pointed to her phone and said, "What are you doing with that data pad?" She panicked and just pointed to my daughter and said it was my daughter's birthday, so the Trooper bugged her instead. Throughout the afternoon, the Troopers (and sometimes Kylo Ren) went around questioning people about the identity of a rebel spy. The trip was worth just the few hours we spent there. It really reminded me of Harry Potter area at Universal Orlando -- completely immersive, like you're in that world.
  5. We just got back from Disneyland. Before we left, I messaged my doctor and asked if he could prescribe the scopolamine patch, which helps with motion sickness. You just put the patch behind your ear four hours before getting on rides and it lasts for three days (you can shower with it on, so no need to take it off). Man, I'm telling you, it works. I went on everything with the kids, including Guardians of the Galaxy (the former Tower of Terror), the one where you're in a runaway elevator that shoots you up and drops you over and over. I would've been wrecked on that ride without the patch, but the only thing I felt was the normal amount of queasiness that went away after a few minutes. If you can get it from your doc, I'd recommend it.
  6. Then I wouldn't be able to gaze at my Maserati while riding.
  7. I'm in my mid-40s. I've always hated working out. Like, HATE it. We paid around $1800 for a treadmill in 2012 when my wife wanted one. I thought it was a waste of money. She used it in spurts -- a few months here, then dormant for another few. About three years ago, I started using it every weekday. I ran 2.5 miles on it, consistently. Man, I hated it, but I did it. The treadmill could obviously change speeds or you could raise the incline. I didn't do any of that. I just jogged/ran while it was flat, same speed every time. In October, my wife ordered the Peloton. I was wrong about the treadmill -- it wasn't a waste of money, after all -- but I wasn't convinced the Peloton was worth it. I didn't argue, though, because I was curious about it, and I was getting all sorts of ailments (sore knees, sore feet) that I figured was from running. I'd never taken a spin class. I've done video workouts and stuff, all at home, and the reason I stuck to running was because it's the best way I've found to get exercise and keep my weight down. I started Peloton every weekday since October and have stopped running. My knees don't hurt. I can track my progress by doing the same pre-recorded class once a month and comparing my output to see how I've improved each time. I'm working out harder than I did while running because I'm listening to instructors and pushing much more than I did on the treadmill. The front of my T-shirt is usually drenched by the end. My thigh muscles are sore -- the good kind, when you know you're working muscles that don't always get used. My weight is even slightly lower than when I was running, even though my diet is unchanged. I don't know what the hacked version would be like because I've only ever used a Peloton bike. But I'm the type of person who will pay more if I know there's a much higher chance everything will work correctly. At the same time, I'm incredibly resistant to making large purchases. If I'm going to do it, I want to be sure it's worth it. I really think the Peloton is worth it, and because I hate wasting money, there's the extra motivation that if I don't use it every day, then there's a good chance we paid $2000 for a decorative workout bike for the garage.
  8. Thanks, I've been a 10C member for a while. I was just checking out the presale to see if there was any chance of getting really good seats. (I was trying to get four seats together, since the 10C sale allowed two tickets max.) Good to know that the best tickets were reserved for fan club members. Already got my tix to San Diego and both Oakland shows. ๐Ÿ‘
  9. Finally got in a couple min later. All the available tickets are behind the stage, with some adjacent to stage. What the hell?
  10. I already have SD tickets via 10 Club but the Ticketmaster verified fan sale lets you get 4 tickets so I thought I'd see where the seats were in case my wife and daughter wanted to go (I'm already going with a friend). Signed on right at 10. It said there were 2000 people in front of me. After 10 minutes, I got to 89 people in front of me. For the past 20 minutes, it has been stuck on 89 people in front of me. This is exactly why PJ sells tickets through the fan club. TM is such a garbage system.
  11. It took me 2 minutes to sign up and request reserved seats for three shows via the band's fan club. A few days later I got the notification that I got tickets to all three shows. OR I could set a reminder on my phone to log in to a ticket-selling web site at a specific time when I probably have other things to do, then spend an hour getting a message that says, "No tickets available, please try again" over and over until the ticketseller eventually gives me a message saying the show has sold out, only to find out later that tickets were gone within the first minute, and that they're currently available on Stubhub for triple the cost. I will always support PJ's efforts to keep tickets at face value and in the hands of fans. They tried to do this before the Internet age and, while I appreciated the effort, it was a disaster because of monopolies like Ticketmaster. It's much easier now and more bands should do it.
  12. I'm mid-40s. I do this all the time. In November, I had to go to the DMV to take care of something with one of our cars. While I was there, DMV clerk asked if I also wanted to pay for the car's registration. I said sure. Last week, I realized the DMV never mailed us the new registration license plate sticker for the car. After spending 10 minutes looking through drawers and paperwork to see if we got the sticker in the mail, I went outside to check the car. The new sticker was on there. No one else would've put the sticker on there but me. I did it at some point and have no recollection of doing it. The simulation is glitching.
  13. Similar story here. My lifelong friend joined 10C probably some time in the 90s. He may have gotten me to join too, because I vaguely recall getting 45s from the fan club in the mail and not having a record player to listen to them. We both let our memberships lapse and rejoined probably 5-6 years ago. I told my kids this story recently: I was a freshman in college when "Ten" came out. My younger brother got me into PJ. He and his friends all got tickets to PJ at Mesa Amphitheater in Arizona in May 1992. Tickets were $10. This was back when you had to go to a physical ticket window, and I didn't know about the show until it was sold out. I went down anyway to try to buy one off a scalper. These guys were asking outrageous prices. I could hear the opening band starting to play, so I said, "FINE!" and gave the scalper what he wanted and ran inside. I was pissed because I had to pay $20 for the ticket.
  14. It seems that the general public can buy tix on the exchange, even if the tix are 10 Club seats. The thread I found is here:
  15. Looks like you'll be able to sell your 10 Club tickets if you put in for a show but can't go: Folks on the PJ forums seem to have gotten confirmation that this applies to 10 Club tix. (The "non-transferable" part just means you can't give your 10C tix to someone else or sell them outside the exchange. If you get rid of them via the exchange, then the tix are sold, not transferred.) There's some speculation about whether this will increase the number of people who put in for shows for the hell of it, thinking they can just sell the tickets later.