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  1. I saw one, it said Florida man drives a honda. As if one of these threads wasn't bad enough. These boards have really gone downhill.
  2. You have no doubts?? Do you know him personally. Guess you were up late having a few to many.
  3. Not sure how you equate 2 criminal thugs beating women with tragedy and the other stories.
  4. No one even knows who Josh Harris is. I never realized he was on the team. I would venture to say he say he is probably somewhere asking "you want fries with that".
  5. You contradicted yourself. Why would you keep paying those 2 selfish clowns ridiculous money when they havent won diddly squat with them. Seems like a smart move to me, and neither will be part of a .500 team again. Good riddance to them.
  6. That makes alot of sense Leveon. Does he not remember the years he played as a steeler and they won absolutely squat. Go smoke some more & enjoy the losing seasons ahead Bell.
  7. The whole family makes my skin crawl. The people that worship this trash need to be put in a mental institution. Put all the Kartrashians on an island together never to be heard from again & the world would be a better place.
  8. You'll never win with the bell apologists leeroy. All of them saying for months oh its going to be 45 to 50 guaranteed at least. Now, it's well he didnt want to be there. He did the right thing. No he didnt and now he plays for a bottom dweller just as expected but for even less money.
  9. I was kind of wanting to get Golden Tate but after seeing what the giants gave him, no thanks. He got 23 million guaranteed I think, isn't that pretty close to Bell? Lol
  10. Eh, as a steeler fan I am pissed how brown did what he did. But the Steelers churn out receivers like clock work, and I'm glad they got rid of him now. He is headed down a very bad path. They won nothing with him, so what are they really losing. Raiders aren't winning anything with that psycho.
  11. Wow, just saw a replay of the Brown presser, his goal in being in Oakland and I quote "is to catch Jerry rice". There's the team guy you all are getting in Oakland. I'm disliking this a@@ hole more every day. At least, he is their problem now.
  12. I hope they all go to jail for a long time. Used their means to benefit their children?? You're kidding right. This is why kids and young adults suck these days and dont want to do anything. Because mommy and daddy want their little a@@hole kids to be coddled by everyone.
  13. The thought bubble right after, "why does this weirdo keep hugging me"
  14. This guy has truly lost his mind. Saying yesterday that Pittsburgh will always be family and HE has no hard feelings. Takes out billboards saying thanks. Then says players will be held accountable with raiders. Yeah, okay bud.