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  1. Should have bet Goff unders, gonna be the gurley show tonight
  2. Congrats on the easy LSU cover and the baylor over, easy wins
  3. OK Georgia Tech, any time you want to contribute to the total please feel free
  4. Congrats Michigan backers, easy 2h, 1 td and it's a cover, should be no sweat, count that money now
  5. I think he writes it too early, there's 1-2 games every week with key injuries and the writeups are obsolete
  6. What in the world is it with these teams running plays with no offensive line, on 4th down no less?
  7. Parent teacher conferences today, telling my 4 year old how his teacher had glowing reviews and we're all very proud, he turns to me and says I talked to your coworkers and they only had bad things to say, specifically I spill too much coffee.
  8. What's a few broken back bones, might as well get out there and practice! Nm, guess he didn't practice
  9. Sign in to Verizon account and then look for the manage apps section, it's in there