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  1. and also, "Well, I'm done cooking the books."
  2. Charlie dropped another F Bomb in the open while discussing Jerry the Worm. Really enjoyed the latest episode. "Yuck puddle"
  3. i won't belabor the point, just to add that the head of CNN, Jeff Zucker, called Brazile's actions "disgusting" and "unethical". carry on.
  4. Podesta leaks show Donna Brazile gave exact wording to a town hall question to the Clinton campaign ahead of the event, which led to CNN cutting ties with her. not scandalous?
  5. agreed. the AU strategy doesn't always work, especially if your opponent(s) are determined to not let you hold it.
  6. aw, come on. changing the rules to make the game shorter? BS. i think more fistfights have started by playing RISK for 8 or 9 hours, and then breaking a treaty to backstab someone and win the game. good times.
  7. this is the fix.....and also the bane of my existence.
  8. i chuckled at that last night. some "stemless" wine glasses have a little groove for your thumb to rest in as you hold the bulb. not that i've never drunk whiskey from a wine glass, but that guy thought he was eight kinds of classy with those glasses. still a jackass.
  9. speaking of Corinne's father: "This is 15 year old, single malt scotch" [toasts with 5 ice cubes in his glass] jackass.
  10. Agree w the "real life" angle. My theory on Vanessa: - she's arguably the best looking woman on this season - reasons she still single: her kids at school take up a lot of her time and emotional energy, as do her family (both mom's side & dad), and a boyfriend/fiancé don't fit that paradigm - Nick doesn't bring enough to the table for her to uproot her life, and he ain't moving to Canada for her - not sure what happened with her "breakup" referenced last night, but it would not surprise me if he gave her some kind ultimatum about her choosing family/career or him
  11. I had no idea Vanessa's last name is Bonaduce.
  12. are we talking $6 bottles of Prosecco from Trader Jose's, or vintage Dom?
  13. How 'bout Kemosabe. Too raycis?
  14. got turned on to Shihad a little while back. not sure if metal....maybe more grunge? "You Think You're So Free" - reminds me of Helmet "FVEY" - sounds like take off "Immigrant Song"