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  1. I'd be happy with either one. Save yourself the headache and give the other owner the choice for the RB you want to target and let the other owner decide. If you find yourself having similar riches in the future make a deal a lot sooner than waiting til the end. I would have traded one of them week 3 .
  2. Not fair at all. You would be making your team worse both this year and next. I'd rather have Lindsey and Brown...especially since they are keepers. Since you are 7-1 you do not need to make any moves.
  3. No way!!!! That trade is so lopsided in the other teams favor... Maybe try Hopkins and one of your TE's for Julio and Hooper. They probably won't go for it but it would be worth trying.
  4. Gesicki, should get a bump in targets also.
  5. No reason to do it but if you want to shake things up go for Shepard.
  6. He said Ekelar would be a flex player-not a bench player so I would make the deal.
  7. You need to start Drake assuming David Johnson is out. If Conner ends up being out you could pretty much be assured of a gooseegg if you don't play it safe. If David Johnson does play take the gamble on Conner.