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  1. Normally I would say you have to go with Watson who almost is matchup proof but against NE I would take a flyer on Winston....
  2. Carson has the better floor, Brown the higher ceiling. Depends on what you want/need.
  3. The weather is going to be bad in both games so I would go with Lamar for his running ability.
  4. Yes, do it. It was pretty even even without the pick but the 1st round pick puts it over the top.
  5. Without knowing what your downgrade on Lamar is it is hard to say. Overall I like it but it also depends on if you are playing for this year or next and what the downgrade at QB is Next years draft is supposed to be good so having 4 1st rounders could be a REALLY good thing.
  6. Simply because of the possibility that Deebo may be out (even though right now it looks like he will play) but based on that McLaurin is certainly a safer option and is close anyway.