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  1. Re: driver miss - that's my miss as well, baby fade/drift right, or a big sweeping slice. took a lesson and helped a ton. basically, my swing path was too upright and i'd get stuck at the bottom, coming out-to-in (i.e. looping). fix: on your downswing, make sure your LH wrist is pointed toward the sky and your RH elbow is tucked in close to your body. Pro said, "Imagine you're swinging a baseball bat to a ball on a tee, and your want to hit it to right field." basically, in-to-out. felt really weird at the beginning, but after about 10 minutes on the range it came together. push/block/fade is still my miss, but it's much less common and not as severe when i do hit one. unless i flip my hands at contact the dead pull is gone too.
  2. @Ron Swanson - i'm a Sonoma local and work at a winery. let me know if you want to stop in and i'd be happy to host you. September is right at the beginning of harvest, so there will be a lot more action in the vineyards/wineries than in's the best time to visit. as for beers: taking into consideration your varying preferences, Russian River Brewing Company is probably your best bet. they have a wide selection of offerings for both you and your wife. they just opened a new taproom/brewery in Windsor (near Healdsburg) where you can take a tour as well. if you're up that way, you might as well stop in at Bear Republic Brew Co. Sonoma Springs is the local brewery in with a really solid lineup. if you need wine reccos in Russian River Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Napa, or Sonoma, just hit me up and i'll be glad to help.
  3. Today started out great: got off at 12:30 as a solo. 6 oz of whiskey, a light beer, and Judas Priest. First 9 in 90 minutes, playing at a casual pace and didn’t wait on s shot. Now on 14. Waiting on every shot. Whiskey running is gone. No cart-tender. Driver and putter working, irons are all over the place. Getting dire.
  4. they might not need to hack our power grid, manual shutdown is possible.
  5. At least. And the guys who play in front of me tomorrow will think it’s “cool”. 😡
  6. Koepka been dipping/spitting all day long, and no word from the heads in the booth. Taboo to talk about it?
  7. I play probably 80% of my rounds solo, usually because I can only get out on Mondays and my golf friends are all at work. I’m planning on getting out tomorrow at the local track. Shooting for 12:30, so I can miss the AM rush of seniors and get a break on green fees after 12:00. If I get paired with another single or twosome: fine. Ideally, I’ll get to roll out solo. Throw the blue-tooth speaker on the cart, play some metal (not too loud as to disturb anyone else), drink a bit of whiskey along side a beer or two, and enjoy the sunshine. In past rounds, I’ll kinda gauge the pace of play. If I catch up to another group, and there’s plenty of room ahead of them, I’ll ask to play through. If there’s a bunch of other groups ahead placating slow, I’ll just slow down my own play and lay back so I don’t seem like I’m pressing anyone. Frankly, I enjoy the 4 hours alone and not having to make small talk.
  8. I don’t know. Was watching Nance & The Fellas in the booth.
  9. my DK late slate Saturday only: DJRehab ZachJ Brooks Speith Stenson Wallace $1300 left on the table to differentiate. figure Speith might be low(er) owned due to his up-and-down first two rounds. DJ & Brooks can get home in two on any of the Par 5s (eagles). Stenson and Wallace kinda hanging around and either could make a push today. Zach's a dart-throw.
  10. thanks. i would have preferred the Snake Draft Method.
  11. Q: were the groups chosen by the DNC, DCCC, or another entity?