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  1. I wonder how any of the Pink Panther movies would have ranked. Team GallStein didn't really consider them but they are favorites of mine. ETA: Happy with where our selection of Trading Places landed. I might have had it up a couple places but maybe not. I would have it about the same place.
  2. Gally

    Aldon Smith---DE

    I am kicking myself because I forgot about him in my draft (was going to take him as a late flyer with a $1 salary) but totally forgot. Then I got poached on the waiver wire prior to the season when I had my second chance to get him. Then to rub salt in the would I faced him and his three sacks this week to give me the loss. Just a terrible kick to the nuts.
  3. I assume you are talking about redraft. If so, it would depend on who you are picking up when dropping. If you need immediate help and a starter then sure drop him...….you need to win now. If it's a dynasty I would not drop him.
  4. I would prefer Jones over Ekeler by quite a margin.
  5. At least we are still above Timmy.... ETA: Also still holding tight with a -24 value thus far. I think we have an outside shot at getting to -30 with two categories we picked the 4th off the board. But it will be tough with a 15 and a 16 still left. Those may offset. That leaves a 12 and two 9's. It really is anybody's guess at this point.
  6. I had a DVR crap out after about 15 years. I called to have them send out a new one and they wanted to charge me $99 for the call out to confirm the receiver was bad. I threatened to cancel and then sent me to someone else. All they did was agree to send the new receiver for no charge. Said there were no other deals available and to call back next month. Ugh.
  7. How many categories are left? I think we are on pace for one category reveal a week. ETA: By my count I think we have 7 categories left: 2000's Comedy Courtroom Fantasy Sci Fi on Earth Leading Actor GOAT
  8. This is not a correct statement. Without knowing the scoring parameters there is no way to know if you should always start a QB.
  9. How many WR's do you start? How do QB's score compared to other positions? I would be hesitant until I knew more about Adams' status because if he is on the shelf for awhile I would want the WR depth to compensate. In 8 team leagues its about guessing right since you are loaded with studs. Does this help you guess right in your lineup choices?
  10. I would rather move Julio and keep JuJu. I think Julio is going to be dinged all year long and that Atlanta has already started the transition to Ridley. He is an exceptional WR. I would swap out Robinson for Conner and do that deal quickly.
  11. After watching last night he looked much better than Thompson so I can't figure out why they were using Thompson in their hurry up offense. Robinson should be in for all situations and just get breather breaks from CT at this point.
  12. I have only seen two of the AFI top 10 (Casablanca & Wizard of Oz - and Casablanca was just a couple weeks ago) and I haven't seen any of the 2019 movies......
  13. Gally

    Green Dot

    I figured this would be a good spot for this question...………………...what do people think about Schobert after 3 weeks of games. Last night was the first time I really watched him in Jax and was fairly disappointed. I expected better IDP numbers than what he is getting. Is he going to just be around 5 solos & 3 assists a week from here on out? There are a lot of players in that neighborhood and Schobert was supposed to be a top 10ish LB'er this year. Is this just early season feeling it out or do you think this will be the norm?