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  1. Yes, keep attacking & injuring people and destroying property. Everyone is over this garbage and no one wants to hear it. The ones doing this wouldn't even know if any changes were ever made. It's an excuse to be hoodlums.
  2. So she says you ruined her summer because, god forbid you actually work and it has to be at home. And now it's on you to leave the house everyday to find a place to work. She couldn't be more selfish if she tried. My prayers go out to you
  3. You can only shake your head in disgust after reading this ridiculous garbage. They dont care if a store is looted, it will feed and cloth them. You just can't fix stupid.
  4. I did not get personal. I just think it's ridiculous the number of threads started just to spew the same exact stuff over and over.
  5. It's comical that ANOTHER thread had to be started for the same stuff regurgitated over and over and over. We heard all of the whining in the other 700 threads, just stop.
  6. Why is freakin Marleau on the ice with 2 minutes left, just unforgivable.
  7. And the pens have been eliminated by the worst team in playoff history. What an embarrassment, entire team other than Jarry should be ashamed. The door has officially been shut on this group of players.
  8. Pens look slow & disinterested. But Jarry with an incredible glove save.
  9. Yep, this is brutal to watch. Doesn't really matter because they will get smoked in the next round.
  10. Yeah, I would like an explanation as to why the human pylon is still in the lineup.
  11. Oh don't be too concerned. Just follow the logic of some on this thread that "it's only happening in a small part of the city". Anything goes there, lol.
  12. I haven't seen a bad goal given up by Price in any of the games, that's the difference.
  13. And a matt Murray bad goal on que to give up the lead. But the entire team went to sleep up 3-1. What an embarrassment. They will get eliminated by the 24th seed. Worst playoff loss in the history of the league.
  14. Nice seeing the Pens struggle against the Canadiens minor league team, oof.