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  1. Me too - been trying to sell him for a 2020 1st and getting no love. Seems people don't believe he's the real deal....of course, I'm trying to "sell high" so obviously I'm not sold on him long term either
  2. Agreed as well. Kid just seems to get open. And he's got strong hands and seemingly good-to-great after the catch ability.
  3. This is an example of what has me excited about this kid. In the little bits I've been able to watch (pre-season games and practice highlights) he's got some serious route-running chops. Combined with his size and athleticism there may just be real fire behind this smoke. The box score yesterday looked awful. But my (admittedly subjective) opinion from watching those routes is this kid is already legit and, if his head stays on straight, will only grow and improve.
  4. Your team has been successfully entered. QB - Baker Mayfield - CLE/7 - $19 QB - Lamar Jackson - BAL/8 - $12 RB - Devonta Freeman - ATL/9 - $23 RB - Kerryon Johnson - DET/5 - $23 RB - Jaylen Samuels - PIT/7 - $11 RB - Devin Singletary - BUF/6 - $8 RB - Darwin Thompson - KC/12 - $5 WR - JuJu Smith-Schuster - PIT/7 - $30 WR - Keenan Allen - LAC/12 - $25 WR - Corey Davis - TEN/11 - $15 WR - Courtland Sutton - DEN/10 - $14 WR - Dede Westbrook - JAX/10 - $13 TE - Evan Engram - NYG/11 - $18 TE - Mark Andrews - BAL/8 - $9 TE - Chris Herndon - NYJ/4 - $8 PK - Matt Prater - DET/5 - $4 PK - Steve Hauschka - BUF/6 - $3 PK - Zane Gonzalez - ARI/12 - $3 TD - Carolina Panthers - CAR/7 - $4 TD - New York Jets - NYJ/4 - $3
  5. This is beginning to feel a lot like Belichick Part Deux
  6. I've not watched Jeudy as closely (CU alum, live in Colorado) but Shenault looks really special to me. The offense has not used him to the full extent (tons of short passes, bubble screens, motion stuff) but when he is let loose he looks unstoppable. If he stays healthy I expect him to push Jeudy for the #1 WR in this class.
  7. I don't follow the Titans very closely and I'm definitely not that talented on the scouting side so I'm genuinely curious to learn more about this. What, do you feel, makes AJ Brown a better fit to Marriota's game than other WRs they have had in the past/currently?
  8. Thanks for this Faust! Anyone know if he did any of the other tests like jumps, 3 cone, etc.?
  9. With the depth at the DL, edge, and WR positions in this draft I'm actually hoping some desperate team trades up with us at 12 and we grab some more draft capital
  10. And, based on that link, it sure looks a lot like a 1-year insurance deal
  11. I, for one, do not see the need for them to sign any of the top remaining WRs. Between the trio of 2nd year guys, the likely return of Allison, possible post June 1st cuts around the league, and a deep rookie WR class I'm confident the Packers can fill out a solid receiving corps by less expensive (possibly more effective) routes.
  12. It could be a bit of recency bias (and general optimism) but in looking at today's signings and releasing Nick Perry, I feel the Packers got better today
  13. Signing Smith too? Who ARE these Packers?!?! I'm happy to see them making aggressive, strategic moves in free agency. Agree, this lines them up for a potentially effective draft - they now have some great options in a deep draft class.....go BPA, trade down to match BPA to need and accumulate picks.....or even trade up to grab one of the top difference makers.
  14. Great post. I was actually coming here to write something similar from a different perspective - that of KC. Watching the Chiefs lose that game reminded me of days gone by when the Packers could score and score.....and not stop anyone else from scoring.....ever.
  15. Maybe, maybe not. Not at all to suggest McDaniels = Belichick but I do recall Belichick's tenure with Cleveland being not so impressive (as McDaniel's was in Denver). Things seemed to turn out just fine for him later on in his career. Perhaps McDaniels learned a thing or two in the past few years and grew as a person and coach. Perhaps that results in him doing a much better job his second go round as the head honcho. Perhaps he reignites Rodgers' greatness. Or perhaps he isn't made of head coach material and Green Bay goes all "Matt Patricia". Who knows. I wouldn't be upset if they signed McDaniels (unless he leaves us at the altar ala Indy) - and I wouldn't be jumping with joy either. I'd probably be cautiously optimistic.