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  1. or what about eric decker for the jets.....he ain't on the injury report at all but he is a starter who is out. I don't care if they are PUP, IR, or whatever I want a complete injury list with designation (questionable, doubtful, etc) and practice status (none, limited, full) with the starters highlighted....does such a site exist?
  2. it always shows up as quarterback when I first go into it. The drop down box is useless for position until you are already into it, then it works. This is a small flaw I know, but I have been a subscriber for years and it has been broken for years. I have posted and email about these type of problems before and I know they will probably never get fixed or even addressed. This is a paid site and they now are even closing down forums that deal with this type of stuff (web site questions, app questions now closed). I have emailed this type of stuff in the past and it don't get fixed and there needs to be a place where people can post so everybody knows the problem as it is a lot easier to ignore a private conversation than a public one. I'm sure this topic doesn't fit nicely into this forum, but I don't see anywhere else to put it.
  3. Anybody know of a good site that gives who is out among the starters on a team (by having them highlighted or something)? even the nfl sight doesn't list guys who have been out or will be out for a long time....for example, i don't see dion lewis on the pats report or justin houston on the chiefs report on
  4. I don't get it
  5. I was listening to the waiver wire show this week and heard them talk of a RB handcuff list...where is it on footballguys?
  6. so I hear they took away the probable tag because guys were playing 90%+ with it. I don't understand it, but what is the best place to find out if a guy is going to play if he questionable? Is there a web site or wait until pregame warm ups? did they take away doubtful tag too?
  7. so it take you to separate slow web site to sync your league and it doesn't automatically load your scoring and other other settings. I thought this was done automatically in the past. And this is an improvement? I knew I was paying more for my subscription this year for a reason.
  8. can you please make this auction draft
  9. is it majority approval on leagusafe?
  10. is this free league?
  14. life, wanna join mine?
  15. i'll pay and accept quck as lightnight