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  1. Whomever the main back is in KC is fantasy gold. KC always has multiple backs on their rosters so Hyde doesn't scare me off of Williams. When Jamaal Charles went down West and Ware stepped up. The next year it was Ware, When Ware went down it was Hunt, when Hunt departed Ware was going to be the guy until he injured himself and Williams took over. My point is that whomever is the guy there will produce so any talk of Williams being a JAG needs to be taken with a grain of salt, he may be a JAG but he's a JAG in a great system but it is also a backfield where you should certainly handcuff. I have Williams as a somewhere between RB 6 and 9. So for trade value certainly a low first or a couple of multi year 2nds are fair.
  2. So I look at a suspension about the same as assuming a player will be injured for part of the season. The way I would look at the trade is to look at the multiyear effects of doing the trade. Kupp will never be as dynamic as Hill but who are you giving up with the 1.7 is the question you need to try and figure out.
  3. +1 on ffmail4me....No way should you give up Barkley and a rising star in Ridley. Sure JuJu is good but he has a lot of risk with Big Ben nearing the end of his career. Kerryon is nothing compared to Barkley and Ertz worries me with Goedert looking pretty good.
  4. It's not the worst trade in the world but I think you are giving up too much.
  5. Unless it's a TE premium league no way would I add a 5th TE.
  6. Some people just don't want to trade-even if it is a fair offer that makes sense and don't go out of your way to try and make it happen and have it turn into an unfair trade for you. Given Cook's injury risk I actually would probably turn you down as well and highly unlikely he'll trade Bell for Cook.
  7. The 2.1 is too high a cost since it is practically a first rounder anyway, if you can do it for a 3rd yes.
  8. All you do is post idiotic posts about collusion and crap like this. Go away and worry about who killed JFK.