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  1. It appears James is really going to be tested tonight. Tune in.
  2. Brett Rypien has a real shot at winning that job in the next couple years. I think Sutton can be a WR2 with any of the QBs but that is likely his ceiling.
  3. Breshad Perriman Antonio Callaway Sterling Shepard
  4. Pettis for a 2nd in any year seems like good business. Tevon Coleman and Deebo give that offense some balance and Mullins is a nice insurance policy on Jimmy.
  5. Which team is left ? Can you leave a link to the Ieague ?
  6. A new 7" or 8" tablet would be nice.
  7. Jones has a much clearer path to relevance. Lock has the tools to be an NFL starter but some feel Brett Rypien will get his shot at some point as well.
  8. Henderson was just drafted @ 2.04 by Gurley owner 12 team IDP ppr
  9. I would take Campbell over Brown all day. Higher floor and ceiling. Hardman has a higher ceiling but lower floor.
  10. 10 team IDP ppr 1.02 + 1.03 for Tom Brady Le'Veon Bell Jalen Ramsey