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  1. Friday night bump...handful of spots left! email
  2. Draft will be determined, with input from all league managers, when league has filled.
  3. Bumping again...last few spots... A few more spots! Email me! Only $20!!!
  4. A few more spots! Email me! Only $20!!!
  5. 8 spots left! League starts with 17 teams. Each week the lowest scoring team for the week is eliminated. All their players then go back into the players pool. In Week 16 there are only 2 teams remaining who will face off. Majority of money goes to Winner but 2nd place gets some money too. Let me know if you have questions! Buy in is only $20. Hosting site is Yahoo. I use LeagueSafe email me at
  6. Filled but waiting on a couple to pay entry fee. Let me know if you're interested in case any managers don't make payment by deadline.
  7. 7 spots left...c'mon let's fill this!!
  8. Still have some openings to fill