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  1. wasn't aware of Higher Truth....downloading now.
  2. swap "Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns" for "This is Shangrila" and i'm 100% with you.
  3. head linesman needs to be active in making the call.
  4. i cannot fathom the thought process by which this teacher decided Most Likely to be a Terrorist Award was a good idea....even as a "joke".
  5. have you tried gambling?
  6. three might have original equipment. one is definitely aftermarket.
  7. what about a covert sterilization process instead of killing? put something in the water? airborne agent?
  8. looks like the pregame before the Lamda Lamda Lamda + Omega Mu mixer. glad to see an entire college single-handedly keeping Birkenstock in business.
  9. Comcast - $190 for tv+interwebz+phone (bundle) including HBO+Starz+NFLChannel Verizon - $187 for two phones Netflix - $10 XboxLive - $59 annual wife wants to Spotify but hasn't pulled the trigger yet, so add another $10?
  10. yeah, he went 100% Andrew McCarthy Both Hands Grabbing The Face Kiss. Aspiring Drummer put off a little rapey vibe, and i kinda felt bad for Bollywood...three too many Redbull+Vodkas i think.
  11. The Nina, OH, the Pinta, OH, the Santa Maria, OH, I'll do you in the bottom while you're drinking Sangria. Nachos, lemon heads, my dad's boat, You wont go down 'cause my di*k can float!
  12. against my better judgement i'm in for Night 1. really not a fan of 38 (or however many it is now) dudes getting all Dude-Bro with each other, though it is the best possibility to see some idiocy. if i take a drink every time someone says "awesome," "incredible," "amazing," "looking for love," or "the right reasons" i should be passed out by 10:05 PST.