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  1. Coincidentally the top 7 were drafted in the exact order of the scoring. Maybe we drafters do know something or @BobbyLayne has taught us well.
  2. I am guessing there will be quite a few of these picks still coming from a bunch of us...
  3. That was always the debate for me in making a selection. I figured the marque sprint events would get the most notoriety as usual but I wanted to go out of the box. Plus I wanted to look into some lesser known athletes. There are some pretty amazing distance runners. I was hoping they would be represented in the top 5 based on their impact to their events since it's hard to really compare the two disciplines. Unfortunately, the hardware makes it difficult. Radcliffe was a marathoner that was at a peak before marathon came back into the Olympics and then she had unfortunate injuries around the Olympics. Bad luck and understand the tough chore it would be to rank across disciplines. I think @Jagov did a tremendous job with a very difficult task
  4. To do it properly you need to go to a paid service otherwise you will be frustrated as the free sites typically seem to change a lot. If you are trying to keep any kind of historical records and a legacy just bite the bullet and pay. We take the cost out of the fees each year. Winners get a little less but it works out well. I have not used any free sites for dynasty but use a paid fantrax for baseball (and we are very complicated with our season structure) and MFL for football. Both work well for our purposes.
  5. Lot's of sprinters up in that top tier...….not one distance runner......hmmmm ETA: I guess they just got to the finish line quicker. Even though it feels like it, this draft must a sprint and not a marathon. Sorry, I will show myself out now.
  6. So a sack is actually much more: LB - 4 (sack) + 2.5 (TFL) + 1.75 (tackle) = 8.25 (in most cases - rarely do you get a sack without a TFL) DL - 4.5 (sack) + 3 (TFL) + 3 (tackle) = 10.5 DB - 4.5 (sack) + 2.5 (TFL) + 2 (tackle) = 9 *Also tack on 3 or 8 pts if the sack gets a FF and/or FR. ETA: I assume half a sack just halves the sack value listed. This is extremely weighted to big play scoring. I think you have done a good job on the IDP side based on this scoring. The Smith's and Barrett should be monsters in this scoring.
  7. After yesterday I was all excited when there was a new post and knowing @Jagov is over in the Netherlands I was ready for the rankings (especially since my entrant could be anywhere in the rankings - although I think she should be top 5-8-ish). Instead it was a tease. I well thought out and informed tease.....but a tease nonetheless.....and a tease that gave me hope to a nice ranking...………....hahahah
  8. I am a one snoozer guy. This is more because the alarm goes off and I hit snooze. I then slowly come out of sleep mode giving myself about 10 minutes to get my bearings. More often than not I get up before it goes off again and just turn it off. It's a way to ease into the day. I used to be a no snoozer but a couple times I turned the alarm off and did the slow rise and fell back asleep. Ever since then I just hit the snooze and that way if I stay in a haze I get the reminder to get up. Then I just turn it off and get up.
  9. Knowing exactly how fast the clock is defeats the purpose. In that case you might as well just set the proper time. Now the shark move is to have your wife/kids randomly set the clock ahead some amount but a time you don't know. Then you have to treat the time as basically correct (it could be one minute, it could be 15 minutes) and that way you are always a bit early for wherever you are going.
  10. As far as IDP goes, the scoring is almost the most important aspect. Players like Preston & Za'darius have little value in a balanced scoring or tackle heavy format (also odd that you tie up two spots with those two since they are on the same team). Without knowing the scoring it's tough to comment on your IDP side. As far as the trade offer with Suh he is not an upper echelon guy unless there is DT premium scoring since you do not have to start a DT. He has little value based on that. If you are tackle heavy/balanced you need some LB help. You have too many big play guys without the higher floor tackle guys to go along with that. You also have way too many DB's on the roster. You should have 3 DB's at the most right now and you can work the waiver wire for the flavor of the week once the season gets going. DB's are basically interchangeable and have very little value (similar to kickers). You can always find a top 10 type guy on the waiver wire every week. If waivers are open right now I would drop all but three DB's and try and look for some potential tackle LB's to fill our your roster. Now if you are a big play scoring then Barrett and the Smiths are nice gets and having them off set with Schobert is a nice way to go. I usually like the two tackle guys with one big play guy but the Smiths' put up decent tackle numbers for rush guys that you can probably live with it for the time being.
  11. As you already stated QB is a huge hole for you in a SF league. You will be chasing that for awhile unless you can get lucky in the draft. My experience (in a similar offensive set up - not sure if your IDP is the same since you gave no info) is that QB's are very hard to come by. Nobody trades anybody worthwhile and if you are behind the curve there you are always in trouble. You are also lacking depth in RB and could use another steady WR piece (which you may have in Ruggs or Jefferson but just don't know yet). If I were to shop CMC I would be looking to get a QB1 and two RB2's with some upside at a minimum.
  12. If the other team isn't playing, why would there be repercussions?
  13. Any reason you couldn't start a non affiliated team if all the parents want to and do some tournaments on your own?
  14. Maybe having done it in the past is not an automatic disqualification however you cannot be currently doing it if you are a federal employee (even if you live in a state that it is legal).