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  1. this really made me smile. It's an honor to have my note hanging up at the MoP household.
  2. Attacking an opposing gym can net great XP as well. Winning 3-4 battles against a 3-4 pokeman gym will total 750-1200XP (1500-2400XP with the egg).
  3. It's a right around the block from my office so it's a good place for a few after work drinks. Stopped in there a few weeks ago and nearly spit my drink out when I saw the quote on that shirt. Thought it'd be perfect for you. Again, glad you like it.
  4. Glad you like them MoP. And thanks to kutta. Great job running this.
  5. I just shipped my package out to another planet where @Ministry of Pain resides. #noban Enjoy bud!
  6. I expect to send the package out sometime next week. I've already picked up one item and plan to add a few more. I am taking a road trip around NY state this weekend, so I'll have my eyes open for any gems.
  7. I received one of these last year and still wear it every so often. It's always funny when someone asks me what Kutta is. My response: "Er, some guy from the innerwebs."
  8. Forgot to mention that he also sent a hand written note on his own personal stationary. Very nice touch Joe. It's going up on the fridge.
  9. So I hit the FBG jackpot yesterday, literally. I received a sweeeet package from THE @Joe Bryant Here are the pics: Yee Haw Brewing Co. T-Shirt- Front Back 6 Pack of booze and Chocolate - Swag Last but not least - FBG Swag Bag Thank you Joe not only for the shirt and the swag but for everything else that you and your team has done for this community. It truly is appreciated.
  10. Do or die, bed stuy!! This neighborhood is starting to become very hipster so 'start hiding cool t-shirts' would be the right advice.
  11. I said the same thing.....and then I should have waited till after lunch. I'm having chili too