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  1. Q: does anyone believe Klobauchar just “forgot” the POTUS of Mexico’s name, vs she really didn’t know it?
  2. RIP Monterey Ranch Chicken Sandwich #Wendy’s
  3. update: after five interviews i was presented with an offer, accepted the next day, and began the on-boarding process at an amazing winery on 2/4/20. haven't been happier, and excited to go into work, in many years. it's a great opportunity to take my existing skill-set and apply it in a leadership role. feel free to hit me w/ a PM if you're planning to visit Sonoma Valley and are interested in a world-class tour/tasting experience. best wishes for everyone who still out there looking....happy to offer advice or be a sounding-board. drink well!
  4. but here's the thing: they just spent "37 days together on Island of the Idols" suits her game perfectly to crap all over Rob and then work with him (and with/without Amber) to get to the end for $2MM. i can't imagine she was #blindsided about Rob's appearance in a season she was already signed up for.
  5. 5 minutes early = on time on time = late this is my hangup. I cannot stand being late for anything important (e.g. work, meetings, classes, dinner reservations)
  6. safe to assume Klobuchar needs diversity training too?
  7. good points made here already: - email is fine for a "thank you"...and like @Deepster suggested keep it short and tight with a reference to something you discussed in the interview - written letter of resignation is pretty standard, and timelines (e.g. "two weeks") likely vary by industry. guessing for law-frim-type positions a month is standard. - @modogg got it right when interviewing: make sure you have good questions prepared and perform your due diligence on the company. couple of other things - handwritten "thank you" notes are great, but the downside is having them returned-to-sender by USPS for any number of reasons (this happened to me in December after interviewing for a job i was really interested in). by the time i got the card back in the mail, it had been 10 business days since the meeting. also: as the interview is concluding, i've been asking the interviewer(s) if there was anything i had said that they wanted clarification on or may have come out wonky so there was no uncertainty about my answers. i think this shows a level of awareness/room-presence and gives whomever is interviewing a chance to take a moment and ask another question if necessary. and obviously, be sure to ask where they are in the hiring process (beginning , middle, end) and what the "next steps" are and expectations moving forward.
  8. Dale Earnhardt’s passing was a pretty big deal back in the day.
  9. that's a rough situation, sorry to hear about it. have you tried professional counseling? either for her alone, or as a group with you and your wife? i remember when i was about that age making poor life decisions, wasting opportunities, etc. and saw a counselor for about six months (1x a week solo, then 1x week with my parents in a group setting) and it made a profound difference in my personal development and overall outlook. GL