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  1. 1. Let X be the number of auto accidents in a neighborhood each month. Let the pmf of X be given by f(x) =1/(x+1)(x+2). Find the conditional probability that X≥3 given that X≥1. 2. A machine fills bags of potatoes to ten pounds. The probability that any given bag of potatoes is less than ten pounds is 0.04. We’ll check each bag to see if it is ten pounds. Let X be the number of bags checked until the first bag under ten pounds is found. (a) Find P(X = 20) (b) Find P(X > 20) (c) Find P(X < 20) 3. A students take a quiz with eight multiple choice questions, each with five possible answers, only one of which is correct. Let X be the random variable corresponding to the first question correctly answered. (a) Find the pmf f(x). (b) Find E(X).
  2. 1. $1225 is borrowed for one year at a discount rate of D, giving the use of an extra $1000. Find D and the annual interest rate that this is equivalent to. 2. A savings account earns compound interest at an annual effective interest rate of i. Given that i[3,5.5] = 15%, find d[1,4] 3. Money grows according to the simple interest accumulation function a(t)=1+0.04ta ( t ) = 1 + 0.04 t. How much money would you need to invest at time 2 in order to have $2,300 at time 9? 4. What is the present value of $10,000 due in ten years assuming that money grows according to compound interest and that the annual effective rated of interest is 1% for the first three years, 2% for the next two years, and 4% for the remaining five years? 5. Show that if the growth of money is from compound interest with an annual effective rate of i >0, then the sum of the current value of a payment of K made n periods ago and K to be made n periods from now is greater than 2K. 6. Suppose we know that for money in an account with accumulation function a(t), the sum of the current value of a payment of K made n periods ago and K to be made n periods from now is greater than 2K. What must be true about a(t). [Note that this is more general than the previous problem]. 7. You have two options for repaying a loan: A. $5,000 now and $4,500 in one year. B. $10,000 in six months. Find the annual effective interest rate(s) i at which both options have the same present value. 8. A payment of X on year from now and a payment 3X three years from now repays a debt of $10,000 at 5% annual effective compound interest. What is the value of X? 9. You invest P into an account earning simple discount at a rate of 6% or simple interest earning 9%. How long must you invest your money so that the simple discount account is preferable? 10. An account is governed by compound interest. The interest for two years on $2,500 is $250. Find the amount of discount for two years on $1,000.
  3. I think with limited to no crowd noise, the offenses will have a substantial advantage early on.
  4. There is likely a stipulation you have to play through your bonus winnings MULTIPLE times before you can withdraw anything.
  5. Show your work if possible. TIA 1.) A state lottery consists of selecting balls from four containers, each consisting of balls numbered 0-9. Suppose you win if any permutation of your chosen four numbers win. Find the probability of winning if the four digits you chose were: (a) 2, 3, 4, 5. (b) 2, 3, 4, 4. (c) 2, 2, 4, 4. 2. )Two friends choose to have a best of nine video game battle with the winner being the first player to win five times. A possible outcome would be BBABAABB where player A wins the3rd, 5th and 6th games while player B wins games 1,2,4,7, and 8. There is no 9th game because player B has already won 5 times. How many different orders are possible if the battle goes (a) 6 games? (b) 9 games? 3.) At the end of the semester, 20 students fill out a class evaluation for a professor. They can rank him on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is terrible and 5 is excellent. How many different ratings combinations are possible?
  6. It weighs about 9# loaded so there is that. 20" barrel is not too bad. I opted for a flashlight/laser combo which allows you to aim the gun without shouldering it which is likely in a SHTF scenario.
  7. The Rock Island VR 80 is another great option for a home defense shotgun. I just picked one up for $600. Comes with two 5 round magazines with 9 & 19 round mags available.
  8. The Ruger AR 5.56 and S&W MP15 Sport 2 are both good entry level options under $800. You can upgrade individual components (triggers, handrails, stocks etc) as you see fit. I just picked up the Ruger for $723 at the LGS. If you want to spend $1800- $2000, Tactical Edge is a great option, Made in Clarksville Tennessee. For a red dot sight, the Holosun 510c at $299 in red, or $339 in green is a terrific optic for the price.
  9. 1st AR purchase. 16" rifle style Looking at Smith & Wesson M&P Sport 2 and Ruger AR .556. All the low prices are OOS and I'm ok with paying current prices to get it while there is "still time" 😉 Budget is $1200 for rifle and a red dot optic
  10. I think the choice will be made for him. Biden isn't calling the shots here.