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  1. Of those TE's available I would put them in this order: Clay Watson Hooper Miller James That being said I would drop Eifert for Clay considering you need a TE this week.
  2. I think Bryant and Jeffrey are similar with Bryant being a little more risk but more reward. Jeffrey being safer (albeit more of an injury risk with his soft tissue history). I think Freeman is a difference maker at a more difficult position to fill. I also don't like the Bengals mess of a situation. I think that will continue to drag AJ Green down and make him more of a low end WR1/High End WR2. So yes, I like the team with Freeman more than the team with AJ Green.
  3. I hold tight as well. I like your balance as is and losing Freeman really cuts into that balance. In larger leagues you need guys that can win a week all by themselves because usually you have one or two "zeros" in your lineup. From the team you listed you have a solid starter everywhere.
  4. As other's have said this seems low for Bell but he hasn't shown well so the owner may be frustrated. I also agree that I don't really think the trade does much for either team. The plusses and minuses seem to cancel out with a kind of net blah. I also don't know why you would include Sproles. That seems like a wasted roster spot due to inconsistency. Overall I think I would just stay put even though this is a rather cheap price for Bell.
  5. I would do the deal because Allen is the most consistent player in the deal. Anderson always gets hurt, and Diggs may be relying on Keenum all year (yuck). I think this is selling high on Anderson. I do it.
  6. Since it looks bad with Bradford going to Dr. Andrews for a second opinion I would sit tight on Stafford and Watkins. Rodgers is a nice piece to have but you are fine at QB and Diggs could be absolutely useless with Keenum under center all year.
  7. Do you need a TE for this week? If you do then I would probably drop Eifert to get Hooper. If you don't need Hooper to play then I would probably just sit tight on Eifert and Kamara. You will be able to find a Hooper type TE at any time.
  8. I agree with travdogg. The reason you feel you need to start Henry is because he is finally getting a shot but he hasn't really done it. Marshawn has looked good thus far and is the safer play. If Henry takes the lion's share of the work for the Titans you will be able to use him later. No need to force a start just because he is starting. Wait to see him for a week. Lynch is a fine start.
  9. David becomes relevant again.
  10. I would go with Graham at DL against a terrible NYG line At LB I would go with Davis and Brandon Marshall Same dart throw for CB and Farley at S
  11. I would disagree slightly with this evaluation....I do agree McFadden can be dropped but if Zeke were to miss games McFadden would work as the primary guy. I think he is inactive now because he doesn't give them extra (special teams, etc) so they would rather use that spot on someone that will be more help on game day. If Zeke went down McFadden would have value.
  12. Stick with Hunt. Even though the suspension seems to be put off until next year you never know what might happen. That is what swings it for me.
  13. I would much rather keep Howard and Watkins. Reed is a headache to own and is one concussion away from being done for good. I would rather keep the upside of Watkins and hope Howard's injury is short term.
  14. I think Hunter is a must start based on your other options. His upside is too high. I am a Viking fan and watch him specifically and he has disappointed. He doesn't seem to be getting off the ball as good as last year but I do think offenses have schemed against him a bit as well to slow him down. With how good Griffin has been I could see some of that scheming going away from Hunter which should improve his stats. Assuming you played Donald last night (he would be an autostart for me every week) I would go with Jones as your 3rd guy as I think KC will put a lot of pressure on Rivers this week and he should benefit from that.
  15. Due to your limited roster spots it makes it difficult to pick up any players but I like the guys I highlighted above. It seems like your waiver wire is solid and you should be able to pick up quality players easily based on what you have listed. You may be able to trade some name players (like Dunlap, Vernon, Neal, Mathieu, Derek Johnson) for some offensive help and fill in with the guys I highlighted without losing much on the IDP side. For DL: I would probably drop Vernon and pick up Flowers. Flowers is playing well and the Pats should be leading in every game giving him positive game scripts for sacks. The NYG are a mess right now so I think Vernon can be let go. LB: I would pick up Humber and probably let Reddick go. Humber is a tackle machine thus far and Buffalo has a good home town scoring crew for IDP's so it should continue. DB: I would drop Mathieu (better NFL player than IDP) for Farley. Farley will have a ton of tackle opportunities and should put up a very high floor for you all year long.