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  1. Doing some work on first TD, I usually use Bookmaker and Betonline and grab the best price. Prices for tonights game looked off so did some math Hold % at BOL - 31% Hold % at BM - 5.5%
  2. I include -7 and sometimes -6.5 depending on the ML. today was rams, bears, pats and browns, I only play the 3 team combos because that’s the only one that’s playable. 2 teamers at -110 are close but 4 teamer at +250 is garbage
  3. At betonline I have higher limits on over props than unders, like an over? Can bet $500, like an under? $100, nicely done BOL
  4. The thing is Chark only had 7 targets in the first 2 games, Jax does a good job of spreading the wealth. I think Robinson is going to get a bunch of carries because the dolphins can't stop the run.
  5. Gesicki o3.5 Gaskin u39.5 rushing Game u49 Conley o3 Conley 1st TD +1500 Really light card, if shenault gets to 4.5 I'll grab under
  6. FYI I got a flyer in the mail from betonline, 100% freeplay using code FOOTBALL20 just used it and it worked no problem. Also had a 5% boost option when I deposited so got an extra 5% on everything. I'd check with CS first to make sure your acct is eligible but that's a nice bonus.
  7. Tua time? This is their only national TV game(if that means anything) Reports out of camp were positive, Jags with not much of a defense. Seems like a good spot to get him out there.