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  1. Uncle Sam is gonna ask for a piece of that 401k if you cash it out. but you knew that already.
  2. Here's how it works: Banks (branches) receive cash about 2x per week. They try to keep an even balance in the vault (i.e. not too much, not too little) based on their projected cash-based needs. A bank will probably have more cash on hand on the 1st and 15th of the month, and around holidays or when tax refunds are issued. While the bank needs to keep enough cash on hand for upticks in expected transactions, they absolutely do not plan for six figure withdrawals on a random Thursday in July. Had you contacted the bank in advance, they would have had to order that cash from the nearest Federal Reserve Bank, and even that would have taken a day or more. Just FYI
  3. i don't think they care why you want your money. matter of fact, i'm sure they don't. literally, most banks don't have that much cash on hand to give out....even if you've been a customer for 22 years. you'd need to talk to a bank manager in advance to get that kind of money in cash so they can make arrangements to have it for you. now, about this "stone cold exacta"......
  4. for $106k on a random Thursday with no prior discussion with branch management? no.
  5. non shtick answer: if you asked for cash, there's a very good chance the branch literally doesn't have that amount of money on hand to give to you. if you asked for a check, and they refused, then i'm guessing they offered you an explaination as to why or an alterative way to get these funds. shtick: welp, sounds like you're boned. good luck with that lawsuit, and have a great night.
  6. did you ask for cash, or a check?
  7. they "can't" or they "won't"? any details here would be super-duper helpful.
  8. ok, let's try this: you went into the bank to take out $106,000. they told you "no". did they bother giving you an explanation as to why?
  9. no matter the task, i do it wrong, every time, without exception. also, never to ask for "the short version" of a story.
  10. 5 4 3 2 1 4 is the hottest, but i like 5 (more natural look)
  11. @KarmaPolice - agree on limiting your potion supply: i think i've only used the Waterbreathing one once, and never used the Pickpocket or Sneak. feel free to make your own though, and sell what you don't want/need. if your character is going to be using weapons on a consistent basis, as opposed to relying on magic, be sure to source Enchanter's Potion/Elixer/Draught and Fortify Smithing - you'll get a decent bonus on what you create and enchant. maybe save them until you're a Lvl 33 (or something like that) before you use them and your perks are up in those skill trees.
  12. i went the cheap route last year and picked up a NEO Ghost for $100. does the job giving distances to Front, Middle, and Back of the green. another screen shows bunkers, water hazards, etc. i've compared the course markings (plates) to the Ghost and the yardages are +/1 one yard. lightweight, small enough to clip on my bag w/ a carabiner, or put in my pocket. holds a good charge. so far, i've only played one course that wasn't loaded into it.
  13. that's where i am too. the Weed Out of Pockets witness kinda balked in his interview w/ the Detective [paraphrasing]: Detective: "Were you alone?" Witness: "Yes." why lie about that?
  14. we use Puppia for our French Bulldog (25lbs) two adjustments: one for neck/chest and one for body.