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  1. Again, I am looking for stats on where each started (center, guard, right tackle, etc)....not videos
  2. or even multiple web sites I have to cobble together...anything....I do see that Dane Brugler does this with his draft guide, but I have to wait until April 1st and pay money to get this information...I can't believe there are no stats for this....somebody said check team web sites, but I can't find it there either
  3. Does anybody know of a single website where I can go to see where each college football offensive line man started at game by game : left tackle left guard ,Center, Right Guard right tackle?
  4. What do you think about Mike Boone since he is RB and will get more touches with both Cook and Mattison out.
  5. you remember bad weather last week against broncos..kelce had 11 catches.
  6. Am I missing something or is there no way to sort the points allowed by position in the new FBG dominator. If i go to weekly rankings I see the category, but I can not sort by it individually like you could with the classic FBG. Is this suppose to be an improvement?
  7. If you are subscriber go to LeagueDominator-MatchupDominator-Settings-Optimize to your choices are : Win % vs Opponent - the lineup that gives you the best chance of beating your opponent Most Points - the lineup that is most likely to score you the most fantasy points Can somebody explain why these things would ever be different?
  8. -$5 buy in, money kept on leaguesafe majority approval, -12-14 team, -FAAB - ESPN -1/2 PPR . If there is enough interest I will set up
  9. -leaguesafe holds the money -14 team 1/2 PPR -leave email address -must respond to email, signup and pay ASAP