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  1. A high quality replica is a nice watch. I wouldn't consider it fake but I understand your apprehension and point.
  2. I got a replica Panerai for about $300. It works great and looks identical to the real deal. I haven't had any issues and have had it for over 3 years and wear it every day to work. If you aren't a watch snob but like the look of an expensive watch there are some high quality replica watches that will do just fine.
  3. Right after Gaviota the 1 will take you into Lompoc. It's a nice drive through the hills but will take you through a small town and farm land. You will eventually funnel back to the 101. I would say you should stay on the 101 until you get into San Luis Obispo and then follow the 1 from there through Morro Bay into Cambria. ETA: Unless you want to go through Lompoc and meet up for a beer or wine......hahahha
  4. I was on the LL board for 1 yr. I saw how it turned rational people into irrational people almost immediately. I am not sure why it does that but seems to be the power trip to control things and get your own way. Happened to good people. You are probably lucky to get out in tact.......hahaha
  5. My question would be what is deemed as successful? When I was coaching HS baseball I had many discussions with parents over the years. Some were venting by the parent about situations they didn't know anything about. Some were civil questions that were answered truthfully and addressed any issues that were propping up and they went away satisfied. I found that parents that truly wanted to understand my decisions were pleasantly surprised and accepted the information I gave them. The ones that wanted to vent and yell and try and "change my mind" without understanding where I was coming from were never happy. It also gave me more insight into why their kid behaved the way the did. You can really tell what kind of parent a kid has pretty quickly when you are making kids work hard and you see how they handle those situations. I can tell by your posts you are serious about the sport and know what you are talking about so you understand that an outsider (parent) that isn't at every practice seeing the players interact, work ethic, attitude, etc doesn't really have any idea what the coach really sees at practice. Much of that dictates things such as playtime and positional decisions. Seeing just game action doesn't give anything near the true picture of a player and why they may or may not be playing much. As a coach you are teaching more than just a game and sometimes a superior talent may screw off in practice and not put in the work it takes to play. A lesser talented player sometimes gets the play time because they are a harder worker, better teammate, and deserves the chance. Parents don't see that and believe their kid can do no wrong. I had a parent come up to me and ask why their kid was suddenly benched. I explained that his kid was lazy and had a poor attitude at practice lately and it was only getting worse. He didn't believe me so I told him to come watch a few practices. Unfortunately, he came to the next practice and sat in the middle of the bleachers for the whole world to see. Amazingly his kid had his best practice of the year. He hustled, didn't give any attitude, and was the best kid out there. After practice the parent came up and said he didn't see any of the issues I had explained the previous week. I told him if he wanted to see how his kid really practiced he needed to hide in the bushes and not let him know he was there. I then asked him if he could come to every practice and sit in view of everyone because it would make his kid do a lot better. He didn't like that response and I didn't hear from him the rest of the year. Next day (with no dad in the stands) his kid was right back to disrespecting the coaching staff, other players, and his typical laziness. That was the last year that kid played for the school. So what do you mean by a "successful" interaction between a parent and HS coach?
  6. It's not a terrible offer but it still doesn't provide an elite impact guy in return. In 16 team leagues it is important to have the game changing difference maker in your lineup. A guy that can win a game all by himself. OBJ is that guy and you wouldn't be getting one in return. I would look to get an impact player included (maybe instead of the 1.14 for this year). I don't know the other roster to make any suggestions.
  7. That seems wrong. The back foot must stay in contact with the ground (no crow hop) but it would be near impossible to stay in contact with the rubber until the release of the ball. It would take away all momentum and drive for the pitch.
  8. I might do a mid to late second 2-3 years from now. I wouldn't spend much to get him.
  9. I am close to that as well. He hasn't looked good and is walking way too many (10 walks in 14.2 IP) Terrible. Not to mention an ERA near 8 and WHIP near 2
  10. I am pretty sure it's ok for a Jew to eat illegally acquired lobster if it is in an egg scramble for breakfast due to shrinkage.
  11. Maybe the current Quacks should bring some of those guys back to stop the sieve of a defense now employed.....
  12. I don't think I would make that offer. What are the likely range of picks that the 2019 1st could be? You are giving up a commodity that will only increase in value (the 2019 1st) over time for two big question marks. They are just as likely to be cuts by the end of this year as doing anything serviceable. I think that would definitely be selling low on the pick and buying high on the players.
  13. All the games should have been 4 or 5 goal games for Vegas. I would say of the 7 total goals given up in the series only 1 goal should have been stopped. The other 6 were unstoppable and no fault of Quick. The fact the Kings could only put up 3 goals in 4 games doesn't change the fact that Quick played outstanding.
  14. Damn it......lost another $3 FAAB..........ACTIVITY RULES!!!!!
  15. Nothing there makes sense to pull the trigger.