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  1. Trying to get our league championship moved to Week 16 by demonstrating how many players are rested due to playoff scenarios already being set. Where can I find a list of players that were not in action in week 17 that normally would have played under different circumstances ? Thanks.
  2. I'll play.
  3. Gallup, Sutton and Ross
  4. Coming from a long time Indy fan, I wouldn't take TY ahead of Diggs, Fitz or Tyreek who are all in more balanced offenses. The Colts will struggle to consistantly move the football and that will limit their time of possession. They don't really have anybody drawing coverage away on the other side. Deon Cain might have been that guy. Doyle and Ebron will both offer good ROI.
  5. Rook is a classic card game and lots of fun.
  6. Roethlisberger and Mahommes for me.
  7. What are your roster sizes ? I think you'll need to allow the 10 current owners to protect a certain number of their players while "exposing" the rest to an expansion draft. Let the 2 new owners draft a team from the unprotected list and FA pool. You may consider awarding additional draft picks depending on how lenient you are with the protected policy.
  8. He definitely just got more expensive.
  9. In for league 6
  10. Hankook is solid.
  11. Dumping Jonnu for the 3.07 was a wise move. Plenty of better prospects will be available there.
  12. I meant are these leagues free from MFL ? Send me a PayPal link and I'll join. I just wondered how you were able to pay out without the overhead.
  13. What kind of league fees do these cost ?
  14. I don't think you have the ammo to acquire Davis. Your best bet would be to offer Allison plus your 1st and 2nd next year. A rebuilding team is not likely to part with a young stud WR on a friendly contract.
  15. $52 on Amazon. Claims effective for 8 months. Tried pills and they made my dogs lethargic. (Chihuahuas) Anyone have recommendations ?