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  1. Maybe take the dog to an obedience class? Would help with socialization, and get advice on how to deal with the barking.
  2. House fire from early reports.
  3. Thread title change to be more accurate.
  4. Evac orders were lifted for a good chunk of Sonoma/Napa yesterday, and containment % has gone up, so that makes me think residential area are in less danger at this time. We could see fire burning on Mt Hood as we left last night (that orange glow is etched into my brain, so eerie) but it was way up on the top of the ridge. With all the fires earlier this week, and CALFIRE’s work, I’m not too concerned about it heading downhill. The wind is now helping our side of the valley...it’s been hurting the last week. Hoping for rain on Thursday night. We don’t have A/C, but we do have a fan for the heater and I’ll replace that filter. It’s still too smoky outside to open the doors/windows, maybe in a day or two the air will be good enough. New fires in the Santa Cruz Mtns this morning. ####. Super-rough terrain and it’s gonna be an air attack until firefighters can find a place to get to it. 5 firefighters injured in that one already.
  5. Finally got to our house tonight after 7 days of a mandatory evacuation. It was dark at 7:00 pm, but from what I can tell there is no major structural damage. A tree in the front yard, about 50’ tall, dropped two huge branches that thankfully didn’t hit the house. About 6’ of fence flat blew over in the back yard, exposing our yard to the school behind us. Remarkably, no looting. Inside it smells like a campfire. Not sure about how to mitigate that beyond hiring a professional cleaning service, but since we’re renting I’m hopeful the landlord’s insurance can help there. All in all we’re extremely lucky. Especially compared to those who have lost their homes or lives/loved ones. There’s a long, long road back to any sense of normalcy for this part of CA. So far the sense of community has been remarkable and I hope it lasts. I plan on supporting local businesses as much and more than I had previously. Sticking together is what will carry Sonoma/Napa/Mendocino through this trying time. I will say: I’m forever changed by this. Hopefully for the better.
  6. Just heard about this. ####### sucks. Those guys have been busting their asses for a week straight now.
  7. Video from Berkeley FD from last Sunday night
  8. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/california-wildfire-evacuees-return-home-rubble/ This report is about our town. I walk my dog every night at the school they show in the video. She loves the really nice, fluffy grass.
  9. wind is still pushing to the south and west in Sonoma Valley. the fire across from Oakmont is still on the east side of Highway 12, and moving slowly from what i can discern via live chopper video. the smoke is obfuscating Highway 12 itself, and the Kenwood village. still a lot of danger there if the wind picks up more at all. on the positive side, the wind direction on the Napa side of the hill is slowing the advancing fire to the west of Oakville and Rutherford. good news for wineries and vineyards there.
  10. pic from this AM this is a shot taken from the corner of Melita Rd. and Hwy 12, looking south back to Sonoma Valley. that fire is about a mile away from the intersection, and about 2 miles NE of our neighborhood, on the opposite side of the highway. wind is blowing SW at this time. ####.
  11. yep. mandatory evac issued for Adobe Canyon Road northwest to Rincon Valley. another mandatory evac order issued for NE Sonoma. reports of fire on the valley floor, threatening Buena Vista Winery, Ravenswood Winery, and Bartholomew Park Winery. power also out in this part of Sonoma. reports of new fires in Annadel and Sugarloaf as well. wind being described as "unpredictable". hoping air support arrives soon.
  12. i'm sure there will be many opportunities to help in the coming days/weeks/months. i will try to update (while not spamming) as i come across various endeavors. here's one i found tonight: Schell-Vista Fire [southern Sonoma] has asked to post the following information: There have been approx 45 firefighters so far that have lost their own homes while out fighting fires for all of us. If you'd like to donate any monetary donations please go to: "Go Fund A Hero" then go to "Bay Area Firefighters & Families" for Sonoma & Napa fires. Household items are in need for all families (household furniture, baby furniture, strollers, car seats, etc) Please contact via text Jeremy Branconi 707-293-6928. He is working diligently so he may be delayed in responding but will respond ASAP. Thank you Sonoma for your generousity & continued support!
  13. update from eyes on the ground in the Mayacamas Mtns: 10/13 7:35: Fire crews are positioned at the top of Nelligan Road and Nuns Canyon lighting back burns, dripping fire along the roads, "We torched everything from Kunde up to Charlie Smith Vineyard and Nuns Canyon Vineyards. We got tired of chasing it. So we burnt it all out. Now we can relax." Winds are still cooperating. There are literally thousands of fire personnel in the mountains between Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley tonight. The Nuns/Norrbom Fire has burned valley to valley. Crews seem to be attempting to flank it in at least four locations that I know of, probably more, ahead of tonight's expected winds. One more scary night, but the best of the best are here. They've worked they're butts off for 48 hours preparing for this. If they can't do it, it can't be done. fingers crossed the wind stays down tonight.
  14. Damn. Guys like that made a world of difference. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Spoke to a USPS driver yesterday: said this guy was likely removing mail from mailboxes