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  1. I'd recommend not ignoring anything above -200, it's a mistake
  2. Got my money in at -300 and it closed -900, might be the best CLV I've ever achieved, don't apologize. Should have hedged
  3. -900 on bookmaker, should have bet more Wait hedge out? We're no longer friends
  4. US open Saunders -130 o Strake Ortiz -170 o Tarren Etulian -155 o Hillier Hardy -155 o Hillier Lee +100 o Stuard Blair -175 o O'connell Davis -125 o Pope Lahiri +105 o Donald Mcilroy -160 o Woods Fowler -120 o Rahm Fowler-125 o Schauffle Rose -140 o Thorb
  5. How reputable is the book? How important is your account there? My first scumbag thought is withdraw 16k and then freeroll.