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  1. Cue up the doomsdayers from the covid thread,coming in here to say "stay home stay home 2nd wave coming", blah blah blah
  2. I'm shocked anyone would pay for CBS all access. CBS should be ashamed charging anyone for anything.
  3. Wow, I thought I was the only one to suffer through this garbage. I always ask her if she is deaf because the volume is as loud as it will go. But she gives me attitude if I so much as breath if she is on a phone call. Please let work from home end NOW!
  4. I was offered 2020 1.1 and one of, wentz, chark, Ronald Jones, or drew lock for saquon Barkley. The clown that offered that does crap like this all through the season to. People like this are the worst of the worst.
  5. Well, the idea behind this thread couldn't have been more wrong. There WILL be football much sooner than people thought.
  6. Packers have easily the worst draft thus far. What in the world are they doing.
  7. Yeah, something with Mims that hasn't come out. Very strange.
  8. Yep, ben goes down and it will be groundhog day, 2019 all over again. Thought they might go Cleveland there
  9. Steelers aren't taking a rb this high. I'd be shocked.