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  1. Thinking about enrolling in a silver plan from the marketplace. This would me for myself (53) and wife (57). Is the premium tax credit I qualified for basically pays for most of the monthly premiums. Since my part time employment doesnt offer any coverage is this as good a deal as it sounds ? I have applied and been accepted but yet to choose a plan. Tonight is the deadline for 2019. Is the price they are quoting me for BOTH the wife and I or seperate ? I applied for us together. Thanks for any guidance.
  2. Ben & Jerry's

    Stephen A might be a bit off.

    He did credit Don Coryell for the gutsy call going for the win instead of allowing Steve DeBerg a chance to drive the length of the field in extra innings.
  3. Ben & Jerry's

    The Official Kicker (K) Thread

    Maher Total 13 Long of 45
  4. Ben & Jerry's

    **FFA POKER**

    Yes. Player B should have announced a raise or put out $30. His action constitutes a "call".
  5. Ben & Jerry's

    Week 13 Questions For Bloom

    12 team non ppr Pick 2 RBs: Breida vs SEA Ingram vs DAL Carson vs SF Pick 1 WR: Jeffrey vs WAS Godwin vs CAR Samuel vs TBB Ty Williams vs PIT THANKS!
  6. I think this was Bum Phillips talking about Don Shula. "He can take hiz'n and beat your'n and he can take your'n and beat hiz'n"
  7. Ben & Jerry's


    David Johnson for Aaron Jones + mid 1st 10 team idp dynasty
  8. Who would you rather have ?
  9. Ben & Jerry's


    10 team IDP dynasty Traded Dalvin Cook + early 2nd for David Johnson
  10. I ended up trading Cook/Fred Warner/late 1st for Hunt.
  11. I am the Cook/Sutton owner. 12 team idp dynasty ppr Was offered.. Kareem Hunt + early 2019 3rd for Dalvin Cook + Courtland Sutton + late 2019 1st
  12. 12 team idp dynasty ppr Was offered.. Kareem Hunt + early 2019 3rd for Dalvin Cook + Courtland Sutton + late 2019 1st
  13. Ben & Jerry's

    Sutton/Cook/1st for Hunt/3rd ?

    12 team idp dynasty ppr
  14. Ben & Jerry's

    What Song Title Best Describes Your Last Fart?

    Don't it make my brown eye blew
  15. Ben & Jerry's

    Unwanted nickname -- WWYD?

    If a teacher has a nickname for your child that is not offensive let it go.