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  1. Never understood why these doomsday hoarding idiots started stock piling everything anyway, especially toilet paper. But no, the extremists for some reason want to try and look smarter than everyone else, when in actuality it's quite the opposite.
  2. You are correct on optimists getting attacked. It's as if they prefer to think the worst. I didnt realize there were so many scientists, doctors, chemists, etc that posted in these forums who apparently know everything.
  3. Then why invite someone into your home if you dont want interaction? If a person is that concerned, why would you be doing this in the 1st place.
  4. Good post, and people like this Fauci being irresponsible in the way he is trying to cause hysteria. All he does is create more harm than good.
  5. After reading these threads , I now see why we have a toilet paper shortage. Sheesh.
  6. These doomsdayers who run to the store at any sign of an issue (weather, etc) are the worst of the worst. And not very smart. Yeah, what is the 1st thing I need to stockpile hmmm..oh yeah 7000 rolls of toilet paper. Was in a CVS yesterday and this clown was grilling the employee if they had anymore toilet paper and sanitizer. Employee I could tell was trying not to laugh and I shook my head as I walked by.
  7. Looks like the pens are on their way to another 4-0 1st round sweep, IF they make it. So so bad, sleep walk through 2 home games and get embarrassed by a combined 11-4.
  8. Wow, 2 great entertainment choices. I would probably jump off the roof of the house when I got to either one.
  9. I dont recall any players being kidnapped and forced to play. They know the risks involved. On another note, if any team is stupid enough to sign this trainwreck, they deserve whatever mess comes their way.
  10. Better off setting fire to your hard earned money than giving it to the thief Nutting. I'm not sure why ANYONE would go to another game while he owns the team. MLB should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen, but they dont give a sh@@ as long as they have their beloved redsox, Yankees or Dodgers in the playoffs every year.
  11. And the sorry a@@ ownership drives the franchise further into oblivion. Worst owner of any of the major sports and it isn't close. It's a shame this piece of garbage of an owner gets away with it, but everyone needs to quit going to games so he can't make any money.
  12. GB, the worst 13-3 team ever. They were embarrassed twice by the 49ers, and should have lost to the sorry lions twice. Bye bye arrogant Aaron, I'm sure he will blame it on his coach.
  13. Telling how overrated the NFC was this year. GB is mediocre at best.
  14. Kind of glad to see arrogant Aaron go down in flames.
  15. LOL, exactly. I always dread that question being asked.