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  1. i'm not musically adroit enough to use the correct terminology, but there's just something about the guitar "tone" that just doesn't hit me the right way. it's not on Kirk's solo, but during the main riff. maybe they changed their tuning? i don't know. the sound reminds me of St.Anger (which i hated) so it's probably just my bias. so far: Moth Into Flame > Hardwired
  2. the chest at the end of the film, which contains the winning wager $$$ La Fluer placed on Average Joe's, reads "Deus Ex Machina". that's pretty self-aware.
  3. if Hillary was chewing gum right now, it'd be SMACK-SMACK-SMACK every time Trump speaks.
  4. released late on a Friday afternoon? hmmmm, that's weird.
  5. agreed. we tried to adopt from NorCall French Bulldog Rescue, and were disqualified because a) our house doesn't have central air, b) we had never owned/cared for a Frenchie before, and c) there would be days where neither my wife nor i could work from home and the dog would be alone for 8-9 hours. hopefully, now that we've been French Bulldog owners, we will be allowed to adopt a rescue in the future.
  6. - with papers, French Bulldog puppies can run $2000 - $6000 depending on the breeder and location - this breed, while awesome, has some inherent health concerns including: hip dysplasia, spinal issues, skin allergies, breathing problems, arthritis, eye problems, heart complications, among others. IF you go with this breed, health insurance is your best friend. - French Bulldogs, and most all brachycephalic breeds, do not do well in hot climates...Dallas being one of them. make sure your A/C is working. - Rescue is a good way to go, though some organizations require in-home visits and evaluations before allowing adoption. a lot of rescue Frenchies have had trauma or are suffering from health issues, so if you plan on leaving the dog home alone for 8-10 hours a day while you are at work, they're not gonna allow you to take the animal. additionally, some rescues require previous experience with the breed before giving the "ok". - perform your due diligence and DO NOT BUY A FRENCH BULLDOG FROM A PUPPY MILL. - this breed is very social, especially with humans. if you don't want an affectionate dog who will want to be on/near you all the time, then look elsewhere. [i'm a French Bulldog owner]
  7. just a guess: they had to offer immunity, limited or otherwise, to get Mills or Samuleson to cooperate otherwise they both would have continued to exercise their 5th Amendment rights or refuse to comment citing attorney/client privilege.
  8. will we be shocked when it's announced that Huma received immunity too?
  9. so Combetta goes on Reddit to find out how to strip email addresses in the to/from fields, presumably at the direction of CMills which are part of the updated her "email retention policy". he, and/or his PRN buddies, can't figure out how to do this, so they end up deleting the entire cache. DoJ grants immunity for his testimony, and then he refuses to testify before Congress last week. is that right?
  10. the only West Coast date i could possibly see them is Oct 23 at Aftershock....and i have a commitment i cannot get out of. glad you had fun, sounds like a helluva show.
  11. "Square Hammer" - Ghost cannot get the chorus out of my head. \m/
  12. "Space Lord" - Monster Magnet (yes, it's metal)
  13. San Francisco passed an ordinance to that effect. around these parts, SF definitely self-identifies as a "sanctuary city".