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  1. I keep CMC. He scores as much as two players in one lineup spot. That is a huge advantage. Anderson should improve with Darnold coming back and Amari is dinged.
  2. I don't think I pick up either. If you must pick up someone I would go with the guy that is currently on a team.
  3. Then it depends on what you think of Aaron Jones moving forward. Does he keep getting the opportunities and will he stay healthy. You would be getting two damaged goods players so if you think they will come back to 100% I think I do it. Some of that may depend on the rest of your roster and your positioning for playoff spots right now.
  4. I think Brown will be the more consistent guy over Diggs but I am not sure that this is really all that great of a trade for you. Is Zeke that big of an upgrade over Conner when all is said and done based on this year's performance thus far? I am not so sure. Dallas is passing more and more and Conner will be the main offensive cog for the foreseeable future. You take a huge hit at QB (it may only be back up but you are also preventing other teams from playing him). Cooks & Brown is essentially a wash. Based on the increased likelihood that Jackson or Watson gets injured based on their styles having Rodgers around is a huge importance in a 2QB league. I think I stay put.
  5. If you mean add an official to the booth that is allowed to make calls in real time as an added eye in the sky I would agree. There is no reason they should not have someone up there looking at the plays in real time and making obvious missed calls directly involved in the play. This would be easy to do and would limit the need for replay review.
  6. I completely agree. There is no way you should take a player out of the game as suggested here. These interpretations are way to subjective as you have alluded to that it would be terrible to add this in.
  7. I was not saying anything different than this. My point was that the defender hit a player with helmet to helmet contact. That is a 15 yd penalty the way the rule is written. It was called according to the rules as is. I am not sure why you brought calls for NE or Brady based on my comment. I was just saying by rule this was called correctly.
  8. Maybe true but the onus is on the defenders to not hit the offensive player in the head. That is the way the rule is written. The flag was not based on the result of the play it was based on the letter of the law (technical aspects of the play).
  9. Too many moving pieces. I don't do it as Hill is coming back and Fournette really hasn't been worse than Zeke and should continue to get tons of touches until he gets hurt. It just weakens your overall roster too much for my liking.
  10. I would rather have Cook but understand the desire to accept the offer.
  11. The guy with Barkley will laugh then he turns it down.
  12. It was an egregious error sending Kershaw out to face Rendon. I understand facing Eaton as that is a beneficial place for Kershaw to go after him. But facing a right hander like Rendon was not necessary. Use your pen and guys used to coming on in relief. Kershaw did his job with Eaton. Be done there.