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  1. Hire Dennis Hopper to plant a bomb on the bus and then tell the cute bus driver not to go below 50 mph. You can then spend the next hour or so getting to know her. It seemed to work for Keanu Reeves....
  2. What has been done in the past? Do the bylaws differentiate between offer time and accept time with respect to the deadline? If there are no precedents (allowed to process a trade after the deadline if the offer was sent prior to the deadline) allowing such a situation then I would think the deadline is a hard deadline with respect to the acceptance of an offer and therefore the trade should not be allowed.
  3. I would go with Martin but maybe I am still just holding out hope that he is still good. I don't have a problem with Booker vs the Raiders but I wouldn't do it.
  4. What do you have at Defense? That seems more applicable to this situation then what you have at RB. Also, would you be able to flip Dak for a WR upgrade over Ginn/Parker? I don't think I make this trade with the information provided. Dak is fine (don't panic over one game against a really good defense). AJ Green is much better than Ginn who would be taking his place in your lineup. Stay put
  5. I am looking to invest in Goodson for next year in a dynasty. Other than the obvious injury concerns, what is his outlook for next year? He is an every down LB? Is he worth investing in?
  6. I think Allen is an easy choice as one of your two. For the second choice I would go with Dez as I think he will be targeted early and often and should have a high floor. For the second grouping I would go with Perine as you know he will get the touches.
  7. Very tough choice but as a tie break I always go with the Thanksgiving game in this situation. I would go with Stafford. It also gives you more information early which means you can adjust your lineup in other toss up situations based on Stafford's results.
  8. I would go with Ju-Ju provided he is active. The added bonus is you have an alternative in the same game if Ju-Ju is a late inactive. Go with Ju-Ju and if he is a late scratch insert Adams.
  9. I am just wondering what have you seen that makes you think Watkins will benefit from Woods missing time? Watkins is not targeted much and I don't see him taking Woods targets. I think those will be picked up mostly by Kupp. I mean Watkins can't be worse with Woods out but I really don't think that will give him much of a boost.
  10. I think Coleman is the easy choice. Obviously all the injured guys are auto cross off that leaves Woodhead, Coleman and Mixon. I think Coleman has the safest floor with a nice ceiling too. Browns will be losing and throwing and Coleman looked good in his return last week.
  11. I would go with the two guys on Thursday. You can make adjustments later depending on how they perform. It gives you more information heading into the week plus you get some rooting interest in the early game tomorrow. Always a tie breaker for me.
  12. Without knowing the rest of the roster it makes it hard to decide. Obviously you are trying to hoard QB's otherwise I would say drop one of your QB's. Do you have two TE's or two Defenses? No need to have depth at those positions now that all the byes are done. I would look at dropping one of those positions over the guys you have listed. However, if you don't have any other options at other positions I would drop Watkins out of that group. Eckler and Henry have huge upside if the starter gets hurt where I think Watkins is what he is......WR4 at best.
  13. I think if you target matchups at the DB position you can find players that will be similar ----- or at least I have been able to in my scoring systems (we do include return yardage but maybe my scoring doesn't give as much weight to return yards as yours). Generally, I won't pay for DB's because similar players can be found week to week.
  14. I wouldn't give up that high a pick for a DB. You can always find a streaming DB that will work. I wouldn't give up the draft capital.
  15. Easy choice to keep Evans. Gordon's load is being diminished (which is smart for the Chargers) as they are utilizing Eckler. This limits Gordon's upside and value. In a 16 team league Evans is the type of player that can win you a week all by himself (if he can get quality QB play) and in a dynasty format he is much better longer term than a RB. Agholor is JAG.