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  1. Waters has been reduced to a bitter old man who hates America.
  2. Local sports talk radio had T. J. Houshmandzadeh on a few days ago and he said his training philosophy was that it's more important how fast a WR can decelerate or stop than how fast he can run. Apparently Pittman has really bought in to his program and is impressing. Obviously grain of salt and all, but these kind of early reports are encouraging.
  3. Pittman has been working with former Bengal T. J. Houshmandzadeh in Cali for the last month. I combined his glowing review of Michael Pittman as a trusted and proven trainer of WRs along with what I see on with my own eyeballs. As a local Indy guy myself, I may be influenced by all the excitement the pick has generated but I just don't see the same potential from Higgins.
  4. Unless its SF, I think you'll be fine @ 42 I guess I am used to IDP. If its not, you likely need to move up
  5. I have a buddy who is interested in playing. If I pay his entry along with mine, can he play without being a "footballguy" ?
  6. Pittman is a much better prospect than Higgins. Rivers in Indy for 2 years buys them a little time.
  7. Im guessing a tie no longer brings both players back, but her wager made no sense. Bet zero and give him a chance to miss and then go to the tiebreak.
  8. pokerrr2 poker with buddies
  9. Believing auto-correction was a great feature...