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  1. When he actually wants to play. He was MIA all game, until the final shift. The guy is sooo frustrating. He disapears at times and others times he looks great. Glad someone let Hossa know they were playing a hockey game tonight and he decided to show up in OT.
  2. I don't think that is set in stone. But I'd be pretty ticked off at that prospect - they did 90% of the work. If Fred does weasel into it all he has to do is widen things out to make for a good ramp to the hole and dig out tons of dirt. Sounded like a done deal on the last show. Isn't that why they were looking at new claims 400 miles north?It isn't a done deal. They looked up north just in case. I think they said it twice during the show that they weren't sure if they would be back to Porcupine. the producers had to stage the meeting when Fred said he might get his own crew to go up to porcupine. I would have beat the crap out of him for saying that then. The Hoffman's are not the sharpest knives in the drawer and neither is there crew. Can't see them ever getting a lot of gold.
  3. in the world does Ben Saunders have the 8th best takedown defense in UFC history? this will be good as the UFC grows, but there do seem to be some anomalies right now. And i was surprised to not even see BJ on the list as well. I think the GSP fight did his stats in. I'm pretty sure that anyone who fights GSP won't make that listPerfect example on how numbers aren't always the answer to everything. Depending on if BJ wants to fight and comes prepared he is one of the best.
  4. I try to ignore the stupidity of some posters, but it is hard to avoid sometimes. Not quite sure what these people want from a QB. Not everyone is Brady or Manning.
  5. FBG's allowing TOOLs and fishing trips like this guy for example....make me question why I pay to be a member here.My, my. SOMEONE is awfully sensitive about this subject!I missed the game. Kindly provide Cutler's stat line for the day so that we can draw our own conclusions.Thank ya!He's not good.Who is not good? Cutler or Grossman?Assuming you meant Cutler. You really don't like Cutler? You don't like the Bears chances in the playoffs?
  6. they are on the Ion channel right now, channel 305 on DirecTVDon't get that channel unfortunately.I am pretty sure ION is a broadcast channel like CBS, NBC etc... Read an article and Dana White said that you can get ION with Rabit ears for your TV.
  7. Next time he has a bad game it'll get bumped. The problem is he has already had a successful year in a new offense with a weak offensive line. Nothing has changed--he forces passes sometimes, but he's an excellent quarterback who can make throws that other quarterbacks can't to win games. If he eats the ball and takes the sack, like he did today, instead of throwing it up for grabs, the Bears will do very well with that defense.I like Cutler but between the ears he still doesnt get it sometimes.Like today, up 12 with 4 mins to go and 3rd down he tried to force a stupid pass over the middle that was nearly a pick 6. You wont see a Peyton or Brady make that pass in the same situationWhat did Peyton do last week? Down 3 in field goal range, made a stupid pass that was picked off. Cutler makes stupid decisions, we get it. But he can also do things most QBs can't with his arm. He isn't manning or Brady. Only maybe 5 guys ever are as good or better than them.
  8. Tiger hasn't won a major in two years. He's not breaking Jack's record. He's barely an above average golfer there days (as far as the pros go).It's called karma. Is he still the best golfer in the world? Undeniably.Dude, you're out of your mind. Not even close!I think it is the other way around. Who is better?
  9. As a sports fan I am really disapointed in Lebron. He has ridiculous talent and has the chance to be the greatest of all time. I wanted to see him be the man on a team. He calls himself the King. He basically admitted to the whole world that he can't handle the pressure of being the man, by saying "I don't have the pressure on me to score 30 everynight or shoot for a high percentage." You call yourself a competitor? No real competitor would ever say that. I would have loved to see Jordan's reaction to Lebron. He didn't even have the guts to call Cleveland's owner or gm and tell them what he was doing. What a coward.
  10. Nice goal by the Flyers. Big PP here for the Hawks. Can't complaign about that penalty.
  11. Melrose picked the Hawks to win it all before the playoffs started. Looking forward to the game tonight. Hopefully it is a good series.