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  1. This sucks but no one to blame. A huge part of what makes Rodgers so great (improvisation, patience, working in/around/outside the pocket) also opens him up to hits and injuries. Frankly, it speaks to his toughness and care for his body he hasn't sustained more serious injuries in his career. I'm not at all ready to give up on this season. The NFL is an interesting league these days. Look at the Giants handing it to Denver last night....in Denver....with a list of injuries not much different than ours. Hundley has been in our system for 3 years now. He's got weapons and now the time to prepare as the #1. Winnable games on our schedule looking forward. With all these injuries things look bleak for sure and I could see us going 6-10....but I also think it is not delusional to think we can go 10-6. That's likely a wild card spot. Perhaps Rodgers comes back by the playoffs. Maybe it's good people are writing us off now....that's the kind of messaging that can light a fire.
  2. On the surface McKissic looks like a legit longshot. And yes, Seattle seems to love Prosise. But love him or not, if he can't stay on the field.....same goes for Rawls and Lacy
  3. As it always seems, health is the critical component - but I like what the Packers are building here and I like how these young guys are getting quality reps early on. McCarthy always seems to build his season in way that results in the team progressing through the middle of the season and peaking toward the end. If this squad can go into the 4th quarter of the season (and playoffs) with at or near the full complement of defensive talent, a relatively intact o-line, and Rodgers, the sky is the limit.
  4. I have to think Gallman has the clearest path to 3-down usage. I'm a Packers fan who hasn't bought into the Ty Montgomery hype but McCarthy clearly loves the guy. He can't stay healthy but when he is healthy he is their clear #1 workhorse. Latavius isn't 100% healthy (still recovering from his ankle surgery) and is what he is. I feel that backfield is going to be a messy RBBC.
  5. How has Martavis Bryan looked? Any chance JuJu surpasses Bryant in the pecking order this season?
  6. Ian Rapoport‏Verified account @RapSheet #Packers CB Damarious Randall got into a argument with a coach Thurs, then was sent into the locker room, sources said. He left the stadium. ------------------------- Wow.
  7. Thanks - this is helpful
  8. Flex spot - Jermaine Kearse v Miami, Rashard Higgins v. Indy, or Cooper Kupp v. San Fran tonight Thanks!
  9. Curious what % of FAAB $ are being spent to get Higgins
  10. Agreed. May not be until next year before we really know what we have in King.
  11. I find it very strange how tentative Williams looks as a runner. When I look at his college tape a saw a much more decisive back. Could he be struggling with our scheme? On the other hand, he looks rock solid in the passing game both in pass pro and as a receiving back. While I think Jones looks better as a runner right now I'm not so sure they trust him in pass pro to the extent they trust Williams. In fact, I'd venture Williams is ahead of Ty in pass pro right now.
  12. Last one, from the 10 spot. Feeling kinda meh about this one QB: Carr, Goff RB: Ajayi, Fournette, Jonathan Williams, Foreman, Cohen, Drake WR: Green, Alshon, Coleman, John Brown, Kupp, Marqise Lee TE: Eifert. Henry, Hooper
  13. Thanks. Took Thomas at 1.5, Zeke at 2.8. Really hoping to see his suspension reduced or an injunction push it off to next year. As for Gordon, I hear ya....but in the 17th felt like a worthwhile dart toss what with guys like Treadwell being the best option available then. Should know by the end of September is Gordon will win reinstatement. Figure I can hold him at the end of my bench for the first 3/4 weeks...if it looks like no chance he's coming back, he'll be the first waiver wire casualty.
  14. 5 spot Winston, Eli Zeke, Gurley, McFadden, Foreman, Mack, Smallwood, Cohen Thomas, ARob, Parker, John Brown, Ardarius Stewart, Josh Gordon Eifert, Sefarian-Jenkins, Max Williams ---- Got a bit carried away with RBs for a stretch hoping to hit gold on one to help with the Zeke situation. Probably should have used one of those picks on a TE or another WR. Still, was pumped to see Gurley in the third and Eifert in the fourth
  15. Definitely been more difficult this year than in years past. Called for the 3rd or 4th time today - offers get progressively better but not what I want and not free ST Max. However, last couple times they've suggested it'll be easier to get the free ST Max "closer to the season kickoff". So I set a cancellation date for midnight Thursday, 9/7. Hoping to get the "please don't leave us" call. If not, I'll call the 210 number on the 6th or 7th. Anyway, thought you'd all like to know I've had two different employees basically tell me the deals will be better closer to the end of pre-season.