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  1. Yes, always the best argument in the face of statistics - anecdotal evidence.
  2. Her base plus educated white voters should be plenty.
  3. You mean the guy that promises to never approve a budget that isn't balanced and also will never agree to raise taxes? That guy is going to pull a lot of Democrat votes?
  4. Yes, obviously. Because when you nominate someone for such a powerful position as VP, you've tipped your entire governing agenda.
  5. They're a political advocacy group. They're not performing a public service.
  6. I'm sure more were watching Fox, but its not like CNN actively drives them away like MSNBC.
  7. Why? It's their party. They can endorse someone in the primaries. Hell, they're in no way required to have primaries.
  8. Doubt too many non-Republicans watched that speech and fewer still sat through it till the end.
  9. World is a dangerous place. Nothing and no one can make it 100% safe.
  10. 8 years ago the entire financial system of this country was on the brink of collapse and we were in the process of shedding millions of jobs in the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. So your answer is 100% full of ####.
  11. Yeah, all those recent attacks by the Italians against the French surely prove that.
  12. No one knows what's going to happen any given Sunday, yet people make bets on football games months out.
  13. Then the other half of the country has lost all touch with reality, logic and rational thought.
  14. That's easy, Mitt Romney is more of a WS elitist. He actually worked in the financial industry. He built his entire fortune on the carried interest loop hole.