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  1. Never tried to live bet ufc, that was awful, tried both betonline and bookmaker after first and second round, both constantly rejected bets because of line change, damnit
  2. Tried to get quarantillo live at +150 but it got hammered, couldn't get bet thru
  3. Never watched much ufc before it became the only sport on TV, amazed at how good the sportsmanship is, every match they treat each other with respect.
  4. My local poker game with friends has transitioned to the Pokerrrr 2 app and we just swap money using venmo/paypal. It's been an awesome distraction from the mess of the world and it's introduced some new people into our games. With my group of friends it's a $20 buy in and a big winner would be $100, it's more about the social aspect, but some of the new guys that have been introduced are much bigger players, a few of them have 7 figure bank accounts. I've been in a few games with thousands of dollars flying around and it sure has rejuvenated my interest in poker.
  5. I could care less, Korean baseball (KBO) is so much better. Lots of runs, terrible bullpens, wake up every morning to catch the important innings, it's the best.
  6. This was my take away from the first episode. I didn't realize that this was how he got started on the bike. That is a lot of raw talent from a 15 year old.
  7. I would not recommend wong'ing advanced lines, Wong is based on sharp market lines.
  8. Number of NASCAR races before @regularguy is back wagering on turning left.
  9. I just saw that shot, pretty incredible golf shot from an amateur.
  10. Also snagged Phil/Brady +150 because Phil’s twitter game is so good I feel like I have to back him because he entertains me
  11. Sweet, I faded Elliott Truex -125 o Harvick Truex -120 o Elliott Harvick -105 o Elliott Sooooo Truex first, Harvick 2nd, Elliott 3rd and we both win!