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  1. The Abominable Snowman that calls Daffy Duck "George".
  2. Team A gave: Jerick McKinnon, John Brown Team B gave: Kenny Britt, Devin Funchess
  3. All this Romo to broadcasting talk is just a last-gasp attempt by the Cowboys to get some value out of him before they release him.
  4. Looking to buy in a couple leagues where I'm a contender, of course I don't have a 3rd in either of them.
  5. Price check on Pierre Garcon in terms of rookie pick(s)?
  6. When Christian Hackenberg starts taking game snaps, you'll know for sure.
  7. Not sure anyone else got this. It was subtlety, well played.
  8. Thanks. I will send our commish an e-mail.
  9. Thanks. I don't think our commissioner has conditional bidding set up, which seems like it would be pretty important because otherwise how would you prioritize which FA you'd prefer over another assuming your were only willing to spend the same amount on each one?
  10. I don't even see an option for Round. Where do I find that?
  11. Jesus. Actually, that didn't even work. It seems to sort them from highest bid amount to lowest, but deleting a player and re-adding with the same amount as another moved it right back where it was!
  12. Ugh, this new MFL rollout really blows. So it looks like waivers have been activated in a few of my leagues, and I have entered some claims in preparation for Thursday's processing of them; but how do I re-order my claims? Any help would be appreciated!
  13. As if one needed another reason not to subscribe next year.
  14. You can't really expect them to put together a stellar cast this late in the game, and does it really matter? This team will be lucky to get 4 wins next year. You can upgrade the coaching staff next season where needed.