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  1. Similar to my trade question you commented on, this would leave you with just 2 viable starting RB's and weak during byes. What is your record now? I would personally love to have Rodgers on my team. He hasn't been putting up his normal huge stats, but I think that'll change soon.
  2. While Vick is healthy, I have a hard time starting Ryan over him. Plus, I think Brady gets better with Amendola and Gronk returning. More thoughts: Harbaugh says he's committed to getting Rice more involved like normal now that he's back healthy. Does he get back to his normal production? I think Torrey Smith is coming into WR 1 status and could produce almost equal to Megatron, esp since as a Lions fan I watch them use Calvin as a decoy for half of every game. I think Miller is gonna keep improving, and has great match ups in the fantasy playoffs if I make it. Could Hopkins become a keeper in a 3 keeper league? My thought is next year.
  3. Thanks Kwai that was insightful feedback. Gonna check your out.
  4. I give: Matt Ryan Megatron Lamar Miller Joique I get: Tom Brady Ray Rice Torrey Smith Deandre Hopkins I'm currently 1-3, and Martin is on the bye this week and Magahee dropped 12 on me last night. Think Joique's value is highest now barring a Bush injury. Don't want to trade Mega, but feel like I might actually get more possible keepers back in this deal. But, it would leave me with very little depth at RB...unless Lacy gets hurt again or Morris's injury lingers. What do you guys think?
  5. Thomas and Williams for me.
  6. But will Miami's defense be able to keep it close enough for their offense to stick with the run game? On a side note, does Miami ever feature Miller in screen plays? Seems like he has a good skill set for it.
  7. The site's rankings have miller highest. I have a hunch though that the Steelers are going to plan to get Sanders the ball more this week since the Vikes will no doubt put extra focus on Brown after his big game last week. I worry about the Dolphins falling a few td's behind and all but abandoning the run. Plus Miller's not getting goal line carries. Dobson is a crapshoot, although both Amendola and Gronk are still out. Anyone see it differently?
  8. I am new to FB Guys and these forums. Just read these guidelines and LOVE them. I give you guys a ton of credit and many kudos for making it your goal to keep a respectable forum. We sure could use more courtesy and respect in our world, and for whatever reasons those who lack such integrity really enjoy the anonymity that online forums bring them. Again, great work guys. I'm really looking forward to becoming a regular in your community. Ken
  9. How do I update the player rankings in my DD software when it gets closer to draft time?