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  1. I've just got to respond to this since it's "near and dear" ..... flyy1313- unfortunately for you, all of my leagues have filled up. I'm running four leagues this year. One of them is in its 14th year! But, there is NO TRADING allowed in ANY of my leagues. As a commissioner, I got burned twice (several years ago) with unbalanced trades. Some might call me a weak commissioner but why is it "fair" to make a commissioner judge and jury over trades? And no matter how a commissioner rules on a trade - someone is mad!! No thanks! If people want to change players, just drop them into the player pool and let them advance through waivers. It prevents a TON of issues. flyy1313 - good luck! I don't blame you one bit!! If you send me your email, I will reach out to you next year with league openings. Like I said, NONE of my leagues allow trading! email me:
  2. Got a couple invites out that are still unpaid. If you're interested in playing, please email me. I will keep sending invites until the league is filled with paid players.
  3. One last spot to fill. Draft is Wednesday 9/4 at 7:00 PM eastern time (the day before regular season kicks off) email me for an invite at
  4. Draft is Sunday, 9/1 at 3:00 PM eastern time ONE spot left!!
  5. Bump...c'mon on...last spot!! email me
  6. One opening left ! Draft is Wednesday, 9/4 at 7:00 PM Eastern time
  7. I have a couple of different leagues that may interest you. Both on Yahoo. Each league is $70. 12-team traditional redraft, snake, weekly payouts for high score, no IDP, LeagueSafe 10-team 2-QB, auction draft, weekly payouts for high score, no IDP, LeagueSafe email me for more info or for an invite: