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  1. 1) true 2) most likely not true. 3) as far as THC carts are concerned. The e-juice market is different.
  2. To group nicotine ejuice in with THC carts is ludicrous. This is nothing more than Big tobacco creating panic in order to drive the small guy out of business so they can dominate the vape market. The clueless media are being paWned into feeding the frenzy. Vaping has gotten tens of thousands of people off cigarettes and lost revenue is the real issue.
  3. Drop: WR Darius Slayton NYG Add: WR Diontae Johnson PIT
  4. Yes. I will be putting the pump in to a basin like this.. The plan was to drill holes all around the sides with a few in the bottom and wrap the outside with the landscaping fabric. I will then place in the pit and put 2-3" of gravel around the wrapped basin and put a lid on top.
  5. I am about to install a new sump pump and basin in my crawlspace which is <36" tall. After drilling holes in the basin, I want to wrap the basin with landscaping cloth or something similar to help prevent silt/mud from getting in the pit. I was looking at natural burlap and wondered if that would be a good choice. The pores are larger than most landscaping fabric but may allow better flow. Also considering fiberglass screen mesh. Any thoughts or advice ?
  6. Mark Davis is likely very involved in what happens next. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.
  7. Looking to buy one or the other. Which do you recommend ?
  8. Most of the 32" LED TVs on the market are close in picture quality and all suck at audio output. Save a little on your TV and get you a small soundbar.
  9. Vizio makes some nice stuff these days. I have a soundbar of their's and it rocks. Nice clear center.
  10. I only have Lamar Jackson after losing Andrew Luck. I am a believer in Brissett and a Colts homer. It's hard to land a good QB outside of Round 1. It's actually a 32 teamer with double copies. I know the 2020 pick would be in the 2nd half due to league construction. (2) 16 team leagues drafting from the same pool. Teams move up and down between the two based on results. The premere league picks 17-32