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  1. 0-16 they are so far beneath every other team, I just can’t think of another team that they can compete with
  2. Jets are so bad, would it be worth drafting Lawrence? no supporting cast...he gonna get killed back there...
  3. Yes...talent carried him....McCarthy’s flaws are apparent now, and I don’t see him improving
  4. Cancel the Thursday game and give us an early Monday game
  5. But he wasn’t obviously terrible either for a number of years...coaches can learn and improve, but Garrett’s time had run out. McCarthy has been in the league for awhile, but he’s so obviously terrible, that there is no point In trying to develop him any further.
  6. I agree that they need improvement at RB. I am not sure that Bell is the answer. He always seems to be more trouble than he is worth. i thought Brieda would do more....
  7. Because it’s obvious he’s terrible. I never got the sense that Garrett was terrible....
  8. He could be gone and my main reason is that if I was Jerry Jones, I would be looking to move on at this point.