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  1. so I hear they took away the probable tag because guys were playing 90%+ with it. I don't understand it, but what is the best place to find out if a guy is going to play if he questionable? Is there a web site or wait until pregame warm ups? did they take away doubtful tag too?
  2. so it take you to separate slow web site to sync your league and it doesn't automatically load your scoring and other other settings. I thought this was done automatically in the past. And this is an improvement? I knew I was paying more for my subscription this year for a reason.
  3. can you please make this auction draft
  4. is it majority approval on leagusafe?
  5. is this free league?
  9. life, wanna join mine?
  10. i'll pay and accept quck as lightnight
  11. craig....i'll join yours if you join mine?
  12. free league? I'll join yours if you join my $36 leagusafe league?
  13. you still need somebody?
  14. how about this....
  15. rmsy23....i sent you an email about how I will not be joining your league if you give yourself total control of the money on just a note to those thinking of joining...he does not have majority is set at "commissioner has total control..." enter at your own risk