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  1. And ahead of David WilsonThere's still at least 2guys ahead of him that I'd take him over on thy ADP.I was thinking the same thing, though I think I might take Wilson ahead of him. Tough call. grabbed both, Wilson in 2nd and Miller in 3rd in dynasty start-up, very pleased, they both have skills and opportunity.
  2. Julio Jones right now is Reggie Wayne to Marvin Harrison, AJ Green is a young Megatron, however Cincy management can screw things up royally. That's the ONLY risk with A.J. Green he might have a few "Fitz" years where all that talent goes to waste. Julio has always had a better supporting cast, can he do it all alone? At least Matt Ryan should be around for a while. Who looks like a first ballot HOF after 2 years, clearly AJ Green.
  3. I was laughed at for drafting "The Black Unicorn" in the FFPC in the 13/14th turn. I only hope his route running gets better, he does still miscue with Eli. As a Giants fan, I see only another Jerry Jones bitter beer face in his Lux. box, which is always a good thing.........
  4. For what it's worth...... tried to grab some of the guys we all hate to use on a week to week basis, but they have upside if they're "always" in your line-up Matt Ryan $19 Locker $9 Steven Jackson $22 DeAngelo Williams $15 Peyton Hillis $14 Rashad Jennings $9 David Wilson $9 Rashard Mendenhall $4 Jonathan Dwyer $4 Evan Royster $3 Julio Jones $23 Brandon Marshall $22 Antonio Brown $17 Lance Moore $11 Emmanuel Sanders $7 Danny Amendola $6 Steve Smith $5 Devery Henderson $4 Eddie Royal $2 Greg Olsen $11 Dustin Keller $10 Martellus Bennett $4 Matt Prater $3 Greg Zuerlein $3 Lawrence Tynes $3 Arizona Cardinals $4 Seattle Seahawks $4 Kansas City Chiefs $3