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  1. And here we go. If you all want to start injecting race into this thread, go to the political forum and discuss there. Sheesh.
  2. Yes it is an absolute shame we can't enjoy more EG stories and posts. Some of the best reading ever on these boards & always put a smile on my face. Now mods just prefer having people bash each other In the political threads and let a certain couple of people get away with calling others bigots and racists. But mercy no will anyone enjoy any kind of innocent humor & storytelling. It's rather pathetic.
  3. These are the most immature people in the history of the show. Bella & the 2 meatheads are the worst of the worst. Not sure I can watch anymore.
  4. So, your first sentence basically says no undocumented immigrant has every committed a violent crime. Ok lol. You need to stop posting, you're embarrassing yourself.
  5. Wow, just wow. Give up Megla, you are not allowed to say anything about illegal immigration in any thread. You will never be right, only Tim is right. We just have to accept him calling everyone a bigot and getting away with it.
  6. You've got to be kidding. And here lies the hypocrisy, telling a group of people to just suck it up and take it. What a joke.
  7. You got 3 months for excessive humor! Wow I'd love to know what that was but I guess we'll never know since 3 months was given. That's crazy.
  8. Hey, murdering scumbugs deserve a chance at the American dream to. Why should there be laws getting into this country, it's just not right that they have to cross illegal to kill people. They're probably just misunderstood.
  9. The definition is basically anytime you hurt a liberal/Democrat's feelings or disagree with them, you're racist. Pretty simple.
  10. She is the one putting herself out there as some supremely better person than everyone else. But keep with the others do it argument. LOL
  11. I didn't figure it would take you to long to jump into this one.
  12. I'm not talking about others, I'm talking about her. All of you worshipers think she is so great, but keep deflecting because OTHERS do it.
  13. What a gem she is, more disgusting behavior. %1%24s
  14. Are you kidding, I dont think it's bad. All of the whiny woe is me ridiculous people make it sound bad