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  1. No. I'd trade a 2nd rounder for him if it were late.... but definitely not two of them.
  2. I pretty much agree with Gally across the board. If you can upgrade Nink for a little better DE then I like that, but CJ is an elite-ish LB so that would be ideal. Random question: Can you own both instances of a player? I'd sure hate my chances any week I play against 2 ABs or Julios.
  3. Somebody got to the WikiPedia preview for Bruce Allen. If you Google his name, check the preview on the right for a quick giggle. I mean we do have to try to find something to laugh at nowadays, right?
  4. Give me Corey Davis or Mike Dub over Kev and the 1.12 as well. I don't think it's a terrible offer but I would definitely keep the 1.03 for that price.
  5. I think this trade is fair. I think Malcolm offers a solid value along with the 2.6 and the 4.8 to move up into the mid-1st. That said-- just because it's fair doesn't mean that the other owner should or will do it.
  6. Put me in the camp that says this can go either way and is close enough that an argument either way is good based on team need.
  7. I think you're a terrible manager, quite honestly. Anybody who is as clueless as you are should quit fantasy football. (I'm his older brother so I'm allowed to jokingly say that). Truth be told, even though I am involved in one of these trades, I think by position you did the following: -RB: Small step down but not enough to make you worry about what you got in return -WR: OBJ is the best involved and went to you so that's good-- TY, Nuk, and Keenan can all score in the same range so it's really pretty even You also upgraded at LB and upgraded draft positions out of all of the deals, so really you gained more than you even displayed in the original post.
  8. Great post- this seems to be spot on with Gus now the DC for the LAC.
  9. 10 team Dynasty PPR: Gave: Jimmy Graham Got: Jordan Reed
  10. This. My prediction is him ending up catching deep balls from Cam in Charlotte.
  11. My vote is for Glennon here. I like Garoppolo the best but think he'll only be the best add if somehow he ends up with McDaniels on each of their next stop. I think McCarron would be a great addition to a team with a stout defense.
  12. If you are thin at WR then it is certainly a gamble you have to be willing to take. Or just imagine where Tyreek would go if he were placed into the draft with all of the rookies. If you think that's where he'd go or if he'd go sooner, then take the shot. If not, then respectfully pass. Best of luck.
  13. Dixon for me as well. With a healthy offseason, no reason why he won't be used like a true #1 next year.
  14. The worst feeling to try and cope with.
  15. I'd take the Bell trade over the Zeke trade and I thought the Zeke trade was an easy accept. That Bell trade is insanely in your favor. Quick accept and enjoy having Bell and Howard going forward.