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  1. Awesome! I hope so.
  2. No. The subscriber's contest has nothing to do with Fanduel. I'm talking about this: Every year FootballGuys does some type of contest/championship with Fanduel. I enjoy playing in it. Wondering if/when we will get any information about it. David Dodds? Any info?
  3. Does anyone at FootballGuys have any information on this?
  4. Will there be a Fanduel FBG Championship like the last few years? I have enjoyed playing in it. Any other plans for Footballguys with Fanduel/Draftkings for the 2017 season?
  5. Any info on this?
  6. I loved this contest. Will there be another contest with Fanduel?
  7. I sent you an email.
  8. i am interested.
  9. Looking to join a startup dynasty league. Definitely want it to be a money league though If you have any spots available in your dynasty league, or if you are starting up a new dynasty league, please let me know. Thanks.
  10. Awesome! I can't wait! When will details be announced?
  11. Last year there was a weekly Fanduel contest only for subscribers. It was usually a double up where you could beat the Footballguys to earn entries in a final tournament. Will you guys be doing this again? I hope so. I like that it is only for Footballguys subscribers. Please let us know. Thanks.