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  1. Gally

    Coop's Dynasty Rules Of Thumb

    In leagues where you keep a minimal number of players you should treat it mostly like a redraft. The couple of players that you get to keep from year to year lose some importance when there are less of them. This is much different than a salary cap situation - unless you only keep a few players from year to year.
  2. Gally

    BSTs 2019 IDP catch-all.

    I would assume so since he plays opposite Von Miller essentially playing the exact same spot just on the other side. I am surprised he was a DL on your site. All my sites had him as LB only.
  3. Gally

    Cam Newton

    Couple what you are going through with strength and conditioning with actually learning to throw again with any accuracy or velocity. I had a labrum tear that took them years to find (actually went in for surgery for rotator cuff impingement and then they found the labral tear). Even with all the PT it took a very long time before I could throw normally again. Bottom line, shoulders are very complicated.
  4. Gally

    BSTs 2019 IDP catch-all.

    This is a stat based game and in order to increase consistency giving points for more stat categories helps. It's a fake game and it doesn't have to mimic the NFL absolutely to be effective.
  5. I never said what he did was acceptable. I said the first thing I would want are the facts. It is never inappropriate to want facts for a situation. Jumping to conclusions on anything is bad when you don't have the facts.
  6. Gally

    BSTs 2019 IDP catch-all.

    You get a QB hit when you get a sack so you weren't too slow. QB hits do matter as the more you hit a QB the more they tend to rush throws and duck the pressure. It takes a toll.
  7. My first thought was why is this happening? I tend to want to gather facts before making any judgements at all. That does not make me a woman abuser.
  8. Gally

    *** Minnesota Vikings: #2019

    Hired as an "offensive advisor". Hopefully that doesn't lead to power struggles on how they run the offense.
  9. don;t forget the semi-colons as well....
  10. Gally

    CookingGuys - Best Knives?

    I have a full Cutco set and they are great. Lifetime guarantee and sharpening
  11. Gally

    BSTs 2019 IDP catch-all.

    Sheldon Rankins goes down with a torn achilles yesterday. Coming off his best year this is a big hit.
  12. Gally

    Coop's Dynasty Rules Of Thumb

    It is not perfectly acceptable to start a backup QB in any format. QB is different than any other position. Only one plays barring an in-game injury. It is not acceptable to start a guy that is not expected to see the field at all. Policing intent is part of the job of the commish however the intent you are policing is the intent of the rules. Owners that purposely try to circumvent the intent of a rule are flat out trying to be a problem.
  13. Gally

    *** Minnesota Vikings: #2019

    By creative I wasn't meaning cute. I mean don't be so predictable. I know the O-line was terrible but there were things (planned role outs as an example) that seemed to work every time they did it - which was maybe once a game. To me it seemed that the play calling was very predictable and seemed to play to the o-line weakness more often than not.
  14. Not involved Cap: $250 Full IDP Starting Lineup: QB/RB/RB/W/W/T/Superflex/K/punter/DL/DL/LB/LB/DB/DB/flex Elliott ($40) & 2019 3rd round pick for Guice ($10), Carson ($8), and 2019 pick 1.06
  15. I have him and have also been shopping him because I have a lot of quality at RB right now. Nobody wants him in my league at all. It shocked me.