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  1. If I needed a QB I would trade a 4th rounder for him right now and take on the risk that he doesn't play next year. If you wait to see a landing spot the price may go up beyond a 3rd rounder depending on where he lands. I think it's worth the risk of a 4th to do it now and not risk the price going up.
  2. These would be the 9 guys I would cut: QB: J.Brissett, M.Moore - You have plenty of QB's and don't need these guys WR: A.Boldin, K.Wright, YBoldin is replaceable and has no future value; Wright is just a guy TE: L.Green, A.Gates You have plenty of TE talent and don't need these guys LB: N.Bradham He is just a guy and you have three much better options DB: R.Alford, B.McDougald You don't need to carry DB's. You can always find the stud of the year on the waiver wire. I would cut Church too if you needed the spot but at this point you have plenty other areas to trim from
  3. I would see if anybody is willing to trade for him first and take whatever I could get. If not, I have no problem cutting bait on him. DB's are easy to find year to year and I would rather have the roster spot due to his terrible landing spot.
  4. I wouldn't blow it up. Anything can happen in a best ball format. You have enough decent opportunities at the TE spot for the big game each week so moving Gronk is a good start. I would look to get an improvement at WR as well as RB. Your QB position is fine so no need to do anything there.
  5. It kind of depends on where I am with my roster. If I am competing right now and have a good mix of youth and veteran studs I keep the 1.1 and take the best possible player in my eyes at the time of the draft. If I am in a total rebuild and need a ton of pieces and won't compete this year then I would lean towards wanting the 1.7 and two 2018 first rounders.
  6. I ended up getting both in the auction. I hope Darvish stays healthy
  7. In a H2H points league heavily weighted to K's and QS's......who do you prefer? Darvish or Lester?
  8. Pure talent doesn't necessarily translate to fantasy goodness. On sheer talent I would probably rank them: Lewis McKinnon Crowell Ranking based on who I would rather have in fantasy football: Crowell (brought back and not a lot of competition) Lewis (lots of competition but proven he can succeed McKinnon (bringing in Murray hurts his prospects).
  9. I get that but I generally don't place as much value on draft picks as most. No matter how much hype certain guys get there are always busts and guys that come out of nowhere. To me 2 spots (even though there is supposedly a "big drop" after pick 6) isn't that big of deal and I would much rather have Shazier so I take that side.
  10. I would much rather be on the Shazier side of things. His only risk is injury....albeit that has shown to be a fairly big risk.
  11. I don't think either offer works because they are on way different ends of the spectrum. Seems like you have a long way to go for common ground.
  12. I agree with Warhogs. I don't think Brown really helps as much for the roster construction you have. He is a great piece but WR is probably your best combination of Talent/Youth on your roster. Giving up the top two picks when you can use some serious youth/talent infusion at the RB spot would be detrimental in the long term. I would stick with the picks unless you can talk him into not giving up both of your top two picks in some other combo of a deal.
  13. Assuming you start sufficient number of IDP players to make the IDP side relevant I would much rather have the Shazier side.
  14. The point is to can win with this roster. Don't go into rebuild mode unless your team is so crappy you basically need to start over. You are not in that situation. Too many times I see owners go into rebuild mode every year and are always struggling to compete. If you draft well and can evaluate talent you should be able to always be contending. I would mostly hold tight and see if you can move Gronk (I don't think he ever plays a full season again and don't think he has too many seasons left regardless) for a good value. As someone mentioned earlier a WR1 and solid TE should be attainable.
  15. In a vacuum I just keep OBJ. I don't see you getting a player of his caliber with the first rounder. If you are able to get Bell (as you mentioned) then I probably make the deal. Since I have no idea the chances of obtaining another stud it's tough to really make a choice.