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  1. Why keep 8 if they wouldn't be as good as the players you could get in the 5/6/7/8 rounds if you had those draft slots available? What is your IDP scoring (big play, tackle heavy)? I am curious why you said that DL wasn't worth keeping in your league. If you can't win without good IDP then DL is usually a key place that you have to have the upper echelon of players to compete. DB's are usually where you have players that aren't worth keeping unless the scoring is unique. When do IDP's start to go in the draft?
  2. Mahomes depends on what the going rate for QB's is in your league. You didn't say how many teams in the league so not sure what QB options will be out there. You really don't have good options for freezes. What happened to the rest of your roster? Out of those I probably keep Mahomes and the $1 guys to save cash. I would guess OBJ is way overpriced so no way I keep him. That then leaves Ben and since you are keeping Mahomes it leaves the three $1 guys. You really don't have much choice given the players you have listed.
  3. Chances are since he cost a 1st round pick to keep the only real takers will be teams with picks at the tail end of the draft. Ideally if you would have the last draft position you could offer up a swap of 1st round picks so you move up to the top half of the draft and the other guy moves to the end of the draft in the first round and freezes Zeke in that spot. Since you have the 4th pick that really doesn't work for you. I would shop him to the 8-10th pick owners and see if they have a good keeper. If they don't offer up Zeke for a swap of 2nd rounders. You move up a bunch of picks and he keeps Zeke for a late first rounder. There really isn't much reason to trade for Zeke if you have a top 2 or 3 pick because it's kind of a wasted pick. You have to get lucky and have the right trade partner for this to work. Worse comes to worse through him back into the draft and it might allow you to get a better player you might otherwise not get at pick #4.
  4. It's a tough situation to evaluate. As snoochie mentioned Henry should be a decent keeper but if you only keep four players that is keeping him as a 4th rounder. I think I rather throw him back and get him much later. What are the average number of keepers for each team? What round do people generally start drafting in? What is the IDP scoring in relation to offensive scoring? How many IDP players do you start? In a 14 team superflex I would assume that the QB's are very thin so it almost forces you to keep both QB's. Kamara is an auto keep. After that it all depends on how the league is scored and your starting requirements on defense. I wouldn't keep any DB's unless there is something specific in your scoring that makes it worth while. You can usually find top 10 scoring DB's on the waiver the entire year so wasting draft capital on them is tough to do.
  5. As the famed Montgomery Brewster once campaigned for.......I vote "none of the above". I take the best player available every round. Don't lock yourself into a strategy of taking a specific position for a specific round. You usually end up getting locked in a corner and lose all flexibility. Drafts are all different. Going in with a "I have to take XX round 3" attitude usually ends up bad and gives you blinders when it comes to good value.
  6. Do you not have any other viable choices? Typically I wouldn't keep a TE in a keeper league with that few keepers when you have to lose the round they were picked in. I wouldn't have any issue in keeping Kelce. He is the safest pick of the two.
  7. Positional scarcity plays into value. When you have the flexibility to play multiple positions and multiple spots it diminishes the value of needing 3 quality RB's to compete. Now if the scoring system played out where the top 20 scorers were all RB's and there were no WR's to be found then their importance would increase. I am assuming that is not the case and the scoring gives a distribution of top scorers where you can get WR or some TE's being in the top scorers of the league.
  8. Lindsay tore a ligament in his wrist at the end of the season. That was his only injury. Freeman had more nicks throughout the year. Plus Lindsay has much more talent than Freeman and it showed all year.
  9. I think the opposite because you only have to start 1 RB. You can choose the 1 RB stud and then not worry about it. Or it allows you to go Zero RB strategy and then you just need one of your late round dart throws to hit and your lineup is set. This helps minimize the affect of positional scarcity which is what increases the RB value when you have to start 3 or more.
  10. You are trading the number you drew out of a hat. This is all personal preference. Each draft slot has equal value and comes down to personal preference. Did the other guy approach you or vice versa? If he approached don't give anything up. If you approached him then maybe offer up odd/even pick swaps late in the draft. Because of this situation in the leagues we do serpentine draft we pick numbers to give an order that the teams choose their draft slot. So if you pick the Ace you get to choose any draft slot you want, the two gets second choice and in down the line. It works well.
  11. Not really. The only thing that would do that is if the league is large (16+ teams). There are plenty of quality qb's.
  12. I would make that deal. Henry should be a top 8-ish TE and Goedert has some competition in Ertz.
  13. I would want the Kupp/1.05 and 2.06 based on those prices. I am not a big fan of Hilton as he seems to be too boom/bust for my liking.
  14. Publicize to the league that Freeman is available for a pick upgrade and take the best offer. No reason not to take any improvement since you lose him for nothing.