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  1. All of those are correct when it leads to one team getting better at the purposeful expense of other teams. For example, when a team offers to share part of the winnings (money) if Team A trades player X to Team B for essentially nothing. This is where Team A is not trying to compete and is purposefully helping Team B get better without also trying to improve Team A. Anytime one team is improving while another team is purposefully not getting better it is collusion. It can take many forms as you have outlined but the definition remains the same.
  2. Actually with bases loaded and one out he should go where it takes him. To his left try and turn two the normal way. To his right step on bag and go one. Brings him in go home and to one. Slow hit he may have only had one choice to go to first. I probably would have had corners in and his play is most likely going home with it unless it was hit hard enough to step on bag and go one. Many options...haha......but none matter when the ump is on his keyster and the coaches aren't big enough to get the call right.
  3. I would agree completely. If I was the umpire I call the two managers over and try and have a civil conversation with them to do the right thing. If there was no agreement I am not sure what I would have done. I don't think you can play it over but I am not sure how to make a call without seeing it. I would probably rely on my instinct based on what I did see and make a call. Bottom line is these are 12 yr old kids. The managers should be ethical enough to make the proper call together and move on.
  4. Depends on the subject and where things have escalated. Things can be misinterpreted in email/text and unnecessarily escalate issues when there really might not be an issue. Documentation is usually something that happens after things have been escalated.
  5. Don't necessarily forget about the veterans. Some can be had for virtually nothing and will help you this year over some hyped rookie that may take a couple years to develop. I tend to look at 2 yr intervals. Most people look at 3-5 yr for dynasty leagues but I have found that to be too long with too many possible factors that change the outlook. If I stay in evaluating 2 yr pictures I am usually in the top quarter of the league every year. You get good value on older vets as teams trade them away because "it's better to trade them too early than too late". Because of that good value can be had. I favor 3rd/4th year guys that have underachieved but are now in a different role with the opportunity to succeed. Sometimes owners will give up on these type players because they will never pan out but if you do your homework and find these type players that are now starting or switched teams and will get the opportunity you can get good value there as well. Draft picks aren't necessarily gold. I prefer proven talent over the shiny new toy in most instances. Some owners covet future draft picks and end up always rebuilding. I don't mine moving some future picks for proven scorers that sustain your team. You do have to mix in some youth but if you do quality research you can find some diamonds in the rough for cheaper prices. Above all remember that winning the title is the point so very rarely throw away a season completely for the future because in many cases you end up always playing for the future and end up never contending.
  6. This is absolutely false. Depending on your area if your kid needs a challenge AND enjoys the challenge then travel ball is very important. It doesn't matter if it does nothing more for the kid than make him the best he can be at something he enjoys. You don't need a scholarship to justify playing travel ball. You just need to find a match to a travel team that has your priorities and skill level so it meets what you need. There are bad ones out there for sure that are just money grabs and they prey on the parents whose only goal is a scholarship. But for those that aren't making that a goal (just a possible by-product) you can usually find something that suits your needs both monetarily and time wise. We play 2 to 3 weekends a month from March through July (baseball). We charge about $500 per kid total to cover the costs of tournaments, insurance and uniforms. We practice about 3 times a week (sometimes more or sometimes less). We break in August and kids play other sports until we start practicing again in February. Tournaments are treated like vacations and everyone has a good time. There are growing pains (slumps; errors) and excitement (winning tournaments) and everything is about total growth as a person. This is far from pointless.
  7. But if you enjoy watching your kids play sports, they enjoy playing and you like traveling to different areas then how is playing travel a bad thing (when just comparing the time involved not the possible other good/bad aspects of it)? We treat our travel tournaments as vacations. Kids play in the pool when the games are over and we socialize with the other parents. It is a vacation of sorts because we enjoy doing it. We value our weekends and summers too but enjoy the process and have a good group of kids/parents that make it enjoyable. To each his own and if you don't like that aspect of kids sports then it isn't for you. Hopefully your kids don't enjoy sports to the point they want to be challenged and play in a "travel ball" type of environment. If you are both on the same page then it's good for you.
  8. I have no idea what your history is other than the couple of posts here but if parents/player have questions about play time the best thing to do is outline what the player needs to do to improve and earn more playing time. You may have other had the conversation I am about to describe but just saying "we are trying to win and you aren't as good as other players" is not constructive and doesn't help the situation. You need to outline to the player how they can get better and what they need to do to earn more playing time. That is fair for everyone and gives you a specific path to what you are looking for in a player. Some of which can be attitude based (cheering for your teammates, staying focused during games when not playing etc.). Much of the time attitude is more important that skill level and that also needs to be conveyed.
  9. I know you already know this but it's softball/baseball. You can't be on fire all the time. It's a slump. The more you press the worse it gets. Work on fundamentals and mechanics of the swing and eventually a hot streak comes back. Small sample sizes always tend to inflate or deflate confidence. Have her remember it's a long hall of a season/career. There will be ups and downs.
  10. I completely agree with the bolded. At this point email is not the way to go because many things can be taken with the wrong tone and make things worse. I also think sitting down with the kid before or after practice and outlining a set of things that you are looking for as a coach that will help her earn more playing time. I would also let the parents know that you have provided the player with an outline of things you are looking for her to do in order to improve and earn more playing time. Once you have specified what is required by the player you can point to those items if she falls short as to the reasons why the playing time is not increasing (or she takes it to heart and improves and earns more playing time).
  11. I am on the Penny side and it is not even close. Penny is an early first round value and I am not a believer in Williams to the point I would give up Penny to get him.
  12. I have no idea what he will be able to get but I do believe that right now is not the best time to sell a guy like Fitz. His trade value will be at it's highest mid season when a contender needs a current year WR. The offer he has now is an underperforming WR in a crowded situation with a not to good WR and a 1 round pick improvement. that is not a very good return for what Fitz will do this year. Waiting until the season when someone will need a decent to good WR that is consistent will improve the return for Fitz. Trading now is essentially giving him away.
  13. Collision is not tough to define. It is tough to prove. Collusion is any time multiple teams agree to make one team superior at the expense of other teams. Essentially trying to make one team out of two.
  14. Any restrictions beyond this year or can you keep any of them forever? If you can only keep for this year then it would change my choices. Assuming you can keep forever I would go with Adams, Juju, Funchess and Mike williams. If it is only for one year I would probably go Amendola over Williams or if Dez signs somewhere intriguing
  15. Landry is one of those guys where sellers want more than buyers are willing to give. He has more value to the team that has him to just keep him over getting what would actually be willing to give up. He isn't exciting but is solid. Thise guys generally don't trade well.