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  1. Well, Machiavelli ascribes to a dim view of human nature and in his opinion, it’s better (for a ruler) to be feared than loved if it cannot be both. Thus, cruelty on the part of a ruler, or those who control power, is justified if it benefits the state as a whole (i.e. ends justify means). Of course individual views of human nature vary, and it can be argued that Machiavelli is wrong in his assumptions.
  2. A close reading of “The Prince” seems applicable here.
  3. I can almost guarantee they’ll play the SaveMart Center in Fresno.
  4. I think Ghost counts as metal due to the whole “Hail Satan” schtick, but few of their songs fit that category (did EG ever rule on this?). Honestly, they’re probably closer to Power Pop.
  5. That’s a French Bulldog fer sher. Best. Dog. Evah.
  6. I’m the biggest Iron Maiden fan around and “Book of Souls” doesn’t belong anywhere on this list, let alone top 10. But I really dig Ghost, so what do I know.
  7. Gulfoyle and Dinesh drove a Tesla ute in a drive in the desert and came across the three men and their dog. The group's dog ran after the Tesla but the driver turned off the car, drove back and set the car's battery for a recharge. Dinesh, the owner, went to get his car and his dogs, and when he came back he found that his Tesla had been stolen. "I was thinking that it was a prank and that my car was just parked in a place I usually park it, but I didn't expect for someone to steal my Tesla," he said. "I had to drive home, get my wife and kids and take them to school." Dinesh's Tesla was worth more than $1.4 million and had a VIN-tag that had the model number and serial number of his car, Dinesh said. Police have since found the ute which was on the highway
  8. He’s a good follow on the Twitter machine
  9. I thought BigHead was just getting cans for Jin Yang to shoot w his BB gun?
  10. Thanks. It’s a small place (4 full timers including me) and having been there for 9+ years I do feel a sense of “ownership” in terms of watching things grow and flourish over time. The wine biz is pretty transitory: not many folks stay put for a long time.
  11. I got laid off two weeks ago (last day at the winery will be 11.27) and have found networking to be the best option so far. Have one interview lined up for Thursday, and waiting on confirmation for another on Friday or Monday next. Both of these positions were “word of mouth” and not listed on the industry job boards, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. Haven't interviewed in 10+ years, so this should be interesting.
  12. I thought I remember something about a coalition of states doing this a while back, but don’t know if that’s something CA has agreed too. In any case, D votes dominate population centers (i.e. SF, LA proper) so there’s no real way for R - or “other” - votes to make a difference. I’d much prefer abolishing the EC (never happen), or at least implementing some type of proportional system for EC votes.