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  1. As if one needed another reason not to subscribe next year.
  2. You can't really expect them to put together a stellar cast this late in the game, and does it really matter? This team will be lucky to get 4 wins next year. You can upgrade the coaching staff next season where needed.
  3. HoWTF? BTW, all this talk of Cruz and Denver is so obviously a ploy by his agent to maintain his client's relevancy, which you can't fault them for, I guess. It's just so obvious it reeks of desperation. Cruz is done. No HoF unless there's a salsa dancing category.
  4. Thanks, Warhogs. I was offered 2.01 and decide to take the pick. I've already got three starting RBs and could use some young talent.
  5. What's CJ Anderson worth?
  6. Matt Millen doesn't have a face for television. Bratwurst maybe, not television.
  7. Apparently, Shanahan lost the Falcons playbook. Belicheat probably stole it. If the Patriots win big you'll know he did. Is that enough for you to get going?
  8. Neither am I. This was an unsolicited trade offer I jumped on.
  9. 12-Team PPR, Start 1 QB Team A gives Pick 1.10 Team B gives Paul Perkins
  10. Cut Peterson, spend money on OL. Seems pretty straight forward to me. Can I apply for the GM job.
  11. No, I didn't. I literally made another trade with the same team the sum of which wound up being what I posted above. Here were the two individual trades: I don't post non-completed trades here. Sorry for the confusion but you guys are making assumptions as well.
  12. As the result of another trade, the above trade essentially morphed into this: 12-Team PPR, Start 1 QB Team A gives LeSean McCoy, CJ Anderson, Jay Cutler, Robert Griffin III, and Pick 2.11 Team B gives Marcus Mariotta, Spencer Ware, Devin Funchess, and Pick 2.11 Team A is rebuilding, Team B is reloading. For Team B it's all about acquiring McCoy and, to a lesser extent, Anderson. The QBs are trash that'll like be cut.
  13. The Chiefs should trade for Romo.