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  1. All aboard the Ajayi train!! Chooo choo! 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃💨💨💨💨
  2. PPR - Flex 2 spot - who to start Start - A.Jones, A.Jeffrey, or C.Sutton?
  3. Yeah.. I watched the OBJ interview, think he's just being overly honest. He isn't 100%. But...based on comments from teammates and the coaching staff from their observations, he's probably like 95%. I think most other players would say they're 100% in the same situation. 🤞
  4. Jarvis Landry said this week in practice OBJ was still the fastest WR in the room with the "hip issue".
  5. Fire up the Ajayi train!! Choo choo 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃🚃💨💨
  6. In a start 1 qb league, especially with your qb depth, that is an instant accept for me.
  7. Would help to know the full extent of the deal along with your complete roster. That with standing the difference between the two backfields is huge! The Bucs running back situation is garbage. I would definitely be all for trading that for the Steelers Rb's assuming you could afford to give up those IDP, whom you failed to mention in your post. Furthermore, I would also be perfectly comfortable packing Harry with the Bucs rbs for Connor and Samuels. Either way, yes I'd definitely do it.
  8. That would be an atrocious return for Odell, absolutely hate that offer. Regardless of your feeling on the Browns, OBJ's situation has markedly improved this off season. He is inline for a massive season this year. Unless I'm getting a superstar back in return, there's no chance I would even consider moving him.
  9. Trubisky put up 60 fantasy points in my league last week, 350+ passing 50+ rushing, 6 tds. Wouldn't want either as my starting QB right now just yet, but would much rather have Mitch over Rosen. Nagy also isnt a bad coach wtf you talking about.
  10. Who to start?? J.Ajayi or Duke Johnson PPR
  11. Hey guys, any of you use CBS for your IDP leagues? I picked Vic Beasley up in the off season because they announced the change back to a 4-3 defense and Vic being a full time DE. V.Beasley is listed as a DE on all other sites as well as the Falcons official depth chart and roster. CBS still hasn't updated his position eligibility and they have for almost all other player examples. Any idea on how to contact them, to have it changed? I've sent in multiple emails in the past and never get a response.
  12. Yeah great draft. Killed it in all the early and mid rounds. I'd prefer D.Njuko over either one of your tight ends.
  13. Everyone can trash talk Dez, but he's far better than everyone not named D.Baldwin on that WR roster.