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  1. Only works on squirrels
  2. How do you know he meant Mark? Maybe he meant his brother Matt.......
  3. Front pocket wallet with a money clip that doubles as a bottle opener. Brand is Carhartt
  4. I would make that recommendation to everyone.
  5. You don't really need protection for Olsen. He still has at least 2 yrs left in the tank as he hasn't even come close to slowing down. Ebron seems like just a guy at TE that is injured all the time. There are plenty of TE's of his caliber that are out there to pick up or get really cheap. I hate it when guys send you an offer and then recant once you want to accept saying "I meant X not Y". Terrible tactic.
  6. PIcks are a crapshoot as you stated. I assume you think that the 2018 pick will be better than the 6th pick overall based on that team you are trading with being a last place team with no real players at this point to improve. I think the trade is fairly blah although the "expert" consensus seems to think the talent drops off after 1.06. I think Meredith is fine but nothing to get excited about. If you don't like the players that will be available at 1.06 then it is no big deal for you to move that pick to next year.....especially if you think it will be a top 3 or 4 pick.
  7. I picked him up after his first outing and have been riding his streak. It seems more legit than fluke at this point. The K's have been good too (23K/20+ innings).
  8. The effort from Miggy to stop the poor throw was worse than a T-baller that has never played before while playing with daisies. The throw had nothing on it and the game was on the line. I am not even sure what Miggy did besides just watch it go by. Terrible.
  9. The other deal is much better. Ebron is just a guy. You don't need him as Olsen will be fine. Maybe there is a better piece to include over Ebron.
  10. This is completely dependent upon the scoring and relative value between the offensive and defensive side of the scoring. As Arodin stated, the days of Watt being so far ahead of all other IDP players is most likely in the past so his value is diminished quite a bit. I would see if just the 1st rounder would get it done and just leave it at that. You can always revisit a bit down the line assuming nobody else takes the bait.
  11. I think it is a fairly easy accept especially when you only have to start 1 RB. Ware will be just fine in that spot. I also don't think you need TE help. Olsen will be just fine for the next year or two which should give you time to find a replacement.
  12. When I coached high school baseball we pulled up players from the JV every time we made it to the state playoffs. Usually it was just for the experience of seeing the speed and pace of play as well as continuing the season so they got extra practice at the varsity level. Typically not many got significant playing time however there were times when we would pinch hit, run, or as a defensive replacement.
  13. Maybe I misunderstood the format but aren't all these kids from the same school and they had two teams (kind of like JV and Varsity)? Coaches pull up from JV all the time during the playoffs.
  14. Why is this any different than any other team situation? The coach (teacher) puts the lineup together for the game and they play accordingly. The coach never asks the team their input on who should start or sub in or sub out. The coach should know if the outlier just had a bad day and is actually better than their low score on that one day of competition. The coach (teacher) should put the lineup together based on the practices and maximize their chances to make it to the next round. I just don't see why this is different than any other team competition with a coach and players.
  15. Never said proven. Said he has done it before so he may get the first shot. Also, didn't say I agree with that approach.....hahahahaha