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  1. Of course it depends on the trading partner. I find the easiest owner to trade with is the one that has confidence in their player evaluation ability. They generally know what they want and don't want and make deals quickly. Not a lot of haggling. The owner I hate is the one that has no confidence and is always trying to low ball. He always has to throw in one last piece and then usually nothing ever happens.
  2. He has the draft pedigree and I don't think he was used right as a DE. SF D should improve and moving inside I think will help him. This is only for DT required leagues of course. I wouldn't worry about him if you don't need to use DT but with that always being a hard position to fill if needed I think he has a chance to be playable......and he should be relatively cheap at the moment.
  3. I think this is one of the biggest mistakes tribes make from the start. If you win challenges you don't go to tribal and nobody has to be voted off. That is more important that getting rid if a threat 3 days into the game. There is plenty of time for threats to get voted out and it is a huge advantage to you if you never have to go to tribal. People start trying to play the game too early and it usually backfires because your team is weak and you continuously keep going to tribal with a chance to get voted off.
  4. I agree but it helps cut down uselessness when you have an idea of what the other owner views as his needs. There is one guy in a league I am in that evaluates players very differently. I look at his team and thinks he could use X, Y, Z. I try and make an offer accordingly and he comes back with that his his strongest position why would I want that. He also has grudges on certain players so if you happen to offer one of those he shuts down. Very difficult to deal with but then he accepts things that are just as baffling. The only way is to get him to confirm what he thinks he needs because there is no way to figure it out.
  5. I like these as buy's in DT required leagues.
  6. If you have an open roster spot and the cost is low to nothing then sure I would go after one or both (if you have the room). If I was just picking one I would go with Turay. In the few times I have watched him he seems really athletic in a way that could really translate if he figures it out.
  7. I think it is great value but I haven't really looked into the allegations other than I know that there are some allegations. It all boils down to your impression of the situation. Based on your research do you think Hill be suspended for a significant stretch. If so I probably don't do it right now. If you think it's 50-50 or less of a chance of being suspended I probably do the deal. ETA: It's the kind of deal that can win it for you and in reality it probably doesn't kill you if Hill does indeed get suspended.
  8. Sending offers out of the blue no matter how strong never seem to lead to great success in my experience. My first interaction is generally letting an owner know I have interest in a certain players (or players) and asking where he thinks he might need help. Basically what positions would you be interested in improving in. I will review the other team prior to asking the question and sometimes make a suggestion on what I think. Something like I am an interested in player X and it looks like you could use some help at position Y. Let me know if you have any other positions of interest. That generally starts a dialogue going and can lead to agreements. If they shut down with I am not trading player X and don't have any needs then I go look elsewhere.
  9. It seems like everyone voted off for the first time should have some sort of chance to get back in. I am not sure how exactly they can organize that and not have it become too big of an advantage but in reality those voted off already kind of have an advantage over the ones that have not if you now just go home after being voted out. Seems like they would do something to allow everyone the chance to come back from the "edge of extinction".
  10. Only Cafeteria Christian's don't mind the blinds being open while doing the deed....
  11. Flip a coin. I don't think either are impactful. If you need a RB take Ballage on the off chance he does something. If you need a WR take Moncrief on the off chance he does something. This doesn't really change the complexion of a team.
  12. I had Seinfeld winning it all but I would have had Cheers in the final 4 easily over the other choices. It was a shame I had to pick one of them in the first round because I am usually swinging back and forth between the two as my favorite show of all time. Right now I am leaning Seinfeld but I haven't seen a Cheers episode in quite some time. My guess is that they probably haven't aged very well so I lean towards Seinfeld.
  13. There is no way that Seinfeld vs Cheers is a first round matchup. They should both be #1 seeds or at least #2 seeds if you needed to put a drama or two in the top 4 spots. That was terrible seeding.
  14. I don't hate them. I just don't get the fuss. It seems like a really stupid situation that isn't worth paying attention to. I don't really see any value added to the world.....especially not to the point for them to be as successful as they are.
  15. Just like things have evolved over time they will eventually add stats that can be tracked and used for contract negotiations for these RP's. The opener and follower will earn certain stats and it will be rolled into how they get evaluated for contracts. Eventually there will be a moneyball equivalent that gets them paid. I still wonder about having a staff of closers and a high inning knuckleball type guy. Have each guy pitch one inning a game. It would be hell for batters because they never see a guy twice in a game. Then you have the Wakefield type that can eat innings in the occasional blow out to keep everyone fresh.