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  1. Wow, 2 great entertainment choices. I would probably jump off the roof of the house when I got to either one.
  2. I dont recall any players being kidnapped and forced to play. They know the risks involved. On another note, if any team is stupid enough to sign this trainwreck, they deserve whatever mess comes their way.
  3. Better off setting fire to your hard earned money than giving it to the thief Nutting. I'm not sure why ANYONE would go to another game while he owns the team. MLB should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen, but they dont give a sh@@ as long as they have their beloved redsox, Yankees or Dodgers in the playoffs every year.
  4. And the sorry a@@ ownership drives the franchise further into oblivion. Worst owner of any of the major sports and it isn't close. It's a shame this piece of garbage of an owner gets away with it, but everyone needs to quit going to games so he can't make any money.
  5. GB, the worst 13-3 team ever. They were embarrassed twice by the 49ers, and should have lost to the sorry lions twice. Bye bye arrogant Aaron, I'm sure he will blame it on his coach.
  6. Telling how overrated the NFC was this year. GB is mediocre at best.
  7. Kind of glad to see arrogant Aaron go down in flames.
  8. LOL, exactly. I always dread that question being asked.