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  1. The Colts gave up on him a few days ago when they waived him from the active roster.
  2. I think AB has burnt every bridge to reentry in the NFL. The old adage, "If he can play, someone will sign him" doesn't apply here. AB is toxic × 10
  3. If you still have a fighting chance it is legit. If you are eliminated it is in poor taste to "help" another owner in redraft.
  4. I think Brees has 1 maybe 2 productive years left. I'm not sure Newton plays again. My other QB is Mahomes. Do you trade for a 40 year old QB ?
  5. We had to make a hole through the foundation to repair a leaking water line. Now I need to seal up the opening. I will have an 1.5" water line and well pump wiring running through the block that needs to be protected. A buddy mentioned using hydrolic cement but it seems there are better solutions. What do you recommend ?
  6. This explains a lot right here.
  7. Very few problems are occurring on the tobacco side. Almost all the problems are on the thc cart side.
  8. Beautiful pup. Sorry for your loss. Get another as soon as you are up to it. It will help.
  9. Update: The leak has been repaired. It was leaking just outside the foundation. Most likely over time the tree roots caused friction against the cinder block. Unfortunately during the digging process, a section of good pipe behind the leak was damaged with the shovel. The wire from the well was also severed. 😠 So after exposing more of the pipe and getting a clean cut, new pipe and wire were coupled and spliced from there to the bladder tank. Thanks to everyone who offered both advice and humor to my query.
  10. Water line from well to the house is leaking just outside the foundation. There is a 4'+ tree not 6 feet from the dig area. Massive roots. Need to get down another foot or so. Using shovels axes, saws-all, drills, chains etc and still having trouble. Any ideas ?