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  1. The 2.1 is too high a cost since it is practically a first rounder anyway, if you can do it for a 3rd yes.
  2. All you do is post idiotic posts about collusion and crap like this. Go away and worry about who killed JFK.
  3. Nope. While Fournette and Gordon are both brittle, Fournette doesn't look like he'll ever play a full season. Baldwin is on the decline and this draft class isn't the best.
  4. I play in a 2 player keeper league and we have a KC Chief fan joining the league next year. I loved telling him telling Mahomes was one of my keepers-wrecked his next years season plans already...
  5. Except with his QB's two are near the ends of their careers and one is very high priced. I'd much rather carry Baker as a safe floor that is cheap, drop Luck and pick up a streamer during the draft. Plus Landry is always looked down upon in the real world but in fantasy he continues to be a star player.
  6. I wouldn't do it. Baker and Landry are too cheap and this draft class isn't supposed to be great.
  7. Unless they get a really good player in return or multiple players the two teams that have good draft capital that could make a move on him would be Green Bay and the Raiders. Personally I think he's done there and without a trade I could see him pulling a Leveon move and sit out. Green Bay would make sense for the Steelers since he would be out of the conference and can you imagine a Adams/Brown combo with Rodgers?
  8. Given that he can keep Guice for 3 years I wouldn't trade him for a pick. I really think he has a chance to be a easy RB1 this year given how well AP did. He could be pure gold for a couple of years.
  9. RE: Guice, I had emailed Dr. Bramel regarding his injury/infection. He basically said he thought he would be fine by the time training camp rolls around.