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  1. I played Logano o Keselowski -115 Hamlin o Truex -130 Hamlin o Keselowski -110 Logano o Blaney -150 Keselowski o Elliott +100
  2. Tom Brady prop a loser at betonline but a winner at Bookmaker
  3. I bet it at bookmaker, my guess is they won't be as forgiving.
  4. I was actively looking for a deebo rushing line. Someone pointed me to 5d but I don't have an account there, was able to get $50 down elsewhere, would have liked to bet more but bookmaker (or betonline) never posted that I could find.
  5. This is the kind of info I can get behind, makes sense that betonline took a bunch of u123.5 after rehearsal and then reset to 112.5.