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  1. it the cheat sheet, what is that number next to team the player is on? it goes ranking-name-adp-team-X-projected points.....what is that X?
  2. i would also rather not have my paypal account suspended
  3. i plan on reporting it to the IRS...the charge I am concerned with is not tax evasion, but rather illegal gambling type charges.
  4. Do you think there is a good chance we could run into legal problems if we participate in a pool or league that has 5 figures payout that is paid out on paypal?
  5. a few spots left
  6. thanks randy...stay tuned for the league invite and draft time vote if we get enough people
  7. -hosted on yahoo -winner take all -money held on leaguesafe -last year we had 44 people i think
  8. let me be requirements are -paid on leaguesafe -$20-50 entry fee -winner take all -$10,000 total pot (meaning 200-500 entries) your league only satisfies 2 of the 4.
  9. also...i know some don't like leaguesafe for survivor pool because they make you wait until end of season before payout out even if pool ends week 6 or whatever. does anybody know a better site to hold the money?
  10. how many have you gotten in past in survivor pool. I am looking for survivor league with $20-50 entry fee but 10K prize pool
  11. -my only request is the buy in be between $20 and $50 and total entries or expected entries total roughly $10,000 or more and it be winner take all.
  12. 4 teams make playoffs (2 weeks per round and weeks 16/17 left out) 7 man bench and you start 1QB, 2RB, 2 WR, 1TE, 1 flex, 1 D/ST and 1 K.
  13. -Auction and snake style draft (I'm running two leagues with same rules except draft type-let me know which one you want to join or both) -$36 entry fee paid on Leaguesafe (winner takes all-over $500) -14 team league (4 make playoffs) -0.5 PPR -free agent auction for weekly free agents (NOT CONTINUOUS): first come first serve after 1 wave of bidding -ESPN will host league -draft will be weekend of August 27th/28th or Sept. 3/4th (vote will be taken to try to accommodate everybody about specific dates and times) Let me know if you are interested
  14. I haven't looked at anybody else rankings....just off the top of my head....anybody really out of place? Gurley Peterson Elliot Bell Forte Johnson, David Charles Anderson Martin Langford Miller Rawls Forsett Hyde McCoy Freeman Murray, D Lacy Ingrahm Matthews Lewis Gore Yeldon Crowell Gordon Murray, L Jones, Matt Bernard Hill Abdullah Ajayi Stewart Jennings Williams, D Johnson, Duke West Ware Ivory Coleman Williams, K Johnson, C Allen
  15. I am looking to join or set up myself a winner take all pick em contest for the NFL playoffs. All you have to do is pick the winners of all 11 games that make up the NFL playoffs straight up (no spread) and the person who picks the most gets the cash. Split money if multiple winners. I would like leaguesafe to hold the money. Is there already one of these out there, if so where?