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  1. Masturbating Turtle is the name of my Camper Van Beethoven tribute band.
  2. Fin love the Last Kingdom Uhtrid son of Uhtrid is my new catch phrase. Uhtrid Ragnarsson. Great hockey name. Great genre.
  3. I have a new mantra. If I can throat punch you, you're too close. Grandma didn't like it when I laid her out.
  4. My wife, mother-in-law and sister-in-law started Zooming every night @ 5:30 and it's been good. Our kids and their 2 cousins discovered it tonight and they're having a ball. Highly recommended for those with kids.
  5. 1 hour presentation Thought many of us could benefit from this as the weeks turn into months
  6. A couple of recent projects... potting bench workbench another Nothing too fancy but I have a bunch of older tools from my grandfather that I would one day like to utilize to their fullest extent. My work shop is fairly limited to a DeWalt mitre saw and some other random power tools. I did use a Kreg pocket jig for a drawer to a chicken coop I panic built a few years ago. Coop nesting boxes opened with pen
  7. As good a time as any for this thread... I need to add a gutter to the rear side of my shed. Smaller project but necessary due to board rot. I already ripped off a couple of the shiplapped boards and replaced them to prevent critters from taking up residence. Also considering moving some trees around. One is some kind of ornamental pine tree that really serves no purpose next to the deck. Also need the space to grow plants requiring full sun. Have a couple of pear trees coming soon, hopefully.
  8. Cheers to Tom and Bill for a hell of a run, despite the infractions.