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  1. Mitchell's value will vary greatly. I have talked to some in my league who wouldn't give up anything at this point and other's that really like him. For me, I think he is a nice WR3/4 with some upside. I don't think I would give up a mid 1st rounder for him.
  2. I don't think there is any need for you to overpay to move up. There is not a Zeke every year. I think you are fine at RB but I also think RB is not necessarily something you need to have an elite player at to win. RB's seem to pop up every year out of nowhere that are good enough to be starters for a championship team. Don't overpay.
  3. I guess I have a lot less confidence in Hopkins that the majority around here either that or AB's value has really taken a tumble.
  4. I would also have Darron Lee (42) a bit higher. I would maybe just switch Jack and Lee because Lee has actually been on the field and produced some.
  5. I think I would rather have the AB side of the deal. Not all #1 picks end up like Zeke and AB is the most consistent WR out there. He isn't out of his prime and Hopkins is a question mark on whether he can be elite again or not. I would rather go with the sure thing in AB.
  6. Trade #1 was a good move for you. Getting younger with a possible stud in Allen. Trade #2 made little sense to me based on your roster. You need RB's and Stewart is a solid guy to own and you don't need Funchess. The 3rd rounder is blah as it's just a shot in the dark. I would have kept Stewart. Trade #3 is a gamble. I think you sold a little low on Dez but not terrible if you have faith in Watkins to have the 2nd surgery work and Lacy to get back to form. If the gamble hits it is a nice move. If not, you lost a top 15 WR for nothing.
  7. I would probably move Eifert for the first rounder. He has never come close to playing a full season and has had some serious injuries. Olsen has another year or two in him for sure and Brate is a nice backup that has more value as a backup than the pick you can get for him.
  8. It really depends on your view of Treadwell. He has potential but hasn't shown anything. Like I said earlier, I am not very high on him so I would probably move him for that but if you see the light at the end of the tunnel for him he might not be worth it. I would do it because I don't think he will have much value the next year or two at least.
  9. That is what Simmons does best. Hopefully he gets back to this type of podcast.
  10. Part of the problem I see with the youth is that their parents don't let them do anything on their own. If you teach your kid to be self sufficient they should have no problem staying at home for the 8-10 hours you are at work and if you don't trust your kid to be alone then maybe you should be teaching them some lessons in life.
  11. When it is an easy way to get out of school for a day? I would guess most of them.
  12. I think the value is ok however I would not give it up with the picks you currently have. You already have 1.1 so I would rather keep the 1.4 and 1.5 based on that.
  13. I don't think this is nearly enough. The players are waiver wire fodder for what could be a top 20 WR and a solid RB if given the ball enough.
  14. I don't think Treadwell has much value at this point. If losing him gets this deal done I think I end up doing it. I agree that it is a little bit too much but not so much I walk away (mainly because I don't put much value in Treadwell). I like the idea of trying to pick up a player that has more value than Boldin. That would be my first counter.
  15. No problem. I love the debates to see both sides. That's the whole point of responding to posts. I want to see other sides that maybe I didn't think of and then debate the merits of both sides. It's been a good thread with good input from all sides. For this particular deal, I think a guy like OBJ has diminished value because it is a best ball league. That diminished value is why I think you took a step back. In a standard league I think you got the better end of the deal because of the consistency of OBJ that you don't get from other WR's. I just don't see studs as being as critical in best ball leagues.