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  1. question: in CA, are there situations where kids are not automatically matriculated? i have two family members who are teachers - 6th Grade and 7th-8th Grade - and neither of them have had a student with a failing grade not matriculate. it may take going to Summer School to make up for some lost work, but nobody fails/gets held back. at least in the Central Valley of CA.
  2. 5mgs of Binske Hazelnut/Chocolate bar and two IPAs. gonna feel great in an hour.
  3. Have you heard about the big strong man? That lives in a caravan. Have you heard about the Jeffrey Johnson fight? Oh, Lord what a hell of a fight. You can take all of the heavyweights you've got. We've got a lad that can beat the whole lot. He used to ring bells in the belfry, Now he's gonna fight Jack Demspey. That was my brother Sylvest' (What's he got?) A row of forty medals on his chest (big chest!) He killed fifty bad men in the west; he knows no rest. Think of a man, hells' fire, don't push, just shove, Plenty of room for you and me. He's got an arm like a leg (a ladies' leg!) And a punch that would sink a battleship (big ship!) It takes all of the Army and the Navy to take the ball off George Best.
  4. Meadowood Resort in Napa has been lost. the owners of the first winery i worked with in Sonoma Valley back in 2008 lost their family home. hoping all FBGs, and friends and relatives, who have been affected and are dealing with the Grass/Shady Fire in Napa and Sonoma stay safe. please listen to evacuation orders and watch out for your neighbors. thinking good thoughts for you all.
  5. thanks DK, appreciate it. we landed in Sonoma and are staying with friends for a couple days. may have to re-evaluate depending on what happens in the next 48 hours or so. will let you know if we need assistance.
  6. thanks. looking at the evac map this AM, our place is about 300 feet (literally) from the boundary. thankful for small things right now. friends closer to Calistoga Road near Maria Carillio HS had fire come down the hill and reached the edge of their neighborhood but thankfully fire crews stopped it. Skyhawk was not so lucky and many homes burned in that area. (for those who aren't familiar with the region, this is basically the area which did not burn in 2017 but fire found it's way there this time. it's been decades since it's seen any kind of serious fire activity.) looks like the Shady Fire is edging SW toward Trione-Annadel State Park now. not sure where Fire Dept. will make a "final stand" but guessing it would be just at the edge of Howarth Park and Bennett Valley before it gets into the neighborhoods there. plenty of damage already done on the Napa side: Chateau Boswell was taken by flames, as was the Glass Mountain Inn in St. Helena. hearing other winery names too, but don't want to report that until confirmed. i remember how much bad intel was out early last time which ended up not being factual.
  7. We evacuated Santa Rosa at 11:45pm and just got to Sonoma about 45 min ago. The Shady Fire has jumped Hwy 12 in Sonoma Valley and is burning in Oakmont. 2017 all over again. Just ####.
  8. No and No the landlord’s handyman had to come inside today to fix our toilet. First person to cross the transom of our place since March 15. totally fine with a small bubble, and hoping “normal” comes sooner than later. I miss family & friends.
  9. oh, for sure. i think there will be more of a focus on mail-in ballots in this election due to the high likelihood of people shying away from in-person voting (or denied due to various voter-suppression tactics if that's your bent). when it's reported that 318,000 (that's just the number from 2016) ballots were rejected, shrieks of "fraud!" and "rigged!" and "invalid election results!" will ring from the rafters.
  10. i don't believe all the mail-in ballots will be counted and confirmed by November 10, let alone "early Tuesday night." certainly, the talking heads on various networks may call it on Tuesday night, but that doesn't make it true (or accurate).