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  1. I have Cook and picked up Waller Sunday morning. Would you guys drop Cook or Waller for Hock?
  2. Hi Sig, Based on most recent update regarding Gurley, play him or Mixon. Note I have no decent late game back up options. Also at TE, having a hard time deciding between 2 good matchups for Engram (should be throwing from behind and ODB) and Cook (expecting a bounce back from last week again DEN and some extra effort after pro bowl snub). Thanks!
  3. I am I too am torn with who to start in my Playoffs this week (non return yards PPR league) between Patterson, Amendola, and Hilton. Hilton and Amendola haven't done much the last month, so i'm considering rolling with CP but not sure if I'm just deluding myself into thinking he's a better play than he actually is (although I know he's certainly a high variance play). The vikes are at home and going against a bad Philly secondary and the RB's are injured. Also, the vikes have a bad defense so they will likely be in catch up mode and i can certainly see them having to throw in catch up mode in the second half. He reminds me a bit of justin Blackmon at the end of last season when he put up some really nice performances.