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  1. I wouldn't necessarily stay away from him but I wouldn't risk a high draft pick on him. I also don't think that scoring helps his overall ranking. I would rather have a consistent tackle producing LB on the high end for a stable start to my IDP team.
  2. I don't think he is worth that much. He has been a middle of the pack LB in my scoring systems and there are a ton of players like him. He seems like he should score better than he does.
  3. Yes I do. Julio is a much better dynasty asset at this point and if you can get him for that little I would do it in a heartbeat.
  4. Based on your roster I don't see a problem with this trade. The players you are giving up are not difference makers and they probably won't be in your lineup anytime soon. The negative with giving up this much is you lose the opportunity to move them for other pieces if needs arise. I may try and take some of those pieces out but it wouldn't be a deal breaker.
  5. I think that is a fairly easy accept based on your pick situation. When you have that many current year picks it is good to diversify into future years.
  6. I would much, much rather have the Julio side. I see this as completely one sided.
  7. I think DT probably plays into the value of the 1.3 but the overall perception of him in Dynasty circles is much lower in value. I don't think you need to give up that much to get him. Sometimes perception is more important than actual value and you can leverage that perception into maximizing your return on trades. If you really like DT more than what you would get at 1.03 I would look to add other pieces that benefit you because the perception of DT is not that valuable in the dynasty world. I think the same goes for Pryor and the 1.06 Personally I would rather have the 1.06 but if you are a believer I would do the same thing in trying to pick up other pieces to give up the 1.06 because I don't think Pryor is worth that alone.
  8. If you have decided those guys are who you like best and can make the first two moves and get those guys I would do that. It is always good to get the guy you want and pick up other assets to do so.
  9. How many years do you base your valuations on? I am in the hunt for the title every year in my dynasty leagues using this method. The owners I see always looking to the future seem to be in the lower half all the time because they are always rebuilding. I am hoping Henry takes over for Murray because I have Henry but I don't think it happens this year. I think he will be used a bit more this year but probably still 60-40 in Murrays favor.
  10. At least for next year and if the Titans really move on I am sure he will find a home that will utilize him the following year. I tend to look at dynasty in 2 yr increments because too much can change too quickly to plan for more than that. For the next two years I would rather have Bell and Murray than the picks you listed and it's not particularly close.
  11. Very nicely done. That is a way to coordinate trades to make an overall huge improvement. Getting 2 of the top 5 dynasty assets is outstanding.
  12. Without knowing any keeper restrictions I will assume that there is no penalty or limit on the duration you can keep a player. That being said with no other contributing information (starting requirements or scoring system) I would keep the following (I am keeping six because I am assuming there are no restrictions or penalties so you might as well keep 6) Wilson - Good QB so now you don't have to worry about getting one. Miller - solid RB2 Blount - I like him over Lacy as I think he does well with Philly Reed - Too good when healthy not to keep Edelmen - might as well as he should still be a solid WR2/3 Benjamin - slightly over Lacy & Hill because I think he has a higher floor
  13. I don't see a problem with moving him for the right deal. Maximize his value and get elite pieces in return. I wouldn't be looking to get equal value thought. If it was an overpay then I would move him.
  14. Of course, but the WR discussion wasn't about your three WR's vs 3 rookies. It was just saying that you could use a top WR. Your 3 are decent but not sexy. I think that was what most were trying to say.
  15. I would run to the players side. I would much rather have those proven NFL players over the picks. The success rate of hitting on fantasy prospects is about 50% so you are getting two players that you know what they do at the NFL level for the possibility of 2+ draft picks maybe hitting.