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  1. i wonder how many students would participate in this event if it was scheduled on a Saturday?
  2. Certainly you aren’t talking about “Headbanger’s Ball”?
  3. minimalist at :26 “Voodoo” - Godsmack “This is Shrangila”
  4. Up until about a year ago, never did. Now, I’m about 50% of the time, especially if I’m doing other stuff (raking leaves, weeding, etc). 100% wearing protective eyewear. Took a pebble to the bridge of my nose a few years ago. Figured eyesight was worth looking like a dork for an hour.
  5. If you watched it live, Joe was about two syllables from saying “phonograph” right after “record player”
  6. iirc, the Dad in Breaking Away was also the dad in Sixteen Candles.