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  1. I have to think this has been mentioned, but the Yoplait commercial where the @@@@@ voice in the background screams "she's becoming an independent Chiiiilllld". Most annoying thing ever. I'm sure whoever that person is has the most punchable face ever.
  2. Just another piece of crap that quit on his team. Why would you want garbage like this on your team.
  3. Not sure why you were laughed at. Juju is doomed to 3 catches & 25 yards every game the rest of the season. I have him & would have been all over that offer.
  4. So it will be the same song & dance for the next month. He might play, maybe not, he didnt practice, he feels good, well not sure if he's ready. All the while burning a hole on your roster. Just tempted to cut because no one in either of my leagues is dumb enough to give anything of value for him. What a wasted effing pick.
  5. He's absolutely killed both of my teams. He wasnt doing anything before the injury except for the game he got hurt in. I can't get anything remotely decent for him.
  6. Yes I would l Iike to hear this as well. Dribbling a ball doesn't make you an entrepreneur & getting endorsements from it doesn't either.
  7. Yes Lebron is the king of morons. It amazes me people defend this dolt.
  8. Exactly, that is the double standard that is demonstrated every day in this country now.
  9. The guy is absolutely terrified of any kind of pass rush. This was evident last year as the season wore on. He isn't very good.
  10. They gave gave 2 1sts and a 4th, lololol. He probably wont even be there after next year. Rams got robbed.
  11. I have juju and I wouldn't have been able to hit accept fast enough on that deal. And you want more than Evans? Not a chance.
  12. Refs ruin the enjoyment of every game because they are so so bad.
  13. It's their freakin job. Maybe if most of the refs weren't 200 years old they would see it wasn't hands to the face. Should be canned immediately.
  14. He wasn't doing anything before hill got back. I am dumping him quickly.