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  1. I wasn't sure if this was the right area to post this or "looking for a league", cause that seems to mostly be Football leagues setting up. Looking to fill a free fantasy baseball league on Yahoo. 6x6 - OBP, HRs, R, RBI, SB, SLG x W, K, ERA, WHIP, QS, SV+Hlds 4th year with several of the same people but don't have enough interested in Baseball as Fantasy Football so every year I need a few public people to fill the league. Draft is Monday night at 7:30 esdt
  2. Ah thanks.. that never occurred to me.
  3. I played NBA for the first time this season and I didn't win anything but looking over the lineups enter at a glance seems there were the same lineup entered by several different accounts. Isn't multiple accounts against the rules? topshotta603 Josephctrezza lakeshore55 bagasaurasrex All had multiple entries and the same lineup which was guys who were ruled out with the exception of Drew Gooden who scored 3.2 points. They were no threat to win obviously with this lineup. I would assume their intention was to adjust the lineups prior to tip off but didn't. I myself have picked a bunch of randoms before to get in and adjust later but what are the odds 4 different people would pick the same group of guys ruled out? Just saw there were two other single entries with the same lineup hunter230 littlepowerhouse
  4. When he plays,,
  5. So he is not in decline but didn't play at all in the preseason and is always missing practices through out the season. Maybe his skills haven't declined but his physical health sure is.
  6. 252 .351 .410 .761with 53 homers over his career, that's not horrible (and he kills lefties). His def efficiency in CF was average but better than Maybin's or Gose's, I think if he was in LF he'd be above average though. I'd rather have Fowler than AJax for sure. Considering Fowler is coming off a year where he set career highs and turned down a one year 15 million qualifying offer. It's going to take more than a few million more to sign Fowler over Jackson.
  7. Fowler is basically only a platoon guy. He is horrible against RHP and graded low in defensive range. Span dont strike out a ton. Brings some speed to the lineup. Could help Gose along the way. I wouldn't be surprised if Austin Jackson is brought back.
  8. I am with you there. JD's contract extension should come first. I am sure Avila has that in mind also. Also apparently Norris, Fulmer and Tigers young pitchers are off limits in trades. (and have been asked about this offseason) AA talking about grooming one or two arms for the pen, thinks we might have a Future closer there, For once it's gonna be exciting to see some young guys process and get better and not sent away in quick fix trades for marginal bullpen help.
  9. Iwakuma is 5 years older than Zimmerman and hasnt had a complete season in three years. ...which is why the commitment to him is $65 million less. I just don't like the way Zimmermann's season went last year, plus he was the league's worst division, facing pitchers and is a few years removed from TJ. He'll probably be the best of the three this year and he might be next year, but I think all 3 of Happ/Iwakuma/Zimmermann are in danger of seeing their numbers fall off a cliff, so the 5/110 would be scary as hell to me as a Jays fan, where the owner isn't dying and there are (artificially) limited resources. Also 2015 ERA/2015 FIP/'16 Steamer ERA/'16 Steamer FIP - not a huge gap here. Iwakuma 3.54/3.74/3.39/3.46 Zimmermann 3.66/3.75/3.82/4.07 Happ 3.61/3.41/3.97/4.17 Let's be honest...for the most part the Nationals were a train wreck last year. As a team they never the team everyone claimed they would be. I guess we will see about Zimmerman. Considering the total invested in Zimmerman was half the amount Price is getting paid. I think it's more than a fair contract and in fact is under market value. As for those streamer number 3.97 ERA for Happ? Looking over his body of work the last 5 years. Maybe for a season and a third out of 5 he was that type of pitcher. So all of a sudden at age 33 He is going to outproduce his career numbers? Especially Rogers Centre for half his games? I like Iwakuma and as a Tigers fan he was someone I would of been interested in, but like I said he is 34 currently. Not sure if I want to be paying him 15 million a year at 37-38 years of age. Then again Dodgers have money to throw away.
  10. Iwakuma is Iwakuma is 5 years older than Zimmerman and hasnt had a complete season in three years.
  11. This is somewhat unexpected: Jon Heyman says that the Detroit Tigers are considering Yoenis Cespedes or Alex Gordon as free agent options. Maybe Cespedes is someone Illitch would see as a luxury. I know they liked him a lot when he was coming out of Cuba. If they can get him at a good price I say go for it. Gordon might be the better fit though as he is a left handed bat. Avila seems to be more aware of the amount of money his is dishing out then Dombrowski.
  12. I think Fister and Pelfrey are similar pitchers make up wise. Maybe they could get Pelfrey a little cheaper. I do recall one game he pitched against them last year he shut them down
  13. Zimmerman signing seems even better now after Greinke has signed. Dodgers would of been a team interested in Zimmerman, maybe even the Giants. Tigers win by getting him at that amount. Zimmerman might of list out cause I am sure he would of got more.
  14. Had a brain hiccup. Saw it showed some others at work we all thought it was funny. I forgot why I don't use or read this section of the forums. I guess there is an etiquette to what to post. The title "free for all" is misleading. My bad. Top 10 of all time? I wouldn't know.. But one thing I do know is that profile pic you have is showing some elitist photoshop skills.
  15. Someone dropped Luck a few weeks ago in a redraft. I had an extra roster spot did a player search. Typed in "Luck" and a interesting option out of Hawaii shows up. Huka'lakanaka hakanakaheekalucka'hukahakafaka