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  1. The site is still down. The one time I want to get on the site to do some research and of course I can't. Frustrating.
  2. Reasonable enough. Anything you see here that would be more luring to get Forte for Murray without taking too big of a hit on my end?
  3. I'm having some regret at getting Murray, but he was the best there was at RB when I drafted him (should have taken Julio Jones---dumb dumb dumb!). So I'm trying to fix this by trading up. Here's my team: A. Rodgers M. Lynch D. Murray D. Bowe A. Brown T. Smith J. Finley Ravens J. Tucker Bench M. Vick J. Rodgers B. Tate C. Michael S. Vereen D. Woodhead V. Brown R. Rueben 10 Team League, .1/yd run, .1/yd rec, .05/yd pass, 6pt TD with 3pt bonus at 100/100/300 respectively. Start QB/2WR/3WR/1TE/D/K (no flex or PPR). Trying to trade D. Murray, S. Vereen, and D. Bowe for M. Forte and D. Amendola. The rest of his team is E. Manning S. Ridley M. Colston J. Jones (GB) J. Graham Patriots M. Nugent Bench S. Bradford B. Weeden G. Bernard M. Bush B. Green-Ellis G. Little M. Bennett I think if he goes for it I'm getting a good deal, which is why he probably won't go for it. What's your take? Thanks, Stew