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  1. RIP Riley. sincere condolences to you and your family Shady.
  2. yeah. that blows. **edit - read it wrong**
  3. in that situation, you did the right thing and are well within the rules to play the original ball. not guilt necessary.
  4. It's kinda like they said "take this" and "mash it up with that"
  5. Irish Lap Dancing
  6. speaking of Metallica: "Hardwired" (nsfw language) kinda sounds like what they did on Death Magnetic in terms of tone. not awful.
  7. i don't know about "always," at least as it relates to thrash-metal (where i'd place Metallica, and not JP so much). sure, "Fade to Black" might fit into that category, but it starts to rock a bit more at the end, kinda like "Hollow" by Pantera. and bands like Megadeth, Testament, etc. all began including ballads on albums pretty much post-1991....on the heels or in the footsteps of what Metallica did with the two tracks on The Black Album. all i'm saying is that for hardcore thrash-metal fans, this was anathema at the time.
  8. agreed. Metallica's downhill slide started with "The Unforgiven" and raged on with "Nothing Else Matters". ballads? seriously? i can understand a band evolving and trying to connect with a wider audience, but that was such a departure from what they had been it turned a lot of hardcore fans off. also, "And Justice for Jason" is a pretty good listen if you ever wanted hear that album with bass. completely different animal.
  9. same with this one. and this one.
  10. Willie's Walk In Bathtub
  11. isn't everyone $5500 in PreWeek 1?
  12. i'm looking at Derek Anderson: can't see Cam going more than a series, so with Webb as the only other option i can see DA getting 1H run with the starters (such as they are). maybe 150 and a TD?
  13. if only there were a way to verify what Clinton said during the FBI's security review
  14. we did the same thing. made my little brother play as Enis every time. he'd chase us and we'd throw dirt clods at him. good times.
  15. in for Women's Water Polo. if you like that kind of thing